Keen To Get ‘Going’ … And ‘Growing’

Go to Grow

From the moment I found out about Go To Grow – the Mayor’s International Business Programme ‘Supporting the Global Growth Ambition of London Businesses’ – I knew Rocketseed had to be a part of it and, starting on 10 May, it will!

Go To Grow

Led by mayoral promotional agency London & Partners, Go to Grow offers bespoke expert support for fast-growing, London-based technology businesses that are looking to grow internationally with, in many cases, a view to global leadership. With Rocketseed’s core business being the delivery of clients’ branding strategies and marketing campaigns through everyday business email, Go To Grow ticks all our boxes and so it was great to hear that our application had been successful and that we would be joining the programme’s second cohort, starting 10 May (today). In fact, over the next 3 years the £5m Go To Grow programme plans to help around 800 companies win business abroad through mentoring, workshops, live leads and trade missions.

Springboard London

From my experience working on the other side of the Atlantic, not even New York compares with London in giving world-class support to entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses both domestically and internationally. As the previous Mayor himself has stated “London has a strong heritage as an international trading city and our position at the centre of the business world means the city offers the perfect springboard for companies looking to expand internationally. London’s businesses and entrepreneurs continue to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity”. This is exactly where I see Rocketseed and am keen to drive further international growth on the back of the recent recognition we’ve received domestically, being featured amongst the Telegraph’s Top 50 UK tech companies for 2015.

Already International

Go To Grow isn’t only supporting London-based companies in taking their first steps to international expansion but is also helping businesses in the capital that already have an international presence to explore further new market opportunities overseas. Considering Rocketseed already has a presence in the United States, Australia and South Africa, we are obvioulsy keen to drive further internationa; expansion from our London office.

Meet the Mentors

Whilst our formal programme starts today, I’ve already attended two Go To Grow ‘Meet the Mentor’ breakfasts, giving me an inspiring taste of what is to come. At the first, guest Mentor Anthony Fletcher, CEO of Graze advised how to stay on track when scaling internationally, based on his experiences of Graze’s expansion into the US.  Already, the value to Rocketseed is obvious as the business has never been just about the technology and is focused on ensuring that our clients maximise the creative and commercial potential of their everyday email, with our client support and design teams needing to understand the cultural nuances of creativity, sales and service in individual overseas markets.

Sharing and Supporting

It’s clear to me that the real value of Go To Grow lies in the first-hand experiences and global network opportunities that its world-class mentors – some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders – have to share, and that’s what I’m looking forward to. I want to be challenged, to be taken out of my comfort zone and to be given real-world advice born of real first-hand experience – the opportunities to seize, the risks worth taking and pitfalls to avoid- on everything from the strategic decisions of international expansion to the legal and financial practicalities of operating in new marketplaces.

With its 5 lead ‘Delivery Partners’ of KPMG, BDO, Benoy, PA Consulting and the London Chamber of Commerce, as well its high-profile tech sector ‘Strategic Partners’, the support on offer is truly world-class and I also look forward to being inspired by other Go To Grow cohort members – not just adtech, not just tech but from all the sectors involved.

Live Leads

The programme also offers the chance to receive live leads for specific business opportunities in North America, Europe, China and India via the JPMorgan/Brookings Cities Initiative, London & Partners own teams overseas and the Go To Go programme ‘Delivery Partners’. I’m also keen to find out more about the programme’s trade mission opportunities and the chance to grow our international client and partner bases by introducing Rocketseed to them face-to face and experiencing their market conditions at first-hand.

Keen to get ‘Going’ and ‘Growing’

From the moment I found out about Go To Grow – the Mayor’s International Business Programme ‘Supporting the Global Growth Ambition of London Businesses’ – I knew Rocketseed had to be a part of it and, starting on 10 May, it will!

Damian Hamp-Adams

Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

‘Less Is More’. We Test The Cliché (And A Few Others)

Less is more. It may be true of modernist architecture and perfume etiquette but marketing? How can brand profile be raised and potential customers engaged when resources are tight? Is ‘through everyday email’ the answer?

‘Practicing what we preach’

Given that Rocketseed is a tool that pushes content and pulls engagement through everyday email, we decided that, for our first-quarter campaign, we would put our own platform firmly to the test.

