5 steps to Christmas email signature success

Ready to wrap up 2020? It’s certainly been a challenging year for everyone. So while Christmas isn’t going to be quite the same this year, making your email signature Christmassy is just as important as ever for the holiday season.

That’s why we’ve updated our blog post to show how a professional Christmas email signature can help meet the marketing challenges of Christmas this year.

Create consistent Christmas email signatures

Don’t be an email signature Scrooge! Add some seasonal sparkle to your company Christmas email signatures. Add some red and green colourways into your Christmas email signature design, perhaps some shimmering snowflakes, candy canes or maybe treat your head-shot to a jaunty Santa hat.

But remember your brand. Are your staff remote working? Don’t let them go Christmas-crazy (calling themselves Santa’s ‘Chief Help Officer’ or similar). Far safer to use professional email signature software that gives you centralised control – and keep your naughty elves in check. Santa rests easy at night, knowing that his team’s signatures are completely consistent, totally secure and display perfectly across all devices.

Make Christmas email banners your merriest marketing channel

While your Christmas email signature gives you a seasonal sign-off, just like Santa your marketing message deserves top billing! So for more immediate impact you need an eye-catching Christmas email banner campaign to put your ‘Merry Christmas’ message at the top of every email and promote your seasonal offers. With clear, clickable calls-to-action on your banners you can drive traffic direct to your online shop, booking engine or promotions page. And with Rocketseed’s sophisticated analytics you can see exactly who’s engaging with your email banners over the Christmas period, and which Grinchy ones haven’t!

Closing for Christmas or open for business? Keep your customers informed

For some, after Christmas it’s straight back to business, for others everything shuts down ‘til the New Year. Featuring holiday opening and closing dates in a banner at the top of your email is the ideal branded way to remind your customers, suppliers and partners in the run-up to Christmas. Far better than leaving them to find out via a chilly ‘out of office’ automated email reply.

Drive Christmas donations to your chosen charity

Supporting a charity this Christmas? An eye-catching festive Christmas email banner campaign will drive extra donations. It’s the season of goodwill so, with a clear ‘Donate Now’ call-to-action button, recipients can easily click through to the charity’s own website or your own charitable donations page. After all, Christmas is all about giving not receiving.

Bring in the New Year with a brand new free email banner

Nothing says New Year like New Year Sales, and an interactive email banner campaign gives you a great opportunity to feature your best deals and link straight through to your online shop. And don’t worry about having to set up a new banner over the Christmas holidays, with Rocketseed email signature software you can schedule each new banner campaign in advance so it’s automatically applied right on time.

And this Christmas, if you buy a new banner design by 17th December, Rocketseed will give you a FREE email banner design for your New Year promotions. Simply contact us and request your Christmas & New Year 2-for-1 banner special.

2020 has been a challenging year. Wrap up the year with eye-catching, engaging Christmas email signatures and banners and – with our 2-for-1 offer – get your customers clicking through into New Year!

Merry Christmas from Rocketseed.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Coordinator

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What is an HTML email signature, and how do I design one?

Guest post by Robyn Woods-Child, MD of Parrot Digital

While seemingly a small piece of the marketing puzzle, email signatures are some of the most visible branded materials a company can own. After all, every time a customer interacts with your staff via email, they catch a glimpse of your brand – and its quality – via your signatures. But with a quick search you’ll see numerous companies offering different HTML signature generators – some templated, some with drag-and-drop editors, and then companies that offer totally bespoke designs. So what does that mean, and which is right for you?

What are HTML email signatures?

Most major email signature generators provide some type of HTML service. This is because simply building a signature within your email software (i.e. Outlook or Gmail) or attaching an image at the bottom of every email can cause problems. For instance, your signature may display incorrectly in different email clients, the image might cause loading speed issues at the receiver’s end, or buttons that should be clickable (i.e. social media or promotional links) aren’t.

