Troubleshooting mail routing issues

Email branding requires that customers route their outbound traffic to a “branding server”. This server accepts each message and adds the sender’s signature and any other required content before the next step in delivery. In some cases the branding server delivers mail directly to the recipient; in other cases mails are routed back to the customer’s email system for further

Setting up the connections between the customers’ email provider, our branding system, and final recipients sometimes requires troubleshooting. In some cases the routing instructions must be confirmed to have been applied correctly. Sometimes authentication details must be provided to ensure secure mail delivery. Other unanticipated situations may arise that require us to examine email flow in detail. This may require us to create test messages on the customer’s behalf. Doing so requires explicit customer permission.

How we test email routing

It is sometimes necessary for us to generate test messages using an actual email address belonging to the customer. This allows us to run tests without requiring the customer to be directly involved, and to precisely control the mail content and disposition. This the only way to accurately reproduce routing issues to determine the problem source and the remedy.

These messages are clearly labeled as tests and are never confused with actual traffic from the mailbox being tested. We direct the messages to our internal test staff only, and never to individuals outside our organization.

Due to the nature the test process, some test messages fail to be delivered. When this happens, so-called ‘bounce messages’ may reach the customer’s mailbox. While we make every effort to minimise the times this happens, we cannot fully eliminate it.

Permission to test

We require written permission before simulating any traffic using a customer’s email address. This ensures there are no surprises and should allay any concerns about inappropriate use. We specify the address or addresses to be used, and the duration of the test interval. All test messages are clearly marked and traffic is restricted to our internal staff only. Test messages are generated on the same branding server that handles the customer’s normal traffic.

Please contact your customer service representative if you have any questions or concerns.