Corporate branding ideas and tips for your business

Corporate branding ideas and tips for businesses

Faced with so many challenges, competitors, consumer choices and marketing channels, a controlled, consistent corporate brand is essential to your business’s success (and even its survival) more than ever before. But, in a climate of targets and time pressures, it’s easy to lose sight of.

That’s why, in this blog post we’re going ‘back to basics’ with corporate branding to help your business make a positive, authentic, emotional and memorable connection with your customers who are paying more attention to corporate branding than ever before.

Along the way, we’ll also show how your business email signature can help meet your corporate branding goals.

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What is corporate branding?

Whilst there are a huge variety of definitions, The American Marketing Association says…

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers”

Corporate branding is how a company promotes its brand name, identity and message, in contrast to solely focusing on the products or services it sells. But it’s so much more than that… it’s the philosophy and values on which the business is built and how these are communicated to make an emotional connection with its stakeholders and to target relevant customers.

There can also be a lot of brand jargon to navigate (so, like us, you’ll find the Branding Glossary from How Brands Are Built extremely helpful.)

Why is corporate branding important?

Social media and the digital consumer space have played a critical part in the importance of corporate branding for businesses. Customers digest more information about companies than ever before, and the demand for transparency is rising rapidly. Customers care about what corporate brands represent, so it’s vital to make corporate branding a fundamental part of business strategy.

How to create a corporate branding strategy

The corporate branding process enables businesses to develop a consistent and transparent identity in the market. There are several steps to take, which ensure your message is authentic and communicated appropriately to your target audience.

Take a look at this branding checklist from Theresa Depasquale to get you started.

Look deeper at your audience and identify your customers

People are pickier than ever when it comes to choosing where to buy products and services. Long gone are the days of the ‘one size fits all’ offer. With a clearly defined target customer audience, you can hone in on your branding and messaging. Consumers want to feel immersed in a brand and see that it fits their lifestyle. Do this effectively and you’ll get better conversions and a loyal following. We found these 5 Steps to Identify Your Ideal customer from Audience Ops helpful when we were developing our ICP (Ideal customer profile).

Themba Nkuna, a South African sales coach, author and speaker stated that understanding your customer is the new competitive advantage:

Show authenticity

The branding buzz-word of our times – ‘authenticity’. It’s about connecting with people through your brand’s back-story, heritage and core values. The trick is in bringing a human touch to your corporate branding through messaging that sparks emotion and conversation. Use everything from your ‘About Us’ page to your email marketing strategies to speak directly to your customer. Just because you are interacting with your customers through technology and screens, it shouldn’t mean the human interaction and touch disappears. Tyllah, @MarketingBully_, advocates for authentic branding on Twitter:

Be more than a logo

That’s not to say your logo isn’t important. It’s a vital part of your brand identity (and the starting point of most email signature designs!). The most successful brands though are more than just a well-known logo. Show your customers the brand behind the logo. People want to see what brands can do outside the parameters of products and services. Show your values and share your passions as it creates a personality and brand purpose.

Successful corporate branding ideas

Once you’ve established the foundations, it’s time to develop corporate branding ideas.

Look at your current corporate branding

Has your business’s brand moved with the times or stayed still for years? The first step in changing it is to look at what you already have. Start by auditing every aspect of your branding, including marketing and visuals. Ask yourself whether your identity matches your overall messaging. In many cases, this will highlight any inconsistencies that you can work on changing.

When auditing your corporate branding, your business email signatures can be quite revealing. Does your brand logo look up to date? Are you featuring your social media channels? Are you missing opportunities to feature a bold brand statement or link to branded content?

Email Signature on multiple devices

Try something new

Many brands are dubious about trying something completely new, but it can be a game-changer. Look at your current industry and identify where you can fill the gaps. Brands don’t have to go ‘all-out’ to differentiate themselves. Look at simple changes such as redesigning your website or creating an app. Or perhaps overhaul your customer services with more innovative ways of engaging with customers, say email banners on your everyday email.

If you’re looking for some brand-building email banner inspiration, take a look at our 33 Great Email signature Banner Examples.

Utilize social media

Social media marketing should be a fundamental aspect of any corporate branding strategy. It’s one of the best places to interact and engage with customers and puts a person behind the brand. It can be hard work continually creating new unique content, responding to reviews or promoting and hosting webinars but it pays off in brand profile and engagement. You need a consistent brand image across all your social marketing channels and your email signature can be your link to social success.

Show you care

You really can’t afford to overlook your brand’s social responsibility. Customers want their favourite brands to share their values so you need to introduce a corporate social responsibility plan in your company. There are many ways brands can give back to the community both on local and national scales, from charity events and community projects to educational and environmental initiatives. But be sure to be authentic as there’s a huge price to pay for contradicting your own corporate brand values!

