Uncover the hidden gem that has minimum input, but maximum impact

Like a treasure hunt, marketers are constantly looking for the hidden-treasure box that contains the secret towards increased-outreach for their clients business. Every marketer’s dream is to find that channel that can make their business more visible, stand-out from the competition, and generate high-quality leads.

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Indeed, the solution that most marketers are looking for lies in a communication-channel that they use every day, without realising it. The secret recipe lies in your emails.

Emails are the steak that is waiting to be grilled

Similar to a barbecue where hungry guests are eagerly waiting for the steak to be prepared, emails represent an exciting raw opportunity that needs to be slightly-tweaked to become a marketing powerhouse.

On average, every business send 120 emails per day. Think about that for a second. Those are 120 opportunities for you to spread your message and increase your brand awareness to customers.

What if we could slightly-tweak your emails to become conveyor belts for your company’s message? Would that put some sizzle in your steak?

Email branding is the map to the Treasure Island

Because your business already uses emails to interact with customers on a daily-basis, branding your emails is the secret strategy that can breathe life into your marketing campaigns. The use of attractive email banners, signatures and newsletters turns your emails from a simple business communication channel to a marketing powerhouse.

Branded emails allow you to personalise your message to potential leads, generate and nurture new leads, and finally convert them to loyal customers.

Rocketseed is the key to the treasure box

Now that you found where the treasure is located (email branding), you need the key to open the box. Rocketseed software provides an easy and efficient solution for branding your emails and delivering them to your recipients in the right format. The software converts every email into a marketing tool by attaching a banner and a signature within every email that you send.  It is a minimum input but maximum impact strategy for extending the life and reach of your marketing campaigns. With Rocketseed, you can achieve personalised, high quality branded email messages through a simple and efficient setup process.

And the marketing agency can provide that key

Are your clients looking for greater ROI on their marketing efforts? Your agency can offer them the ultimate solution for boosting visibility, brand awareness and converting more leads into customers.

Download the Extend the life of your campaigns eBook here to find out how!

Robyn Woods-Child |  Managing Director

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Cut through the clichés this Christmas…

It’s the month of Christmas clichés – tinsel, turkey, trees and toys
And your business brain is baffled – how to cut through all the noise?
Ads are too expensive and you’re tired of PR puffing
And bulkmail just gives inboxes a never-ending stuffing.
Rocketseed’s the answer – just keep reading through this rhyme…
We call it ‘email branding’ and it’s opened every time.

But beware, ‘cos email marketers are not at all the same
‘Our new top tips for Christmas’ you’ll hear some of them exclaim
When what they really mean is that they’ll make your email ‘jolly’
Stick a Santa hat on your logo and a few sad sprigs of holly.
But while they love their gimmicks and their foolish festive tricks,
We’re focused on real marketing and getting you more clicks.

Every email that you send can feature ‘email branding’
Of signatures and banners, and its targeting’s outstanding.
Show opening times, your Christmas deals, or charity donations,
Link to your Christmas tweets, and add eye-catching animations.
And always add an interactive, powerful call-to-action
To get your contacts clicking and give your campaign traction.

From signatures to full campaigns, we’ll meet your every need
Our designer elves know just what works, our tech is best-of-breed.
To give you total peace of mind, you get our full attention
(not set you up then disappear like others we could mention)
And rest assured your Christmas won’t be spoilt by bad surprises,
Your designs will look perfection when they’re viewed on all devices.

Our workshop’s always extra busy around this time of year,
Working hard for all our clients – you’ll find no snowflakes here!
As each yuletide campaign goes live we always get excited,
Especially when our clients say they’re utterly delighted.
The proof is in the Christmas pudding, and if you want some clues
Just check out our case studies and our fab five-star reviews.

Email branding isn’t just for Christmas, let’s just make that clear,
It can drive engagement, hits and sales all throughout the year.
So if ‘We need new signatures’ is in your New Year’s memo
Just click right HERE to get in touch – we’ll magic up a demo.
So to cut through Christmas clichés, email branding’s what you need
And we wish you a clicking good Christmas, from us all at Rocketseed.