HTML, on the other hand, is designed to work more fluidly across platforms and devices. This is because these signatures are built more like a website than a graphic. They are compressed without sacrificing quality (improving loading speeds), and display correctly across various devices or email clients. Additionally, using a signature generator such as Rocketseed, images can also be stripped from email replies so as to reduce the archive weight of the chain and maintain optimal speeds during those longer conversations.

HTML signatures also incorporate branding, personal images and social media icons, as well as custom links and tracking codes.

Key benefits of an HTML email signature

  1. Customisability: HTML is very flexible, allowing you to build a signature that perfectly meets your brand and marketing objectives. Because code is recognised across platforms, it will allow you to embed graphics and images that display correctly on all devices.
  2. Easy to update: With the right email signature provider, you can instantly update sender information, promotional banners, link URLs, UTM codes and more with the click of a button – automating the change to all applicable senders in your company.
  3. Clickable links: You can make different parts of the signature clickable. Examples include email addresses, social media, website URLs, promotions, maps, or business card downloads.
  4. Click tracking: A custom HTML email signature will allow you to track each click by adding a UTM to the URL. Rocketseed has built in analytics to quickly build reports on campaign performance.
  5. Reduced email size: By stripping images from replies, HTML signatures can reduce the size of an email chain and improve load speeds.

Our best email signature sizes guide highlights ideal dimensions, the best file formats, font sizes and more for your email banners and signatures.

HTML email signatures: Template, drag-and-drop, or bespoke?

Now that you know the ins and outs of HTML email signatures, you’ll need to decide what type of generator you want to use.

  1. Templates: Pre-made email signature designs within which you can make customisations, such as colour, font and images.
  2. Drag-and-drop: An app that lets you build your own template using custom modules that fit together into a wider design. Think of it as lots of little templates that you can put together in an order that you prefer.
  3. Bespoke: Get the signature that 100% aligns with your brand. Create custom signatures with the perfect style, layout and content.

Parrot Digital is Australasia’s exclusive provider of Rocketseed – one of the world’s leading HTML email signature tools.

With Rocketseed, we can provide totally bespoke, on-brand email signatures that get the right message in the right place at the right time, designed to work perfectly on every email client. Plus, with our one-click Google UTM tracking codes, in-built detailed instant reports and custom promotional banners, you can get more from your emails with Rocketseed.

Are you in Australia or New Zealand? To find out what Parrot Digital can do for your business, or to receive a free quote, get in touch today. Otherwise, book a demo with Rocketseed below.

Professionalism in PJ’s. Musings from a remote-working Rocketseed newbie

So I’ve worked at Rocketseed for almost 6 months now… and what a time to be starting an email signature software sales job!

3 weeks in – just when I’d learned the secrets of email signature success, got my desk exactly how I like it and found the best local coffee shop – Covid strikes! Suddenly I’m a remote-working Rocketseeder, sitting at home (occasionally in my PJ’s – guilty!), the business world changing by the minute, and my email signature sales targets looking like a very tall order. Am I up to the challenge? I hope so. I really hope so.

Email signatures through fresh eyes

Now, if this little blog post sounds a bit ‘salesy’, what can I say… it’s my job! But I like to think it’s an honest view from someone who’s relatively new to Rocketseed, with fresh eyes on a pretty awesome email signature solution.

After all – I’ll admit it – before I came onboard at Rocketseed, I didn’t know much about email signature management. It had never registered on my radar. You work for a company, you apply your name, title, and contact number to your own emails and you’re off to the races, right?

Wrong. Very wrong…

My new email signature mantra

Suddenly at Rocketseed, I’m working in a world of intriguing email signature expressions, soon to become my new mantra – ‘Consistent company-wide branding’, ‘Make every email a new marketing channel’, ‘Centralised control for complete compliance’. I can’t help but think back to when I worked at a private event space and later at a non-profit art organisation. How brilliant would it have been to have supercharged our email back then with eye-catching, interactive signatures and banners, highlighting all our services, linking directly to our donations page, and driving tons of new traffic to our website and social channels. It would have made our marketing budget go so much further too (not to mention lowering the blood pressure of our stressed-out IT support guy! Hope he’s OK).