The brief was simple: ‘Use our proprietary tech, experience and creativity to deliver a 3-month campaign to produce increases in brand profile, engagement and sales leads that are both significant and measurable. To be achieved only through Rocketseed’s own platform with social media support, with created content to be recyclable for further iterations down the line.’

‘Too many cooks’?

When you combine a team of marketers with a team of software engineers the results are always going to be interesting, but what everyone agreed on was the need to understand the psychology behind a strong call to action, in effect, what makes us click? So we focused our creative on strong ‘call to action’ banners on our own everyday email, driving engagement through banner colour, button shape and size and, most importantly, compelling copy.

‘Better to give than to receive’

But we also wanted the campaign to be something more and to give something back. With this in mind we created ‘Marketing Fuel, a nice little content give away for Twitter highlighting industry relevant pieces that blog visitors, social followers and clients could use for their own platforms – our little give-back to the small business owners or marketers in the tricky position of having to feed the content-hungry channels they use to drive traffic to their websites and hope for conversions.

The campaign was delivered in two weeks: Designed Rocketseed banners on all our everyday email; blog content; social posts and free multi-placed blog posts. Top job!

‘The proof of the pudding’

How did it deliver? We ended up having one of the highest read blog pieces on the DMA UK home page, multiple leads of which a number have now converted, engagement levels at 24% on our banners, several enquiries from our clients regarding ‘Marketing Fuel’ and most importantly, positive feedback. In addition, the campaign lasted three months and acted as a beacon for social helping us with content creation.

Importantly, the campaign has focused the whole team on marketing the Rocketseed brand and generating prospects as well as creating the perfect platform for our customer service-focused Q2 campaign to build on.

‘Less is more’?

Well, it certainly looks like it can be. We focused on less, limited the channels, ensured the results were measured, and exceeded our expectations. Click here and let our expert team help you to do the same.

SOLID Customer Service. Quite Literally.

No matter the size of a company, excellent customer service should be a number one priority. Especially when statistics suggest a 60% profit increase from those who receive outstanding customer service.

It’s one of those topics businesses talk about, but often have little insight in to what their customers really think. Although, I wasn’t shy about making it clear to Nestle…

After 27¾ years of searching, I tweeted Nestle my excitement of finally discovering a SOLID chocolate KitKat…yes that’s right, no wafer, all chocolate! As much as I was showing off, I was looking forward to a reply or retweet at the most. A couple of hours later, the reply I eagerly awaited asked for my postal address. Intrigued and convinced free chocolate was heading my way, I wasted no time in replying.

Solid Customer service from Nestle

5 days later, I received a personalised letter in the post, congratulating me on my find;  “1 solid ‘chocolate bar’ slips through every 3.5 million bars produced” accompanied by a Nestle coupon. Good old 1-to-1 personalised communication has earnt Nestle customer loyalty for life, from one very happy chocolate lover.

Consumers won’t always be as willing as me to shout about experiences, so how do we measure satisfaction levels to benchmark and improve our customer’s experience?

It’s suggested feedback surveys offer the best and most accurate way to measure customer satisfaction. However, completing 10 question surveys, from every other supplier is at the bottom of that ever growing to-do list right? Bulk mail, Tweets and Facebook posts all have their role but there’s no medium with greater impact for customer care than the 1-to-1, personalized email.

I’m making it my mission to measure my customer’s satisfaction using my everyday email channel over the next 4 weeks. I will encourage my customers to rate my service with one click via an interactive email banner. If you want to join me on my journey and find out what your customers think of you, please contact me today.  Let’s do this!

What will it be for your customers, buy or bye??

Eliminating Homelessness, One Shine at a Time…

Yesterday I met the definition of the modern gentleman who wants to make a difference.  Tom Beecroft is the founder of The Jaunty Flaneur.  The term Flaneur is defined as ‘a person who walks the city in order to explore it’. This combined with the phrase jaunty, which means ‘to express a lively and self-confident manner’, encompasses exactly what the company enables its customers to experience. It is said that you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, and us men know the satisfaction and confidence that oozes from us when we don a fresh pair of shoes.  The modern Flaneur purchases with care and knows that time spent looking after these purchases will be repaid with years of fine living. These values and way of living are exactly what the Jaunty Flaneur hopes to promote and encourage.

