Troubleshooting mail formatting issues

Email branding works by modifying the HTML content of a message before it is delivered. The sender’s signature and other graphical and text elements are added as required. In some cases variations in different email programs require adjustments to this process.

It is sometimes necessary for us to inspect the content of sample email messages to determine any corrections needed to ensure the best-looking results. This may require us to capture test messages sent by the customer. Doing so requires explicit prior permission.

How we test email formatting

Normally email messages pass through the branding server almost instantaneously. Each email directed to our system is analyzed to determine the correct position for branding elements to be added. After the changes are made the updated message is delivered and all temporary files are removed from our server.

In cases where the end result does not appear as intended we may need to see the exact content of the both the incoming mail and the result of our processing. These files can be preserved for later analysis when required. This the only way to accurately determine the problem source and the remedy.

Controlling email capture

The ability to capture test emails is controlled by updating internal configuration files. This allows mails from specific senders to be preserved and analyzed. Our system only sees outbound messages, and we can only capture mails generated by specific senders. We never see incoming message traffic addressed to our customers.

Usually just a few messages are needed. In cases when a problem appears in a mail chain we may need to capture both an original message and the mail that results when the sender replies to the response from their correspondent.

Permission to test

We require explicit written permission before capturing any traffic from a customer’s email address. This ensures that no sensitive information is inadvertently made available. We specify the address or addresses to be used, and the duration of the test interval. All captured messages are visible to authorized internal staff only. These messages are erased once the issue has been resolved.

Please contact your customer service representative if you have any questions or concerns.