Solutions for IT

Reduce complexity and introduce greater efficiency

Rocketseed focuses on making the installation and management process as simple as it can be for your IT department. We  offer additional tools that can address many of the common requirements associated with managing email inside an organisation.

We offer a flexible installation with instances in the cloud or onsite dependent on your needs.

Some of our features include:

Signature Central Control

Rocketseed gives you complete control to manage all of your organisation’s email signature management. By putting you in central control, Rocketseed not only removes the need for employee involvement in their email signatures but also ensures company-wide brand consistency. Any changes or updates to a company wide signatures can be applied instantly.

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AD Sync

Automatically update all employee contact details by simply synchronising Rocketseed email signature software with Active Directory; including all sender information and group structures in the database.

CRM Integration

Rocketseed integrates with Salesforce, and for other CRM platforms we offer bespoke or manual integration. All of the rich data derived from customer interactions with email can be pulled into your CRM, ensuring that you have a complete picture of potential leads and their requirements. Even non CRM users’ mail can generate data and leads to your CRM.

The SalesForce logo, the Excel CSV logo and a Microsoft graphic on a black background.

Email Monitoring

Rocketseed delivers a unique end to end email flow monitoring solution that can detect email delays and outages on any system without installing agents or enabling SNMP.


Rocketseed offers a cloud-based feature rich email branding service, with premium email security and content management, encompassing content filtering, anti-SPAM, recipient validation, anti-phishing and three layers of anti-virus.

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