All on the same page

For effective corporate branding you need everyone to be on-brand, from the CEO to the newest recruit, from sales and marketing to HR and operations. And that means building a strong corporate culture – ‘the way we do things here’. From onboarding and team-building to your everyday communications and work environment, use every opportunity to strengthen your company culture through ‘internal marketing’ – a task that internal email banners can help with.

Keep in control

If you want consistent corporate branding, you need to keep every element under control. Whose job is that? Do you have a Head of Brand, maybe it’s your marketing head? Whoever it is, it’s all about ensuring a clear, consistent brand message across your business and to all your stakeholders.

For a consistent brand on email company-wide, the solution is simple – centralized control.

The benefits of corporate branding for businesses

Naturally, there are several benefits of successful corporate branding. Some examples include:

  • Improved awareness and recognition in the public eye
  • Easier customer purchase decision-making
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Attract and retain talented staff throughout the company
  • Increased productivity as everyone is on the same page
  • Clear and consistent internal decision-making
  • Stronger negotiating powers
  • Opportunities for innovation and growth increase
  • Improved relationships with the media and government institutions

These are just a few benefits of developing a corporate branding strategy, and the investment is substantially worth the time and input needed to create streamlined processes. Alice Pettey recently highlighted the benefits of brand strategy and identity on her Business, Branding and Life podcast.

Listen to “2 – Benefits of Brand Strategy & Identity” on Spreaker.

Corporate branding helps define your business and delivers everything your customers are looking for. Don’t forget this is an ever-evolving business strategy, and what works well now may not in a few years. Keep learning and innovating with your audience to keep your brand responsive and relevant.

Best resources about corporate branding

  • Brandingmag: The original branding magazine, featuring branding thought leadership from across the globe.
  • How Brands are Built: A blog and podcast where branding professionals get into the detail of what they do and how they do it.
  • Branding Strategy Insider: A leading source of inspiration and innovation, giving readers key insights into the critical areas, tools and techniques shaping brand management.
  • BP&O: One of the longest running design blogs to offer a unique view on the very best in branding.
  • Branding Nerd: A blog site aimed at placing the spotlight on brilliant ideas that brands have executed anywhere in the world.

Need to brand your business email?

Businesses across the globe trust Rocketseed to give them clear, consistent corporate branding on every email their employees send. Our case studies are full of creative corporate branding examples and to see how we can help you build your brand on email today simply contact us for a personalized demo.

Shanique Brophy  |  Marketing Executive

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To see, or not to see? That is the email signature question

Rocketseed Signature on Compose Microsoft 365

Introducing Rocketseed Signature on Compose for Microsoft 365.

Do your staff need to see their email signatures every time they write business emails? Or would you prefer all your employees’ company email signatures to be branded only after they press ‘send’? With Rocketseed’s new Signature on Compose for Microsoft 365 the choice is now yours.

To help you make the right choice for your business, in this blog post I’ll show you what Signature on Compose is all about – what it does, how it works and why it may, or may not, be the best fit for your business email signature management requirements.

Let’s get started…

What is Signature on Compose?

The name says it all. Signature on Compose is a Rocketseed-developed Outlook add-in which allows you to see your email signature when you are composing your email, as opposed to your signature being applied after you have pressed ‘send’. Your signature will also appear on your ‘sent’ emails.

Why have we released it now?

We’ve developed Signature on Compose in response to requests from select customers with specific requirements for their employees to see their signatures before sending, and to have a record of their signatures in their sent items. While meeting their requirements perfectly, for others it’s an option to consider and isn’t designed as a standard one-size-fits-all email signature solution.

How does it work?

With Signature on Compose, when you compose your email, Rocketseed connects to the Microsoft 365 Signature API which allows us to pull the signature from Rocketseed and insert it into your Microsoft 365 user account.

Within your business, the Signature on Compose plugin is installed by your Microsoft 365 Administrator and then becomes available to the users specified by the Administrator within the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Rocketseed Signature on Compose Example

Who can use it?

Signature on Compose is available to users of Rocketseed for Microsoft 365.

What does it cost?

There are no additional fees to use this functionality on a Rocketseed account.

So is it right for your business?

Signature on Compose was developed to meet demand from select customers, with specific reasons that you might share.

It might be your company policy for all email signatures to be visible when they are sent and remain viewable within sent emails, giving a ‘record’ of the signatures that were sent.

Maybe, it’s simply a case of personal preference and a sense of reassurance that the right signature is always seen to be sent.

There are however some limitations that you may wish to consider if Signature on Compose is right for your business email requirements.

Perhaps most significantly, with Signature on Compose individual employees are able to amend their own email signatures. In other words their signatures are no longer tamper-proof, which may jeopardize the consistency of your brand ‘stamp’ across all your company email.