P.S. If ‘email branding’ interests you, and what you’ve read appeals
Pick up the phone and call us now – don’t miss our Christmas deals!

Damian Hamp-Adams |  CEO

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Can email branding really increase the ROI for your business?

The power of everyday email

Think how many emails each employee in your company sends each and every day. To customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. People who already know your company and open the email as they know the sender. Open rates in excess of 90%. Compare this to the results we’re seeing with blast email marketing.  It’s chalk and cheese!

With Email branding, your message gets there

The inboxes of your customers are as noisy as a kindergarten class. They are receiving emails on a daily basis from social media, your competitors, and other websites. Branded emails can help your business stand out from the competition. Using beautifully designed banners and signatures to spread your message is an effective way of getting higher click-through rates, delivering your message, and increasing ROI.

In fact, branded emails have been shown to increase open and click-through rates by as much as 42%. Need to deliver your message? Brand your email.

Branded emails are a magnet for lead nurturing

In much the same way as a magnet attracts the North and South poles, branded emails bring together businesses and their customers. They allow customers to find out more about your company, its values and stories as well as its products and services. It allows your customers to move further along their own personal buyer’s journey.

Now that email branding has facilitated the engagement of leads with your client’s products and services, it brings their customers a step closer for them to consider large and timely purchases. Branded emails that contain targeted and relevant content will be highly consumed by your potential leads.

Branded emails equals more customers

Because your leads are better educated and engaging in content that is highly relevant companies are experiencing higher click through rates which means more leads end up being converted into customers, and more customers end up making purchases. Did someone say ROI? We have your ROI right here.

An effective email branding strategy coupled with high quality content can significantly increase the ROI for your business.

The marketing agency viewpoint

Are clients breathing down your neck about how to increase ROI on their marketing efforts? Are you looking for a way to create more traffic to their sites and landing pages?

The good news is that you can help them take their marketing strategy to the next level without significant cost, complexity or more work for your agency.

Download our latest ebook; Extend the life of your campaigns here to find out how.

Robyn Woods-Child |  Managing Director

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To quote, or not to quote? That is the email signature question…

And it’s one we at Rocketseed get asked a lot.

Because when it comes to designing and managing professional email signatures, first impressions count and, if individual employees are able to add their own ‘inspirational’ quotes, then that says a lot about a business’s attitude to its brand guidelines (assuming it has any), company-wide consistency and keeping its signatures under centralised control.

My reply is always to tell the enquirer the last time I was truly inspired by an ‘inspirational’ quotation on an email signature. Never.

OK, I’ll admit one or two have made me smile, but the rest have simply made me cringe. And I can safely say that an ‘inspirational’ quotation on an email signature has never made me change the way I look at life – only the way I look at the sender.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good quotation, and famous quotations are famous for a reason – they resonate. But whether you’re quoting Karl or Groucho Marx, is the quotation really adding value to your email signature?

As A.A. Milne said, a “quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself” and, whilst designing a professional email signature wasn’t what he had in mind, a well-known quotation in your email signature isn’t going to make you look original, just lazy.

But just in case you’re tempted to reach for your dictionary of quotations or google “inspirational quotes” for, er, inspiration, here’s a few reasons you might want to avoid adding quotations to your professional email signature design…

They’re distracting. When you’re emailing your potential new client to thank them for the invitation to pitch, do you really want your busy reader’s lasting impression of your email (and more importantly, of your business) to be your clichéd closing rather than your actual message.

2  They’re clutter. Our experience is that people always want to include more in their email signature than is really necessary. When it comes to streamlining an email signature, the quotation is a strong contender for the first thing to go!

3  They’re unprofessional. Unless, perhaps, you’re a professional motivational speaker.

4  They’re unintentionally revealing. Your chosen quotation might say more about you than you realise (and not in a good way), things about you that your reader really doesn’t need (or want) to know – your religion, your politics, your taste in movies or your personal (possibly too personal) mantra. You don’t want your email signature to offend anyone.

5  They can be wildly inappropriate. If your email is about cutting staff, predicting a profits downturn, or disciplining a staff member, your inspirational quote won’t make anyone feel any better – it really won’t.