Tom started out in the world of corporate finance, but dreamed of running his own business. One evening Tom noticed a rough sleeper begging for money, being overlooked and avoided by a crowd of businessmen. Why?  It’s this separation from society which lingers over those who experience homelessness. The sad truth is that homeless people are often deliberately ignored and avoided. Tom then wondered what the man could offer to this particular passing market.

Tom wanted to make a difference and decided something needed to be done. And thus, Shoe Shine Crew was born! An organisation which is dedicated to providing job opportunities to those who have experienced homelessness and are ready to move back into mainstream society. The Shoe Shine Crew does not work directly with rough sleepers, only those who have completed pre-job training via their respective charities and have passed DBS (formerly CRB) checks. Shoe Shine Crew works alongside some of the best homeless charities such as Crisis, Thames Reach and CleanSlate. Shoe Shine Crew is on hand, attending events, carrying out office visits and supporting the homeless. Extensive training is provided, allowing for a high standard of professional and personal development.

Due to its success and the demand for such high class services, Tom expanded his operations to form sister company, The Jaunty Flaneur. The Jaunty Flaneur focuses on offering a private service for its clients, regularly appearing at members clubs and invite only events. A recent exciting collaboration with Oliver Sweeney means that The Jaunty Flaneur is also present in a number of their stores. The Jaunty Flaneur operates from its grandest shoe shine throne in the Marriott Park Lane hotel, one of the highest rated hotels in Europe. Guests stopping by can enjoy a range of services from a cocktail and a shoe shine, to a shoe repair drop off and collect service.

As a result, the whole spectrum of business is encompassed, and Tom’s vision of making a positive social difference in the world happens with every single shine.

Rocketseed is proud to be supporting a local business for such a fantastic cause. Together we can help raise awareness of The Jaunty Flaneur and The Shoe Shine Crew, and help give hope to those desperately trying to make their way back into society.

The Jaunty Flaneur email banner

If you’d like some tips on keeping your shoes looking spick and span, or perhaps you’d like to take a look at the range of gentlemen’s accessories online, visit The Jaunty Flaneur website here.

For every private appointment and purchase made at the online store, a donation will be made to help towards people who have experienced homelessness.  You can find out more about the Shoe Shine Crew and its charitable work here.

JRJack Read  |  Client Services Executive

Connect with Jack on LinkedIn here

What Makes Us Click?

what makes us click

The simple psychology behind a great call to action…

The Colour

Make sure you pick the right colour for your call to action.  There’s no magic colour that converts better than others so pick one that contrasts and compliments, for example think orange on blue.

  • ORANGEEncourages immediate action. Consider orange if you want people to sign up, buy or join right away. It’s also the colour most associated with cheap or inexpensive things.
  • REDIncreases energy and creates a sense of urgency. Try red if you’re running a sale, a limited time offer or selling tickets to an event that’s close to selling out.
  • YELLOWDraws attention and creates low level anxiety. Yellow both promotes positive feelings and causes just enough anxiety to move people to action without stopping them in their tracks.
  • BLUEBuilds trust and security. It’s the most popular favourite colour in the world and is the choice for brands who want their customers to feel safe and secure.
  • GREENPromotes growth and relaxation. We all know green means go, which is pretty handy when it comes to CTAs. It’s also easiest for the eyes to process, so it’s often used to relax the mind.

85% of people say colour is the main reason they buy a product

Shapes & Sizes

Make sure you find the best shapes and sizes for your call to action.  Rectangular buttons are by far the most popular, but don’t be afraid to test other shapes and sizes if they’ll fit your design,and A/B test.

  • ROUNDRound the corners of rectangular buttons. Our brains seek to avoid sharp or pointy corners.
  • BIG: Bigger is better. It should stand out, but not be so obnoxious that it hinders or overwhelms your design.
  • TAPPABLEMake sure it’s large enough to be easily tappable on all devices.
  • CIRCULARCreate and test out a circular button that looks like it’s begging to be pushed!

We recommend a button size of at least 44 x 44px

The Copy

  • USE ACTIVE VERBS: Try words like “Download,” “Get” and “Start”. Leading with an active verb will get people up and clicking.
  • BE SPECIFICDownload the guide” is better than “Click here”. Help your audience understand exactly what you want them to do and what will happen when they click.
  • KEEP IT SHORT: There’s not a lot of space, so don’t cram in a lot of words. It needs to be easily read and understood at a glance.
  • TRY USING 1ST PERSON: Start my free trial” converts better than “Start your free trial”. This is an easy A/B test to try with your audience to see whether 1st or 2nd person works best.
  • CREATE URGENCY: Simply adding “Now” to your button can boost conversions. Make it clear with the copy that your offer won’t be around forever and watch click your rates soar!

