Security Features

Your corporate email security is our top priority. Our email signature software is monitored and tested regularly to ensure no information is at risk.

Server Security

Rocketseed email branding servers are built on top of industry-standard software components and configured with industry-standard firewall software to prevent unauthorised access. We perform regular security audits and maintain audit logs for all user activity performed on each Rocketseed server.

Data Security

We are currently in the process of securing our own ISO accreditation and our worldwide server and communication standards can be included within client ISO-compliant environments without issue. Regularly-scheduled backups are also performed to ensure that no configuration data or reporting information are at risk.

Code Security

Copies of the custom Rocketseed email signature software are held with a third-party software escrow provider.


We thoroughly test all components of our Office 365 email signature manager and customer software, and perform regular security reviews and penetration testing.

Email Security

A Rocketseed email branding server does not store any email messages. All email conversations are conducted via secure TLS-encrypted communication and the user interface has granular role-based access levels, using secure (https) connections.