OK, so I get it now. I’m not so much selling email signatures as I’m simply showing clients how to unlock the power of every business email their employees are sending, giving them email brand consistency, extra customer engagement, complete compliance and central control. But despite this epiphany, I still keep asking myself the same, simple question. ‘How do you sell email signatures during a pandemic?’ In fact, how do you sell anything apart from hand sanitiser and face masks during a pandemic?

Am I in for a surprise…?

Get consistent. Get compliant… and stop herding cats

Contrary to what I’m expecting, the emails keep coming, the phone keeps ringing and my target prospects keep taking my calls. Suddenly everyday business email is big news and, with all their employees now working from home, both IT and Marketing managers are realising that making sure their employees are all on-brand and compliant on email can be like herding cats.

Thankfully, we’ve just published a couple of pieces – Email signature marketing for crisis management: A complete guide and 7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working – and it doesn’t take too many conversations for me to realise that these answer the questions that I’m now being asked.

‘My team are all working remotely now, how do I keep them all on-brand?’

‘Can I keep track of how many branded emails they’re sending… without being too ‘Big Brother’?’

‘How quickly can I change banner messaging to keep on top of the crisis?’

‘Can I brand internal emails too so I can keep my staff engaged with training updates?’

And in the last couple of weeks…

‘OK, how do I get my emails set up to help drive recovery, even with my decimated marketing budget?’

Thankfully, I have the answers (and if you read those articles, you will too).

Seeing email signatures differently

So much has changed since I started.

Businesses have woken up to the significance of email signatures.

With their Sales, Customer Service, Business Development and Executive Teams working remotely (possibly in their PJ’s too!), more than ever they need to convey a united, professional brand image to their customers, suppliers, investors and colleagues. They also need an agile, cost-effective marketing channel to engage all their stakeholders with rapidly changing messaging that will also be vital in helping their businesses get back on track.

I’ve drunk the Kool-aid, and now want to show everyone how simple, but powerful an email signature solution like Rocketseed can be for their business.

Ida Rodsand | Sales Development Representative

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Thanks to our customers, Rocketseed has bloomed in the Covid gloom

No beating around the bush, it has been a second quarter like no other! What will quarters three and four hold?!

More than ever, the Covid crisis has made me really appreciate our loyal customer community, our tireless Rocketseed team and the robustness of our product. Our customers have embraced new ways to use email signature management and marketing techniques to help them meet the challenges of the crisis, and for that we say…

To all our customers, a big, big ‘Thank you!’

You’ve all been amazing. We don’t expect email signatures to be right at the top of your company Covid-survival list, and we’ve been overwhelmed by how you’ve reached out to us to see how Rocketseed can help. Speaking as the CEO, I think that speaks volumes about our team, the service they offer, our product and, above all, our customer relationships.

3 ways we rose to the challenge with world-leading email signature software

Unlike a lot of SaaS companies (what do they think the second ‘S’ stands for?), our service is proactive and personal, and there’s a simple reason for that. We like talking to our customers and learning about their businesses and how we can help. It’s why, when Covid broke, our dedicated account managers (take a bow all of you) were able to build on their strong customer relationships with calm crisis advice about how Rocketseed could meet the following challenges (and, if proof were needed, here are 7 reasons why you need a dedicated account manager).

Challenge 1: Managing email signatures for crisis management

Crisis management has always been a capability of Rocketseed email signatures but suddenly it’s front and centre. In fact, so many customers were asking us for email signature crisis management best practice – including cutting through the crisis noise with impactful, instantly updatable information banners – that we published Managing a Crisis with Email Signatures and Email Banners: A Complete Guide. Turns out, that when crisis strikes, Rocketseed is a great tool to have in your corner. Along with that, reading on will show how these matters can be applied with remote working.

