What are the best email signature fonts?

A whole article on email signature fonts! Is there really that much to say? Perhaps surprisingly, YES there is, because from both technical and brand image perspectives (with a bit of font psychology thrown in), it’s vitally important you choose the best signature font for your business email if you want the right recipient response.

Best fonts to use in an email signature

For example, have you ever wondered if your signature font could just be a bit, well, friendlier?

Of course, when creating an email signature, there are lots of different elements to consider and your chosen font is one of the most important ones. However, with so many fonts to choose from, how do you know which is the best font to use for email signature for your business?

Fortunately, this is something that our email signature marketing experts can help you with – from which fonts can be used in email signatures and best email signature font size, to which are the most professional email signature fonts and whether you should choose a ‘friendlier’ font. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to choose the perfect font for your emails – and even a bit of font psychology!

Plus, look out for our favourite professional email signature font examples that will give you some much-needed inspiration for your email signature.

Why is your email signature font important?

If you are not sure why you need to be seeking out the best signature font for email, then you may be surprised at what you are about to read.

Simply by choosing the wrong font, you can run into one or all of the below problems:

  • If your chosen font is not web-safe, it may not be available on all email platforms. If this is the case, the browser will fall back on a default font that could potentially ruin your entire email signature design.
  • If you pick a font that is childish or too stylish, it can portray your business as unprofessional, and you may be taken less seriously than your competitors.
  • If your font is not legible, people may ignore the information provided in your email signature altogether.
Correct vs incorrect use of email signature fonts

How to choose a professional font for email signatures

When selecting a font, you need to consider both its functionality and the potential psychological effect it could have on your target audience (I said there’d be a bit of font psychology)!

In terms of functionality, you need a font that is:

  • Legible – i.e., one that is easy to read
  • Web-safe – i.e., one that can be displayed on most computers, operating systems, and mobile devices

In terms of creating a positive impression, you need a font that conveys:

  • Stability
  • Maturity
  • Reliability

You should avoid any fonts that evoke too strong an emotion as you cannot control how a font will make someone feel, and it may end up with them associating your business with a negative emotion.

You should also avoid any font that is too fanciful or intricate as not only can these be hard to read, but they can also make your brand seem less professional and less competent. For example, Comic Sans might be OK if you’re a kids’ party planner but it’s going to make your law firm look like clowns!

This is what a professional law firm email signature could look like:

Legal firm email signature example

The best fonts for email signature 2021

As a general rule, if you want to adhere to the above, you need to pick a font that is either Serif or Sans Serif as these are both easy to read and are known for having a positive impact on readers.

Below are the best email signature safe fonts for 2021:

Web safe fonts for email signatures

What email signature fonts should you avoid?

When it comes to the best font for an email signature, it can sometimes be a better idea to find out which fonts you should definitely avoid (it’s that font psychology again). You’ve worked hard to build up your professional brand image – don’t throw it all away with a fanciful font!

The below fonts are not suitable for a professional email signature and should never be used:


Other email signature fonts to avoid:

Email signature fonts to avoid

What is the standard font size for email signatures?

To ensure optimum readability, you should use 10-12pt typefaces for your email signature font. However, if you have any visually impaired customers, for any especially important details that you want to make prominent, you should increase this to 14pt.

Can you use Google fonts in your email signature?

Although Google does have an impressive selection of fonts that you can use for the email signature on Gmail, the problem with using one of these is that not everyone you send an email to will have downloaded that particular font onto their PC. This will result in part of your email signature not being visible.

Instead, you are better off sticking to one of the recommended fonts above that are used by 99% of email service providers worldwide.

Practices for the best font for signature email

There are some dependable practices that you need to follow if you want the best font. This includes:

Email signature font best practice checklist

Selecting a web-safe font
Choose a font from the approved list above that offers safety and readability.

Ensuring font is on-brand
Match your signature font as closely as possible to your company brand guidelines.

Using the right font size
Use 10-12pt font sizing for optimum readability.

Limiting fonts
Try to use a single font, and certainly no more than two, on your signature.

Using font style wisely
You can use bold or italics in your email signature to highlight important details but don’t overuse these styles.

Avoiding bright or too light colours
Dark fonts such as black, dark grey, and brown are the best choices for an email signature. Light colours, such as yellow or pink, are hard to read, and bright colours can be distracting.

Employing some font psychology
Does your signature font make the right impression? Does it make you look professional? Is it friendly enough?

How friendly is your email signature font?

Perhaps now’s the time to start using a friendlier font? What got us thinking about this was the recent article by Arthur House in the Economist ‘How the pandemic made fonts friendlier’ who describes how “companies are ditching functional typefaces for cuddlier ones”.

In his article House observes that “Pandemic-era fonts” are characterised by curved lines and rounded shapes, citing a 2017 study that found curves and circles were perceived as softer, milder and ‘friendlier’ than the solidity and authority conveyed by straight lines and sharp angles.

Could your email signature font be more friendly? Perhaps it’s time to think about a curvier’ typeface to stay ahead of the curve in conveying a friendlier brand image of sustainability and diversity?

Should you use a custom font in email signature?

Custom fonts for email signature are fonts that are specifically created for a company. There are advantages and drawbacks to investing in a custom font for your business.

On the plus side, it can make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your individuality and creativity. However, as a custom font is most likely not installed on an external recipient’s device, the font may not show correctly on your email signature and will most likely change to a default font such as Times New Roman.

While it is possible to set the default font to one of your choosing, you will need to have a good knowledge of HTML coding to be able to do this.

The easiest solution is simply to choose the web safe font that is nearest to the typeface(s) specified in your corporate visual brand guidelines.

If you need further help choosing the best font for a professional email signature or any other aspect of email signature design, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Ashley Welcome  |  Designer

Email signature image handbook

Email signatures appear in a few different formats. Most commonly, you use text, but you can also use a logo and HMTL design. A logo is a great addition to your email signature to help build your brand. Using an image in this space, such as a logo, can streamline your brand identity and immediately show your company to the recipient.

Email Signature Image Handbook

The best image format for email signatures

There are numerous image file formats, including:

  • GIF
  • BMP
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • PNG

But how do you choose which one is the best image type for an email signature?

