How to Update Your Email Signature for 2022

How to update signatures for 2022

Is your business email signature dressed for success and looking its best? After all, you don’t want to go through the year with a tired-looking email signature displaying out-of-date details, making you look unprofessional and risking your business missing out on valuable marketing and sales opportunities. To ensure this isn’t the case, here is a quick guide on how to update your email signature, for 2022.

1. Update your job title

Have you recently been promoted? Do you now have a shiny new job title? If so, this is the first – and most obvious – element of your email signature that requires a revamp. Failing to update your title straight away can lead to confusion and mistakes. You want everyone within your organisation to understand and recognise your new position.

It also helps when communicating with clients. By keeping them up-to-date with your job role, they know exactly who they are conversing with within your organisation.

2. Refresh your contact details

Over time, your contact details are naturally going to change. Say you have recently moved offices, or staff are working remotely and need to be reachable on mobile. In this case, it’s imperative you edit your email signature, replacing the old number with the new one.

Changes to your signature’s contact details aren’t only applicable when you upgrade a previous communication channel. You also have to refresh your signature when you adopt a new communication type. For example, it’s not uncommon for new social media platforms to climb into prominence seemingly overnight, and you may want to adopt these straight away. In that case, you should embed a new social media icon – complete with a hyperlink to the appropriate social media profile – into your email signature.

Providing your contact details is the main aim of a signature. The last thing you want to do is supply recipients with outdated information that’ll lead to a communication breakdown.

Professional Branded Email Signature

3. Provide a new headshot

How long has it been since you took the headshot that currently resides in your signature? Has it been a few years? If so, it is time for an update. To convey trust, your headshot has to be accurate. A decade-old picture, for instance, is only going to lead to doubts from recipients – and a surprise if you meet on a video call or in person!

When updating this element of your signature, use it as an excuse to shoot a much-improved, professional headshot. Ensure the photo is clear and in focus. Look directly at the camera, dress professionally, and put your smile on full display. Also, to guarantee all focus is on you, make the photo’s background a neutral colour.

4. Add in a call-to-action (CTA)

Many people that use an email signature are not using it to its full potential. They simply include their basic information, display it in a uniform way, and then never give it a second thought.

If you fall into this category, it’s time to change your mindset. It’s time to start maximising the impact of your email signature by incorporating a clickable call-to-action to actively drive recipient engagement.

A CTA can be placed at the bottom of your signature as an eye-catching button or within a banner in your signature or at the top of your email. Don’t worry about it being overlooked. Simply add in a concise and effective message, and a generous click-through rate is a given – assuming you’ve got the right offer of course! Your CTA could be for anything,from a free eBook download to a special product discount. Want to design the perfect CTA button? See our recommendations on what makes people click.

5. Make sure your email disclaimer is correct

Okay, this might be the least thrilling aspect of your business email signature but your email disclaimer is a necessity. After all, you don’t want to put your organisation in a position where it’s breaking the law.

Depending on your location and business type, email disclaimer requirements can vary significantly – and you have to check where your company falls in that regard. To ensure you’re compliant, covered and confident, check out our comprehensive Email Disclaimers guide.

6. Revamp your email signature marketing banners

If you’re using marketing banners below your signature or at the top of your emails, you need to ensure that you’re not displaying outdated marketing campaigns. Check your imagery, copy and calls-to-action. You don’t want to be running last year’s campaigns by default!

If you’re not currently using email banners, now’s the time to start. Make 2022 the year you really transform your everyday email into an engaging marketing channel! Here are 33 great email signature banner examples to give you some inspiration.

Planning for the year ahead? The right email signature software can save you a lot of time and stress by enabling you to automate the scheduling of your email banners to match your year’s promotional programme.

7. Measure your signature success

Make 2022 the year that you really find out how effective your email signature is at engaging your audience. After all, what’s the use of getting your email signature right if you can’t see the results?

Does your current email signature software give you the analytics you need to track your email signatures and banner campaigns, and measure all recipient engagement (including real-time click alerts you can follow up on immediately)? Now’s the time to get these extra insights by utilising an email signature manager that supports your signatures with full analytics and reporting.

Email signature reporting

Ready to update your business email signatures?

These are just a few practical suggestions to help you update your email signature. We’ve also compiled 10 ways to meet 2022’s digital marketing trends using your email signature, designed to maximise your email signature marketing results over the year ahead.

Need assistance updating your email signature for 2022? Or looking to take central control of all your company email signatures? We’re here to help – contact us today.

Shanique Brophy  |  Marketing Executive

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10 ways to meet 2022 digital marketing trends using your email signature

10 ways to meet 2022 digital marketing trends using your email signature

In the rapidly-evolving world of digital marketing, it’s essential that you and your business are up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends if you’re going to succeed. With this in mind, we’ve looked around the digital marketing landscape to see which trends you can easily – and cost-effectively – take advantage of simply by using your business email signature to ensure audience engagement and brand success in 2022.

1. Optimise for mobile to maximise engagement

With more than half of website traffic coming from mobile devices, as Pamela Bump of Hubspot highlights in The Marketing Trends of 2022, it’s essential that your website offers a fast, fully mobile-optimised user experience.

But it’s not just your website that needs to be optimised for mobile in 2022. With up to 81% of business email opened on mobile devices it’s essential that your branded email signature displays correctly on mobile. You can’t take this for granted so make sure you choose email signature software that automatically ensures your signature is mobile optimised and displays correctly every time on every device. What’s more, a clear clickable link in your mobile optimised email signature is a great way to drive traffic to your mobile-optimised website! Need help optimising your email signature for mobile? Read our blog on how to make your email signature mobile-friendly.

Rocketseed branded email on multiple devices

2. Showcase your brand’s social responsibility

The modern consumer cares about social responsibility – it’s that simple. In their 2022 Global Marketing Trends, Deloitte highlights the need for ‘Authentically Inclusive Marketing’ with their survey showing that ‘57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequalities in their actions’. These actions range from hiring and retention policies to using diverse suppliers and reflecting audience diversity across marketing messaging.

Email signatures offer a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s social responsibility and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) commitments, whether through email signature marketing banners, an icon promoting a specific company initiative so that recipients can click through for more details, or statements in your email signature disclaimer outlining your company’s environmental and DEI policies. The sheer number of emails sent ensures that email signatures are a highly effective way of communicating your brand’s social responsibility commitments.