Challenge 2: Managing email signatures for remote working

Perhaps, the biggest practical change of the Covid crisis is remote working. Suddenly we’re all saving travel time and seeing what’s on each other’s bookshelves in online meeting calls! But is it detrimental to your business and your brand? Again, email signature management has a key role to play – from keeping your brand image consistent to keeping your staff trained up – as you can learn from our 7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working.

Challenge 3: Managing email signatures for re-opening

This is when Rocketseed email signature marketing will be at its most valuable – delivering direct engagement cost-effectively through your most used communication channel. Suddenly, with Rocketseed, every email you send can help put your brand and business back on track by promoting your newest products, latest offers and company news. We’ll be publishing a blog post on how to maximise this opportunity very soon. In the meantime, read this to understand how Rocketseed email signatures and banner campaigns give you a unique marketing solution.

But what was happening behind the scenes?

So, those were the challenges of the customer base and product support but what about the business? By the end of March, our ‘war rooms’ were running, the management meetings with daily check-in’s left, right and centre were at full speed. BUT… things were moving fast.

How could we optimise our preparation for this?

Control was a big issue – not of our business (control is central to Rocketseed – it’s a core feature of our email signature solution!) but of the situation itself by those in power. We operate in four continents with key technical support in all regions. However, we still had to wait for government policy updates on a daily basis, hoping they’d clarify lockdowns and give us the answers we needed to adapt our staffing, technology and customer support most effectively.

As for crisis finances, we’d modelled different financial predictions based on different levels of churn and realised that if we battened down the hatches to umpteenth degree, we could still service our EXISTING customer base on those levels of income. Thankfully, we didn’t come close to the first level that we’d modelled in, thanks to the continued support of our customer community, including those especially hard-hit in the travel, leisure and hospitality sectors. So what’s next?

‘Survive and thrive’ – it’s in Rocketseed’s DNA

Minds started to settle, the ship was stable in terms of client status and it was time to figure how to reawaken the pipeline and bring these prospects back to life! I won’t talk about our detailed strategy but we saw one of the strongest June finishes that we have seen for a few years in all regions, with results that included double digit thousands of license sales, solid service revenue and close to no churn.

Whilst this might all sound like blowing the Rocketseed trumpet, it’s just that at times like these, as the CEO, I’m so proud of our people, our product and our customer community.

We have bloomed in the almost-all-pervasive gloom and we look forward to helping our customers all re-energise for the rest of 2020!

Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

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7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working

Does your team working together in the same office feel like a distant memory? Now with your staff working remotely, there’s a whole new set of challenges to face. How best to track their productivity? Are they sufficiently motivated or in danger of letting service standards slip? Can you still ensure they present a united brand front to the world?

You might be surprised to know that your business email signatures can help with all these issues and more. After all, you and your employees (wherever they’re working from) are still sending tons of emails every day.

Here are 7 ways email signature management can help you…

1. Keep presenting a united brand front to the world

With a team of remote workers, it’s essential that they’re all perfectly on-brand when it comes to email. After all, they’re each sending up to 1,000 emails a month – each one an extra opportunity for a customer, prospect, supplier or other stakeholder to see and engage with your company brand.

Consistency is the key to your audience keeping trust in your brand, yet there’s the danger that working remotely increases the temptation for individual team members to get ‘creative’ with their own signatures.

For complete brand consistency, you need an email signature solution that gives you centralised control. That way not only are individual signatures totally tamper-proof but you can also update them company-wide in an instant, ensuring a unified brand front across every email signature and banner campaign.

2. Keep track of your team’s productivity (without being Big Brother)

Worried about your work-from-home staff’s productivity? Before you start installing screen-monitoring surveillance software, consider the metrics and insights that email signature management analytics and metrics can give you, without needing to ‘Big Brother’ your staff and undermine their trust.

