4 ways educational institutions can engage with email signature and banner campaigns

If you’re running an educational institution – be it a school, college, or university – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice of digital communication channels out there. How do you best reach your students, prospective students, parents and staff with content that’s relevant, engaging and gets them responding?

In line with the communication and marketing strategies of your institution, it’s time to review how you’re setting the tone when it comes to general announcements, student and staff communications, and engaging with the students’ parents who, in many cases, provide the funding to keep the wheels turning.

Why not simply enhance your most frequently-used digital channel to create a more personal and engaging touch… by adding interactive email signatures and marketing banner campaigns to your everyday email.

Here’s 4 challenges educational institutions face and how email signature marketing and email banner campaigns via one-to-one email can come to their rescue…

1. Cut through the competitor crowd

With new schools and private tertiary education institutions opening their doors on a daily basis, competition is tight. The result? They feel forced to spend more money on various traditional and digital awareness campaigns.

But there is a more convenient (and far more affordable) option available to stand out from the crowd.

With Rocketseed you can insert impactful, interactive branded banners into each and every email – either at the top or within your signature – to create thousands of extra marketing opportunities every month. Create effective awareness campaigns around new or existing courses, remind prospective students about registration deadlines and promote upcoming events – all with easy click-through to the appropriate content.

Pro-tip: Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is vital. Our advanced segmentation and scheduling rules allow you to assign specific banners to specific sender and/or recipient groups, ensuring your audience is always served the most relevant information.

2. Keep parents posted

When it comes to pre, primary and secondary schools, learners can hardly be relied on to pass on important information. Nowadays, the majority of schools have a “parent portal” which is updated on a regular basis, keeping parents well informed at all times.

But how do you promote the portal, especially to new parents?

Endorse the portal’s benefits and features in an email banner campaign which will encourage parents to download the app.

What if your institution doesn’t have a “parent portal”? No problem – you can run an informative and educational “Welcome to our school” campaign with a series of interactive email banners. Rocketseed’s image map feature allows you to create as many clickable areas as you want on each banner, each linked to different content.

Pro-tip: Various targeted banner campaigns can be run simultaneously. You decide the frequency and which campaigns to prioritise. Schedule banners in advance and set an end date to ensure you never promote an event past its expiration date!

3. Keep students up to speed

In most instances, tertiary education institutions provide their students with an email address based on their student number or name and surname. This is a perfect opportunity for the institution to utilise the Rocketseed email branding tool to create targeted and tracked banner campaigns that drive important communications from admin staff and lecturers to students in each faculty, as well as allowing for campaigns to be driven via student-to-student email communications.

Should there be special upcoming calendar events such as Varsity Rugby Festivals or Student Council Elections, the Rocketseed email branding tool can be utilised in a targeted, cost-effective way to convey these messages to the students and drive direct click-through response.

Pro-tip: Each and every banner is tracked which means you get an instant click notification email as soon as someone has interacted with one of your banners. You’ll be able to see which banner was clicked on, who the email was from, who engaged with it and the time the email was sent, as well as the time the banner was clicked on.

From a revenue generating perspective, the institution can also sell advertising space to their partners or suppliers in the form of email banners to promote their products and services to the university and its students.

4. Getting staff on-side

Internal business communications can be tricky. Especially with staff who aren’t always too eager to participate. So how do you keep track of whether they received and reacted to important communications?

Internal Marketing campaigns via your everyday email is the answer.

Send interactive, targeted messages to specific departments with a clear, clickable call to action, using your everyday email. Maybe you need to send out an important message from the Principal or share new company templates with the team. How about informing teaching staff of upcoming internal training sessions and events? Or maybe you want to get staff feedback on new work practices via an incentivised survey? Best of all is that you can keep track of exactly who has engaged with your banners.

Pro-tip: If your HR department feels frustrated when it comes to recruitment and onboarding, then they’ll just love Rocketseed. Conveniently announce newly available vacancies via interactive email banners, giving recipients the opportunity to apply with the click of a button. On-boarding is also made easy. Make new staff feel welcome with a banner introducing them to the institution’s culture with all the onboarding information and policy documentation they need, easily downloadable at the click of a button.