3. Drive viewers to your short-form video

Within Hubspot’s Marketing Trends of 2022, their survey shows that short-form content is the second most effective trend marketers are currently leveraging and, in 2022, 89% of global marketers are planning to continue investing in it or increase their investment. Why? Because engaging short-form video gets to the point, it’s quicker to create and caters to the shorter attention span.

Want to promote your new videos to a wide audience cost-effectively? The interactive call-to-action ‘Watch our 1-minute video‘ is easy to incorporate into your business signature or email banner to get recipients clicking through to view your latest video content.

4. Keep remote workers engaged and on-brand

As Mateuz Makosiewicz at Ahrefs observes in 8 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Continue in 2022 ‘remote work is here to stay’ as, two years into the pandemic, it appears that the transition to home offices has been mostly successful. The post features a Stanford survey showing that working from home has increased productivity by 13% as well as the benefits of increased employee loyalty, better mental health and obviously less time and cost commuting.

How do email signatures fit into the Work From Home trend? Centrally-controlled, consistent company email signatures can help your remote workforce present a unified brand to the world whilst keeping your marketing cost-effective and your service levels high. Most importantly, they give you an effective internal marketing tool to keep all your remote employees engaged with your brand. It’s a key reason to have great email signatures in 2022 and you can find out how to really make them work in our dedicated blogpost ‘7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working’.

5. Secure attendees for high quality virtual events

The current climate means that companies will continue to host virtual events – but a key 2022 marketing trend is that quality will have to improve. Webinars and virtual conferences need to offer attendees more than a narrated slideshow, so the emphasis is on professional production values. Your email signature might not be able to improve your creativity but, if you’re going to invest in improved design and production, they’re a great wide-reaching way to promote your upcoming virtual event with a clear ‘Book your place’ call to action.

6. Automate to increase efficiency and insights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for global marketers eager to automate how they engage audiences, efficiently answer customer enquiries and solve problems. Hubspot’s Marketing Trends of 2022 identifies key areas spanning everything from predictive marketing and lead scoring to chatbots and content creation.

How do email signatures fit into automation? By integrating seamlessly with your marketing automation and CRM systems, such as Salesforce. That way any recipient click-through from email signature and banner campaigns automatically feeds into your marketing automation to deliver extra customer insights and help further qualify leads. You can also use the information gathered by marketing automation tools to determine the banners applied to business emails (including those sent direct from your CRM system), ensuring that the target audience receives marketing messaging that best meets their interest and helps drive conversion.

Salesforce integration with Rocketseed

7. Streamline social media channel selection

It’s tempting to keep adding new on-trend platforms to your social marketing mix but companies are increasingly realising that by keeping their brands’ social media presence to 3-5 platforms they can effectively reach different audiences without overstretching their marketing management resources.

Prioritise the social platforms that achieve the best engagement amongst your target audience and cost-effectively repurpose content between them where possible. For a professional audience, LinkedIn continues to be a rising star in 2022 with rapidly growing users, engagement and new features.

The great thing about keeping your social media channels to between 3 and 5 is that this number of clickable icons can comfortably fit on your email signature, encouraging recipient engagement with your latest branded social content with every email your employees send.

8. Personalise customer experience with segmentation & targeting rules

Personalisation is more important than ever in 2022 with 80% of consumers saying they are more likely to do business with a company that offers them a personalised experience than one that doesn’t!

So whilst you might think that email signatures are only personalised for the sender, the addition of an interactive marketing banner means that the recipient can directly engage with a marketing message that’s relevant to them. How can you make sure this approaches personalisation? By choosing email signature software with advanced segmentation, targeting and scheduling rules so that the right recipient or recipient group receives the right email banner marketing message at the right time – and even based on their previous banner interaction – to maximise engagement.

Check out our email signature banners page to learn more about targeting, scheduling and automating email signature banner campaigns that will further personalise your business email and improve your customer experience.

Advance-segmentation-rocketseed-email-signature-management (1)

9. Promote content that converts – blogs & case studies

Within a company’s content strategy an engaging blog can really generate ROI. A regularly updated blog with relevant consumer content helps your SEO, drives customer engagement and builds your brand – and it’s as effective in 2022 as it’s ever been. An email banner, or even just a call-to-action (CTA) in your signature, is an incredibly effective way to promote and drive traffic to your latest or most relevant blog post.

Case studies also continue to be a key content requirement for 2022, driving leads and creating brand credibility by showing in detail how customers benefit from your product or service, as well as showcasing the calibre of your client base. Easily promote them in your email signature banners, especially when featuring a key result or glowing testimonial quote. Make it easy for recipients to click through to see how your product or service delivered results.

The ‘Blog Booster’ and ‘The Client Case Study’ are just two of our 33 Great Email Signature Banner Examples to help you get the most from your email signature in 2022.

Example of case study email banner

10. Take control of your key communication channel

As Forbes Council Member Krista Neher observes in Twelve Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 And How To Take Advantage Of Them, a simple 2022 digital marketing trend is for marketers to become more focused and aim to do fewer things better, in other words ‘less is more’. With so many digital marketing channels available it’s easy for marketers to spread their efforts and budgets too thin. As she points out, it’s ‘the foundations that still matter’ and marketers need to avoid the danger of being distracted by shiny new digital marketing tools.

So when it comes to focusing your efforts, it’s important to remember that email is still your business’s number 1, 1-to-1 communication channel (and you have complete control over it) so it’s worth exploring all the branding, promotional and analytical opportunities that email signatures, banner campaigns and reporting can offer.

Final thoughts…

2022 digital marketing trends offer plenty for you to take advantage of, whilst remembering to get the marketing fundamentals right. Your everyday business email might not seem to be the trendiest channel, but by adding professional email signatures and banner campaigns you can transform your everyday email to deliver exceptional engagement results and help your brand stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2022. To find out more about how email signatures can help build your brand in 2022, contact us today.

Shanique Brophy  |  Marketing Executive

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7 Etiquette tips to help you write more professional emails

Email is the number 1 business communication channel. So whether you are emailing a colleague, a client, or your boss, you need to make sure that you come across as both professional and articulate.