One key metric is email volume. Who are your top senders? Are they working hard or just sharing jokes? Are lower users slacking or just more focused?

What are your top receiver domains? Which companies are your staff interacting with most? What proportion of emails are actually to one another in your business?

But the most important measure is engagement. With Rocketseed’s reporting it’s easy to see which emails had particular banner campaigns applied, how many unique recipients were reached and how much engagement was achieved (total clicks divided by number of unique recipients).

Once you’ve got a clear picture of your most successful senders (don’t be surprised if it’s your sales team), most responsive recipients and most clicked banner campaigns, you can harness these insights to fine-tune your future email signature marketing campaigns and benchmark your team’s performance.

Find out more about our email signature reporting and analytics.

3. Keep your marketing cost-effective

As we all know, it’s at challenging times like these that budget-cutting decisions raise their ugly head. So when it comes to your marketing budget you need to make some smart choices.

It’s time to focus on cost-effective, responsive channels that deliver direct engagement. Eye-catching email banner campaigns do a great job of driving direct engagement from a channel your staff are using every day, and they’re incredibly responsive. You can quickly design a new banner campaign yourself – banners are just .jpeg or .gif files and there’s no HTML required (or let us design it for you if you’re stretched).

New banner campaigns can be taken ‘live’ in minutes, and central control means you can make company-wide updates to them in an instant. If you’re looking for design tips, try our email signature design guidelines.

4. Keep your service levels high

Just because your staff are working from home, you can’t let customer service slip. Going the extra mile for your customers in these challenging times is even more likely to result in them writing you glowing reviews, boosting both your online reputation and your search ranking.

Simply by adding a ‘rate our service’ one-click survey under every employee email signature, your customers can quickly rate their experience – ‘excellent’, ‘good’ ‘average’ or ‘poor’. You can then follow up positive responses with a more detailed survey, a review request and a promotional offer.

Remember, with Rocketseed’s real-time alert feature you can immediately follow up any less-than-positive responses and remedy the issue – avoiding any poor reviews and proving your reputation for excellent customer service!

5. Keep calm in a crisis

Crisis management is a key part of any successful digital strategy. It’s at times like these you need to keep your customers, staff and all your stakeholders up to speed without your message getting lost in an inbox full of ‘Crisis Update’ subject lines.

A crisis management email banner campaign gives you an engaging way to update and reassure while carrying on business as near to normal as possible through your everyday business email. You can run your crisis management message in rotation with other banners designed to keep your business moving forward, featuring your latest promotions and advance purchase deals – including on CRM-generated response emails.

To find out more, check out our ‘Managing a crisis with email signatures and banners: The complete guide’.

6. Keep your staff engaged

With so many now working remotely, it’s more important than ever to keep your staff engaged and keep your company’s brand culture strong. That’s the great internal communications (and internal marketing) challenge.

By running email banner campaigns on every internal email you can engage with individual employees personally and efficiently whilst also measuring their uptake.

Keep your staff informed by running banners alerting them to all the latest company news and policies, making sure they stay safe and productive at home. If you’ve recently hired new staff, and their only real experience of your business is working remotely, then use banners to drive them to all the onboarding material they need. Banners can be used just as easily to ensure all staff engage with the latest training content, especially if it concerns the new technology they need to master to work from home effectively.

Worried about staff morale? Run email banners featuring one-click staff surveys to see how they’re all doing working from home, and what they think the company could do to make the experience easier (and them happier). For banner designs to keep your staff engaged, check out our 33 great email signature banner examples.

7. Keep it real

Human contact has suddenly become a rare commodity – from round-table meetings to the water-cooler catch-up. But just because your staff are ‘remote’ doesn’t mean your SaaS providers have to be. It’s at times like these that you want to talk with your software providers to see how they can best help meet your business needs.

It’s why we’ve always emphasised the importance of having a dedicated account manager – a real person you can discuss your business situation with and find out how your email signatures and banner campaigns can help meet your goals… especially in these turbulent times. Here’s 7 reasons why a dedicated account manager can make a real difference.

