G Suite Email Signature Management

Use our simple, secure and stress-free platform to manage email signatures within G Suite.

  • Design branded, interactive email signatures that are mobile-optimised.
  • Ensure brand consistency company-wide via centralised signature control.
  • Add email signature marketing banners and measure campaign success.
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Companies worldwide get great results with Rocketseed G Suite signature manager

G Suite Email Signature Manager Benefits

Our platform for managing email signatures in G Suite gives you:

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Select and customise a Gmail email signature template using our specialist software or simply instruct our expert signature design team.

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Central Control

Add a G Suite signature to all users’ emails and manage them centrally, syncing with Google Directory to update employee signature details automatically.

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Add dynamically personalised and timestamped email disclaimers to all your business Gmail signatures to ensure legal compliance.

Exceptional engagement


Promote your products, events and offers by adding eye-catching, interactive banners to every email and running targeted campaigns.

Analytics insights


Track and analyse signature marketing performance with Rocketseed’s comprehensive reporting and be alerted to recipient clicks in real-time.

Sand-out service


Enjoy the peace of mind of stand-out customer service, proactive hands-on client account management and 24/7 technical support.

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Add interactive social media icons to your business email signatures driving engagement for your brand’s actively-managed social channels.



Integrate with Google Analytics and your CRM platform to attribute website traffic and on-site conversions to help maximise sales lead potential.

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Mobile Optimisation

Using Rocketseed’s Gmail signature creator ensures every element of your signatures displays correctly on all devices every time.

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Search Discovery
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"Rocketseed has consistently ranked as one of the top three sources of traffic to our website. It has allowed us to consistently deliver a professional email signature to all email clients.”

Neil Murphy
IT Manager – Search Discovery
morrison industrial rocketseed testimonial

"Rocketseed has significantly enhanced the look and feel of every email we send and it allows us to get important product and marketing messaging out there, fast."

Lauren Pybus
National Marketing Manager – Euphoria
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Gmail signature management security

Our top priority is giving you the most secure solution for managing email signatures, with these industry-leading security features.

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Firewall-protected servers, ISO27001 certified data centres and TLS mail flow encryption.

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100% tamper-proof employee signatures that you control centrally.

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Rocketseed’s G Suite signature management software is regularly penetration tested and updated.

Software for managing email signatures in G Suite

Easily design and deploy email signatures for all users using our signature creator & editor.

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  • Choose one of our email signature templates to adapt to your company branding.
  • Incorporate your brand logo, images and confirm font and colour palette choices.
  • Add social media buttons and any other links to your website landing pages or latest content.
Branded Social Media Icons
An email signature banner for Sarah Thomas, Sales Manager with a profile picture, contact details, and various social media icons along the bottom.
  • Now it’s time to save and test your newly-created email signature before applying company-wide.
  • Save time by syncing Rocketseed with your Google Directory to automatically add all employee signature contact details.

Try the simplest tool for managing signatures in G Suite

How Rocketseed signature manager works

  • Rocketseed Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface.
  • Internet mail connectors within your G Suite environment then enable all emails sent by members of your specified Google distribution group to route through the Rocketseed cloud for branding. There is also the option to route your whole domain.
  • Your email with branding applied is re-submitted securely to G Suite via a closed SMTP loop. Alternatively, the email can be sent directly to the recipient or through a spam filter before final delivery.
  • Or we can install a dedicated Rocketseed instance enabling branding to occur securely in your own cloud or on-prem environments.

Further details can be found in our G Suite compatibility guide.

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G Suite email signature manager: Product plans & prices

Which Rocketseed signature solution for managing signatures in is the best fit for your business requirements? Signature or Campaign?

A green shape with the words "SIGNATURE: Create and control professional email signatures" inside, next to a pink shape with the words "CAMPAIGN: The complete email signature marketing solution".