Etiquette tips for professional emails

So if you find yourself slipping into slang when you type out an email, or you think your email tone could do with a little polishing, the below blog is exactly what you need. Keep reading to discover seven simple etiquette tips designed to help you transform your emails from sloppy to sleek.

1. Always check before you send

It sounds obvious but we’ve all clicked ‘send’ and then started worrying. Even if you have to send hundreds of emails a day (the average employee sends over 1,000 a month!), you need to make sure you are finding the time to read through what you have written. Not only will this allow you to check for any spelling or grammatical errors, but it will also enable you to see if you have included anything that is inappropriate – which could prove costly to your business and to you personally.

So think very carefully about the words and tone you use before you click send!

2. Make the most of your signature

Although you may not think that your email signature is a big deal, you may be surprised at just how much it can say about you and your professional abilities. For example, an email signature that contains all the relevant information such as your job title, contact details and company brand logo – as well as direct links to your social media profiles and website – enables recipients to contact you easily and find out more about your company.

You also need to make sure that your email signature displays correctly on all devices – from desktops to smartphones – otherwise you risk damaging your professional brand image. So always choose an email signature generator that’s mobile optimized.

Nothing signs off an email more professionally than a well-designed, on-brand signature.

Rocketseed branded email on multiple devices

3. Utilize templates

If you struggle to reply to all the emails that you are sent in a day, then it can be a good idea to create templates for your most frequently used responses. This enables you to respond to all your emails in a timely and professional manner without making you feel overwhelmed.

Start by thinking of the top five most received emails that you get, and then write a standard response to each one. If you are worried about templates sounding impersonal, you can always tweak each response slightly to provide a more bespoke, personalized reply.

4. Streamline your responses

While you don’t want to fall into the habit of writing emails in the same way you would write a text, you should aim to keep them clear and concise. Include bullet points, use short sentences and paragraphs and avoid flowery language that is not needed.

In a nutshell, you want your emails to be easy to scan and consume, as your colleagues and clients are probably just as busy as you are.

5. Choose the right subject line

Often an aspect of writing an email that is overlooked, if you tend to add a subject line hastily just before clicking send, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Ideally, you want a subject line that is concise but also one that grabs the attention of the recipient.

Typically, people will first open and read an email depending on who sent it. The next factor is the subject line. This means that you need to ensure that your chosen words interest the reader and get them to open your email.

To help focus your email, write your subject line first, put the most important words at the start and cut out any unnecessary ones to increase clarity. And remember to re-read your subject line before you press ‘send’!

6. Think about your audience

The tone of your email will be highly dependent on who you are communicating with. For example, an email to a colleague is likely to be worded quite differently than one that is for your boss or a new client.

If you are emailing someone you have never met, you must always ensure that your email is polished and steer clear of overly informal language, jokes and emojis. However, if you are emailing someone you have known for a while and that you have a good relationship with, then obviously you can use a friendlier, more casual tone.

7. Respect office hours

Although you may work outside of the traditional 9-5, that doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Therefore, you should think about the timings of the emails that you send. This is particularly true if you are pitching to a new client.

Avoid sending emails late in the evening, at weekends, or when a person is on leave, as this can put you on a wrong footing before your correspondence even takes off. Instead, be courteous when sending an email and respect the recipient’s time.

What to include in a formal email

  • A clear and concise subject line
  • A professional greeting
  • A formal introduction
  • The main body of the email
  • A conclusion to confirm or prompt action
  • Your email signature

If you need help creating professional email signatures for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional email signature experts.

From customizing professional email signature templates to creating bespoke branded signature designs for your company, our professional business email signature software is just what you need.

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions

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How to make your email signature mobile-friendly

When you consider that up to 81% of your business emails are opened on mobile devices, it’s clear that a professional mobile email signature isn’t just a sign-off – it’s a business branding essential.

Mobile-friendly email signature

So if you don’t want to miss out on a huge number of engagement opportunities or damage your brand with a default “Sent from my mobile device”, then it’s time to create the best mobile email signature for your business.

In this blog post, I’ll show you:


If you want a brand-building, business-boosting, mobile-friendly email signature, read on…

Rocketseed branded email on multiple devices

Why you need a branded professional mobile email signature

Every email from you and your colleagues that your customers and business contacts open on their smartphones is a business marketing opportunity, informing and encouraging recipients to engage with you and your brand in a number of ways.

What can a mobile email signature do?

  • Introduce yourself and make the right first impression
  • Make it easy for recipients to contact you
  • Build awareness of your company brand
  • Promote your products, services and latest offers
  • Drive traffic to your website and social media profiles

How your existing or default mobile email sign-off is damaging your brand

When was the last time you checked how your email signature looked on a mobile device? It might look fine when your emails are opened on desktop but this counts for nothing if your finely crafted signature gets mangled – or disappears altogether – on mobile.

Missing images, unaligned text and buttons too small to touch accurately are all things which will instantly damage your brand and most likely end the chance of any recipient engagement. So it’s time to take a look and test on mobile. If it’s not looking good, it’s time to follow the mobile-specific design tips below or change your signature software provider.

Don’t use a default sign-off (unless you want to damage your brand)
Once upon a time a default “this email was sent from my mobile device” business signature might have meant something (or even impressed your business contacts), but today is a simple default “sent from my iphone” signature professional? In fact, it is more likely to be damaging your brand.

Here’s why…

It’s not branded, it’s simply default
By definition ‘default’ isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd and you’ll miss out on all the engagement opportunities that an interactive branded email signature can generate.

It’s outdated
Nobody cares any more that your email has been sent from a mobile device let alone the brand of it. So you’ll need to explore up-to-date ‘sent from my iPhone’ alternatives.

It’s not an excuse
“Sent from my iPhone please excuse brevity and typos” – sure, mistakes happen when writing emails on smartphones but if professional branding is your aim, try and avoid making spelling and grammar errors. Your mobile email signature is there to engage, not make excuses!

I think the message is clear. Don’t use a default mobile email sign-off. It does nothing for your business and simply damages your brand.