The above formats have differences in size, compression, and image quality. Some email providers don’t support all formats, therefore we recommend using PNG, GIF and JPEG.

The short answer to which is the best image format for email signatures is – there is no right answer! However, the choice is easier when you know the content of the image. GIF is perfect for animated designs; in contrast, JPEG is better for photos.

What is the best email signature image size?

There are some things to consider before designing your email signature, including:

Optimising it for mobile

When creating an email signature that includes images, remember to adapt it for mobile. 81% of people open emails on mobile, if the signature is pixelated or distorted, it will appear unprofessional.

Professional branded email signatures on multiple devices

Think about the context

The image used in an email signature should match the context of your company branding.


While animation is fun and quirky, some email clients do not support animation, and will display the GIF as a still image. Therefore the first frame must be applicable, and not dependent on viewing the full animation.

Stick to one or two

Try to stick to one or two quality images to prevent it looking busy, particularly for mobile users.

Don’t forget the text

The best way to create an email signature is to include text and an image. Avoid a design that features all the information on an image, as this can end up in spam folders.

Take a look at the optimum size below:

  • The ideal image size for email signatures (both text and image) is no more than 650 pixels wide and between 90 and 150 pixels high. It’s also best to stick to a maximum resolution of 100 dpi.
  • The best image size to include in your email signature is approx. 300-400 pixels wide and 70-100 pixels high, plus 70 dpi.
  • If you use a banner in your email, this should have a maximum width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of 100 pixels.
  • For Gmail users, the best image size is around 80 pixels high and up to 200 pixels wide.
  • When optimising an email signature for the web, try not to exceed 15kb.
Email Signature Dimensions

How do I resize an image for an email signature?

As mentioned above, email signatures should be small, but when designing them, they typically come in larger sizes. If you need to reduce the size, take a look at these handy tips:

Compress large images

Using software such as Photoshop reduces the image size without losing quality, which, as discovered, matters a lot!

Opt for JPEG or PNG images

These two image formats are the best options for email signatures. Both are easy to compress without losing the image quality.

Embedded vs. referenced images

Images can be embedded directly into your email signature, or they can be hosted externally with your email linking to it. However, what is the difference, and which one should you use?

Embedded images

Embedded images are displayed automatically and are a popular option in emails. The downside is the picture may display incorrectly or appear as an attachment if not optimised.

Referenced (linked/hosted) images

This option links to your email image from a web host. They are not physically part of the email and are downloaded each time the message is viewed. This option helps to make emails smaller and quicker to load.

What image shape is best for email signatures?

When designing an email image, opt for simple designs and shapes. There is no hard and fast rule about what you should use. Still, simple shapes such as rectangle, square, and circle placeholders are impactful and straightforward to incorporate when using additional text.

How to add a logo to your email signature

Adding a logo to your email signature is relatively straightforward. However, it depends on your email client. Each has different methods, including uploading an image into the signature section or linking to an image stored on a web host. Check out your settings to get the instructions. You’ll find information on setting up Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook in your email host support section.

Adding an image to an email signature is a great way to showcase your brand to clients and customers. By keeping it simple and clear, it will have the most impactful message alongside your business information.

Need help with your email signatures?

Using Rocketseed makes using images in your signature stress-free. Our professional signature designers will ensure that your images are perfectly sized in your signature and because, by default, Rocketseed embeds all images they will always be delivered and display as desired on every device.

Ashley Welcome  |  Designer

15 ways email signature branding can boost your brand

Your brand is your most powerful marketing asset. Your everyday email is your #1 business communication channel. Put them together and you’ve got a brand-boosting match made in heaven!

15 Ways Email Signature Branding Can Boost Your Brand

Why is email signature branding so important?

Put simply, a signature brands email. Email signatures can raise brand awareness, promote your brand values, increase engagement with your branded content and build and protect your brand reputation to drive real business results.

So while the importance of email signature branding is clear, here are 15 practical ways you can use email signature branding to boost your brand…

1. Add to every email for maximum brand exposure

It’s all about the numbers. Say your business has 100 employees, each sending 1,000 emails a month (which is the accepted average). That’s a total of 1,200,000 emails a year. With a 99% open rate (remember, these are everyday business emails not bulk marketing emails), that’s a huge 1,118,800 annual brand impressions your email signatures are making. But are they making the right impression?

Email branding opportunity calculator

2. Design to deliver the most professional brand image

When you design email signatures for brand boosting, every element – your logo, colours, fonts and images – all need to meet your exact brand identity guidelines. It’s your employees’ digital business card and needs to make the right impression. Will an email signature template achieve this for you? Safer to opt for professional email signature design for the perfect, professional brand image.

Example of professionally branded email signatures

3. Centrally control signatures for company wide brand consistency

Consistency is key to strong branding. Whether your business has 10 or 10,000 employees, you need all their emails to be on-brand. How? Choose email signature software that puts you in central control of ‘tamper-proof’ employee signatures. Make updates to all signatures in an instant, prevent employees getting ‘creative’ with their own signatures and eliminate any chance of brand damage.

Centrally controlled email signatures

4. Ensure your brand displays correctly every time on every device

It’s all about consistency again. Don’t let different email clients and devices damage your brand. Your brand identity needs to look the same on mobile as it does on a desktop. And whether you’re branding Outlook 365 email signatures or need a G Suite email signature manager to brand your Gmail emails, make sure you choose email branding software that’s completely compatible with your email client and ensures signatures display correctly on all devices.

Professional branded email signatures on multiple devices

5. Add interactive icons to boost your brand’s social engagement

Make your email signatures a key part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy. Simply add interactive social media icons to your signature, linked to your branded social media profiles. To ensure recipients clicking through get your latest brand messaging, only feature the social media platforms that you actively manage.

Branded Social Media Icons

6. Drive click-through to your branded content: Add an email marketing banner

Interactive banners make every email a brand marketing tool. Use your best branded eye-catching imagery, a compelling email banner headline and a clear call-to-action to get recipients clicking through to your website, blog, case studies, ebooks, explainer videos, latest branded promotions and even your sales platform.