6  They’re a waste of prime marketing space. Your email signature can be a powerful marketing channel – especially with Rocketseed! – and an interactive marketing campaign banner with a clear call-to-action is a far more engaging use of your email signature space.

7  They need controlling. If individual employees start adding their own favourite (or questionable) quotes to their own signatures, your brand consistency is finished.


There’s always an exception to the rule. Of course there is. If your company motto is as familiar as your logo, is backed up by your brand guidelines and really adds value to every email, then feature it in your email signature. But it’s one more thing to keep under control and for total brand consistency, centralised control of your company’s email signatures is essential.

At Rocketseed “our world is email” and the email signatures we produce and manage for our clients are “designed to do business”. We don’t feature either of those lines on our company email signatures, but our email signature software will easily transform every business email you send into a valuable new marketing channel with results that will speak for themselves.

You can quote me on that.

Damian Hamp-Adams |  CEO

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Email signatures for students: Top tips and free template

Whether you’re a student just starting university or college, or you’re a recent graduate entering the job-hunting jungle, the old saying still holds true – first impressions count.

With email, making the best impression means using the best email signature for students.

Your student email signature is much more than a sign-off and is a great way to put some personality and professionalism into your everyday email communication and can say a lot about you, so take care in creating it and avoiding the common pitfalls.

Just follow our tips and use our free student email signature template and you’ll get it right first time!

Make yourself memorable

On email messages to your tutors, lecturers and potential employers a professional email signature for students will make you look just that – ‘professional’ – and will be much more memorable than a standard sign-off.

It’s important you avoid any confusion in your communication and with the right student email signature, you’re more than just a name – you’re instantly recognisable and easy to contact.

Too much information!

That’s the main pitfall with university student email signatures. Your signature should be personal but not overloaded with unnecessary personal details or links to social media accounts that might not be tutor or business friendly!

So, what should an email signature include for a college student?

The secret is always to keep your student email signature simple, so as a starting point you can include:

  • Your full name
  • Your year of study and course title
  • The name of your college or university
  • Clear key contact details – your main telephone number and your email address

And if you’re asking ‘but isn’t my email address on the email anyway?’, that’s true, but remember, if your email gets forwarded your email address might get omitted – and you don’t want to make it difficult for people to get back in touch do you?

Project your personality

Just because you’re keeping it simple, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. After all, your student email signature is all about projecting your own personal ‘brand’.

If you’re incorporating your photo or another image always keep them to a manageable size. Keep fonts and colours under control – colour clashes and crazy characters will get you remembered for all the wrong reasons! And remember, designing your student email signature is about making something memorable rather than a masterpiece.

Here’s a clear, effective example email signature for students:

Entering the job-hunting jungle?

Then a professional email signature for college students will help make the right impression in the job market, so it’s well worth reviewing your signature through the eyes of a potential employer.

You might have the degree and the CV but if your covering email isn’t as smart as you are, then your application might not get to the top of the pile. Employers are in a ‘buyer’s market’ and you need to use every available technique to stand out from the job-hunting crowd and secure that interview.

An engaging eye-catching professional email signature for students can help you do just that. It’s an easy, effective way for you to showcase your personal ‘brand’ and look instantly professional. But there’s a few things you need to get right, so we’ve put together some recommendations.

Rocketseed student email signature tips for job-hunting

Keep it simple and your key contact details clear. That’s your full name, main phone number and email address and add your degree details for that extra academic edge.

Show you’re social by linking to your social media accounts  (especially LinkedIn) but make sure they’re employer-friendly!

Keep a consistent look by using the same fonts and colours on your email signature as on your CV.

Control your colours and stick to one or two colours so your signature is eye-catching without any clashes.

Include your email address because it just makes you easier to contact. And why wouldn’t you want to make it easy for a potential employee to contact you for that all-important interview?

Getting Started – free student email signature template

We’ve made it easy for you to get your new email signature set up and running, whether you’re using Gmail or Outlook 365 email signatures.

Simply download Rocketseed’s free student email signature template example and get started on creating your perfect professional email signature.

And for more tips on getting creative with your email signature, take a look at our email signature design guidelines and gallery of best email signatures which should get you on your way to email signature success and securing that all-important interview.