What you should include in your mobile email signature

The best mobile email signatures make it easy for recipients to contact you and engage with your brand, by including:

  • Your name and job title – to immediately introduce yourself
  • Address – as long as it can be shown in a compact way (no long lines!)
  • Your phone number – so it’s simple for recipients to tap to call you back
  • Your email address – to make it easy for recipients to create a new message to you
  • Your brand logo and company name – to create immediate impact and recognition
  • Your company website URL – to drive traffic direct to your website
  • Social media buttons – to increase engagement with your key social profiles
  • A marketing banner – to promote your products and offers with a clear call-to-action
  • A legal disclaimer – to ensure your email correspondence is legally compliant

And what can you leave out?

  • Headshot – Whilst it’s always good to see who sent the email, if space is limited on mobile your headshot photo could end up simply too small – it’s up to you.
  • Quotations – Unless it’s a tagline that’s vital to all your brand communications, we’d advise avoiding any quotations.

Design tips to create mobile-friendly email signatures

If it sounds as if there’s a lot to be included on a small screen space, then design is the key to creating a mobile-friendly email signature. Whilst many of the tips for designing best email signatures apply, there are mobile-specific factors to consider, most obviously the vertical screen and limited space. Here are some design tips to make your signature looks its best on mobile devices.

Keep it simple
This is true of email signatures in general but especially when smartphone screen space is limited, so keep information to the essentials and don’t crowd your signature with unnecessary images.

Use a mobile email signature template
A mobile-friendly signature template will help organize your signature elements in a layout suited to the smaller, vertical screen, preventing your signature from being horizontally crowded (or wrapping) and, instead, stacking information in a well-presented narrower, vertical layout.

Break up long lines
This especially applies to addresses. To keep your address looking neat, break it up over 2-4 separate lines using the address fields on the template.

Keep image size small
Whether it’s your logo, headshot or any another image, check the file size to make sure it is suitable for mobile networks.

Ensure font size is big enough to read
We recommend a mobile email signature font size of between 8pt (11px) and 20pt (26px) for easy readability when your signature is displayed on mobile devices.

Be careful with certain colours
Avoid colours like yellow that might be difficult to read clearly on mobile, especially in dark mode.

Stick to 3 social media buttons
Don’t make it difficult for recipients to tap the right social media button. Limit your signature to showing your 3 key actively-managed social media profiles so that the icons are a user-friendly size.

Use a professional solution
If design isn’t an in-house strength, don’t let your email signature suffer. If you want mobile-friendly on-brand email signatures across your business, you simply need to use a solution like Rocketseed.

Best mobile email signature examples

Need some iPhone signature ideas? Here are some iPhone email signature examples to help you design yours.

Mobile email signature examples - Rocketseed

How the right mobile email signature software can make it simple

“Will our new email signatures display correctly on every device” is a key question to ask when choosing an email signature software provider. In fact, it’s question number 4 on our Ultimate Email Signature Software Checklist.

Apps such as Gmail on iPhone have very limited capability (letting you only set up a plaintext signature) so if you want a professional, branded signature on emails sent from, and opened on, mobile devices, it’s very hard to achieve that without Rocketseed.

With Rocketseed you create your signature using mobile-friendly email signature templates or simply brief our expert designers to create a bespoke signature to your brand requirements. All our email signature templates are mobile-optimized and have been tested across a range of devices.

Our software ensures that your signature will always render correctly across all devices and, by being created and managed centrally, you are also guaranteed company-wide brand consistency.

So if you want to build your brand, engage your audience and open new opportunities every time one of your business emails is opened on a mobile device, it’s time to ditch your default email sign-off and start branding all your emails with the best mobile-friendly email signatures.

Need some help? We’re full of great mobile signature ideas, so please get in touch.

Wade Willingale | Sales Director | Rocketseed EMEA

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Why your email signature needs a smart banner

Are you constantly on the lookout for new ways to make your email signature stand out from the crowd?

Why your email signature needs a smart banner

If yes, a smart banner is the latest design that you need to know about. Not sure you know what an email banner is or how to make yours a smart one?

Don’t worry. All you need to do is keep reading to find out everything you need to know about email signature banners and how to create a smart email signature for your business.

What is an email signature banner?

You have probably seen an email signature banner before; you may just not have noticed what you were looking at. An email banner is typically displayed below the contact details on an email signature or, using Rocketseed, banners can create even more impact by being placed at the top of every email.

You can use banners to promote events, new products and services, or your latest content and landing pages. An email signature banner also offers a highly effective way to boost brand awareness and brand recognition.

How to create a smart email signature banner

If you are going to go to all the effort of creating an email signature banner, then you need to make sure that it does what it is supposed to. The beauty of a smart email signature banner is that it utilises all the latest techniques and tools to guarantee results.

Remember, the smartest signature banners are impactful, interactive and always in line with your brand.

So whether you want to raise awareness, enhance your credibility, boost conversions, increase sales, or all of the above, the below tips for creating the ultimate smart banner can help you to get recipients clicking and achieve your email marketing goals.

1. State your USP

If you are looking to promote a particular product or service, make sure that your smart banner clearly shows – using compelling copy and imagery – what makes it different from your competitors’ offerings.

2. Include a limited time only offer

To create a sense of urgency and to encourage impulse buys, include a limited-time-only offer in your promotional email banner.

3. Write a strong, clickable call-to-action (CTA)

Your smart banner must include a relevant and compelling call to action so that recipients know exactly what action you want them to take next. Experiment with different CTA button copy, colours and sizes to see which gets the most clicks.


4. Share testimonials

Testimonials provide a great way to boost your brand’s credibility and increase trust in your products and services. Email banners are the perfect size for adding a testimonial quote to and can be changed as and when you want. To give recipients more details, set up the banner so they can click through to the client case study that supports the testimonial.

5. Promote content

Whether you have a company blog or you regularly create videos for YouTube, simply place a description and a link into your email signature banner and see your number of views soar. With Rocketseed, you can segment and target recipients so they’re always served email banners with the most relevant messaging and content to click through to.

6. Celebrate the holidays

People love to celebrate the holidays, whether it is Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. So, why not use your smart banner to wish them well and to promote any seasonal sales you are running?

Seasonal smart banner example

7. Arrange meetings

Want to use your signature banners for setting up meetings? If yes, then you can simply add a ‘Book Me’ CTA button so that your colleagues and customers can easily book a meeting slot in your calendar without having to email back and forth.

Looking for design inspiration for the above banner types and more? Check out our 33 Great Email Signature Banner Examples.