With real-time click alerts your service and sales teams can respond immediately to any recipient engagement. To see the different ways email banner marketing campaigns can drive brand engagement, take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

Real time click alert example

7. Create signatures that reflect your brand structure

Does your business have constituent companies or established sub-brands for certain products or services? Then add an email signature sub-brand alongside the master brand. A dual brand email signature or endorsed branding on email signatures can also be designed to show your brand hierarchy whilst maintaining your business’s brand integrity.

Email signature example with sub-brands

8. Link to reviews to show and boost your brand’s reputation

Online reviews can make (or break) your brand reputation. So if your brand has a 5-star rating, show it on your email signature and link to the full reviews site so recipients can click-through and see for themselves. You can also boost your brand by adding a call-to-action in your signatures requesting a review from recipients. More reviews will boost your brand’s online reputation and search ranking!

Example of online review email banner

9. Build brand trust with a client testimonial

Nothing builds brand trust like a client testimonial. Reassure recipients by featuring a customer quote in your email banner design. Add a clickable call-to-action button that takes them directly to the full testimonial or client case study, showing the real business results they can expect to achieve by engaging with your brand.

Case Study email banner example

10. Showcase brand accreditations and awards

In some industries (legal, financial, medical) professional accreditations are essential and expected. Reassure recipients by featuring yours on your signature, linking to any detailed descriptions on your website. You can also give your brand some star-quality by including any awards (as long as they are current or very recent), again linking through to full details and even coverage of the awards event.

Email signature example with accreditation CTA

11. Show your brand’s social responsibility

Want to promote your brand’s eco-credentials or social initiative sponsorship? Do it in your business email signature. Simply add the icons or logos of your chosen charities and initiatives and link them direct to supporting social responsibility content on your website so recipients can find out more.

Email signature example with eco-credentials CTA

12. Protect your brand with an email legal disclaimer

It’s just as important to protect your brand proactively as it is to promote it. On email that means adding a signature disclaimer statement. Designed to meet company, industry and wider legal compliance regulations, having the correct disclaimer can ensure that – from codes of conduct and copyright to contracts and confidentiality – your business and brand are covered.

Email Signature legal disclaimer example

13. Boost brand loyalty with a ‘sign up’ in your signature

Use a simple ‘sign up now’ call-to-action on your email signatures to grow your brand’s newsletter or loyalty programme database. By actively opting in, your audience are directly engaging with your brand and you can keep it top of mind with regular newsletter, promotion and loyalty programme updates, increasing the chance of future sales and customer lifetime value.

Email signature with newsletter sign-up CTA example

14. Strengthen corporate brand culture with internal email signature branding

Want all your staff to live and breathe your brand? Simply add branded signatures and banners to your internal email and increase interactive engagement opportunities, from social event sign-ups and satisfaction surveys to promoting new company policies and training sessions. Everything, in fact, that will strengthen your company culture and keep everyone ‘on brand’.

Internal email banners on professional email signature

15. Track all engagement to measure signature branding success

Who in your team is sending out the most branded emails? Which recipients are clicking through to your branded content? To understand how successfully your email signatures are driving brand engagement, you need email signature management software with reporting and analytics, tracking every branded email and recipient click-through.

Email signature reporting and analytics

Need help with your email signature branding?

For an effective branding strategy, email signatures are essential. However, these 15 brand-boosting tips can sound like a lot to squeeze into your business’s email signatures. You need to prioritise what has the most email signature branding importance to give you the perfect on-brand professional image and protect and promote your brand.

We can help. With Rocketseed it’s easy to create your own branded email signature or you can simply discuss your email signature requirements with us and we’ll create the most professional, engaging, on-brand email signature for you.

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions

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12 Professional email signature examples: Best practice & top tips

Professional Email Signature Examples

There’s more to creating a professional email signature than you might at first think , especially with such a lot riding on just a few simple words. So if you’re struggling to create the perfect signature for yourself or your business, why not check out the below professional best email signature examples for a bit of inspiration?

Discover what to put in a signature, how to make it look professional, and why having one is so important for your business.

1. Be on brand

As well as featuring your brand logo, it’s essential that all elements of your signature – from font colours to taglines – are compliant with your business’s brand guidelines and are used consistently across your company.

Here’s an example of an on-brand colour palette in a signature:

On brand email signature example

2. Keep it simple

When it comes to making a professional signature, less is more. Try to limit yourself to just three or four lines of text that include all the most relevant information.

Here is an example of a simple professional layout:

Example of a simple professional email signature

3. Show that you’re social

If your company is active on social media, your signature should include links to your social media profiles. You may also want to add a link to your own personal LinkedIn page.

Various social media icons

4. Share a blog post

If you are keen to showcase yourself as an expert in your field, why not add a link to one of your high-performing blog posts?

Example below:

Example of an email signature promoting a blog post

5. Include a call to action

A call to action is essential if your signature is going to drive direct engagement. A compelling, clickable call to action can get recipients signing up for your newsletter, securing a place at an event or downloading an e-book.

For example:

Email signature example with a CTA

6. Choose a web safe font

When it comes to choosing a professional font for an email signature, you need to pick one of the “web safe fonts” that are supported by all browsers and will always display correctly.

These are as follows:

Web safe fonts for email signatures

7. Include an image

People remember visuals better than they do text, so adding an image is always a good idea. However, you can’t just add any old picture. The best way to ensure your email signature stands out from the crowd is to add a picture of yourself.

Email signature example with profile picture

8. Double-check your spelling

As you would expect, incorrect spellings and grammar are big no-no’s when writing your professional email signatures. If you want to be seen as credible, you need to double-check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

9. Hire a professional

If you are responsible for creating hundreds of email signatures for your employees, and you are concerned that the end result may not be as consistently on-brand across your company as you would like, why not enlist the services of a professional management company?

Whether you are managing G Suite email signatures or require a Microsoft 365 email signature manager, a professional design and management service can maximise your signatures’ impact and engagement.

Check out our best company email signatures, with each one offering maximum engagement and optimum memorability.

Example of a professional email signature

10. Include booking links

Arranging meetings via email can often feel like a waste of your valuable time. Avoid this by including a link to book your calendar right in your signature.