Good luck!

Tracey Adams |  Account Director

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Is your everyday business email really designed to do business?

CAMPAIGN achieves engagement from ‘Send’ to ‘Sale’

As corporations become more and more aware of the importance of email signatures and email disclaimers, so they’re now also realising the huge opportunity their everyday email presents as a marketing channel that delivers real engagement and ROI.

Because that’s what our clients tell us they need…real engagement; high-quality lead gen; sales conversion; without stretching their or stressing them out.

That’s why we’ve developed Rocketseed CAMPAIGN.

What is CAMPAIGN and how did it evolve?

The name really says it all – Rocketseed CAMPAIGN offers the most engaging way to run a complete marketing campaign through everyday business email, from ‘SEND’ to ‘SALE’.

But it hasn’t just ‘happened’, it represents a long evolutionary process of our ‘email branding’ that goes back to 2004 when the CAN-SPAM act was coming in, Mark Zuckerberg and pals were busy coding Facebook, MailChimp was 3 years old, and the final episode of Friends hit our screens. Even then, Rocketseed – ahead of its time – had introduced campaignable branding elements into email signatures but, back then, running an intelligent and dynamic marketing campaign through normal business email delivering exceptional engagement was a concept that your average CMO, CTO or sales team simply weren’t able to grasp.

In their defence, that was RocketSeed v1 – our GUI was tricky, there was some coding required, campaign programming, rotational time slots needed to be allocated, planning was required and a multitude of banners needed to be driven…a lot for someone to take on! So we pivoted and customers primarily focused on running banners without utilising our core strength which was tracker tags, integrations and sender and recipient rules all focused on driving results for our customers.

What do we do differently now? And what does it mean for you?

If we didn’t ‘get it’ then, we certainly do now! We realised that we were overwhelming customers with options…goes with the old advertising adage ‘throw you one ball and you’ll catch it, throw you five and you won’t’. So, we simplified things, researched our customers and changed our offering.

As a result we now have 4 simple options for customers that do exactly what they say on the tin. Signature Basic and Signature Plus deliver for the business that’s looking to create stunningly designed and intelligently dynamic email signatures for their staff that they can centrally control and easily apply for Outlook, Office 365 or Gsuite.

Launching ‘Campaign’

And now we’re extremely excited to launch our new flagship products –
CAMPAIGN BASIC and CAMPAIGN PLUS. These also include the signature component but are totally focused on driving real results for your business. In fact, we’re so confident about them that if after 3 months you aren’t satisfied we’ll give you your money back!*

CAMPAIGN ‘BASIC’ and CAMPAIGN ‘PLUS’ – What’s the difference?

Given the deeper integration between marketing and IT (they still argue but kiss and make up much quicker),
CAMPAIGN BASIC focuses on allowing those two departments to create campaigns and run them through their everyday email (fully exploiting its 99% open rate) thereby creating a basic integrated marketing channel, precision targeted to  up-sell and cross-sell.

CAMPAIGN PLUS is effectively the ‘sales supercharger’ for your everyday email – powered by Rocketseed. You will have seen the links through this piece to different areas of the website highlighting what we do but this is the crème de le crème when it comes to squeezing all you can out of your business email.

And the best part? We do it all for you.

In many ways, it’s the CAMPAIGN service that makes it so special. Simply give us your brief and we take care of everything – from set-up, creative design and campaign planning to marketing automation integration and results reporting.

So Rocketseed will set up and run complete campaigns for me?

Our creatives ensure that every email your business sends is literally ‘designed to do business’, and CAMPAIGN clients are also assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure their campaign stays on track, and they’re always on-hand – think of them as an extension to your marketing team (if you’re lucky enough to have one) purely focused on achieving results from your email.

We’ll automatically build a subscriber list for you, will apply tracker tagging (meaning content gets automatically served based on a customer’s engagement patterns – think ‘machine learning’ but based on a database application) and we’ll run targeted campaigns on your behalf based on recipient and sender domains, and integrate with your marketing automation (such as Salesforce), responsively guiding recipients through their customer journey.

Sounds deep? It is.

