Email Signature Solutions for HR & Internal Communications

Keep your staff informed, motivated and engaged

Your staff are key to your business success. Everything they do – whether they’re customer-facing or not – should be completely on-brand. Keeping them informed, motivated and engaged with your brand can be a major challenge.

Email signature solutions improve your HR and internal comms by engaging with individual employees personally and efficiently whilst also measuring their resulting engagement.  By adding eye-catching, interactive banner campaigns to one-to-one internal email you’re in control of a HR channel that your staff simply can’t ignore.

Get Rocketseed’s email signature solutions for HR and internal communications to enable personalized, efficient engagement within your teams.

And not just that! Get valuable insights to support your ongoing efforts in staff updates, training, onboarding, and more.

You’ll find banner designs to engage your staff in our 33 great email signature banner examples.

News announcements

Maximize reach and impact of corporate news with Rocketseed’s visually engaging email banners, ensuring high visibility and interaction rates for your key announcements.

Ensure your employees never miss an important announcement! Connect, inform and motivate your staff daily with interactive news banner campaigns applied to every email. Every recipient interaction is tracked so it’s easy to see who clicked through to read or view your news content.


Effortlessly promote and track participation in training programs with clickable email banners directly linking to event registrations.

Use email banner campaigns on internal emails to announce training options, with clickable call-to-action buttons linking directly to the appropriate training content. You can also advertise important team training sessions and internal events to ensure everyone puts the date in their diary and nobody misses out.


Email signature marketing and banner campaigns are the perfect way to let your staff know about vacancies that they can either apply for themselves or spread the word to interested applicants. Are your employees communicating with your competitors? Why not also add job postings to these emails to see if you can recruit your competitors’ best staff?

Leverage every internal email as a recruitment tool, using Rocketseed’s banners to attract talent from within and beyond your organization.

On-boarding employees

Streamline the onboarding process with automated email sequences, providing new hires with timely information and resources to integrate smoothly into your company culture.

Getting new employees on-boarded and optimally productive within your organisation is always a challenge. You can create an automated communication track to drip-feed on-boarding information to new employees, familiarising them with company culture. All interaction can be tracked so you can view their engagement and step in to answer any questions that may arise.

Company policies

New company policy documents, branded templates or even legislation updates can be quickly and easily distributed throughout your business using  interactive email signatures and trackable banner campaigns. With legally-admissible, trackable downloads you can see exactly who has downloaded and read any document that you deliver.

Staff surveys

How are things going? Find out by running interactive, one-click survey banner campaigns at the top of your internal emails on everything from how happy your staff are to where they want the Christmas party! Gather valuable employee feedback effortlessly, enabling real-time insights and swift responses to staff sentiments and suggestions.
Response data is easy to view on Rocketseed’s reporting dashboard and alerts can be set so that any negative responses can be resolved immediately.

Staff ID Management

Managing staff details across any large organisation is a time- and resource-consuming effort. Rocketseed can alleviate this burden with automated self-administered staff detail management whereby staff are prompted to update their own details with manager approval.
A laptop showing the Rocketseed dashboard on screen, with a variety of charts and graphs titled "Statistics for the past 7 days".

Reporting & Analytics

Track and report every open, read, click and send, providing you with an easy-to-understand overview of staff engagement and HR communication success. See which news announcements are most engaging, measure training and recruitment campaign effectiveness, and understand how your staff fell about the business.

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Absolutely, our email signature marketing tools can be used to advertise internal job vacancies, encouraging staff to apply or refer suitable candidates.

Yes, Rocketseed’s interface can automate the delivery of onboarding information and resources to new hires, helping them integrate into the company culture efficiently.

Yes. Rocketseed facilitates staff surveys by embedding one-click survey banners in emails, making it easy to gather and analyze employee feedback.

Rocketseed provides detailed analytics and reporting on staff engagement with email communications, offering insights into the effectiveness of HR messaging.

Yes, our solutions are scalable and can be customized to suit the needs of small businesses, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises.

Rocketseed prioritizes the security and confidentiality of HR communications, employing robust measures to protect sensitive employee information.

Absolutely, Rocketseed allows for full customization of email signatures and banners to align with your organization’s branding and HR communication strategy.

Rocketseed offers comprehensive service support, including training and dedicated account management, to assist in the effective implementation and management of their HR solutions.

Rocketseed’s HR solutions are designed for quick and easy implementation, with a user-friendly interface that allows for rapid deployment within your organization.

Yes, our platform tracks individual employee interactions with email content, providing valuable insights into engagement levels with internal communications.

Rocketseed enhances internal news announcements by embedding interactive banners in emails, ensuring high visibility and engagement for important company news.

Yes, Rocketseed’s interface is highly effective for large-scale communications, ensuring consistent and engaging messaging across all levels of the organization.

Rocketseed ensures brand consistency by allowing centralized control over the design and messaging of email signature banners used in HR communications.

Yes, Rocketseed’s interactive banners can be used to conduct quick and effective feedback surveys, enhancing employee engagement and gathering valuable insights.