Here is an example :

Email Signature example with booking link

11. Add any legal and compliance requirements

Depending on the industry you work in, you may have specific guidelines about email usage and how you are protecting the private information that is being shared. If this is the case with your company, you may want to add an email disclaimer similar to the below:

[Company Name] registered at [Registered Address], [Company Number]. This email, sent from [Sender Email Address] to [Recipient Email Address], is confidential and may contain privileged or copyright information. If you are not [Recipient Email Address] please delete this email and you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. This email is not a binding agreement and does not conclude an agreement without the express confirmation by the sender’s superior or a director of the Company. The Company does not consent to its employees sending non-solicited emails which contravene the law.

12. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

It’s absolutely essential that your email signature displays perfectly on all mobile devices. Always ensure that you use email signature software that is mobile-optimised – like Rocketseed is – so your branded signature design displays perfectly on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, as shown below:

Multiple screens with branded emails - Rocketseed

If you need further help writing a professional or personal email signature please do not hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced and knowledgeable email signatures management team.

7 reasons to join Rocketseed’s email signatures partner program

Rocketseed Star Partner Program

Add value for your customers. Add additional revenue channels… Add star quality email signature management.

An effective email signature management and marketing solution is now more important than ever.

Your customers want it, your ambition is to provide it – what more could you ask for? As the best-in-class email signature manager solution, we regularly receive enquiries from Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Licensed Software Vendors (LSVs) and marketing agencies across the globe asking about becoming a channel partner. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Rocketseed Star Partner Program’!

Our partner program is designed to help you work smarter and increase the chances of success no matter what business model you have developed. We’re big believers in simplicity and our partners are too, so we’ve kept our simple user license model, allowing partners to grow their businesses and open up new lead opportunities – all with the full support of Rocketseed and its world-class email signature management solution.

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Who is the ideal Rocketseed partner?

Are you an MSP or an LSV owning the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) relationship with your customers? Or perhaps your marketing agency is keen to open up a new channel for your clients? If your answer is ‘yes’… you’re perfectly placed to be a Rocketseed Star Partner and expand your orbit!

Email signatures are now more important than ever. It’s a huge opportunity.

Current ‘work from home’ conditions have made having the best email signatures more important than ever – both as part of your offer and for all your clients.

Email signatures, marketing banners and disclaimers are keeping remote-working employees on-brand, enabling cost-effective marketing when budgets are being squeezed and ensuring every employee email is legally compliant in these turbulent times.

Here are the 7 reasons why this means it’s time for you to get onboard and become a Rocketseed Star Partner!

As a Rocketseed Partner you will:

1. Deliver a best-in-class email signature solution

Professionally designed email signatures that are simple to deploy, 100% secure and optimised for mobile.

2. Solve real customer problems

Solve IT stresses with a centrally-controlled email signature solution for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange.

3. Give customers a new marketing channel

They can run interactive, targeted email banner campaigns for the whole customer journey and track every engagement.

4. Boost your margins

On Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange licenses and on deployment and services.

5. Grow average revenue per account

The added value of this service can make customers ‘stickier’ to your business, increasing customer retention and lifetime value.

6. Be supported at every step

With a dedicated account manager, co-marketing investment, continuous training and development plus 24/7 tech support.

7. Have a trusted partner

Rocketseed has 15 years experience, a Triple-A brand portfolio and a global support footprint between the USA and EMEA.

To discuss numbers, projections and deals in depth, simply book a presentation with our partnership team.

What you’ll be giving your customers

More than simply email signatures, that’s for sure.

Consistent branding and compliance is guaranteed with our sophisticated yet simple-to-use email signature management tool that gives your customers all-important central control over their employee email signatures.

Open up a new marketing channel for your customers with email signature marketing banners that transform every 1-to-1 email into an impactful, interactive marketing campaign channel, with advanced analytics and reporting and integrations, ensuring that every interaction is tracked and the data insights utilised.

As for the technology itself, the tool is light-touch, easy to install, 100% secure and displays on all devices – IOS, Android, Mac or PC and is Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace compatible.

Email Signatures for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange - Rocketseed

Did we mention the support?

We take our partner support very seriously. We’ve built up trust over 15 years, along with a Triple-A brand portfolio and a global support footprint. We’re there with you every step of the way with:

  • Onboarding and initial interface training
  • A dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 emergency tech support
  • Best practice guidance
  • Pre- and post-sales support
  • Co-marketing investment
  • Continual development and training

For more service and support details, simply book a presentation with our partnership team.

Managed Service Providers and Licensed Software Vendors worldwide are successfully partnering with Rocketseed.

Testimonial from Partner - Rocketseed

It’s why Rocketseed is Loved by Marketing. Trusted by IT. Preferred by Partners.

Ready to partner with Rocketseed?

Jack Shanes | Channel Partner Manager

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7 key differences between an Email Signature Generator and an Email Signature Manager… which is best for your business?

Email Signature Generator vs Email Signature Manager

What’s in a name? Email Signature Generator vs. Email Signature Manager

When you search for ‘email signatures’, you’ll see results showing ‘Email Signature Generator’ and ‘Email Signature Manager’ solutions. Are they radically different or really the same thing? Can you simply ‘generate’ the best email signature for your business or do the right email signatures really need ‘managing’?

Given widespread remote working, squeezed marketing budgets and the fact that the average employee sends over 10,000 emails a year, effective email signatures are more important than ever. So, for this post, I’ll highlight a few differences in features and benefits to help you decide if a ‘generator’ or ‘manager’ solution is best for you, your business and your brand.

First off, ‘The Basics’ – a few similarities

Whatever type of email signature software you choose, it should always be able to deliver:

  • An on-brand email signature design containing employee contact details.
  • A level of interactive linking and ‘clickability’.
  • Compatibility with your email client, for example Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Correct display on every device (You mustn’t assume this as standard. Your signature MUST be optimised for mobile – it’s an essential requirement and key to our signature solution).

OK, basics covered, let’s get to the 7 key email signature generator vs. manager differences…

1. Creating Email Signatures: Generator Templates vs. Professional Design

When designing your email signatures, it’s essential that they’re perfectly on brand, that all employee contact details are correct and that they display perfectly on all devices.