Also, any banner campaigns assigned to run at the top of your team’s emails will not be visible in the compose window (being separate from the signature) but of course will be applied by Rocketseed, as currently, once the emails are routed to the Rocketseed server after pressing ‘send’.

Finally, the Microsoft 365 Signature API isn’t available for mobile devices and so signatures cannot be seen on compose when using them. Rocketseed does, however, still brand these mails in the usual way when the mail is routed via the server.


To see, or not to see? It’s always good to have a choice and that’s what Signature on Compose is about.

Is it right for your business? As you can see there are a number of important factors to consider – from company policy and personal preference to ensuring your staff email signatures are consistently branded company-wide.

Ultimately, the biggest question is how much control do you want individual employees to have over your brand on your business’s number one communications channel? As one of the first ever companies to generate an email signature, we remain steadfast in our opinion that a central admin should control the brand, not every employee.

Interested in adding Signature on Compose to your Rocketseed account?

Janine Ferenčak  |  MD, RocketDev

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Rocketseed named a 2022 Top Email Signature Performer by SourceForge

Rocketseed a 2022 Top Email Signature Performer by SourceForge

Rocketseed is proud to be a winner of the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website.

Customer reviews are invaluable to us at Rocketseed. The insights they provide help us to keep improving our email signature management software user experience and are testimony to our brand reputation.

So, as Rocketseed’s VP of Client Solutions, I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to our customers who contributed to the reviews!

We’re thrilled to accept the SourceForge Spring 2022 Top Performer Award which places us in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products. However, what really stands out for us is the value our customers place on the ‘human’ customer service and support they receive from our dedicated support & technical teams.

As one reviewer puts it “This fantastic product is backed by an exceptional team. Rocketseed truly ROCKS any digital marketing campaign”. Reviews like this make everything worth it!

We do our best to provide best-in-class professional business email signatures, and we’re always happy to see our users rewarding us with incredible reviews.

Also, we’re delighted to see support from SourceForge President, Logan Abbott:

“I’m very excited to announce the Spring 2022 Top Performers… Rocketseed has been recognized as a Top Performer this Spring in the Email Signature and Email Management categories, and their outstanding user reviews are a testament to the high-quality solution they provide to their customers!”

In fact, the reviews say it all. It’s great to see every aspect of our business email signature solution mentioned so enthusiastically. From professional signature design and the benefits that centralized control brings to standardizing company signatures, through to the specifics of running multiple targeted email signature marketing campaigns. Not to mention the advanced engagement analytics offered by our reporting dashboard.

So, if you’re a current Rocketseed user, we’d love for you to leave us a SourceForge review.

And if you are looking for professional business email signature software and you like what you read in our reviews, contact us for a personalized product demo.

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions

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When is a market leader really a follower?

When is a market leader really a follower

Ever feel like you’re being followed? That your every move is being monitored? If it’s by new entrants or persistent challengers then it’s to be expected. But what if your every move is being imitated by the market leader?

That’s the situation that we’re in and have been for years. Is it a case of ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ or is it the escalation of a David vs Goliath contest? Either way, it’s interesting to think about the nature of our competitive environment, the meaning of market leadership and the resources that really matter.

Brand refreshing

There’s been a lot of brand refreshing going on in the email signature industry. Anyone who’s been searching for email signature software solutions over the past few months will notice that the websites of the main players – ourselves included – now have a new look. What has become clear in this process is that the market leader has ‘refreshed’ their product to imitate our own established offer… again.

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Are we flattered? In a way. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You see it all around, innovators being imitated by industry behemoths – everything from the motor industry’s adoption of Tesla’s pioneering electric car technology right through to the legal row sparked by major supermarket chains imitating Marks and Spencer’s iconic Colin the Caterpillar cake (Yes – we indulge, a favourite at the Rocketseed UK office).

Imitation across the marketing mix

In our case, the market leader’s imitation is right across the marketing mix…

Our competitor is now showcasing product marketing capabilities – including receiver segmentation and targeting, email signature banner rotation – that we’ve been offering for years and are now on version 7 of and about to launch 8.

From trying to commodify email signatures and selling purely on price they’ve now woken up to what we’ve been saying all along and which clients have long realised ‘you get what you pay for’. We’ve never seen email signature marketing as a commodity to be sold on price alone. Email as a communication channel is simply too sensitive.

As for promotion, let’s just say that, to be honest, we’ve been slightly mystified by some of our competitors’ attempts to boost their brands. After all, email signatures are all about clear information, on-brand design and company-wide consistency. Putting it mildly, based on those criteria, some of the brand refreshes appear more successful than others.

Market Leadership

It makes you wonder if so-called market leadership is more about resource than really setting the direction of travel for the market. It’s no secret that we have a fraction of the market leader’s resources and we’re realistic about that. At Rocketseed, we see resources rather differently – through the eyes of our clients rather than our investors. Customers don’t care about funding, they care that there’s a robust technology in place and a  real person to help them get the best signature for their business.

