CRM Integration

Rocketseed helps you increase ROI from your existing CRM

Email is at the heart of every CRM strategy, whether it be Social CRM or more traditional CRM. Every day email branding supports your CRM and helps deliver ROI by harnessing valuable data not typically incorporated within CRM processes, helping you to grow your customer database and giving you insights into your existing customers through their engagement with your one-to-one company emails.

Creation of New Profiles

Every person you email can become a lead! Get an overview of all the people your organisation communicates with, create new CRM profiles from their emails addresses, and add the details of the email directly to leads in your CRM.

Enhancing Your Profiles – Knowing Your Customers

Build on your intelligence of the customer by tracking their interaction and behaviour with your everyday email branding by importing this data directly into your CRM automatically.

Lead Nurturing

Rocketseed email branding supports marketing automation and lead nurturing programmes. By gathering email analytics on customer interactions with employees, clicks on email signatures and banner campaigns, these valuable buying signals show the propensity of a customer’s path to purchase and contribute directly to your CRM lead nurturing and scoring processes.

Harness all Customer Touch Points

Rocketseed supports Social CRM – developing a full understanding of the customer – not just their transactions but also their influence, and engagement

  • Supports achievement of informed interaction on all channels
  • Enables an additional, key customer touch point to contribute to profile creation and development

CRM Integrations – Major Platforms and Bespoke Integrations

Rocketseed integrates with all major CRM systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua plus offers customisable integrations through Rocketseed API.

All of the rich data derived from customer interactions with email can be pulled into your CRM, ensuring that you have a complete picture of potential leads and their requirements. Even non CRM users’ mail can generate data and leads to your CRM.

Increase ROI from your existing CRM with Rocketseed integration