Email signature generator templates allow you to upload your company logo, add individual employee contact details and customise colours and fonts, but the key question is… will you get professional, ‘on-brand’ signatures or just ‘near enough’? If your branding is simple and you find a template that’s a good fit then you can quickly ‘generate’ your new signature design with ease.

At the other end of the scale, an email signature manager might offer more customisation options or even a professional design service. It takes longer, but will have a more bespoke branded look and undergo more rigorous testing across devices. So, if you’ve got complex brand guidelines with a strict brand team (sorry Rocketseed brand team!), want a streamlined signature that’s optimised for mobile – and have a project time allocation – you might want to consider the email signature manager ‘designer’ option.

Can a generator give you a completely ‘compliant’ design? Omitting email signature legal disclaimers and compliance information can have significant consequences. It’s key you check with your legal advisor and then an email signature management specialist can incorporate your industry and location regulatory requirements.

Will every employee have the same on-brand email signature design?’ This is where the crucial issue of control comes in…

2. Controlling Email Signatures: Tamper Temptation vs. Centrally Controlled Consistency

This is where the size of your business, the time your IT department has to spare, and your level of commitment to company-wide brand consistency all make a big difference.

If it’s just you or a handful of staff in the same office, no problem. A simple email signature generator will give you a branded signature that each of you can apply individually. There’ll be some copying and pasting involved which can be a bit clunky to manage, and maybe some HTML knowledge required too, but that’s about it. As for staying on-brand with the correct contact details, you’d like to think you could trust your 5 co-workers to take responsibility for their own signatures, right?!

But with even a few more employees, let alone hundreds or even thousands, things start looking very different. Does anyone on your IT team have time to manually set up, update and check on more and more email signatures? And can your employees resist the temptation to tamper (motivational quote and emoji alert!) that could put your brand at risk?

That’s where you start to see benefits from an email signature manager that gives you centralised control.

That way, you can set-up and modify designs across your business in an instant, keep everyone on-brand and – with a feature such as syncing your signatures with your Active Directory – keep everyone’s contact details up to date automatically.

Importantly, you can also then start to centrally assign different signatures to different departments (such as Sales, Finance, HR and Operations), different product and service divisions or regional offices. These are the common scenarios we see where email signatures need to be ‘managed’ rather than a 1-size-fits-all generator.

Who’s in the powerful position of central control? Totally up to you. With us it normally sits with Marketing or IT. HOWEVER, maintaining brand consistency – particularly in a time of widespread remote working – has made central control an essential part of effective email signature management.

3. Email Signature Technology: Copy & Paste vs. Central Secure Signature Deployment

When it comes to email signature technology, you’re faced with issues including compatibility, set-up, security and IT support – so you need technology that gets the job done quickly, simply and is, above all, trustworthy.

We see huge amounts of time, money and resources being spent on trying to execute signatures in house or with poor generator technology that simply doesn’t suit larger scale businesses, riskily relying on individual employees copying and pasting code and falling far short of the business’s best-practice IT compliance standards.

Believe it or not, we’ve delivered email signature designs through our own email signature generator tool, simply to have the customer back to us for the signature management solution instead PURELY because they couldn’t get 50% of their fellow colleagues to update their signatures.

Again, simplicity is key – A user-friendly email signature management solution should require no user HTML coding and enable centrally-controlled email signature deployment instantly.

Managing the email flow from any environment eg. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), email signature managers should also be able, if required, to smarthost to downstream platforms or create specialised mail routing. Adding DKIM and SPF to mails should ensure the highest deliverability rate and adding CNAMEs – so that click URLs aren’t seen as phishing attempts – can improve your marketing results massively. Your peace of mind should be paramount with the highest industry security standards, testing and troubleshooting.

On this point, email signature management tools should all work without user intervention. Just send your email – from any device – and the same signature is applied. SIMPLE. See how a business email signature management solution can work for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

4. Email Signature Marketing: Promotional & Social Space vs. A New Campaign Channel

How much marketing power do business email signatures really have? Most signature template generators will let you add links to your website and social media channels so that recipients can click through to your content. You might even be able to upload a ‘banner’ to run a promotional message. But your marketers – given the option – will always want more…

Marketers need to reach the right target recipients with the right branded message at the right time… and see real results (potentially far better than bulk email marketing campaigns).

An email signature management solution should let them:

  • Segment and target key recipient audiences
  • Create and schedule automated banner campaigns
  • Engage recipients and drive high-intent traffic direct to your site or sales platform (with banners such as these 33 great email signature marketing banner examples.)

At a time of marketing belts being tightened, your business’s email signature marketing can absolutely achieve results as a highly cost-effective campaign channel!

Email Signature Marketing Examples - Rocketseed

Our customers stressed to us their need to track every recipient click-through to measure audience engagement and campaign performance, so they can make changes immediately. A BIG ASK…!!! We’ve delivered it for them and it works like a dream! If you read on, we show how you can see exactly how your signatures are performing…

5. Measuring Email Signature Success: Assumptions vs. Detailed Data & Real Results

Having rolled out new email signatures, how do you know if they’re achieving anything? OK, they may appear fine but we find our customers want certainty.

As the name suggests, an email signature generator isn’t focused on producing performance insights.

However, an email signature manager should provide you with all the data analytics and reporting you need to make decisions, for example:

  • Which of your employees is sending the most branded emails?
  • Which banner campaign is driving the most click-through?
  • What are the split test results showing?

Add in a feature like real-time click alerts and your sales and customer service teams can respond immediately to any type of recipient engagement.

As for tracking signature click-through traffic on your website and sales funnel, that’s where features such as Google Analytics and CRM integrations make an email signature management tool more valuable for businesses large and small.

Email Signature Analytics and Reporting - Rocketseed

6. Servicing Email Signatures: On Your Own vs Ongoing Support

The best email signatures aren’t static. In fact, your newly-created signatures are just the start.

As I’ve said above, there will be design updates, new employees to add, new promotional campaign banners to run or maybe full-blown brand changes and roll outs! The list goes on.