It’s never been more important to present a united brand front, and I hope this blog post has inspired you to look to your email signatures to meet the current challenges.

Want to get your email signatures working harder for you?

Wade Willingale | Managing Director

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COVID-19 Update: Rocketseed has your back


We realise that you’re receiving a lot of update emails about COVID-19 and we don’t want to add to the pile of your to-do list. That being said, we also know that it’s important for you to feel reassured that your email is still flowing with signatures and branding – ensuring your company compliance measures and brand integrity.

We want to let you know that Rocketseed is running as normal and below are the measures that we have taken to ensure that nothing changes.

Business Continuity

  • Given the WHO and local government and health authorities guidance in all our regions, we have put in place the Rocketseed Business Continuity Plan which accounts for specific measures ensuring the safety of employees and our customers.
  • We have applied a team A and team B roster for certain offices whereby they are still able to access without using public transport.
  • Fortunately we are primarily an online business – server access, systems administration and customer success continue as always.
  • We’ve modelled our exposure and operations are stabilised in terms of what looks to be the new normal, at least, for the foreseeable future.

We are busy doing what we usually do BUT we are working remotely and some of our work depends on problem solving with human interaction (that’s right we miss each other)! So, ticketing systems are all still working as always but the response time you are used to, may have gone from hypersonic to supersonic.

Here’s what you’ve had from us:

  • You were busy and now you’re super busy, so rather than clogging the inbox, we’ve called and offered a helping hand. Every customer, no matter the size, has heard from us.
  • This is stage one of our customer communications plan and going forward there will be further check-in’s to say hi.
  • We’re offering any help we can within the realm of our capability, so if you are in the hospitality & leisure sector and on our lowest plan, give us call and we’ll do whatever else we can to help you with providing banners or similar to help the cause.
  • We are offering free campaign reviews to make sure whatever you are turning around works best for your business – this applies to ANY business, anywhere.

Everything we do is about the customer and nothing there has changed, we are all in this together and no ask from you is ever too small!

Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

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Email Signature Marketing introduced into prestigious Digital Brand Strategy Course

Digital Brand Strategy meets Email Signature Marketing

Students enrolling for the 2020 Digital Brand Strategy course at The IIE’s Vega School – Thought leaders and trailblazers in design, brand and business – will, for the first time ever, be introduced to the role of Email Signature Marketing as a powerful (and highly cost-effective) digital marketing channel.

As a leading innovator and provider of email signature management software, Rocketseed – in conjunction with digital agency Digitlab – is proud to be recognised as a key contributor to the new course material which emphasises the engagement potential of branding businesses’ everyday employee email, which is, after all, their number 1 communication channel with the average employee sending over 1,000 emails every month.

Most email marketing course material focuses on bulk email marketing. In the Digital Brand Strategy course, they dive deeper into email marketing by addressing, in-email banners and signature marketing. Going beyond the basics of HTML design and contact lists, Vega students will get to understand the importance of creating an all-encompassing email marketing strategy that reaches people across all email customer touchpoints. Thanks to Rocketseed’s contribution, students will learn about controlling consistent company-wide email signatures to raise brand awareness and reinforce brand familiarity, as well as the role of legal email disclaimers in protecting brands in terms of regulatory compliance, copyright and confidentiality.

From a marketing perspective, the new course material also emphasises the engagement opportunities of branded email banner campaigns – impactful, interactive advertising banners that not only promote but also encourage recipients to directly click-through to company websites, social media channels and key marketing content. As a digital marketing tool, email banners boast not only the ability to be timed and targeted but also extremely high open and click-through rates.

Rocketseed Email Branding

And in keeping with Vega’s leading reputation for creativity and practical business teaching, the course also highlights how to choose and use email signature software. Rocketseed has contributed its expertise on email signature design – including the critical call-to-action – as well as guidelines on how to integrate signatures and email banner campaigns into an engaging and effective wider brand marketing strategy.