I’m immensely proud of the fact that Rocketseed has achieved its growth organically. The truth is that we’ve focused on the resources that our customers value – innovation, agility and empathy with their requirements. So is it a typical business David vs Goliath story?

To talk to a real person about getting the best email signatures for your business…

Damian Hamp-Adams  |  CEO

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Everyone’s a winner with our ‘refer & earn’ program

Rocketseed Refer and Earn Program

Know a business that needs Rocketseed? Then it’s time to spread the word and start reaping the rewards with our ‘refer & earn’ program.

Surely every company should have the best, on-brand email signatures? Your referrals can make sure they do!

So if you know of a business that you believe could benefit from using Rocketseed email signature software, just refer them to us and you’ll be rewarded with 10% of their first year’s contract license value when they sign up!

Easy to earn…

All you have to do is complete and submit a referral form with your details and those of the company you’re referring. Our sales team will follow it up – keeping you up to speed – and you’ll be rewarded after the newly signed referral signs up to Rocketseed.

… and very rewarding

You can refer as many companies as you wish in any sector and any location within the US and EMEA, so there’s no limit on the rewards you can earn for yourself. Alternatively, your payment can be donated to a charity we work with or you can donate directly once you receive payment.

You can find all the details of the program in our Refer & Earn FAQ’s.

It’s win, win, win

Not only will you get rewarded for each successful referral (and we’ll be helping brands create powerful business emails) but each company you refer that successfully signs up, will also be rewarded with a 10% discount on their first year’s Rocketseed licences – wins all round!

It’s a big thank you from us to you, for helping bring more valued businesses to Rocketseed.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Manager

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6 Tips for running an engaging seasonal email banner campaign

Tips for seasonal email banner campaigns

Seasonal holidays create the perfect opportunity to get creative with spontaneous and engaging marketing campaigns. It’s something our clients ask about a lot and we have the ideal solution – email marketing banners.

Email signature banners are impactful, interactive, easy to implement and ultimately turn every business email into a marketing channel.

In this short blog post we’ll take you through 6 tips for using email banner marketing to run a simple, successful seasonal promotion. As an example, we’ll use our own recent ‘Golden Egg’ Easter banner promotion.

Let’s get started…

Tip 1: Set a SMART objective

However simple your promotion, you need to be SMART (a favourite marketing acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound). It’s important to keep your email banner focused on achieving one goal, whether that’s lead generation, newsletter sign-ups or even direct sales.

Like our clients, we have multiple email banner campaigns running at any one time, assigned to specific senders and targeted at specific audiences. We kicked off our Easter seasonal campaign with an email signature banner to customers reminding them that, if they needed Rocketseed to design Easter banners for them, then they should brief us in a timely manner in order to meet the Easter deadline.

Easter Banner Example

But we also wanted to engage our clients in a more innovative way. An email banner hunt, if you like. That’s when we decided to run a ‘Golden Egg’ promo. The goal? To give something back in an entertaining way (strengthening their relationship with Rocketseed), as well as showing them another way to use an email marketing banner.

The promotion was SMART – specific in its goal (to give away a free email banner design), certainly measurable (see Tip 6 below), achievable, realistic and timebound (the promotion ran from the beginning of April until Easter, with the free banner having to be claimed by 30 April).

Tip 2: Keep it simple

Avoid running any promotion that takes up too much time with complicated processes and endless terms and conditions. The secret is to keep it simple. This is especially true of email banner campaigns.

The mechanic of the ‘Golden Egg’ promo was incredibly simple:

  • In any one-to-one emails sent by Rocketseed, existing customers started seeing a banner encouraging them to keep their eyes open for the ‘Golden Egg’ banner that will enable them to claim a free email banner design.
  • The ‘Golden Egg’ banner was then tactically set up to override all other banners on rotation for a short period of time on selective days of the week only. The ‘Golden Egg’ banner had a clear ‘Claim free banner design’ call-to-action (CTA) button for them to click.
  • Each recipient click automatically generated an email to the sender of the email who then liaised with them directly regarding their requirements for the free banner design.
  • Every interaction was tracked using Rocketseed’s analytics and the results reported.

Tip 3: Design eye-catching, easy-to-click email banners

Keep the email banner design simple. Space is limited (650px x 150px being the ideal email banner size) and it needs to make an immediate impact. Use eye-catching imagery, headline copy that’s concise and compelling and – most importantly – a clear, easy-to-click, call-to action button. With Rocketseed there’s also the option to add animation. See our email design guidelines on the best dimensions and file formats for email signatures and banners.

For our ‘Golden Egg’ promotion we created 2 promotional email banners – both designed to Rocketseed visual brand guidelines, with eye-catching Easter imagery and clear headline copy.