There’s also the big ‘WHAT IF’ – what if something goes wrong? A quick do-it-yourself email signature generator could leave you on your own, with headaches that your IT and marketing staff really don’t need.

An effective email signature manager is more of a software-as-a-service solution and that ‘service’ can make a big difference. We’re not just talking emergency technical support – although that’s essential – but real ‘human’ hands-on help, from developing a new signature design to making sure your banner campaigns are right on target. So keep in mind, a big factor that sets the ‘managers’ apart from the ‘generators’ is the level of support and service.

7. Budgeting for Email Signatures: Free vs. Return on Investment

Budget allocation for email signatures is also key, but does it sit within your IT or marketing budget? Could it be freed up with a ‘free’ email signature generator tool?

There’s always going to be the temptation of a free generator or simply using the standard Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace signature tools and, if they do more-or-less everything you’re looking for, then that’s great!

But if you want most of the ‘manager’ benefits described above – from company-wide brand consistency and a new marketing campaign channel to high-intent traffic and ongoing service – then you need to start seeing your email signatures as an investment that can easily ‘pay their way’ and deliver real return on investment (ROI) when used to their full potential. This isn’t a pitch piece BUT to get an instant idea of price ranges take a look at our product and pricing plans.

So which is best for you and your business? An email signature generator or an email signature manager?

Well, as you can see, it depends on a lot of factors – your design requirements, the size of your business, your marketing ambitions, your demand for data, your IT resource and your budget… not to mention the risks you’re prepared to take (or hopefully not take) with your brand image!

If you want brand consistency across your business email, a cost-effective and engaging marketing channel and an email sign-off that can drive direct sales, then I’d suggest you need a serious email signature management solution.

We work with companies across the world and offer both email signature generator and management tools. Our different products meet different needs. Known for our service and expertise, we speak the language of both IT and marketing so whatever your questions – no matter how detailed or straightforward – we’re here to talk you through what you need to know!

Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

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7 ‘romantic’ reasons your customers will love you for using email signature marketing

Is your email signature looking a bit lonely? Why not do some match-making by pairing up your email signature with a host of eye-catching marketing banner campaigns. It’s all about the power of those 3 little words – ‘email signature marketing” – who says we’re not romantic at Rocketseed?

To make sure your customers are really feeling the love, here’s 7 ‘romantic‘ reasons to kindle that glow inside that comes from seeing real results from creative, cost-effective email banner campaigns that your customers will adore.

It’s personal

When did bulkmail ever make anyone feel special? After all, it’s one-to-many.

Why not be personal? Email signature marketing is one-to-one, meaning 99% of your communication will be opened. You’re reaching people you have a real relationship with – personal contacts – and when you email them you can tailor the banner campaigns they see based on everything you know about them, from a conversation you had with them that morning to a product they bought last week.

Think about how many emails you’ve sent and received already today (the average employee sends 1,000 emails a month). It’s a huge opportunity to remind them of your beautiful relationship, or remedy it as may sometimes be the case.

It’s love at first sight

Quite literally. Because eye-catching banner campaigns at the top of your emails are the first thing your target recipients see.

You don’t just want to make the right first impression, you want to make an unforgettable impact. As we all know, marketing is a visual business and your customers expect image perfection, so don’t disappoint them. Email banner campaigns give you a great opportunity to feature your very best and newest product imagery.

Creating new banners, or current ones in need of a makeover? Take a look at our email design guidelines or enquire about our professional design service.

Incidentally, an email banner campaign is a great way to promote your Valentine’s Day deals or seasonal campaigns. Our experience confirms that the beauty of email branding is more than screen-deep.

Example of a Valentine's day email signature banner
Example of a Valentine's day email signature banner

Right person. Right place. Right time.

Isn’t that how romance works? Just like the movies? Like cupid’s arrows, your email banner campaigns should always hit their chosen target. But only if your software is smart enough, and Rocketseed ‘Campaign‘ makes it simple.

Make sure you’re set up to segment by senders and receivers so that the right campaign message is applied to the right email from the right sender to the right recipient.

As for the right time, Valentine’s Day is all about timing, so make sure that you schedule your campaign ‘Go Live‘ dates in advance – that way you’ll never miss a deadline or run an out-of-date promotion banner ever again!

Sometimes you just ‘click’

At least that’s what your customers will be doing. Because email banner campaigns make it so easy and quick (you can’t get quicker than a single click) to engage with your content. In fact, your customers are 4 times more likely to click a bespoke branded email banner on an everyday email than they are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bulkmail.

However, like love, if you want those clicks, you have to work for it. Your email banner campaign must have a compelling, clickable call-to-action (CTA). What makes a great CTA? The button colour? The copy? Find out in our article on the simple psychology behind a great call to action.

Remember, every click is a chance to woo with your content. Where do you want your links to take your audience? A landing page? Your Ecommerce site? Your latest blogpost? Your latest TV ad or explainer video? A customer service survey? Or maybe a Valentine’s Day competition entry form! The list is endless – just make sure it’s relevant if you want to move the relationship forward, to last and get to the silver anniversary!

Nurture the relationship

Your active audience is feeling the love, so what happens now? Just like any relationship, email signature marketing campaigns need nurturing – while keeping the excitement alive!

With Rocketseed’s smart rules it’s easy to keep your campaigns fresh and relevant throughout the customer journey. With every click, you find out more about what your customer is interested in and by using Rocketseed’s tracker-tagging, the next banner they receive will be 100% relevant based on their interactions to date.

Not only that, you can set clicks to trigger real-time alerts so your sales and customer success teams can follow up and make sure that the relationship is as strong as can be while automating updates through integrations with CRM platforms, including Salesforce.

Happy engagement

What’s a marketer’s first love? Real results – and that means high-quality engagement. So if you want to see your campaign success you need email signature marketing software that captures, analyses and reports every click.

Remember, because the email is one-to-one from the special you to the special customer, you could have a 99% open rate.

Our case studies will help you see exactly what email signature marketing success looks like.

Always there for you

Ever wonder who the real people are behind marketing software? Are they there when you need them most, when you need a hug? You. Are. Our. Love. So rest assured, we’re always there for you. With Rocketseed you’re given a personal hugger (account manager) for every step. Here’s 7 reasons why you need a dedicated account manager.