When it comes to results, CAMPAIGN measures all key email marketing metrics, from click-through to conversion – all precisely attributed – reports them regularly and sends real-time alerts to your sales team.

A complete campaign – designed to do business

Rocketseed CAMPAIGN really does give you a complete marketing campaign – engaging through everyday email from ‘Send’ to ‘Sale’.

Now it’s time for you to give it a try!

Damian Hamp-Adams  |  CEO

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Onliner spambot leaks 711,000,000 email addresses. Are you on the list?

Onliner Spambot, one of the largest spambot’s ever seen has recently been uncovered by a Paris-based security researcher known as ‘Benkow’.

Benkow suggested it has been in use since 2016. The seven hundred and eleven million email addresses – and sometimes the associated passwords have seemingly been collected to help spread a banking malware trojan – Ursnif. In addition, Benkow further suggests this spambot targets specific countries like Italy or specific business sectors like hotels. These 711,000,000 addresses and related personal information are now on the black market, meaning attackers can buy these and use them for further malicious activity – frightening!

The spambot gathered around 50GB of emails, credentials and SMTP configuration files. Operator of the website HaveIBeenPwned.com, Troy Hunt, acknowledges that some of the collected email addresses are non-existent accounts though the number still totalled a “mind-boggling amount”. He added that Ursnif was found on a Dutch server which was ordered to be shut down immediately by law enforcers in the country. Users can check if their email address has been leaked here.

There are different ways in which the list of email addresses and credentials could have been hacked. Public leaks from places such as LinkedIn allow attackers to gain access to passwords but credentials could also come from phishing campaigns and credential stealer malware. Benkow further explains that spambots with SQL injection scanners allow hackers to search the internet for SQLi retrieves and SQL tables with names like ‘user’ or ‘admin’ to gain data.

Although it is difficult to know exactly where all the email addresses came from, attackers usually target email addresses with spam in the hope of tricking recipients into revealing more information. This can be done by clicking on a malicious URL or providing sensitive information to the attacker unintentionally. But in cases where attackers already have the user’s details, secretly hijacking the victim’s account to send out more spam is also an option.

Rocketseed treats the security of your corporate email as our top priority. We thoroughly test all components and customer software, and perform regular security reviews and penetration tests.

Your security is our priority at Rocketseed, find out more on how we can help here.

Oliver Howe  |  IT Director

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Is email beauty only screen-deep?

They say looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to email, it looks surprisingly like they might be.

Why do I say this? Am I shallow and superficial when it comes to email signatures or think that an email banner’s beauty is only screen-deep?

It’s actually because the most popular page on our website is Email Design Guidelines and so, always eager to please, we’re making this Autumn season all about style – style that stands out, sets your brand apart and …most importantly… sells.  Even if your everyday email hasn’t been hit by the ugly stick it could still be a bit…well… everyday. And that could be costing you engagement.

So whether it’s stylish new look signatures, some bright new branded banners or a whole email campaign make-over, we’ll be giving you everything you need to make your ‘everyday’ email absolutely fabulous – not to mention seriously sales-driving.

Because whether your brand personality is smart and sophisticated or frivolous and fun, you need to get noticed on every email. And because it’s not like designing for print or the web, there’s a specific set of effective email branding design skills that we’ll be sharing – how to take your measurements, how to ‘get your colours done’, how to accessorise and how to bring your new look together so it just ‘clicks

No second chances to make a first impression

Never is this more true than with email branding. With a small space and a few seconds before the scrolling starts, this isn’t shrinking violet time (but there’s also no need to go the full Lady Gaga). You don’t want to upstage the content of your email but you need to get noticed and a boldly-branded top banner gives you that immediate (and interactive) impact.

Is less really more?

What size is really your size? There’s no need to go large or get into a squeeze – a banner should be viewable but not obstructive on any email preview pane or smartphone. We recommend a max width of 650 pixels and height of between 90 and 120 pixels to get it just right for size.

What’s In, What’s out

Even with a full suite of features and functionality, there’s only so much you can fit in an email banner or signature so, rather than looking too ‘busy’ (which actually lessens impact) try to keep things deceptively simple. Keep copy clear and concise, images strong and not too detailed, and your logo in proportion – just ask yourself, “Does my brand look big in this?”