Firstly, we designed an email banner to create awareness of the promotion, with emphasis drawn to ‘free’. Unusually, it didn’t include a call-to-action (CTA) button as its purpose was simply to raise awareness of, and encourage recipients to keep their eyes open for, the ‘Golden Egg’ email signature banner.

Free Banner Design Banner Example

We then created the ‘Golden egg’ banner itself. It featured a clear ‘Congratulations’ headline message and a clear clickable call to action button.

Golden Egg Banner Example

Clicking the button automatically opened a draft email to the sender with a pre-populated subject line: Easter Golden Egg: Claim free banner design, to be followed up by the account manager to discuss the client’s free banner design requirements.

Tip 4: Ensure email banners are right on target and on time

This is where Rocketseed segmentation – either by sender or recipient audience groups – and banner campaign scheduling come into play.

For our ‘Golden Egg’ promo we used Rocketseed’s segmentation rules to apply the promotional banners on emails to existing customers and only on emails sent from client-facing staff.

Our software’s scheduling rules also ensured that we could specify the banner campaign start and stop dates as well as set the priority level – in this case it was set to override any other banners.

Tip 5: Give it some support

Whilst the email banner promotion could have been run as a self-contained campaign, it pays (as with all integrated marketing communications) to give a promotion cost-effective marketing channel support where possible.

In this case, we promoted it as a supporting feature in our monthly client email newsletter (created and sent using Rocketmailer – our bulk email marketing tool).

Seasonal Banner Campaign Promo in Mailer

Tip 6: Measure success

Want to see the success of your banner promotion? That’s the role of Rocketseed reporting and analytics. Our dashboard shows just how many emails were sent with the promotional banner applied, the number of unique recipients, the email open rate (always extremely high as this is everyday business email) and – for a real measure of the promotion’s engagement – banner click-through rate.

In EMEA, 83 branded emails were sent with the ‘Golden Egg’ banner and achieved a 26.7% engagement rate.

As you can see, it’s incredibly simple to set up a short-term, seasonal promotional email banner campaign whenever you feel there’s an opportunity to drive extra engagement. With SMART objectives, a simple promotion mechanic, targeted interactive banners, and clear results reporting, your email banner promotion will be a success. To see how Rocketseed can help with your next seasonal email banner marketing campaign, simply book a demo.

Morgan Henderson  |  Account Director

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How to use gender pronouns in email signatures


Guest post by Robyn Woods-Child, MD of Parrot Digital

As the world opens up to the idea that gender equality goes beyond male or female, it is becoming increasingly common to see gender pronouns in people’s social feeds, business cards and email signatures.

Want to get involved but wondering where to start? We’ll cover why it is inclusive to include gender pronouns in email signatures, examples of commonly preferred gender pronouns, and how to add pronouns using a central email signature management solution.

What are gender pronouns?

Gender pronouns are words used to identify a person’s gender identity. He, she, they – these are three common examples. They are someone’s means of expressing their gender, and a way of asking others to acknowledge and respect it.

Here are some examples of gender pronouns:

  • He/Him/His: For a person who identifies as male.
  • She/Her/Hers: For a person who identifies as female.
  • They/Them/Their: For a person who identifies as gender-neutral; these pronouns can also refer to those who don’t identify as either male or female.

There are quite a few more, but the three above are some of the most common. Some individuals even use mixed pronouns, such as he/they.

Why are gender pronouns important?

Gender pronouns are a sign of respect, as well as inclusivity. Including these preferred terms in email signatures can make someone feel equal. This may seem small, but for many people in the gender-diverse community, this acknowledgement is very important.

At this point in time, as gender pronouns are still considered new, mistakes are inevitable. Understanding and the willingness to learn are the best positive approaches to move forward.

Is it necessary to include gender pronouns in email signatures?

Adding pronouns to your company email signatures removes any ambiguity as to how to address and respect someone’s identity, and provides clarity to how people can address you as well.

Of course, it also shows that your company is trying to be inclusive and wants to support the gender-diverse community, even with the simplest gesture such as recognising their preferred gender pronoun. Because you send and receive emails every day, this support will be evident to employees, clients, suppliers and anyone else your company comes into contact with – and you never know who may really appreciate that your business cares.

Let your staff know it is optional – not compulsory.

Ask me about pronouns in email signatures

Some will quickly accept the use of gender pronouns in their email signature, while others could still be getting used to the idea. Everyone moves at different speeds and that’s OK too.

Open a conversation with your staff, hear their thoughts, and gather feedback. You can explain that you feel it’s a positive step towards inclusivity and a way for them to show support to their peers, friends or customers/clients, and they can let you know if they want to opt-in or out. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, so you can have some staff who display their pronouns and some that don’t.