To ensure you get the right G Suite email signature for your business, Rocketeseed offers 2 product plans: Signature focused on giving you centrally controlled G Suite company-wide email signature management; and Campaign which adds advanced banner targeting, scheduling and automation.

G Suite company signature manager case study

With Rocketseed’s Campaign email signature management tool for G Suite Search Discovery has transformed its everyday business email and achieved outstanding engagement.

  • Taking central control of their G Suite company wide signatures to eliminate any unauthorized modifications, resulting in a new design, tamper-proof branded signature used consistently across the business.
  • Updating all employee signature contact details via Google Directory sync, removing the need for individual employees to keep their own contact details current and saving a huge amount of time!
  • Opening marketing opportunities by running targeted email banner campaigns ranging from raising awareness of browser privacy to launching their educational community, achieving click-through engagement rates of 30%+.

“Rocketseed has become an integral part of our email infrastructure and marketing campaigns, and has consistently ranked as one of the top three sources of traffic to our website.”

Neil Murphy, Search Discovery

Search Discovery email signature example

Signature on Compose for Google Workspace

See your business email signature when you write your email.

You have the option of adding Signature on Compose when you use Rocketseed for Google Workspace. This means that you can view your email signature before you hit ‘send’. It works by connecting to your Rocketseed account and automatically pulling your email signature into your new email compose window. It also enables you to view the signatures applied to your sent emails.

In deciding if this extra functionality is the right fit for your business’s email signature management requirements, there are a few factors to consider. Find out more about Signature on Compose or contact us to discuss.

See what your business can achieve with Rocketseed’s email
signature management solution

Reasons to choose Rocketseed

Rocketseed pioneered email signature software and continues to be the most dynamic and innovative tool for managing email signatures in G Suite on the market. It is trusted by companies large and small across the globe, including world-famous brands.

Your employees using Google Workspace are each sending an average of 1,000 emails per month, so you need Google Workspace signature management you can trust.

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    The simplest, secure, stress-free solution to manage email signatures


    Our Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Email Signature Management is a dynamic and innovative tool designed for managing professional email signatures within Google Workspace. It ensures brand consistency and compliance across all company Gmail accounts.

    Our solution is trusted by a wide range of companies, from large corporations to small businesses worldwide, including world-famous brands. It’s suitable for any organisation using Google Workspace that aims to maintain a professional and consistent email signature across all employee emails.

    With employees sending an average of 1,000 emails per month, having a consistent and professional email signature is crucial for maintaining brand identity, ensuring compliance, and leveraging every email as a marketing opportunity.

    Our tool enhances Google Workspace email signatures by providing a centralised management system that ensures every email sent by your employees is branded consistently, includes all necessary legal disclaimers, and can even incorporate marketing messages or calls-to-action.

    Our Google Workspace Email Signature Management is designed for easy implementation within your existing Google Workspace environment. For specific implementation guidance, it’s recommended to contact us directly.

    Yes, we ensure that email signatures managed through our Google Workspace solution display correctly across all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring a consistent brand experience regardless of how the recipient views the email.

    We provide comprehensive customer support for our Google Workspace Email Signature Management solution, including setup assistance, user training, and ongoing technical support to ensure your email signatures remain effective and trouble-free.

    Our solution integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, ensuring that email signatures are automatically appended to every email sent from your company’s Gmail accounts. 

    Yes, our email signatures for Google Workspace can include dynamic content such as promotional email signature banners, social media links, and personalised calls-to-action. This allows for more engaging and interactive email communications.

    Our platform can integrate with your organisation’s directory service to automatically update email signatures with new employee details, job titles, or contact information, ensuring that email signatures always contain up-to-date information.

    Yes. At Rocketseed, we prioritise security and ensure that our Google Workspace Email Signature Management solution adheres to strict security standards to protect your data and communications.

    Our solution allows for the inclusion of mandatory legal disclaimers and compliance statements in every email signature, ensuring that your email communications meet industry-specific regulatory requirements.