How it Works

Rocketseed Office 365 Email Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface…simple!

Rocketseed Office 365 Email Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface with internet mail connectors and transport rules within your Office 365 environment, enabling all outgoing mail to route through the Rocketseed cloud for consistent company email branding.

The branded email is then securely resubmitted by Rocketseed back to Office 365 via a closed SMTP loop. This means that even though your email is being branded through Rocketseed, it doesn’t leave the secure Azure cloud environment before final delivery.

You can specify an existing group of senders to route via Rocketseed for branding to be applied, or create a new one. Alternatively you have the option to route your whole domain.

Moving to the Cloud?

During the transition period from full on-site to cloud, many ISPs and businesses employ a ‘hybrid’ solution (part on-site and part cloud) and, with this in mind, Rocketseed works in all three environments (ie. full on-site, hybrid and full cloud), so rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ corporate email solution, Rocketseed delivers exactly what you need. You can start with Exchange server signature management using Rocketseed and then seamlessly progress to a hybrid model using Office 365 signature management solutions.

For more detail on Rocketseed’s Office 365 Signature Manager, see our Office 365 Signature Compatibility guide for instructions and screenshots. Our support team is available to help you through every step.

Simple Set-up

Setting up Rocketseed’s email signature generator for the end user is quick, simple and transparent with no changes required to the user’s normal email habits.

Active Directory Sync

Automatically update all employee contact details by simply synchronising email signature software with Active Directory.


Rocketseed emails are tested to render correctly on the broadest range of email clients and mobile devices to ensure your email signature always performs perfectly and displays as desired.