These campaigns don’t just happen at the click of a button, so what do you do if you’re short of staff or stretched for time? Relax. Rocketseed can do it all for you, from creative design to campaign management.

So, there you are – impact, interaction, relationship building and real results. What’s not to love?

Ready to fall in love with email signature marketing? Make a date with a personalised Rocketseed demo today.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Manager

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5 ways to get the best email signature for 2021

Best email signature for 2021

How many emails will you and your employees be sending in 2021? More than you think – in fact, about 12,000 each! Because, with all the challenges of 2020 and those to come in 2021, email remains the top everyday business communication channel.

Is your email signature up to the challenges ahead? Remote-working staff, retaining your customer base, driving sales and boosting your brand profile?

To meet the business challenges and opportunities of 2021 you need the best email signature and what better time to review and revamp your business email signature than the New Year.

In this blog post I’ll show you 5 simple ways you can start 2021 with the best email signature for your business.

OK, let’s get started…

1. Add email signature marketing banners to drive sales

At times like this you can’t afford to miss out key (and cost-effective) channels from your marketing mix. How can every email become a marketing channel? Simply by adding eye-catching interactive email signature marketing banners. Not only do they make instant brand impact but also, by adding the all-important clickable call-to-action, recipients can click through to your landing pages, latest content or direct to your sales platform.

What could it look like?

Multiple marketing banners in email signatures

Best email signature banner tips:

  • Add to your signature or place at the top of every email for immediate impact.
  • Add clear branding and always use your best imagery.
  • Add a clear, compelling and clickable call to action (CTA).
  • Target and schedule banners so the right message reaches the right recipient at the right time.
  • Measure every recipient interaction with your banners ( Make sure your email signature software can do this)!

Need some banner design inspiration? Take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

2. Add an email signature survey to measure customer satisfaction

How happy are your customers? Find out with every email. After all, you don’t need me to tell you that great customer service is key to retaining your customers, which is now more important than ever. 1-click surveys can achieve over 50% response rates and even as high as 80%. In fact, just having a survey on your signature is a visible demonstration of, and commitment to, customer service!

What could it look like?

Good example of a rate my service email signature banner

Best email signature survey tips:

  • Keep it short, quick and simple. It doesn’t get simpler than a 1-click survey!
  • Use on-brand icons and ask the survey question in your brand voice.
  • Consider following-up positive feedback with a more detailed survey.
  • Set-up instant alerts for any negative feedback so you can demonstrate your customer service by dealing with it immediately.
  • Use response data to build customer relationships, by integrating with your CRM.

Want to set up the best email signature survey? Check out our 1-click customer satisfaction measurement – a who, what, when, where & why guide.

3. Add an email signature disclaimer for complete compliance

On top of all the other challenges in 2021, you can’t afford to leave your business open to legal action. Proactively minimise this risk and protect your brand and your staff by adding an email signature legal disclaimer. An email disclaimer can cover everything from compliance and confidentiality to contracts and copyright. Having an email disclaimer is more than likely a legal requirement where you are (eg. USA, Canada and the EU) and it’s certainly email best practice.

What might it look like?

Best email disclaimer tips:

  • Seek legal advice to keep your email signature disclaimer up to date with the legal requirements for your business sector and location.
  • Ensure all your email signature disclaimers are tamper-proof and are centrally controlled.
  • Add an extra level of compliance by dynamically personalising your email disclaimer with sender and receiver email addresses and a time stamp, providing proof of intended recipients and date and time sent.

You’ll find answers to the most frequently asked email compliance questions, on our email disclaimers page.

4. Ensure every email signature element is on-brand and up-to-date

OK, this might seem an obvious one but your brand needs to be stronger than ever now. And when it comes to presenting a united brand to the world, consistently branded email signatures are a key touchpoint. Are all your employees’ contact details up to date? Perhaps your brand guidelines have been revised – have these changes reached your email signatures? And with the ‘new normal’ of remote working it’s more important than ever that every employee’s email is perfectly on brand (and tamper-proof!).

What could it look like?

Rocketseed Branded Email

Best email signature branding tips:

  • Run through a ‘checklist’ of your latest brand guidelines – logo, colourways, fonts etc.
  • Check that your email signatures are displaying properly on a range of recipient devices.
  • Keep in control. Centrally-controlled email signature management is the only way to ensure your employees aren’t tampering with their own signatures.
  • Only include social channels that you’re actively managing.
  • Keep every employee’s email signature details up-to-date by choosing email signature software that syncs with your Active Directory.

To help you keep your business email signatures looking professional and on-brand, we’ve produced comprehensive email signature design guidelines for reference.

5. Add ‘internal marketing’ banners to motivate your staff

Employees worldwide have faced huge professional and personal challenges in 2020. So with the ‘new normal’ of 2021 – remote working and other restrictions – it’s a bigger challenge than ever to keep your staff engaged, informed, trained and motivated. Make everyday internal email your ‘hero’ HR channel simply by adding ‘internal marketing’ email signature banners that capture your employees’ attention and demand interaction with your company culture-boosting content.

What could it look like?

Example of internal marketing email signature banner

Best email signature internal marketing tips:

  • Keep staff up to date with company news and video content.
  • Onboard new staff quickly and remotely and show them ‘how things are done around here’.
  • Promote training sessions and internal events so nobody misses out.
  • Advertise internal job vacancies.
  • Run internal staff satisfaction surveys.

See how Euphoria Telecom succeeded in connecting colleagues with Rocketseed email signature internal marketing campaigns.

Meet the business challenges of 2021 by making smarter use of your biggest form of daily communication – your everyday employee email. By adding marketing banners, satisfaction surveys, legal disclaimers and engaging ‘internal marketing’ messaging to your email signatures you can make every email consistently-branded, compliant and compellingly clickable!

Need some help getting the best email signature for your business? We’d be happy to give your email signature a free, no-obligation review and make our recommendations (just send us an email with your signature on) or book a personalised demo.

Happy New Year!