And if you want to create smart email signature banners for your entire team, you can get in touch with our email signature design experts, and let us help you make the most out of your email signature marketing.

Or simply sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive all the latest email signature news, tips and tricks straight in your inbox.

Tracey Adams  |  Managing Director | Rocketseed EMEA

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5 email signature solutions for terrifying business challenges

Your business has skeletons in the closet… that’s right. You heard me. But don’t fear, so does every other business, regardless of the industry sector.

From the gruesome amount of admin work your IT team has to endure, to staff tampering with their signatures (trying to dress it up as their own), not realising the devastating impact it will have on all your marketing efforts. How about keeping staff informed, motivated and engaged with your brand – it’s usually a horror for any HR department!

Keep reading as we lift the veil on the supernatural power of email signature software and how it can solve various business challenges. From IT, Sales and Marketing to Human Resources, and not forgetting one of (if not the most important) aspects of your business – customer service!

Let’s dig in…

1. Transform IT frights into automated delights

The challenge:
Updating and managing employee signatures can be a nightmare task for any company, regardless of the size. There is so much that could go wrong!

Manual updates are a recipe for disaster: errors can easily happen and signatures might not be 100% aligned with your brand – we are only human after all, not to mention what a time-consuming task it is.

The solution:
For company-wide brand consistency, you need an email signature manager that puts you in complete central control. Easily manage all email signatures, whether on-site or in the cloud, from one central point.

AD sync allows you to update all employee contact details, sender information and group structures automatically and with ease.

One less monster for your IT team to deal with!

Centrally controlled email signatures

2. Missing a marketing trick? Here’s a treat…

The challenge:
It’s no secret that your marketing efforts are expensive, and despite all the hard work you put into it, your marketing message might not be seen by the right person at the right time or get the engagement and results you desire (and deserve).

The solution:
With a 99% open rate and the average employee sending 1,000 emails a month – your everyday email is a must-have marketing channel for any business.

Impactful and interactive email signature marketing banners (either at the top or bottom of your email signatures) see an average click-through rate of 9% but can reach above 20%.

Stay ahead of the game by scheduling banner campaigns in advance with your desired start and end dates, especially when running seasonal promotions. To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, be sure to segment and target your campaigns so the right message always reaches the right recipient at the right time.

Whether you want to build brand awareness, promote products and/or services, drive sales or want people to read your latest blog or case study, your marketing campaign possibilities are endless. Need some inspiration? See 33 great email marketing banner examples.

There’s no time for hocus-pocus marketing messages!

Example of professionally branded email signatures

3. Improve HR & Internal Communication for spellbinding results

The challenge:
Keeping staff happy, motivated and engaged can be a dreadful undertaking. Employees should be your number one brand ambassador, but if they don’t believe in your brand, neither will your customers.

The solution:
Implementing internal marketing and HR email banner campaigns will help you upskill, align and inspire your workforce.

Recruitment efforts such as promoting new vacancies and on-boarding new employees will be a breeze for HR with internal marketing banners. Any new company policies or new branded templates can easily be linked through to read or download from email banners.

Relay timely news announcements, events and training sessions to various departments or gain insight to employee thoughts and needs by encouraging them to take part in 1-click surveys.

Keep employees aligned, motivated and empowered with bewitching internal email banner communications!

Good example of an internal communication email signature banner

4. Reanimate Customer Service for 5-star success

The challenge:
Not knowing your customers and how they perceive your business can be an absolute killer! Don’t be left in the dark with uncertainty when it comes to customer satisfaction. Undesirable customer experiences can easily lead to devastating results for your business.

The solution:
Optimise your customer service performance by running effective 1-click survey email banner campaigns. This gives customers the opportunity to rate the service they received from staff members, using a 1-to-5-star grading – in one simple click! No lengthy form completions are necessary, which is usually a major turn-off for customers.

However, you do have the option to link your survey banner to a customised form, if you wish to gain more insight from the recipient. With real-time click alerts notifying line managers instantly of any reviews, immediate action can be taken for any unfavourable feedback (or give employee recognition where it’s due)!

Optimise your customer service performance so you don’t scare prospects and existing customers away.

Email click alert example

5. Sink your teeth into a conversion-driven sales journey

The challenge:
You’ve reached out to a new potential lead. With your eye on the clock, you wait in anticipation for a response. Are they too busy to get back to you? Or just not interested in what you’re offering? Perhaps they haven’t seen your email yet? There was a time when using read receipts was all the rage, and if you’re still using this outdated method you’re in for a surprise.

The solution:
Automate and target your sales messages to ensure potential leads receive the most relevant message at any given time. A silent read alert is triggered every time a recipient engages with your email signature or banner, notifying you of their interest in your offering, so you can take charge immediately.

All the valuable data derived from prospects (and customer) interactions on your emails can be pulled into CRM platforms such as Salesforce, ensuring you have a complete picture of their interests and needs.

For a highly personalised experience (based on previous conversions with your prospects) override any banners assigned to you by using a specific banner’s unique subject line keyword in your subject line.

You’ll be amazed at your sales results when you add a dash of magic to every email.

Salesforce integration with Rocketseed

So, there you have it. Meeting daily business challenges doesn’t have to be witchful thinking when you have the right email signature manager.

If you’re in the market for new email signature software be sure to check out our ultimate email signature software checklist highlighting 15 things you need to know when buying email signature software.

We’re offering a free 15-minute signature design review by our expert team, if you have an existing business email signature used by over 50 staff.

So, get in touch to find out how we can help you raise your email signature from the dead.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Manager

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Top 10 benefits of using email signatures

We’re asked a lot of ‘how?’, ‘what?’ and ‘who?’ questions about email signatures but the big one is ‘why?

10 Benefits of using email signatures

Have you ever really thought about why you include an email signature in your emails, and what is the benefit of using an email signature? If not, then you’re about to find out.

There are many benefits of the email signature, some of which are obvious and others that may surprise you.

From creating the right professional impression and consistent brand profile to promoting content and improving customer service, keep reading to find out the benefits of an email signature and how you can use one to your advantage.

1. To make a professional first impression

The simplest but perhaps the most significant benefit. Why? Because first impressions count. An email signature portrays both yourself and your business as one that should be taken seriously.

So, whether you decide to add lots of information about your brand and links to your accreditations or you prefer to keep it simple with your name and company website, including an email signature will always look more professional than not including one.