And don’t be shallow … use shadows and overlaps to give your designs some 3-D depth.

Buttons, tabs and links – the ultimate ‘go to’ accessories

These really make email branding technology work. Buttons, tabs and image-map links can take the recipient wherever you’d like them to go – from landing pages and social media to documents, videos, newsletter sign-up or even the app store. In fact, having more than one link on your banners can also significantly improve their click-through success.

Tired of the same old ‘look’? Restyle, rotate and refresh

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to branding, but even the best advertising artwork becomes stale eventually so it’s important to keep your email banners fresh by running message and design variations in your campaign rotation. It’ll keep your audience alert to your brand and stop them going ‘banner blind’. And, of course, you can A/B test your design variations to see which gets the most clicks.

Get the response you want – with a clicking obvious CTA

No call-to-action, no clicks. Simple. So make your CTA clear, concise and compellingly clickable. We’ll be looking at the psychology of clicking in detail this season – from shapes and sizes to colour and copy – but for now, just make sure your CTA makes them ‘click here’.

You can’t beat bespoke

Everyone loves a time saving template but sometimes your promotion needs that really perfect fit. For truly bespoke email branding Rocketseed’s designers will work to your brief to create exactly the email branding you’re looking for.  We can also train your own designers in the creative tricks and technical tips of the email branding art so that you can develop future designs in-house.

So, are looks really everything?

Email branding, however brilliantly designed, isn’t there just to be admired – it’s truly strategic in its marketing power. From positioning to promotion, your designs are really all about your business objectives, your audience and the all-important call-to-action.

Design trends may come and go but engagement never goes out of fashion.

So keep your ‘eye for style’ on Rocketseed this season. There’ll be detailed design advice, case studies, email ‘makeovers’ and, of course, we’re always ready to design you a bespoke email banner or an email signature that suits your brand to perfection.

So, to email in style this season, you know who you need…

Jenny Bassett  |  Account Manager

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The Signature Link to Social Success

We know – and we’re sure you do too – just how vital social media marketing (SMM) is to your business.

But driving potential customers to your social media isn’t just about icons on your website or a hashtag on your ads – you can easily do it through every email you send.

How? With a social email signature.

It might be the sign-off to your email, but your email signature can also be a clear and clickable invitation to start a new ‘social’ conversation – a conversation that can lead to conversion, making it a key part of your social media marketing (SMM) strategy.

It makes perfect social sense

A social email signature is an obvious way to integrate SMM into your marketing strategy, bringing together the fastest-growing marketing media – social – with what is still (and shows no signs of slowing) your most used business communication tool – everyday email. And when it comes to your marketing budget, they’re the two most cost-effective channels you have.

All about your brand

We don’t call signatures ‘email branding’ for nothing! A strongly-branded signature – boasting instant recognition, positive perception and easy interaction – is essential to effective email just as a strong brand (and high-quality branded content) is all-important in making your social channels emotionally engaging.

The key is consistency. Company-wide consistent signatures strengthen your brand and the same level of consistency should be applied across all your social channels to give a single, strong brand profile.

Secure your social strategy

Linking your email signature to your social channels will always be more effective if you’ve got a strong social marketing strategy in place. Have you conducted a social audit to understand what channels your audience and your competitors use? Are your social objectives SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely)? Have you decided on who you’re talking to, the type of content you need to post, how often, and of course who is going to create and post it?

Interactive icons

Applying social icons to your signature is the oh so simple bit (well, it is with Rocketseed) – instantly recognisable and lined up for clicking.

As they’re on every employee’s email signature, they can be configured to automatically link to either the company’s or the individual employee’s social media pages.

Choose your channels

Whilst it might look great to have an icon line-up of all the usual social suspects – Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Youtube; Pinterest and LinkedIn – do you really need them all on your signature?

With each platform connecting differently and attracting a different demographic, just make sure you feature the ones that work best for your business. So if there’s no interest in your Pinterest, don’t feature it, especially if you are not regularly updating your content. The golden rule – if you’re going to link to a social channel, you have to actively manage it.