Don’t go mass mail – engage students, staff and parents alike with the personal touch of interactive Rocketseed email signatures and marketing banner campaigns.

Tyron Lecki | Business Development

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A Marketer’s review of the new Rocketseed interface

If you’re an existing Rocketseed customer like myself, no doubt you’ll be aware of the new Rocketseed interface coming your way. (If you’re not, here’s what you’re missing)! I was asked by our Rocketseed Account Manager to take it for a test run, wasn’t sure what to expect, but curious to see what had changed, I agreed to give my feedback, so here’s my review…

What difference a facelift makes

It’s clean. It’s clear. And it’s had an injection of colour!

I noticed that the menu bar has been moved vertically to the left-hand side, consisting of self-explanatory icons. (A pop-up label appeared when I hovered over each too – a nice touch)! I clicked on the drop-down arrow to reveal what functions can be performed under that specific section, exactly as I expected for each.

Overall, it’s neat and compact.

Data on demand

As a marketer, I want… no wait, I need statistics at my fingertips.

I’ve always found Rocketseed provides me with a full suite of reporting options. However, key data that I use on a regular basis was previously scattered between various reports. In an ideal world, all that key data would be in one central point, in an easy to glance format, with an option to download.

Once logged in, the first page was a new, consolidated view of ‘the most significant’ stats for the last 7 days. These included:

  • My top 10 performing campaigns with the total number of clicks of each (helps me easily track performance)
  • Top Senders which I use as a performance indicator for specific teams
  • Top Receiver Domains to apply targets to those I know we are speaking to often

This for me, is a great addition! Although there is no download/export button from this summary right now, I’ve been reassured it’s a future enhancement.

Overall, it’s neat and compact.

Uploading my campaign

So far so good.

However, this, is one of the most important areas; I upload new campaigns on a regular basis, so timing and simplicity are crucial.

I started by choosing the appropriate template for the location of my banner: top or bottom. Although I only use top banners, the reminder I have an option of bottom was nice. Following the logical steps: uploading art work, applying links, tracking and finally testing the process was seamless.

More importantly, it was intuitive. At the point of assigning my new banner campaign to my selected teams, I referred back to the ‘How to’ video.

Although I felt confident, I was on the right path, it was nice to have reassurance. And within 90 seconds the visual instructions had done the trick.

As a marketer, this goes to show the value of help resources. These are a new addition to my Rocketseed experience – which serve a great purpose.

Email signatures success

Setting up a signature is something I’ve previously referred to as an ‘IT responsibility’. So, I was thrown in the deep end when attempting to set up a new signature.

As I got started, I was presented with various different layouts to choose from. Just my luck, the option I had in mind wasn’t available!!! Quickly resolved by the support team, who prepared this option for me and added it to the library. I selected my newly coded layout, personalised with our brand colours, fonts and social media icons, and I was almost there!

Before testing, I had some questions, is my signature mobile optimised? Can I include links to personal LinkedIn profiles and so on? Although the support team answered on telephone support, I’ve been assured that an FAQs button will be here and packed with useful tips, tricks and information before we know it.

I like the way I was able to quickly and easily send test messages to myself as well as other team members.


Overall…? I’m impressed!

The new interface ticks all the relevant check boxes: it’s user-friendly, visually appealing and help is always at hand.

Thanks to Rocketseed for providing me with the opportunity to take a sneak peek into the brand-new interface!

Diana Tucker | Director & Co-Founder of Marketing Fusion Ltd

7 Internal marketing ideas to improve employee experiences

Your two most important assets – your people and your brand.

And how your employees experience, buy into, represent and communicate your brand can make the difference between your business’s success and failure. That’s the great internal marketing challenge.

So, what if there was a way to improve your internal marketing by engaging with individual employees personally and efficiently whilst also measuring their uptake? A ‘hero’ internal marketing channel?

Well, there’s one channel that HR managers and teams can harness every day as the company’s most influential internal marketing, communication and engagement platform.

Employees around the world send each other millions of normal Outlook emails every day. What if these emails could be injected with eye-catching, employee-specific internal marketing campaigns? The first thing they see when they open each email – instantly engaging, clickable, interactive and ideal for a range of important information announcements. Basically, the smartest (and most cost-effective) internal marketing opportunity there is.