From here, if you’re using a central email signature management solution, it will be relatively easy to assign preferred pronouns to those that want them displayed.

Examples of gender pronouns in email signatures

Here are a few email signature template samples of where you could place your pronouns. As you can see, they can be quite seamlessly blended.

Example 1: It could appear next to your name such as the below:

Email signature example with pronoun next to name

Example 2: Or it could be right after your job title

Email signature example with pronoun after job title

Example 3: Another option is a line after your name

Email signature example with pronoun in a line after name

How to set up gender pronouns in Rocketseed email signature software

Rocketseed has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to manage, even if you have a staff of 20 or 20,000. It works perfectly in customising your company’s email signatures, whether it’s on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and Microsoft Exchange, where you simply add preferred gender pronouns as required.

One important feature is its ability to implement new email signature template company-wide changes with just a few clicks. Below is a quick demo of how the pronoun changes are applied using Rocketseed email signature software.


Need help? Rocketseed Email Signature Solution is here for you

Our local implementation team can help guide you through setting up gender pronouns or answering any other related questions.

Not sure about the design aspect? Our talented graphic design artists can help build pronouns into your company email signatures while maintaining your brand identity. Book a demo with Rocketseed and discover how we can help your internal and external branding.

Parrot Digital is the exclusive partner of Rocketseed in Australia and New Zealand.  Are you in Australia or New Zealand? To find out what Parrot Digital can do for your business, or to receive a free quote, get in touch today.

Best practices for adding contact information on an email signature

Best practice email signature contact info

An effective email signature is one that includes various different elements. These can include everything from a headshot picture to interactive social media icons. Yet there’s one specific element that sits above the rest in terms of importance: your contact details.

Your contact details are essential for numerous reasons. The most obvious reason is that they supply email recipients with valuable information about how they can get in touch with you. For those who don’t want to simply respond to your email, they can contact you by phone, for instance. It also allows people to find you effortlessly on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. Additional contact details also help with verifying your identity.

With the significance of contact information, it is vital you get this part of your email signature right. The following best practices show you how it’s done.

Avoid adding all your contact details

Yes, your contact details are crucial for an email signature. No, you don’t have to include every single piece of contact information you possess. This is particularly the case if you have multiple email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, and so on. Include too much contact information, and recipients will be quick to label you as desperate rather than professional!

Only incorporate your essential contact details. These include your full name, position, company name (if it isn’t incorporated in your logo), phone number, email address, website URL, and social media profiles. All of your contact details should never exceed seven lines in your email signature.

Go beyond this number, and your signature becomes increasingly untidy and difficult to read. If possible, try and spread your contact details across four or five lines in total.

Professional email signature - Rocketseed

Keep your details up to date

An email signature’s main purpose is to supply your recipients with contact details. That aspect quickly becomes redundant if your information isn’t up to date.

Your contact information can change for numerous reasons. You might take up a different job role. You could change your phone number. You may start using a new social media platform. Either way, when a relevant change does occur, you need to update your email signature to reflect this change.

What if you want to manage the signature contact details of everyone in your company? That’s when you need central signature control so you can update all (say, for a change of office address) or any individual’s contact details (such as a change in job title) when required. To make things even easier, email signature software like Rocketseed integrates with your Active Directory so when an employee’s details are updated in the Directory, their corresponding signature details update automatically.

Include your full name

All too often, people who are crafting their email signature make a large error: they don’t include their full name. They will simply go with their forename and think this is enough. Well, this guide is here to tell you, no, it’s not good enough!

A single name entry is unprofessional. It’s that simple. Recipients won’t view your email signature in a favourable light if they’re presented with a simple ‘Julie’ or ‘Andy’. The top of your signature should present your first and last name – no exception. You might also decide to include a middle name or initial. Avoid nicknames.

Yes, still add your email address

You’re sending an email. Why would you need to include your email address within your email signature? Surely that’s pointless? Can’t a recipient simply look at the ‘From:’ field and gain your email address that way?

That’s what some other guides pertaining to email signatures will tell you. However, you should always add your email address. Certain email platforms, such as Outlook, utilise display names in the ‘From:’ field rather than email addresses. While it helps enhance familiarity and readability, it becomes problematic once your email is forwarded on. Rather than showing your email address to the new recipient, it only reveals your display name.

That’s not good if that person wants to send you an email. At least, that’s the case if you don’t add your email address to your signature. Include a ‘mailto:’ link, and it makes it even easier for them to respond.

Add your social media accounts

In this day and age, more and more people are skipping other communication options to chat via social media. Due to this, you should provide an easy way for recipients to land on your social media pages.

To prevent cluttering up your email signature with text, use on-brand social media icons with corresponding URL links, giving you a neat, eye-catching and engaging element for your signature.

