Make sure every email signature for your client is consistent and displays correctly with RocketSig

Our interactive and tamper-proof templates deliver email signatures and personalised legal disclaimers consistently between desktop and mobile, with the option to sync with Active Directory.

RocketSig works perfectly with all known email providers including Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

Do you already provide email signatures to your customers? Do they always display correctly from Office 365 and Gmail? RocketSig is designed to eliminate the types of errors people see again and again such as distorted logo, placement issues and the famous red cross replacing key logos.

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How it Works

How does it work?

RocketSig is a Cloud-based email signature provider that will ensure your client’s outbound emails are always consistent, up-to-date and promoting their own brand. It is compatible with all email systems and easy to deploy. You can add/remove a client’s senders and update their details via the RocketSig admin interface. If your client uses Active Directory with Exchange then we can automatically keep their details up-to-date using our AD sync tool.

Redirect your client’s outbound emails via RocketSig and we will then apply their signatures and deliver the message on to the final recipient (or to another downstream smart host if required).

Benefits, Features & Opportunities of RocketSig

Benefits & Features

  • Manage your signatures with ease as RocketSig is compatible with all major email clients including Exchange, Office 365, Outlook , Google Apps and Lotus Notes
  • Dynamic personalised signature fields automatically stripped if no details are populated, with the freedom to customise the style and layout
  • Centrally controlled and tamper-proof signatures to deliver and improve your brand image with every communication
  • Optional sync with Active Directory to ensure changes to your employees’ contact details are automatically updated
  • Legal disclaimers are applied to all of your emails ensuring legal compliance
  • Segmentation allows your clients to segment by department or brand
  • Upgrade to email media at any time, applying trackable banners which can drive 4x more engagement than dedicated newsletters


  • Integrate a variety of social media channels in your email signature to grow your fan base and encourage conversation with customers
  • Create a newsletter sign-up link within your email signature to grow your database and generate new business
  • Integrate dynamic content via RSS feeds to share content and live updates of your news
  • Add images such as a photo of a sender to add a personal touch
  • Signatures can be applied to internal emails as well as external emails using Office 365 or Google Apps