It’s time to make smarter use of your biggest form of daily communication.

Here are 7 internal email campaigns ideas to engage your employees, strengthen your company culture and drive real performance results…

1. The “internal news” campaign

Ensure your employees never miss an important announcement! Connect, inform and motivate your staff daily with a video message that you or your team can easily record on an iPhone and apply to every email.

2. The “welcome on board” campaign

Welcome on board! Welcome, on-board and educate new joiners with clever internal campaigns about your company culture, product training info and ‘how things are done around here’.

3. The “company templates” campaign

Centralise your branded templates – from PowerPoint sales presentations to policy documents and invoices – and link your employees to the important documents and files they need to read or use.

4. The “training and events” campaign

Attention team! Advertise important team training sessions and internal events to ensure everyone puts the date in their diary and nobody misses out.

5. The “recruitment” campaign

The job’s yours! Let your staff know about vacancies they can either apply for themselves or spread the word to interested applicants.

6. The “anonymous tip-off” campaign

Give your staff the power to tip you off privately about any bad or unproductive behaviour so you can root-out risky practices, inefficiencies and trouble-making team members.

7. The “staff survey” campaign

How are things going? Find out by running survey banners at the top of your internal emails on everything from how happy your staff are to where they want the Christmas party.

Whether you are using Rocketseed’s Microsoft 365 email signature manager or G Suite email signature manager, for all these internal marketing campaigns, you’re in complete central control, so you can decide the message, how it looks, who it’s sent to and when to run it.

No doubt, improved employee experiences will lead to improved customer experiences. After all, customer buying decisions are influenced more and more by experience, and the key to this experience is through your employees (the people your customers talk to, meet, get emails from, etc.)

A productive, positive employee experience has emerged as the new contract between employer and employee.”*

It’s time to deliver on this. Make your internal email your internal marketing ‘hero’ channel.

To learn more about internal email marketing speak to the knowledgeable team at Rocketseed.

*From Deloitte

Wade Willingale | Managing Director

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7 Essential email banners to boost your business

Are you getting the most from the space on your email? Is every banner on your emails enticing real-time sales interaction?

So maybe it’s time to update your strategy and start mixing things up a little. Stand out from the crowd and start looking for opportunities beyond your typical, day-to-day salesy banners.

What you want to do is:

Get your clients’ attention. Get them interested. Get them engaged. And get them CLICKING.

Now we know, not all email banners are created equal. That’s why we’re here to help you. Start turning heads with every email you send, with these 7 ‘must-have’ banners for any marketer’s email branding strategy.

1. The “how are we doing?” banner

Customer Service should be at the forefront of your business.

Incorporating a ‘Rate Our Service’ Banner in your email is a great, non-intrusive way to get feedback from your clients. They can effortlessly select on the desired rating in one easy click, without having to complete a lengthy survey form. The instant click-notification can help you discover how employees are performing in real time and follow up accordingly.

Rate my Service

2. The “let’s get social” banner

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to Social Media.

Encourage the readers of your emails to follow your social media channels for all the latest and greatest news your brand has on offer. Not only do they stay on top of trends but they can also become your biggest brand ambassadors!

3. The “straight from the horses mouth” banner

Establish credibility and trust with a case study.

Empty promises won’t get you anywhere. People want to hear from reliable sources that your product/service lives up to its promise. Use this opportunity to showcase these testimonials (in either written or video format) and drive traffic to your website.

4. The “lights, camera, action” banner

Let’s admit it, people have short attention spans.

Grab their attention with a short informative video. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the production of your video, with so many affordable and even free video software tools available. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how powerful your video will be!

5. The “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” banner

Keep your clients up to date with all your latest news.

Maybe your company won a big award, or you’re launching a new product that will rock the industry! Not only does this keep your clients informed, but also drives traffic to your website, which is always a bonus.

6. The “it’s that time of the year” banner

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Your competitors are doing it, so why aren’t you? Take advantage of promotional marketing opportunities presented by seasonal dates and see your sales soar.