One recent study found a 90% better conversion rate using 1st person

Improve your call to actions today, with a little help from our experts, click here to improve your call to actions.

“Rewardingly hard to win”…And extremely pleasing to judge #DMAawards

On behalf of Rocketseed, I was delighted to be invited as a guest judge for this year’s DMA awards. Having never judged before, I was excited and a little nervous! Especially after hearing some of last year’s winners included big names, Barclays, Expedia & British Airways. So what does being a judge really involve?

If you’re thinking it is glamorous, then you’re partially correct. The DMA launched the process off with a bang, getting the glamorous part spot on. I received my welcome pack…


A fun way to deliver everything I needed to know. What more could I ask for? Other than chocolate obviously, which I kindly received at the end of the judging day. The process was extremely organised. After sitting through a presentation highlighting the judging procedures, I knew what was expected of me. For the next two hours we reviewed every submission and were asked to mark each entry based on their creativity, strategy and results. Some of the submissions were amazing, and even us judges will have to wait until the 1st December to find out who the worthy winner is.

I’d like to thank the DMA again for inviting me as a judge; it was great to see the level of dedication and hard work that has gone into the award submissions. This is the first time Rocketseed is sponsoring a category; ‘The Best Business to Business (B2B)’ campaign. Good luck to all of those shortlisted. Roll on December 1st. (It’s not too late to get a table if you haven’t already…I’m, told it’s ‘A passport to champagne, sweaty palms and the best campaigns of the year’.) Hope to see you there.

Oliver Howe DMA Judge

Oliver Howe | IT Director | Rocketseed

What percentage of customers switch companies due to poor customer service?

Have a guess. Higher. A shocking 66%* percent of customer’s switch companies or service provider due to poor customer service. Like me when I first read this statement, you’re probably thinking ‘My company’s customer service is great – I don’t need to worry’. The real question is how do you really know what your customers are thinking?

Although we can assume our customers know we care. Can we be sure we know our customers are happy with our product or service? It’s a win-win situation; happy customer’s equal the growth of a successful business.

There is no doubt of that for Jim Shuky Automotive, when a happy customer shared a review online titled “I have never in my life seen this level of customer service” alongside a photo of a hand written card thanking the customer for the business…


The little things such a ‘thank you’ can earn future business because of memorable customer service. With the added bonus that it was shared online, generating additional business for Jim Shuky. I’m not suggesting you start ordering 1000’s of thank you cards on Amazon, I’m merely highlighting the thank you effect goes along way, and will contribute to your customer retention.

A cost and time effective solution is using your everyday emails, that your company sends 100’s of every year. Applying a personalised banner to your email signature, asking your customers to rate your service in one click, or a personalised ‘thank you’ to the customer you’re reaching out to.  Rocketseed will allow your customers to rate your service, and give you an instant click alert, allowing you to rectify negatives experiences and celebrate success in real time. Understand how Cardinal Insurance have had success using Rocketseed to monitor their customer service.

If you love your customers, monitor and maintain their happiness to ensure the future of a successful business. Click here to try Rocketseed today.

5 top tips to create the perfect email signature

An email signature is a vital part of your everyday emails, as it not only provides the recipient with your contact details, but also portrays your companies brand and professionalism. You wouldn’t consider sending out a traditional mail without a signature would you? So why do the same with your emails?

Here are 5 top tips to help you create the perfect email signature.

1. Include your email address

These days you often find some people say don’t include your email address in your signature as there is no need, due to the fact that the email address will be visible to the recipient anyway. Those who say this seem to forget that emails are often forwarded on to others that have no access to your details. If you have no email address in your signature, you become unable to contact and miss out on vital business connections.

2. Embed your images to avoid that little red cross

Images such as your company logo or social media icons can give your signature a more polished look, and at the same time help generate more brand awareness. However if the images are not embedded in your signature, they will appear as an attachment and the recipient will get the usual ‘right click here to download’ message, which takes away the power from your branding.