Just remember that your email signature is not a place to promote personal social media pages. They should only correlate with your professional career. For example, if you have a personal Twitter profile that is generally used to post memes, react to political news, curse your favourite football team, etc., you don’t want to link to this through your professional business email signature.

Email Signature on multiple devices

Stay on brand

They might be your essential contact details but they are still part of your signature branding so make sure you keep your font styles and colours in line with your brand guidelines. This is another example where central control solves the problem when managing email signatures at scale. By using email signature software such as Rocketseed, the format of all contact details is designed centrally and all employee contact details are automatically formatted consistently to this design (and stay tamper-proof in case individual’s get tempted to get ‘creative’!)

Contact details are the most essential part of email signatures. However, keeping them complete, up to date and on brand can be a challenge, especially across every employee in your business. As we’ve shown, the secret to managing email signatures at scale is centralised control. To find out how simple this can be, schedule a demo.

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Celebrating female tech leaders in Rocketseed

Celebrating female tech leaders in Rocketseed

It’s no secret that the tech industry has always been predominantly male orientated. Unfortunately, this is true to an even greater degree in the B2B SaaS world.

But as society keeps evolving, we’re noticing that women are entering the tech industry in greater numbers than ever before, bringing education, ambition, diverse ideas and experiences with them.

A gender-diverse culture at Rocketseed

While the overall statistics show that women still make up less than 25% of the tech industry workforce, there are businesses that veer away from this norm and employ, in some cases, many more women within the industry than males.

Rocketseed is one such case, and is extremely proud of the talented and inspiring women that make up 55% of our workforce and leadership team.

Important to note, this wasn’t simply about a quota to fit certain criteria or to simply tick a few boxes. These are women who’ve started at Rocketseed and worked their way up proving themselves at every level! We are who we are today, because we see the advantages of having a diverse workforce.

A diverse workforce ensures a balanced and inclusive work culture

Having a balanced mix of both men and women within the office has endless business culture benefits and far more than that of a more biased environment. Studies show that some of the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace include a wider talent pool, enhanced collaboration, a better reflection of customers and improved recruitment and reputation.

With a business that is pretty much equally balanced in terms of gender, we at Rocketseed have experienced these benefits first-hand! And support it 100%!

Having a vast variety of perspectives has sparked creativity and innovation within Rocketseed, and helped the organisation spot and seize new opportunities. It has also encouraged us to challenge gender stereotypes in many ways.

Meet Rocketseed’s female role models

Janine Ferenčak
Managing Director – RocketDev

Janine has been with Rocketseed since its conception and now leads the development of the software. However, Janine was not always in the tech industry. She started out in finance and, as she puts it, got into tech ‘by accident’.

Janine was looking for a challenge when her boss at the time gave her the opportunity to design an online share trading platform, from which she went on to manage many other tech-related projects, including Rocketseed.

When Rocketseed eventually launched as a business, Janine became an official employee of Rocketseed and the rest is history!

Throughout her career in the male-dominated tech industry, Janine has noticed that you need to be tough when you’re in the tech environment and as long as you know what you’re talking about and have courage in your conviction, you will be heard and respected as any male counterpart would.

Janine Ferencak - Rocketseed

Janine’s advice to women seeking to enter the tech space

“Always keep a curious mind – be open to learning, investigating and being innovative in an environment that is ever-changing. If you love and have passion for tech, you will become successful and achieve amazing things!”

Tracey Adams
Managing Director – Rocketseed EMEA

Tracey started out at Rocketseed as an Account Manager and went on to climb the ‘corporate ladder’, being promoted to Account Director and subsequently Managing Director for the UK. Given her success she was then appointed as MD of EMEA.

However, this was not without hard work and dedication. She has been involved in developing various versions of the Rocketseed software and worked with hundreds of clients over the years.

The male presence in the industry is dominant, however, this is definitely going in the right direction to be more balanced. She also stated that there are a lot of sides to tech, and many ways to gain knowledge from different experts, with varying journeys between them.

When asked about her experience with Rocketseed specifically, she said that it has been great to see the product develop from functionality to a user-friendly interface. The joy of being with the company for many years is seeing client feedback from a wide range of industries feed into our own development team and come to fruition. And the direction of what is coming is even better!

Tracey - Rocketseed

Tracey’s advice to women seeking to enter the tech space

“It’s an exciting industry to be part of, and probably one of the fastest moving and developing so be prepared to keep up. The opportunities are there across such wide fields that it’s a great place to be. Be proactive, look at networking groups or mentoring!”

Encouraging women to follow their tech-dreams

It’s clear that Rocketseed is unique in its approach to a diverse workforce within the industry. We truly value the female presence in the business and equal opportunity is provided to everyone. We strongly believe in upskilling and empowering women by making promotions available to our workforce. There is great opportunity for growth within the business and this has been displayed countless times with having some of our more junior female employees grow into top management positions. This is something we are extremely proud of and a culture we intend to continue in the future.