7. The “because you’re worth it” banner

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

We’re sure you agree that client retention is just as important as acquisition. So show your clients just how much you appreciate their continued support by exclusively offering them something for free. A freebie every now and then will not only show loyal clients how much you care but will also help re-engage inactive clients.

Feeling inspired to spice up your email banners but need a little help? Our super-efficient Account Managers and creative Designers are ready to help you every step of the way.

And with Rocketseed’s advanced segmentation, targeting and scheduling rules, you can relax knowing that every recipient will be targeted with the right banner message at the right time.

So for the most engaging email banners, you know who you need…

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Coordinator

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Opt-in made easy

Are you using RocketMailer (Rocketseed’s bulk email software platform) for all your crucial mass email communications?

If so, POPI and GDPR are just around the corner and if you’ve not already done so, it’s time you did some housekeeping around your client and marketing lists.

POPI and GDPR: A quick description:

POPI: Protection of Personal Information Act, enforced in South Africa. Yet to commence, with early 2019 as the suggested time frame.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, enforced in the European Union. Commencing on 25 May this year.

Opt-in and audit trail – absolute must-haves!

In the past, based on personal preference, you were able to utilize the ‘opt-out’ approach to email marketing, governed by current legislation. This was easy to manage thanks to RocketMailer’s built in/non-removable unsubscribe link, that did not need manual intervention. All you had to do was create your email, send and then review analytics. If anyone clicked on the ‘unsubscribe’ link, they would automatically be removed from your mailing list.

Well, POPI and GDPR aren’t as forgiving or lenient.

Email recipients or “Data Subjects” (as referred to in the laws) need to give explicit consent, through an ‘opt-in’ method, to receive communications from your business. The phrase which comes up when discussing this law is; “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous”.

The person giving consent must be able to simply subscribe, based on understanding exactly what they are signing up for, without any elusiveness or misrepresentations by your brand.

So, what does this mean for your marketing lists?

It means you cannot naively bulk email contacts anymore, where you are unsure of their origin. You need to make sure you have either:

  • Recorded opt-in/subscription logs for all your email recipients or;
  • You will need to re-permission your contacts

This is not the end of email marketing as we know it, so do not be afraid! Rocketseed is here to help you make it less complicated than it has to be.

Running a simple ‘opt-in’ campaign is the requirement for successful re-permission. However, we’ve seen many of these in the past and they contain the mandatory message, but the outcome or result is far less than desired.

So how then do you re-permission clients with as little drop-off as possible?

We suggest running a simple campaign that engages with your recipients in a way that asks them to update their preferences. This type of campaign tells a reader that you care about their email experience and that you actually want to make sure they only receive content about the things they’re interested in.

This email would link to a preference centre which can show the reader all their current subscriptions as well as available options.

Once they complete selecting/unselecting what they desire, they can tick an opt-in button at the bottom which asks them for explicit consent for joining those mailing lists.

And just like that, you will have the opt-in you require.

This would then be automatically stored in RocketMailer, should you need to prove subscription at any time in the future. I would also suggest exporting and storing this log elsewhere as records are very important, once you achieve legal opt-in of course.

NB: Achieving consent to continue sending communications to your readers is heavily reliant on your content and whether or not a recipient chooses to stay on your mailing lists. The above campaign is only as successful as the relationship your brand holds with its readers.

What about my existing clients? Do they need to be re-permissioned as well?

The GDPR and POPI share a similar sentiment around this.

The general understanding is that you CAN contact your existing clients, where there is always an option to opt-out. The opt-out feature must always be available to your clients as per normal sending rules.

The GDPR refers to this as a ‘soft opt-in’ and this form of opt-in for existing clients should only be relied on if you abide by all other laws of the GDPR, in regards to the processing of information.

If a client does question why they are receiving marketing communications from your company, you can let them know that they are existing clients of yours where they do need explicit opt-in, as you are processing their data correctly, in accordance with the law. (This is specific to GDPR and POPI).

If there is ever any doubt, it’s best to utilise the re-permissioning process to be safe.

This can be quite a simple campaign to execute. However, if you are unsure of the legislation’s criteria or need advice from the professionals, we’re here to help.

Warren Cornelius | Operations Director

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