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Coordinator

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5 steps to Christmas email signature success

Ready to wrap up 2020? It’s certainly been a challenging year for everyone. So while Christmas isn’t going to be quite the same this year, making your email signature Christmassy is just as important as ever for the holiday season.

That’s why we’ve updated our blog post to show how a professional Christmas email signature can help meet the marketing challenges of Christmas this year.

Create consistent Christmas email signatures

Don’t be an email signature Scrooge! Add some seasonal sparkle to your company Christmas email signatures. Add some red and green colourways into your Christmas email signature design, perhaps some shimmering snowflakes, candy canes or maybe treat your head-shot to a jaunty Santa hat.

But remember your brand. Are your staff remote working? Don’t let them go Christmas-crazy (calling themselves Santa’s ‘Chief Help Officer’ or similar). Far safer to use professional email signature software that gives you centralised control – and keep your naughty elves in check. Santa rests easy at night, knowing that his team’s signatures are completely consistent, totally secure and display perfectly across all devices.

Make Christmas email banners your merriest marketing channel

While your Christmas email signature gives you a seasonal sign-off, just like Santa your marketing message deserves top billing! So for more immediate impact you need an eye-catching Christmas email banner campaign to put your ‘Merry Christmas’ message at the top of every email and promote your seasonal offers. With clear, clickable calls-to-action on your banners you can drive traffic direct to your online shop, booking engine or promotions page. And with Rocketseed’s sophisticated analytics you can see exactly who’s engaging with your email banners over the Christmas period, and which Grinchy ones haven’t!

Closing for Christmas or open for business? Keep your customers informed

For some, after Christmas it’s straight back to business, for others everything shuts down ‘til the New Year. Featuring holiday opening and closing dates in a banner at the top of your email is the ideal branded way to remind your customers, suppliers and partners in the run-up to Christmas. Far better than leaving them to find out via a chilly ‘out of office’ automated email reply.

Drive Christmas donations to your chosen charity

Supporting a charity this Christmas? An eye-catching festive Christmas email banner campaign will drive extra donations. It’s the season of goodwill so, with a clear ‘Donate Now’ call-to-action button, recipients can easily click through to the charity’s own website or your own charitable donations page. After all, Christmas is all about giving not receiving.

Bring in the New Year with a brand new free email banner

Nothing says New Year like New Year Sales, and an interactive email banner campaign gives you a great opportunity to feature your best deals and link straight through to your online shop. And don’t worry about having to set up a new banner over the Christmas holidays, with Rocketseed email signature software you can schedule each new banner campaign in advance so it’s automatically applied right on time.

And this Christmas, if you buy a new banner design by 17th December, Rocketseed will give you a FREE email banner design for your New Year promotions. Simply contact us and request your Christmas & New Year 2-for-1 banner special.

2020 has been a challenging year. Wrap up the year with eye-catching, engaging Christmas email signatures and banners and – with our 2-for-1 offer – get your customers clicking through into New Year!

Merry Christmas from Rocketseed.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Coordinator

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What is an HTML email signature, and how do I design one?

Guest post by Robyn Woods-Child, MD of Parrot Digital

While seemingly a small piece of the marketing puzzle, email signatures are some of the most visible branded materials a company can own. After all, every time a customer interacts with your staff via email, they catch a glimpse of your brand – and its quality – via your signatures. But with a quick search you’ll see numerous companies offering different HTML signature generators – some templated, some with drag-and-drop editors, and then companies that offer totally bespoke designs. So what does that mean, and which is right for you?

What are HTML email signatures?

Most major email signature generators provide some type of HTML service. This is because simply building a signature within your email software (i.e. Outlook or Gmail) or attaching an image at the bottom of every email can cause problems. For instance, your signature may display incorrectly in different email clients, the image might cause loading speed issues at the receiver’s end, or buttons that should be clickable (i.e. social media or promotional links) aren’t.

HTML, on the other hand, is designed to work more fluidly across platforms and devices. This is because these signatures are built more like a website than a graphic. They are compressed without sacrificing quality (improving loading speeds), and display correctly across various devices or email clients. Additionally, using a signature generator such as Rocketseed, images can also be stripped from email replies so as to reduce the archive weight of the chain and maintain optimal speeds during those longer conversations.

HTML signatures also incorporate branding, personal images and social media icons, as well as custom links and tracking codes.

Key benefits of an HTML email signature

  1. Customisability: HTML is very flexible, allowing you to build a signature that perfectly meets your brand and marketing objectives. Because code is recognised across platforms, it will allow you to embed graphics and images that display correctly on all devices.
  2. Easy to update: With the right email signature provider, you can instantly update sender information, promotional banners, link URLs, UTM codes and more with the click of a button – automating the change to all applicable senders in your company.
  3. Clickable links: You can make different parts of the signature clickable. Examples include email addresses, social media, website URLs, promotions, maps, or business card downloads.
  4. Click tracking: A custom HTML email signature will allow you to track each click by adding a UTM to the URL. Rocketseed has built in analytics to quickly build reports on campaign performance.
  5. Reduced email size: By stripping images from replies, HTML signatures can reduce the size of an email chain and improve load speeds.

HTML email signatures: Template, drag-and-drop, or bespoke?

Now that you know the ins and outs of HTML email signatures, you’ll need to decide what type of generator you want to use.

  1. Templates: Pre-made email signature designs within which you can make customisations, such as colour, font and images.
  2. Drag-and-drop: An app that lets you build your own template using custom modules that fit together into a wider design. Think of it as lots of little templates that you can put together in an order that you prefer.
  3. Bespoke: Get the signature that 100% aligns with your brand. Create custom signatures with the perfect style, layout and content.

Parrot Digital is Australasia’s exclusive provider of Rocketseed – one of the world’s leading HTML email signature tools.

With Rocketseed, we can provide totally bespoke, on-brand email signatures that get the right message in the right place at the right time, designed to work perfectly on every email client. Plus, with our one-click Google UTM tracking codes, in-built detailed instant reports and custom promotional banners, you can get more from your emails with Rocketseed.

Are you in Australia or New Zealand? To find out what Parrot Digital can do for your business, or to receive a free quote, get in touch today. Otherwise, book a demo with Rocketseed below.