Having successful women in the tech industry is certainly something to look up to from the perspective of any females wanting to enter the technical workforce. It enables them to have a real-life example of how it is possible to go against the stereotypes and prove to the world that women belong in every business industry.

Shanique Brophy  |  Marketing Executive

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How to Update Your Email Signature for 2022

How to update signatures for 2022

Is your business email signature dressed for success and looking its best? After all, you don’t want to go through the year with a tired-looking email signature displaying out-of-date details, making you look unprofessional and risking your business missing out on valuable marketing and sales opportunities. To ensure this isn’t the case, here is a quick guide on how to update your email signature, for 2022.

1. Update your job title

Have you recently been promoted? Do you now have a shiny new job title? If so, this is the first – and most obvious – element of your email signature that requires a revamp. Failing to update your title straight away can lead to confusion and mistakes. You want everyone within your organisation to understand and recognise your new position.

It also helps when communicating with clients. By keeping them up-to-date with your job role, they know exactly who they are conversing with within your organisation.

2. Refresh your contact details

Over time, your contact details are naturally going to change. Say you have recently moved offices, or staff are working remotely and need to be reachable on mobile. In this case, it’s imperative you edit your email signature, replacing the old number with the new one.

Changes to your signature’s contact details aren’t only applicable when you upgrade a previous communication channel. You also have to refresh your signature when you adopt a new communication type. For example, it’s not uncommon for new social media platforms to climb into prominence seemingly overnight, and you may want to adopt these straight away. In that case, you should embed a new social media icon – complete with a hyperlink to the appropriate social media profile – into your email signature.

Providing your contact details is the main aim of a signature. The last thing you want to do is supply recipients with outdated information that’ll lead to a communication breakdown.

Professional Branded Email Signature

3. Provide a new headshot

How long has it been since you took the headshot that currently resides in your signature? Has it been a few years? If so, it is time for an update. To convey trust, your headshot has to be accurate. A decade-old picture, for instance, is only going to lead to doubts from recipients – and a surprise if you meet on a video call or in person!

When updating this element of your signature, use it as an excuse to shoot a much-improved, professional headshot. Ensure the photo is clear and in focus. Look directly at the camera, dress professionally, and put your smile on full display. Also, to guarantee all focus is on you, make the photo’s background a neutral colour.

4. Add in a call-to-action (CTA)

Many people that use an email signature are not using it to its full potential. They simply include their basic information, display it in a uniform way, and then never give it a second thought.

If you fall into this category, it’s time to change your mindset. It’s time to start maximising the impact of your email signature by incorporating a clickable call-to-action to actively drive recipient engagement.

A CTA can be placed at the bottom of your signature as an eye-catching button or within a banner in your signature or at the top of your email. Don’t worry about it being overlooked. Simply add in a concise and effective message, and a generous click-through rate is a given – assuming you’ve got the right offer of course! Your CTA could be for anything,from a free eBook download to a special product discount. Want to design the perfect CTA button? See our recommendations on what makes people click.

5. Make sure your email disclaimer is correct

Okay, this might be the least thrilling aspect of your business email signature but your email disclaimer is a necessity. After all, you don’t want to put your organisation in a position where it’s breaking the law.

Depending on your location and business type, email disclaimer requirements can vary significantly – and you have to check where your company falls in that regard. To ensure you’re compliant, covered and confident, check out our comprehensive Email Disclaimers guide.

6. Revamp your email signature marketing banners

If you’re using marketing banners below your signature or at the top of your emails, you need to ensure that you’re not displaying outdated marketing campaigns. Check your imagery, copy and calls-to-action. You don’t want to be running last year’s campaigns by default!

If you’re not currently using email banners, now’s the time to start. Make 2022 the year you really transform your everyday email into an engaging marketing channel! Here are 33 great email signature banner examples to give you some inspiration.

Planning for the year ahead? The right email signature software can save you a lot of time and stress by enabling you to automate the scheduling of your email banners to match your year’s promotional programme.

7. Measure your signature success

Make 2022 the year that you really find out how effective your email signature is at engaging your audience. After all, what’s the use of getting your email signature right if you can’t see the results?

Does your current email signature software give you the analytics you need to track your email signatures and banner campaigns, and measure all recipient engagement (including real-time click alerts you can follow up on immediately)? Now’s the time to get these extra insights by utilising an email signature manager that supports your signatures with full analytics and reporting.

Email signature reporting

Ready to update your business email signatures?

These are just a few practical suggestions to help you update your email signature. We’ve also compiled 10 ways to meet 2022’s digital marketing trends using your email signature, designed to maximise your email signature marketing results over the year ahead.

Need assistance updating your email signature for 2022? Or looking to take central control of all your company email signatures? We’re here to help – contact us today.

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