Rocketseed branded email on multiple devices

2. To boost brand awareness

If you are not currently using an email signature, then each time you send an email, you miss an opportunity to spread the word about your business and share your brand with a wider audience. And those missed opportunities really add up when you remember every employee sends on average 1,000 emails a month!

Think about what you include in an email signature. Not just your name and job title but also your company logo and a link to your website. This means that even if the recipient is not currently interested in the products or services you offer, they will still recognize your brand and may become a customer in the future.

3. To enhance your marketing efforts

As a campaign channel, email signature marketing provides the best ROI out of all the possible digital marketing strategies, so you want to make sure you are making the most out of the emails you send out. The benefits of using a signature on email are that you can include a simple link to your current marketing campaigns – or ideally an eye-catching interactive banner – within your email signature template.

The recipient may click on the link themselves, or they may forward your email to someone else who clicks on the link.

Email Banner Campaign Examples

4. To increase social media followers

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your social media following, then an email signature is the way to go. All you need to do is add interactive social media icons to your signature – linked to your actively managed social profiles – and then sit back and watch as your numbers soar.

5. To promote content

Arguably one of the top benefits of HTML email signature, you can add links to any relevant content that you have created. This could be a blog post, an article, a press release, an eBook, or basically any piece of content that you think would add value to the recipient’s experience.

Don’t forget, you can also add links to any events that you have coming up.

6. To show consistency

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is ensuring consistency and brand alignment across all the marketing platforms they use. The beauty of an email signature is that it provides consistency across all your business email and allows you to effectively show what your business is about, as well as your brand image.

Consistently branded email signatures

7. To promote offers

Although you don’t want your email signature to be too sales orientated, there is nothing wrong with adding a link – ideally using an eye-catching banner – to a special offer or promotion you are currently running. If anything, the recipient will be happy to receive a discount directly to their inbox.

8. To build trust

Making people trust your brand can be a tricky task, but fortunately, the use of an email signature can help you to get there just that little bit quicker. To make the most out of your professional email signature, why not feature any trade association accreditations that your business has or any recent awards you have won?

9. To encourage online reviews

Reviews have never been more influential in getting people to buy a product or service, yet they can be hard to generate, especially if you are a new business. One of the benefits of an email signature is that you can add a simple “Review Us” call-to-action which can be used to redirect people to a survey or review site.

Getting 5 star reviews? Showcase your 5-star rating on your signature!

Review email signature example

10. To improve customer service

Another benefit of using an email signature, is that you can add a 1-click survey to every business email. This makes it easy for recipients to rate your customer service and for you to measure customer satisfaction.

Rate my Service

Of course to maximise these benefits for your business you need all your staff to be on-brand with the best email signatures. Need help designing the perfect signature for your business and getting everyone on board?

Our professional team is here to help.

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions

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What are the best email signature fonts?

A whole article on email signature fonts! Is there really that much to say? Perhaps surprisingly, YES there is, because from both technical and brand image perspectives (with a bit of font psychology thrown in), it’s vitally important you choose the best signature font for your business email if you want the right recipient response.

Best fonts to use in an email signature

For example, have you ever wondered if your signature font could just be a bit, well, friendlier?

Of course, when creating an email signature, there are lots of different elements to consider and your chosen font is one of the most important ones. However, with so many fonts to choose from, how do you know which is the best font to use for email signature for your business?

Fortunately, this is something that our email signature marketing experts can help you with – from which fonts can be used in email signatures and best email signature font size, to which are the most professional email signature fonts and whether you should choose a ‘friendlier’ font. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to choose the perfect font for your emails – and even a bit of font psychology!

Plus, look out for our favourite professional email signature font examples that will give you some much-needed inspiration for your email signature.

Why is your email signature font important?

If you are not sure why you need to be seeking out the best signature font for email, then you may be surprised at what you are about to read.

Simply by choosing the wrong font, you can run into one or all of the below problems:

  • If your chosen font is not web-safe, it may not be available on all email platforms. If this is the case, the browser will fall back on a default font that could potentially ruin your entire email signature design.
  • If you pick a font that is childish or too stylish, it can portray your business as unprofessional, and you may be taken less seriously than your competitors.
  • If your font is not legible, people may ignore the information provided in your email signature altogether.
Correct vs incorrect use of email signature fonts

How to choose a professional font for email signatures

When selecting a font, you need to consider both its functionality and the potential psychological effect it could have on your target audience (I said there’d be a bit of font psychology)!

In terms of functionality, you need a font that is:

  • Legible – i.e., one that is easy to read
  • Web-safe – i.e., one that can be displayed on most computers, operating systems, and mobile devices

In terms of creating a positive impression, you need a font that conveys:

  • Stability
  • Maturity
  • Reliability

You should avoid any fonts that evoke too strong an emotion as you cannot control how a font will make someone feel, and it may end up with them associating your business with a negative emotion.

You should also avoid any font that is too fanciful or intricate as not only can these be hard to read, but they can also make your brand seem less professional and less competent. For example, Comic Sans might be OK if you’re a kids’ party planner but it’s going to make your law firm look like clowns!

This is what a professional law firm email signature could look like:

Legal firm email signature example

The best fonts for email signature 2021

As a general rule, if you want to adhere to the above, you need to pick a font that is either Serif or Sans Serif as these are both easy to read and are known for having a positive impact on readers.

Below are the best email signature safe fonts for 2021:

Web safe fonts for email signatures

What email signature fonts should you avoid?

When it comes to the best font for an email signature, it can sometimes be a better idea to find out which fonts you should definitely avoid (it’s that font psychology again). You’ve worked hard to build up your professional brand image – don’t throw it all away with a fanciful font!

The below fonts are not suitable for a professional email signature and should never be used:


Other email signature fonts to avoid:

Email signature fonts to avoid

What is the standard font size for email signatures?

To ensure optimum readability, you should use 10-12pt typefaces for your email signature font. However, if you have any visually impaired customers, for any especially important details that you want to make prominent, you should increase this to 14pt.

Can you use Google fonts in your email signature?

Although Google does have an impressive selection of fonts that you can use for the email signature on Gmail, the problem with using one of these is that not everyone you send an email to will have downloaded that particular font onto their PC. This will result in part of your email signature not being visible.