3. Link your images

If you apply links to images in your email signature, make sure you test to ensure they work. You don’t want people clicking on your company logo to find that they have been taken to the twitter page or vice versa. If you do include social media icons, don’t forget to add a link. Having the wrong link on an image or having no link at all just doesn’t look professional. Take this one step further by tracking your links with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

4. Keep your signature professional

Pay attention to the signature length, 4 – 7 lines is perfect. If you’re struggling with the length piping or colour variation is a great way to break it up. On that note, avoid including the colours of the rainbow, black, blue or grey will polish off that professional look you’re going for. Finally, remember who you’re making contact with, avoid corny inspirational or controversial quotes in your signature, the last thing you want is to offend a prospect or client.

5. Test your email signature

Finally, once you have created your signature, do NOT start sending out emails before you have tested it! You may be happy with how your signature looks on your screen, however think about your recipient. Will the signature look the same if opened on a mobile phone or tablet? Are you using a web safe font? Send test emails to different devices and email clients (Gmail, Outlook etc.) until you’re confident it renders correctly across all devices.

So there you have it, 5 top email signature tips from Rocketseed, follow them and be on your way to creating the perfect email signature.

New trend is moving companies to Office 365 and Google Apps

This blog will not surprise many people as it is discussing a clear trend in the world of Mail Transport Agents. Microsoft particularly over the last year has seen a huge increase in the sales of Office 365. A number of websites have documented the change as being rapid. Mainly companies are moving from the on-premises MS Exchange to Office 365 and now Microsoft have announced plans to make this change even faster with a free migration service.

Despite the rapid increase of companies using Office 365, Google Apps have retained their market share with the Office 365 sales mainly coming from existing Microsoft Exchange customers.

But why are companies moving? Mainly it is down to cost. Firstly you don’t need to maintain a server of your own, and then you don’t need as much general IT resources. It is more secure and it is backed up so you don’t risk email going down.

People trust cloud based solutions now, they have many proven benefits. So with the trend in the market being a shift to the cloud it is no surprise that Rocketseed are also in a good position. Many of the email signature solutions on the market struggle to work properly on Office 365 and Google Apps.

RocketSig has been launched in light of this latest market trend so that customers that only wish to use the signature part of the solution can benefit from the technology working perfectly on cloud Mail Transport Agents and of course on mobiles too.

7 ways to create business opportunities using your email signature

There is always that one email that lands in your inbox giving you signature envy, the design and layout is spot on, the social media icons are gleaming. Whether you’re a business or individual, keeping up with the competition can be tricky with so many different elements to consider.

Your email signature can do a lot more that you’d ever imagine. We’ve highlighted 7 simple ways your signature can deliver opportunities for your business, and put a stop to that signature envy!

1. Social Media

Integrating social media channels in your email signature will help build your communities. Maybe you’re unsure what channels are right for your business? Use a variety of icons and compare the click results using Rocketseed analytics to give you an insight which channel to focus on.

2. Grow your database

Direct your recipients to your newsletter sign-up form to generate new sign-ups to build relationships and generate new business.  Rocketseed analytics can produce a complete list of email contacts who have corresponded with your company over a period of time, allowing you to invite opt-ins.

3. RSS feed

Integrate dynamic content via an RSS feed in every email signature, ensuring automatic updates from a live news feed. Rocketseed email signatures will automatically update your feed, so your branding will be continually refreshed.

4. Sender photo

Personalisation is popular in newsletters. Why not go one step further and add the personal touch to your email signature with a photo? Rocketseed allows you to create a master template,  so individuals photos will auto-populate.

5. Customer service rating

Allow your customers to rate your service in one click straight from your email signature, allowing you to rectify negative experience and celebrate success. Rocketseed instant reporting can generate an alert to notify you of the rating from the recipient.

6. Video

Valuable content can be tricky to distribute to the right audience at the right time. Include a link to a YouTube channel or an embedded video on your site.

7. Document delivery

Businesses invest time and money in creating content – adverts, presentations, apps, whitepapers, brochures, and webinars…the list goes on.  Leverage this content by including links in your email signature. Rocketseed enables you to use the smart segmentation functionality to  focus on delivering your content to the right people.

We have lots of great email signature examples, from a range of industries. Please contact us if you wish to have signature envy one final time.