“Email marketing is still a strong and necessary marketing tool but the strategies need to go beyond bulk email blasts. Unfortunately, that is what most marketing programmes focus on. What we have done with the Digital Brand Strategy programme is expand on all the email customer touchpoints that marketers can use to build their brand, drive culture, generate leads and communicate more efficiently.”  Mike Saunders | Digitlab

The potential of the programme is also very clear to Damian Hamp-Adams, Rocketseed CEO:

“With the legitimisation of email signatures, mainstream marketing is paying attention and it is fantastic to see an educational facility like Vega including this dynamic channel into their curriculum. Email signature marketing warrants a presence on the syllabus and we’d expect more tertiary education institutions to apply this in the future. Rocketseed is used very successfully by educational institutions across the globe and it was this use case that drove the initiative from Vega”.

Contact us now to find out more about including email signature marketing in your marketing course, or using it yourself.

What makes Rocketseed email signature software so secure?

Rocketseed Security Features

We’ve been doing a lot of listening. When we’ve asked you what your priorities are when it comes to email signature software, it turns out that email signature security is a hot topic – up there with the best email signature design tips and how to plan the perfect email signature automated campaign.

What you really want is to feel completely secure with your email signature solution and to know that someone (a real person) is there to help you if something unexpected happens. After all, we’re not only talking about your number 1 business communications channel – your everyday email – but also your brand (and possibly your own reputation if you’re the person responsible for your company’s email signatures!)

Of course, we’ve always treated email signature security as paramount and recently we’ve introduced even more security features to give you complete peace of mind. So, here’s what you told us and the new enhancements we’ve made.

1. You wanted to make sure hackers couldn’t rinse and repeat through automated processing when it came to denial-of-service to servers.

Our secure email signatures have always blocked this but we’ve upgraded it further with dynamic firewall updates so that multiple invalid requests coming in from the same IP are automatically blocked from the server, rendering the attack invalid before it begins.

2. You asked ‘Are all email conversations encrypted?’

Yes, they always were, through secure TLS-encrypted communication, now enhanced with automatic TLS certificate renewal, keeping all mail traffic encrypted and authenticated from source to destination.

3. Is our server security updated regularly?

In fact, with our automatic server security updates, as soon as security updates/patches become available (often before vulnerabilities are even announced), they are deployed to our servers.

4. Another big question is ‘How can you ensure my email’s deliverability?’

Rest assured, with Rocketseed, all mails can be DKIM signed. DKIM, SPF and ARC passes in mail headers ensure that all branded mails have the highest rate of email deliverability and hit the inbox rather than the junk folder.

5. ‘I need peace of mind about your compliance benchmarking’.

With our CIS (Center for Internet Security) compliance score consistently above 80%, we protect our servers to world-leading internet security standards.

6. ‘Can you help us further in ensuring second tier security?’

Good point, we already did and we’ve now gone even further with BURP & NESUS penetration testing.

7. This was a big one for us, ‘Can you automate your monitoring system to heal non- critical issues?’

WOW, for you? Anything! Our new self-healing monitoring software not only reports on issues but also self-heals non-critical issues.

And, of course, our expert IT and Account Management teams are always on hand to help and answer whatever security questions you might have, whether you’re looking to book a demo or are an established Rocketseed user.

Your security is one of the biggest parts of our business and our industry-leading security features add to the reasons why we’re loved by Marketing and trusted by IT.

Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

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Add Stardust to your Office 365 email signatures… ‘AD Sync Boost’ launched!

We like to have fun and with the name Rocketseed we’re definitely allowed to make references and puns connected to anything space related! That being said, the latest release of our ‘AD Sync Boost’ tool is nothing short of stellar! Ok, we’ll stop.

If you work with Rocketseed (customer or partner) and already use our email signature software and new interface (thanks for the positive feedback – YAY!), you know that we aim to please and everything is about the product combined with customer service and user experience.

