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Create newsletters, campaigns, and individual emails that engage and convert

Our email marketing solution lets you create, manage and monitor branded email newsletter campaigns that stand out from the crowd, delivering real results and email marketing ROI.

And it couldn’t be simpler. From drag-and-drop design and dynamic content to precision targeting, data management and reporting, Rocketseed offers the complete email marketing service.

With Rocketseed you have the option of allowing us to create and manage your campaigns and newsletters for you, or for Rocketseed to train you on our easy to use platform to manage your email marketing independently.

So, to ensure your latest news, upcoming events and promotional offers really engage your audience, manage your key marketing messages through a Rocketseed email newsletter campaign and turn convert contacts into customers.

Email Marketing Campaign Support

Our full-service offer makes Rocketseed special. We work with you from initial newsletter design through to reporting campaign results, making every stage of email marketing management  simple and stress-free.  Our dedicated teams in 4 regional offices across the globe and always on-hand to help.

Creative. Compelling. Clickable. Design makes all the difference

Dynamic Content

To make your email marketing content really resonate it has to meet individual contacts’ interests. This way you’ll achieve far more engagement than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ message of a traditional bulkmail blast.

With Rocketseed, you can dynamically customise user details, subject line, and email content that is delivered to each user, meaning every bulk mail can be completely targeted to that individual recipient.

Create a template that has several placeholders, the content in those placeholders can be dynamically changed depending on variables you specify for each customer. For instance the value of a special offer can be changed depending on the customer’s purchase history.

Sign Up Forms

Key to any email marketing strategy is securing sign-ups and gathering information on them.

With Rocketseed you can employee classic sign-ups forms and lightbox forms to build up your subscriber database from both your emails and your website.

You can create and incorporate as many sign-up forms as you like and when recipients sign up they can be automatically fed into specific target audience groups depending on the topic of the form and their responses.

And with lightbox forms you can also launch pop-ups on your website landing pages to encourage feedback and sign-up.

Email Marketing - dynamic content

Campaign Segmentation & Targeting

Precision target your email marketing campaigns with Rocketmailer advanced audience segmentation capabilities. By adding more detail based on individual contacts’ characteristics, behaviour and history you can define and create multiple segments or groups within the same database list so that the most appropriate content is delivered to the most receptive target audience.

For instance, recipients can specify an area of interest and, with these details used as a basis for segmentation, will subsequently only receive offers that match or closely relate to that interest.

Reputation Management

Your IP address is monitored by a dedicated reputation manager in order to reduce the chances that your address will be blacklisted.

Open API

Sync contact and subscriber information between CRM, bulkmail tool or Rocketseed Listbuilder, ensuring that your contact data is always up to date.


Design makes all the difference. Unleash your creativity with Rocketseed’s easy-to-use design templates or brief us to develop your design as part of our email marketing services.

Responsive Design

53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so we understand how important it is for your brand that your email marketing campaigns are designed, and delivered pixel-perfect.

Every email sent from RocketMailer is automatically responsive; from desktop to mobile, rest assured, your email will look great on any device or email client.

Drag & Drop Editor

Create stylish mailings using our ‘drag & drop’ editor, which requires no HTML experience, making it easy to share your news and promote your latest offers and upcoming events in a timely way.

Build and design the layout you want by dragging text boxes and image placeholders to your campaign layout. Email templates can be saved, so the next time you want to send a newsletter you just drop in new content, giving you professional design quality and total brand consistency across your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Automation

Stay personal with your contacts while saving time and avoiding stress with our powerful email marketing campaign automation.

Schedule Campaigns

Reduce the workload and stress on your company by creating, uploading and scheduling email marketing campaigns in advance. e.g. Holidays Campaigns, Seasonal Campaigns, etc.

Trigger Campaigns

Upload and create triggers for campaigns to automate communication throughout the customer journey based on customer activity.

Data Management

Rocketmailer automatically manages unsubscribes and bounces, and continuously cleans your database.

Email Marketing Management using our Preference center

User Preference Center

To help you deliver more customised content, allow your recipients to edit their own profiles.

Customers editing and creating their own preferences will help you create segments and groups that you can then target with more focused content and offers.

The preference centre also helps customers choose content that interests them; if the email content is now more focused on their interests; it is less likely that they will opt out.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure campaign effectiveness and manage your email marketing campaign accordingly with our best-of-breed analytics and reporting.

Email Marketing Platform - analytics and reporting

A/B Testing

Rocketseed’s email marketing platform includes integrated A/B testing so you can easily compare the engagement success of different subject lines and tailor future campaigns accordingly to increase conversion.

Geo-location Reporting

Receive a visual map report to where people are reading your email, that can drive down to suburb, helping you target campaigns on a regional level.


RocketMailer is a pay-as-you-go service. Once set-up, you only pay for what you send. Request a quote

Start converting more leads into paying customers now.