Rocketseed Email Signature Creator & Editor

Design and deploy your new email signature in 6 simple steps

Rocketseed Email Signature Creator & Editor makes it incredibly simple to design and deploy new email signatures across your business. Get creative with our customisable email signature templates. It’s easy to ensure every element is exactly on-brand and there’s no HTML knowledge required.

Just follow these 6 stress-free Email Signature Creator & Editor steps. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Create or Choose an Email Signature Template

As part of your Rocketseed set-up, we’ll create a master email signature template for you, to your brand specifications. Alternatively, you can choose a best-practice email signature layout from our ready-to-use email signature template selection.

All our signature template designs work perfectly on every email client and display as desired on every device.

Step 2: Brand

Start branding your chosen email signature template by adding your company logo and social media icons.

Step 3: Customise

Customise every element of your chosen email signature template in line with your brand. Simply select font styles, sizes and colours and see your changes as you make them

Step 4: Add links

Add image-mapped, interactive links so recipients can click-through from your email signature directly to your content and you can track their engagement. Link your logo to your homepage or a specific landing page, drive traffic to your social media channel via interactive icon links, and gain new newsletter subscribers with an interactive call-to-action, driving recipients straight to your sign-up page.

Step 5: Save & Test

Happy with your new email signature design? Then it’s time to click ‘Save’ and test to check how it displays. Simply send a live test direct from the Signature Creator to your inbox. What you see will be exactly how it will display.

Step 6: Assign & Deploy

Now you can assign your email signature to employees across your business. If needed, it’s easy to duplicate your signature design so you can adapt it for different departments. When deployed across your business, the email signature fields can be populated automatically for all your employees, simply by synchronising Rocketseed with your Active Directory. Rocketseed automatically streamlines every employee email signature by removing any unused fields where user details have been omitted.

Your 6 steps are complete – you can now harness the power of email branding!

Loved by Marketing. Trusted by It.

Remember, with Rocketseed Email Signature Creator & Editor you can:

  • Create your email signature with no HTML experience required
  • Be sure your signature will display on every device
  • Populate the data fields automatically via Active Directory sync
  • Customise every element and see your changes as you make them
  • Add multiple interactive links to drive recipient click-through
  • Test your signature in real time
  • Easily adapt your signature for different departments
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