The full range of Rocketseed product logos on a black back ground


Rocketseed products are compatible with all major email clients, email server systems, web browsers and web-based email providers. We use open-source tools that are agnostic about specific vendor issues.

Email Client Compatibility

Both RocketSeed and RocketMailer emails are tested to render correctly on the broadest range of mail clients and mobile devices. We strive to  ensure that all branding elements included in both everyday email and bulk mailings will appear as the marketing designer intended on all email platforms.

In addition to ensuring that branding looks correct in original messages, we test against combinations of all mail clients. This  ensures that when a branded mail is forwarded from users of one email client to users of another, the branding maintains correct appearance, even when new content is appended.

We test extensively on a wide variety of email programs including those in the following categories:

Mail Servers

Microsoft Exchange 2003
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Exchange 2010

PC-based Mail Clients

Microsoft Outlook (all versions since Office 2002)
Lotus Notes
Netscape Mail