Track your traffic

Unsure which social channels are best for your business? Whichever icons you decide to have in your signature, Rocketseed analytics lets you compare click results to see which is attracting the most traffic via your signature so you can focus your social media energies accordingly.

Conversion through conversation

With one click on your social signature an email conversation can change into a social conversation.

Email branding – unlike sales-driven (and instantly swipeable) bulkmail – has a lot in common with social media. It’s not pushy about making a sale. It’s about connecting through conversation and building a relationship with your brand through emotional engagement.

This way you can really learn what your followers are like, what they think about, and how you and your business can make a real difference to them, but never lose sight of your overall objective and remember (to quote the social media expert Lori Taylor) ‘Fans are vanity and sales are sanity’.

All on-side with social

Email branding (whether banner or signature) on your internal email is also an efficient internal marketing method to ‘sell’ all your employees on social media marketing. Use it to spread the word of your social media policy (make sure you have one!) on all issues including confidentiality, posting guidelines, transparency, privacy and compliance. Just having the social icons on their signatures will encourage employees to contribute to your social media activity and build your brand.

Can you really afford to be anti-social?

The bottom line – a signature without social icons looks like you’re ignoring the most important media for marketing that has ever existed.

So, if you want to strengthen your marketing by having a social signature, contact our super-social account management team. Social signatures couldn’t be simpler.

tracey-account-directorTracey Adams | Account Director

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Email Branding – Perfecting The Art


When it comes to email branding, you can get really creative, as long as you have the right solution…

Here at Rocketseed we have the design expertise to create super-snazzy, on-brand emails. Whether it be banners, newsletters or email signatures, with 14 years’ experience of successful email design, we aim for perfection always. However, there may be times when you might want to give it a go yourself and that’s great too! After all, who knows your brand as well as you do? And that will enable you to create authentic, on brand messages. But it’s still important to get clued-up on design best practice.

Being a helpful bunch, who want you to achieve the best results; we’ve compiled our top tips on email design to ensure your email branding is impactful and engaging.

Before we embark on the practical bit, we do have to stress that any design you go for is integrated with your overall marketing campaigns, brand guidelines and values.  Consistency is key so that every interaction your clients and prospects have reflects your brand identity and values, showing you are professional and someone they want to do business with.

Marketing banners – headers and footers

Whether you use headers or footers, there are some clear rules to apply in-order to boost click-through rates.

Look at the colours you are using; blue builds trust and security, orange can be associated with being inexpensive whilst green promotes growth and relaxation. Check they are in keeping with your brand guidelines.

When designing banners think about the dimensions. To display clearly on all devices including mobile, and preview panes, we recommend a maximum width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of between 90 and 150 pixels. Create them as JPGs, or to increase engagement rates further, use animated GIF files.

Call to actions

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design of your call-to-action, our recommendation is a size of at least 44 x 44px, with rounded corners. Use red for a sense of urgency, enticing your readers to click further, yellow is eye catching and draws attention and always remember this button needs to be seen, even on mobile devices.  With the use of image mapping a banner doesn’t have to be clickable in one place only. Use the opportunity to cross and up-sell your business services by incorporating tabs or buttons in your design to take your recipients to other areas of your website. Create links to documents, videos, social media, voucher downloads, newsletter sign-up or even the App Store.

Email signature

Here’s another great opportunity to promote a united, on-brand, professional image. Don’t forget it needs to be useful though. How many “grrrhhh” moments do you get when you can’t find the number of someone you want to call because it’s not on their email signature or when you want to look them up on LinkedIn and their social media icons don’t link correctly? Correct company information, consistent branding and a chance for a promotional link can all be wrapped up in a branded email signature.

Track.  Track. Track.

See which designs or banners are getting the highest engagement rates, learn and adapt.  See who has clicked what, providing value customer insight for future nurture campaigns. Use A/B testing to compare campaigns and gain useful insight into which banners and promotions performed the best.

To see a full range of engaging banner campaign designs, take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples. You can also find more information on email design, with specific tips for banners and email signatures on our website, go check it out here!

Don’t forget, if you aren’t a super creative-whizz, we can help you to nail your email design. Get in touch today to get started.


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