How It Works

See how Rocketseed works with Office 365, G Suite and Exchange

Rocketseed Email Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface and is optimised for all major email clients and devices. Select your preferred email client to see how Rocketseed Email Signature Manager works.

Rocketseed for Office 365: How It Works

Compose your email as normal and, when you click ‘send’, connectors and transport rules within Office 365 route your email to the Rocketseed server which applies your branded email signature and any marketing banner campaign you may have assigned. This ensures all branding is 100% tamper-proof. The fully-branded email is then securely re-submitted to Office 365 via a closed SMTP loop for sending.

Alternatively, we can install a dedicated Rocketseed instance so that branding occurs securely in your own Office 365 environment.

You can specify an existing group of senders to route via Rocketseed for branding to be applied, or create a new one. Alternatively you have the option to route your whole domain.

If you’re migrating from Exchange to Office 365, then that’s no problem. We can deliver a hybrid solution, tailored for you.

For more detail on Rocketseed’s Office 365 Signature Manager, see our Office 365 Signature Compatibility guide for instructions and screenshots. Our support team is available to help you through every step.

See Rocketseed for Office 365 in action

Rocketseed for G Suite: How It Works

To set up Rocketseed in your G Suite environment, a new hosts and compliance rule is added. This defines the details of the group upon which you want to act. It will enable your emails to route through the Rocketseed cloud for branding.

Corporate email branding assets are controlled with a Google distribution group. All members of the specified group will be routed to the Rocketseed cloud. You can specify an existing group or create a new one.

Once the group has been specified, it’s much easier to adjust who is routed to Rocketseed. You can simply add more individuals or groups to the Branding Senders group with no need for further edits to the routing rules themselves. You also have the option of routing your whole domain.

Depending on the configuration of your G Suite account, routing back to Google for final delivery may also be possible. A Rocketseed representative will assess this possibility for you and advise accordingly.

For set-up instructions and screenshots, please visit our G Suite Signature set-up guide. Our support team is available to help you through every step.

See Rocketseed for G Suite in action

Rocketseed for Exchange: How It Works

Rocketseed for Exchange works by applying your interactive email signatures to outbound emails after they leave the Exchange environment. Exchange communicates to Rocketseed over a secure SMTP connection and the Rocketseed email signature software is standalone and independent of Exchange.

For externally-directed messages no additional software is needed on the Exchange server. Instead, routing rules are configured to direct external mail traffic to a Rocketseed server for email branding and delivery. Messages from individual senders, members of distribution groups, or entire domains can be routed to the Rocketseed server for processing and delivery; other users’ messages routing is unchanged.

If desired, Exchange can be configured to also route internally-directed messages to the Rocketseed server for branding. In this case we install a small Exchange add-on that allows selected senders’ internal traffic to route externally. This allows us to add email signatures to internal messages that would not normally leave the Exchange environment. The mail flow here also uses secure SMTP protocol secured by TLS.

See Rocketseed for Exchange in action

Moving to the Cloud?

During the transition period from full on-site to cloud, many ISPs and businesses employ a ‘hybrid’ solution (part on-site and part cloud) and, with this in mind, Rocketseed works in all three environments (ie. full on-site, hybrid and full cloud), so rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ corporate email solution, Rocketseed delivers exactly what you need. You can start with Exchange server signature management using Rocketseed and then seamlessly progress to a hybrid model using Office 365 signature management solutions.

Active Directory & G Suite Syncs

Once your mail routing set-up is complete, Rocketseed’s Active Directory or Gsuite syncs enables all your staff data to seamlessly sync into the Rocketseed database so all your staff signatures are updated automatically.