Instead, you are better off sticking to one of the recommended fonts above that are used by 99% of email service providers worldwide.

Practices for the best font for signature email

There are some dependable practices that you need to follow if you want the best font. This includes:

Email signature font best practice checklist

Selecting a web-safe font
Choose a font from the approved list above that offers safety and readability.

Ensuring font is on-brand
Match your signature font as closely as possible to your company brand guidelines.

Using the right font size
Use 10-12pt font sizing for optimum readability.

Limiting fonts
Try to use a single font, and certainly no more than two, on your signature.

Using font style wisely
You can use bold or italics in your email signature to highlight important details but don’t overuse these styles.

Avoiding bright or too light colours
Dark fonts such as black, dark grey, and brown are the best choices for an email signature. Light colours, such as yellow or pink, are hard to read, and bright colours can be distracting.

Employing some font psychology
Does your signature font make the right impression? Does it make you look professional? Is it friendly enough?

How friendly is your email signature font?

Perhaps now’s the time to start using a friendlier font? What got us thinking about this was the recent article by Arthur House in the Economist ‘How the pandemic made fonts friendlier’ who describes how “companies are ditching functional typefaces for cuddlier ones”.

In his article House observes that “Pandemic-era fonts” are characterised by curved lines and rounded shapes, citing a 2017 study that found curves and circles were perceived as softer, milder and ‘friendlier’ than the solidity and authority conveyed by straight lines and sharp angles.

Could your email signature font be more friendly? Perhaps it’s time to think about a curvier’ typeface to stay ahead of the curve in conveying a friendlier brand image of sustainability and diversity?

Should you use a custom font in email signature?

Custom fonts for email signature are fonts that are specifically created for a company. There are advantages and drawbacks to investing in a custom font for your business.

On the plus side, it can make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your individuality and creativity. However, as a custom font is most likely not installed on an external recipient’s device, the font may not show correctly on your email signature and will most likely change to a default font such as Times New Roman.

While it is possible to set the default font to one of your choosing, you will need to have a good knowledge of HTML coding to be able to do this.

The easiest solution is simply to choose the web safe font that is nearest to the typeface(s) specified in your corporate visual brand guidelines.

If you need further help choosing the best font for a professional email signature or any other aspect of email signature design, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Ashley Welcome  |  Designer

Email signature image handbook

Email signatures appear in a few different formats. Most commonly, you use text, but you can also use a logo and HMTL design. A logo is a great addition to your email signature to help build your brand. Using an image in this space, such as a logo, can streamline your brand identity and immediately show your company to the recipient.

Email Signature Image Handbook

The best image format for email signatures

There are numerous image file formats, including:

  • GIF
  • BMP
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • PNG

But how do you choose which one is the best image type for an email signature?

The above formats have differences in size, compression, and image quality. Some email providers don’t support all formats, therefore we recommend using PNG, GIF and JPEG.

The short answer to which is the best image format for email signatures is – there is no right answer! However, the choice is easier when you know the content of the image. GIF is perfect for animated designs; in contrast, JPEG is better for photos.

What is the best email signature image size?

There are some things to consider before designing your email signature, including:

Optimising it for mobile

When creating an email signature that includes images, remember to adapt it for mobile. 81% of people open emails on mobile, if the signature is pixelated or distorted, it will appear unprofessional.

Professional branded email signatures on multiple devices

Think about the context

The image used in an email signature should match the context of your company branding.


While animation is fun and quirky, some email clients do not support animation, and will display the GIF as a still image. Therefore the first frame must be applicable, and not dependent on viewing the full animation.

Stick to one or two

Try to stick to one or two quality images to prevent it looking busy, particularly for mobile users.

Don’t forget the text

The best way to create an email signature is to include text and an image. Avoid a design that features all the information on an image, as this can end up in spam folders.

Take a look at the optimum size below:

  • The ideal image size for email signatures (both text and image) is no more than 650 pixels wide and between 90 and 150 pixels high. It’s also best to stick to a maximum resolution of 100 dpi.
  • The best image size to include in your email signature is approx. 300-400 pixels wide and 70-100 pixels high, plus 70 dpi.
  • If you use a banner in your email, this should have a maximum width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of 100 pixels.
  • For Gmail users, the best image size is around 80 pixels high and up to 200 pixels wide.
  • When optimising an email signature for the web, try not to exceed 15kb.
Email Signature Dimensions

How do I resize an image for an email signature?

As mentioned above, email signatures should be small, but when designing them, they typically come in larger sizes. If you need to reduce the size, take a look at these handy tips:

Compress large images

Using software such as Photoshop reduces the image size without losing quality, which, as discovered, matters a lot!

Opt for JPEG or PNG images

These two image formats are the best options for email signatures. Both are easy to compress without losing the image quality.

Embedded vs. referenced images

Images can be embedded directly into your email signature, or they can be hosted externally with your email linking to it. However, what is the difference, and which one should you use?

Embedded images

Embedded images are displayed automatically and are a popular option in emails. The downside is the picture may display incorrectly or appear as an attachment if not optimised.

Referenced (linked/hosted) images

This option links to your email image from a web host. They are not physically part of the email and are downloaded each time the message is viewed. This option helps to make emails smaller and quicker to load.

What image shape is best for email signatures?

When designing an email image, opt for simple designs and shapes. There is no hard and fast rule about what you should use. Still, simple shapes such as rectangle, square, and circle placeholders are impactful and straightforward to incorporate when using additional text.

How to add a logo to your email signature

Adding a logo to your email signature is relatively straightforward. However, it depends on your email client. Each has different methods, including uploading an image into the signature section or linking to an image stored on a web host. Check out your settings to get the instructions. You’ll find information on setting up Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook in your email host support section.

Adding an image to an email signature is a great way to showcase your brand to clients and customers. By keeping it simple and clear, it will have the most impactful message alongside your business information. Refer to our best email signature sizes guide for more email banner and signature best practices.

Need help with your email signatures?

Using Rocketseed makes using images in your signature stress-free. Our professional signature designers will ensure that your images are perfectly sized in your signature and because, by default, Rocketseed embeds all images they will always be delivered and display as desired on every device.

