Email Signature Management & Marketing for the
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Product Industries

Meet key industry opportunities and challenges with every email

In today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare products industries, professional email signature management and marketing can give your business a competitive edge – from seeking R&D investment and launching new healthcare products to communicating compliance credentials and driving direct sales.

Rocketseed enables you to cost-effectively drive engagement amongst your key stakeholder audiences – investors, distributors, suppliers, regulators, pharmacists, healthcare professionals, users, industry media, and your own staff – all through your everyday business email.

1. Take Control of Your Brand on Email

Get consistent signatures company-wide

Give all your employees – from clinical researchers and healthcare product developers to marketers and sales staff – professional, consistently-branded and compliant email signatures to ensure a united company brand image.

  • Easily create and customise email signatures from our templates or brief our professional design team. Rocketseed email signatures are optimised for all email clients and devices.
  • With Rocketseed you are in complete central control. All email signatures are 100% tamper-proof and you can make changes company-wide with the click of a button.
  • Add interactive elements including social media icons and newsletter sign-ups to drive direct engagement. Rocketseed tracks and reports every recipient click-through.

2. Open a New Branded Marketing Channel

Run interactive email banner campaigns

Turn every email into an engaging, cost-effective marketing channel to boost your healthcare brand and product profiles. Target and schedule eye-catching, interactive email banner campaigns so the right message always reaches the right recipient at the right time, delivering real competitive advantage.

  • Showcase your brand and product range using high quality imagery. Launch new healthcare products, make PR announcements and feature clinical trial results, linking to detailed studies and testimonials.
  • Add clear calls-to-action so recipients click through to your most relevant content, including R&D investment proposals, clinical case studies, treatment explainer videos and blog posts.
  • Track and analyse every recipient engagement. Rocketseed’s retargeting capabilities let you follow-up with the most relevant banner messaging based on recipients’ previous behaviour.

3. Demonstrate Complete Compliance

Show how you’re exceeding industry standards

In a highly-regulated industry like pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, email signatures and banners are an ideal way to clearly communicate your brand’s compliance credentials across all your company’s activities.

  • Feature your products’ regulator-approved status and your business’s accreditations, memberships and awards alongside your email signature branding.
  • Add employee email disclaimers. With Rocketseed these are easily adapted to specific departments’ (eg. research, sales, legal) compliance requirements and can be personalised and timestamped.
  • Run compliance-focused email banner campaigns. Feature key compliance messages and drive recipients to your full compliance details and compliance explainer videos.

4. Support your Sales & Service Teams

Generate leads and drive direct sales

Email signature marketing campaigns can help drive direct sales of your pharmaceutical and healthcare products, secure sales representative calls, generate leads for your CRM, and measure customer satisfaction.

  • Apply banner campaigns to all sales team email, offering exclusive pricing and upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Link to your online sales platform or sales representatives’ calendars.
  • Real-time alerts allow your sales team to respond immediately to all recipient engagement and Rocketseed can integrate with your CRM system for structured lead management.
  • Run one-click survey banners to measure customer and distributor satisfaction. Follow up positive responses with a review request or remedy any negative responses immediately.

5. Increase Employee Engagement

Inform, motivate and train your staff

Add eye-catching interactive banner campaigns to your company’s internal email to give you an effective HR channel that your employees – from lab technicians to your sales and services staff – simply can’t ignore… and you can track all their engagement.

  • Keep all your teams informed, motivated and on-brand with internal email banner campaigns promoting the latest company news, policies and product information.
  • Recruit internally with banners advertising vacancies, linked to application forms. Onboard and train staff with banner campaigns linking to company handbook and training content.
  • Monitor staff satisfaction with regular one-click survey banners. Follow up with suggestion requests and set negative responses to trigger alerts for immediate management attention.

Start engaging today with Rocketseed email signature management & marketing for pharmaceutical & healthcare products.

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