Rocketmailer - Email Marketing

Email marketing with RocketMailer – create effective campaigns with ease

RocketMailer is a web-based campaign email marketing and newsletter tool. RocketMailer allows you to create and manage your email newsletter campaigns from start to finish.

The features of RocketMailer for email marketing

  • Easy-to-use design editor for creation of email marketing templates
  • Upload HTML email designs
  • Test and send email newsletters including spam score checker
  • Automate campaigns to ensure you send at the right time to the right people
  • Share your newsletter on Twitter and Facebook easily
  • Manage email lists with automated service for handling bounces and unsubscribes
  • Control your own ‘from’ names and addresses
  • Personalise emails and develop customer segmentation
  • Search and segment your email lists for more effective email sends
  • Generate comprehensive analytic reports on delivery, open rates, bounce rates and click-throughs
  • PLUS integrate data with your Google Analytics

Check out how RocketMailer helps you design and build email newsletters