Ashley Welcome  |  Designer

15 ways email signature branding can boost your brand

Your brand is your most powerful marketing asset. Your everyday email is your #1 business communication channel. Put them together and you’ve got a brand-boosting match made in heaven!

15 Ways Email Signature Branding Can Boost Your Brand

Why is email signature branding so important?

Put simply, a signature brands email. Email signatures can raise brand awareness, promote your brand values, increase engagement with your branded content and build and protect your brand reputation to drive real business results.

So while the importance of email signature branding is clear, here are 15 practical ways you can use email signature branding to boost your brand…

1. Add to every email for maximum brand exposure

It’s all about the numbers. Say your business has 100 employees, each sending 1,000 emails a month (which is the accepted average). That’s a total of 1,200,000 emails a year. With a 99% open rate (remember, these are everyday business emails not bulk marketing emails), that’s a huge 1,118,800 annual brand impressions your email signatures are making. But are they making the right impression?

Email branding opportunity calculator

2. Design to deliver the most professional brand image

When you design email signatures for brand boosting, every element – your logo, colours, fonts and images – all need to meet your exact brand identity guidelines. It’s your employees’ digital business card and needs to make the right impression. Will an email signature template achieve this for you? Safer to opt for professional email signature design for the perfect, professional brand image.

Example of professionally branded email signatures

3. Centrally control signatures for company wide brand consistency

Consistency is key to strong branding. Whether your business has 10 or 10,000 employees, you need all their emails to be on-brand. How? Choose email signature software that puts you in central control of ‘tamper-proof’ employee signatures. Make updates to all signatures in an instant, prevent employees getting ‘creative’ with their own signatures and eliminate any chance of brand damage.

Centrally controlled email signatures

4. Ensure your brand displays correctly every time on every device

It’s all about consistency again. Don’t let different email clients and devices damage your brand. Your brand identity needs to look the same on mobile as it does on a desktop. And whether you’re branding Outlook 365 email signatures or need a G Suite email signature manager to brand your Gmail emails, make sure you choose email branding software that’s completely compatible with your email client and ensures signatures display correctly on all devices.

Professional branded email signatures on multiple devices

5. Add interactive icons to boost your brand’s social engagement

Make your email signatures a key part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy. Simply add interactive social media icons to your signature, linked to your branded social media profiles. To ensure recipients clicking through get your latest brand messaging, only feature the social media platforms that you actively manage.

Branded Social Media Icons

6. Drive click-through to your branded content: Add an email marketing banner

Interactive banners make every email a brand marketing tool. Use your best branded eye-catching imagery, a compelling email banner headline and a clear call-to-action to get recipients clicking through to your website, blog, case studies, ebooks, explainer videos, latest branded promotions and even your sales platform.

With real-time click alerts your service and sales teams can respond immediately to any recipient engagement. To see the different ways email banner marketing campaigns can drive brand engagement, take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

Real time click alert example

7. Create signatures that reflect your brand structure

Does your business have constituent companies or established sub-brands for certain products or services? Then add an email signature sub-brand alongside the master brand. A dual brand email signature or endorsed branding on email signatures can also be designed to show your brand hierarchy whilst maintaining your business’s brand integrity.

Email signature example with sub-brands

8. Link to reviews to show and boost your brand’s reputation

Online reviews can make (or break) your brand reputation. So if your brand has a 5-star rating, show it on your email signature and link to the full reviews site so recipients can click-through and see for themselves. You can also boost your brand by adding a call-to-action in your signatures requesting a review from recipients. More reviews will boost your brand’s online reputation and search ranking!

Example of online review email banner

9. Build brand trust with a client testimonial

Nothing builds brand trust like a client testimonial. Reassure recipients by featuring a customer quote in your email banner design. Add a clickable call-to-action button that takes them directly to the full testimonial or client case study, showing the real business results they can expect to achieve by engaging with your brand.

Case Study email banner example

10. Showcase brand accreditations and awards

In some industries (legal, financial, medical) professional accreditations are essential and expected. Reassure recipients by featuring yours on your signature, linking to any detailed descriptions on your website. You can also give your brand some star-quality by including any awards (as long as they are current or very recent), again linking through to full details and even coverage of the awards event.

Email signature example with accreditation CTA

11. Show your brand’s social responsibility

Want to promote your brand’s eco-credentials or social initiative sponsorship? Do it in your business email signature. Simply add the icons or logos of your chosen charities and initiatives and link them direct to supporting social responsibility content on your website so recipients can find out more.

Email signature example with eco-credentials CTA

12. Protect your brand with an email legal disclaimer

It’s just as important to protect your brand proactively as it is to promote it. On email that means adding a signature disclaimer statement. Designed to meet company, industry and wider legal compliance regulations, having the correct disclaimer can ensure that – from codes of conduct and copyright to contracts and confidentiality – your business and brand are covered.

Email Signature legal disclaimer example

13. Boost brand loyalty with a ‘sign up’ in your signature

Use a simple ‘sign up now’ call-to-action on your email signatures to grow your brand’s newsletter or loyalty programme database. By actively opting in, your audience are directly engaging with your brand and you can keep it top of mind with regular newsletter, promotion and loyalty programme updates, increasing the chance of future sales and customer lifetime value.

Email signature with newsletter sign-up CTA example

14. Strengthen corporate brand culture with internal email signature branding

Want all your staff to live and breathe your brand? Simply add branded signatures and banners to your internal email and increase interactive engagement opportunities, from social event sign-ups and satisfaction surveys to promoting new company policies and training sessions. Everything, in fact, that will strengthen your company culture and keep everyone ‘on brand’.

Internal email banners on professional email signature

15. Track all engagement to measure signature branding success

Who in your team is sending out the most branded emails? Which recipients are clicking through to your branded content? To understand how successfully your email signatures are driving brand engagement, you need email signature management software with reporting and analytics, tracking every branded email and recipient click-through.

Email signature reporting and analytics

Need help with your email signature branding?

For an effective branding strategy, email signatures are essential. However, these 15 brand-boosting tips can sound like a lot to squeeze into your business’s email signatures. You need to prioritise what has the most email signature branding importance to give you the perfect on-brand professional image and protect and promote your brand.

We can help. With Rocketseed it’s easy to create your own branded email signature or you can simply discuss your email signature requirements with us and we’ll create the most professional, engaging, on-brand email signature for you.

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions

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