In that sense, we wanted to make your life easier and given the successful beta testing by friendly enterprise customers, our Azure Active Directory Sync is doing just that.

Our ‘AD Sync Boost’ tool is the turbo version of the previous Active Directory synchronisation feature.

Listed below are the three key areas that the API enables IT and Marketing to automatically sync from Azure AD directly to the Rocketseed hierarchy.

Area 51, sorry #1

Keep it in one spot.

Simply put, holding staff email signature information in the Office 365 Azure Cloud, means you can seamlessly sync this information into the Rocketseed interface which automatically adds the updated information into all your employee email signatures.

Over and above, we’ve powered up this feature so you can utilise additional un-synced signature data to be stored in Rocketseed.

What does that mean for our customers? Apart from being bigger fans, you can feature even more fields in your email signatures than can actually be held in Azure Active Directory. Seriously!

#2 Ground Control – IT managers put yo hands up!

Will it make IT feel like they landed Apollo? Afraid not but… it does make their lives a ton easier.

How? IT won’t have to log into multiple platforms or devices to keep company email signatures updated and accurate. All they have to do is keep the Active Directory up to date and Active Directory Boost takes care of the rest.

Parent groups, sub-groups, and more sub-groups. For enterprise businesses this is key. All groups are now set up directly in the AD portal. SIMPLE, no Rocket science here.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 more thing – we shouldn’t take away from the set up either, takes ten minutes and it is a once off… that’s it done and dusted!

#3 The budget that everybody wants – Marketing

We relish brand guardianship, it’s pretty much one of the mainstays of emails signatures and we just made that much easier. Because after the one-time set-up, the Rocketseed Azure Active Directory sync gives you complete centralised ongoing control of your data. And with all updates, you know your company-wide employee email signatures will stay correct because Rocketseed email signatures are completely tamper-proof.

So there’s no fear of individual employees getting ‘creative’ with their own individual email signatures… You know what we mean, Director of Moon landings vs Rocketsetship Coffee Supplier.

All your branded company email signatures will be correct, consistent and compliant, with all the right staff details and perfectly on-brand.

Rocketseed’s Azure ‘AD Sync Boost’: straight up, one of the strongest syncing tools out there and that’s why it is loved by Marketing and trusted by IT.

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Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO

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Rocketseed partnerships grow to bring email branding to Africa

Rocketseed is expanding its roots into Africa with a host of new companies joining our successful partnership program.

From North and East Africa to our neighbours around South Africa, some of the continent’s most dynamic and innovative IT and marketing agencies are now offering Rocketseed email branding to their customers as part of their services… and are seeing the rewards.

Our newest partner companies include…

  • V5 Digital in Namibia
  • ITWorx and Webscape in Botswana
  • Adonai Corporation in Zimbabwe
  • Underdogs Studio in Mauritius
  • Cloudhop in Kenya

With Rocketseed’s simple user license model, these and all our partners are able to secure a recurring revenue stream from the start, whilst opening up new opportunities to attract new leads and up-sell to their existing clients – all with the full support of Rocketseed and its world-class digital technology.

In turn, this means their clients in Africa and across the globe can realise the power of professionally branded emails, featuring on-brand email signatures, interactive banner campaigns and advanced analytics to track engagement.

What’s more, effective email branding is proven to deliver a wide range of business solutions, from achieving brand consistency and compliance, to marketing, sales and employee engagement – all through the #1 business communication channel, everyday employee email.

With its global presence – having offices in South Africa, the USA and UK, and representation in Australia – Rocketseed fully appreciates the scale of opportunity that Africa offers its partnership program and its expansion continues apace.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the immense interest we’ve received from companies in Africa wanting to join our partnership program. We’re delighted to have them all on-board and look forward to having long prosperous relationships with them.” – Wade Willingale | MD, Rocketseed South Africa.

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