33 Great Email Signature Banner Examples

Email signature banners transform every business email into an engaging marketing channel

An email banner is a branded marketing message applied to the top of your everyday email. The optimum email banner size is 650px x 90px. The best email banner designs feature eye-catching imagery, compelling headline copy and, most importantly, an interactive call-to-action so recipients can click through to your website, social media and sales platform.

To inspire you, here are 33 great email marketing banner examples, each one designed to drive click-through to your most relevant webpages, marketing content, social media channels, surveys or sales platforms.

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And remember, with Rocketseed’s advanced segmentation, targeting and scheduling rules, you can ensure every recipient sees the right banner campaign message at the right time, and track every engagement with our advanced  analytics and reporting.

Email signature banners to build your brand

Show recipients your brand is right for them

1. The Brand Image Builder

Email signature marketing banners give you a great opportunity to bring your brand to life. Use your very best quality imagery to give potential customers the reassurance they need to buy or find out more about your brand.

Good example of a email signature banner to build your brand image

2. The Brand Positioner

What makes your brand so special? Your product range? Your prices? Your service? Use an email banner to remind your recipients that only you can give them what they value most and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Good example of a brand positioning email signature banner

3. The Compliance Confirmer

Need to show that your company meets industry standards? Or maybe promote its eco or social initiatives? Create an email signature banner design to emphasise your accreditations and compliance credentials, with a CTA that takes recipients to your full compliance details for their reassurance.

Learn how Rocketseed can help reinforce your company’s compliance efforts through our email legal compliance and disclaimers solutions.

Good example of a compliance credential email signature banner

4. The Sub-brander

Does your business have strong customer-facing sub-brands? With central control you can create different email marketing banners for constituent business, department or product sub-brands whilst maintaining your overall brand integrity.

Good example of a product sub-brands email signature banner

5. The Client Testimonial

Nothing builds trust like a testimonial. Give recipients the reassurance they need by featuring a customer quote in your email banner design with a call-to-action button that takes them directly to the full testimonial or a 5-star review.

Good example of a client testimonial email signature banner

6. The Client Case Study

Want to prove you have the experience that your potential client is looking for? Then convince them with a case study. This is a great example of how an email banner can show a case study key result, with a CTA for recipients to click to see how you achieved it step-by-step.

Good example of a case study email signature banner

Email signature banners to promote & inform

Make every email a tactical marketing channel

7. The Social Conversation Starter

An email marketing banner linking to your key social media channels can be a clear and clickable invitation to start a new ‘social’ conversation – a conversation that can lead to conversion, making email banners a key part of your social media marketing strategy.

Good example of a social media email signature banner

8. The Content Promoter

Think of the time and effort you’ve invested in creating branded content. From ebooks and whitepapers to videos and resource pages, an interactive promotional banner brings your most relevant content to the right audience and maximises engagement.

Good example of an email signature banner promoting content

9. The Blog Booster

You’re writing it, but who’s reading it? This email banner example shows how you can drive extra traffic to your latest blog post. Entice readers with an intriguing headline and they’ll be clicking through to read the full post.

Good example of an email signature banner to promote blog posts

10. The Newsletter Sign-up

With a simple ‘sign up now’ CTA, you can encourage your recipients to actively ‘opt-in’ to your newsletter mailing list, grow your database in accordance with data protection regulations and increase your chances of future sales via your newsletters.

Good example of a newsletter sign up email signature banner

11. The ‘How to’ Explainer

This is a great example of an email banner giving prospects the confidence to buy and showing customers how to get the most from your products by directing them to ‘explainer’ content, from tips and tricks to explainer videos.

Good example of an email signature banner promoting 'how to' content

12. The Product Launcher

Maximise the reach of your new product launch by featuring it on every email your business sends. A product launch email header banner can feature a variety of CTA’s – offering a free trial, an introductory discount, an invitation to the official launch or simply encourage recipients to ‘pre-order now’.

Good example of a product launch email signature banner

13. The Big News Announcer

Did your company win big at the industry awards? Hook your recipients with the email banner headline and make it easy for them to click through to the full news article. Show them that good news for you is also good news for them!

Good example of a news announcement email signature banner

14. The Promotion Pusher

Free trial’, ‘Black Friday Sale’, ‘20% off your first order’. With Rocketseed’s advanced targeting rules, it’s easy to ensure that the most relevant promotional banner reaches the right recipient, maximising the chance of conversion.

Good example of a black Friday email signature banner

15. The Seasonal Showcaser

Want to drive business all year round? Use email banner campaigns to support your promotions calendar. Create your seasonal promotional banners, schedule their ‘live’ dates, then sit back and relax, knowing your campaign is current, fresh and relevant.

Good example of a seasonal campaign email signature banner

16. The Event Booker

The best email banners make it easy for recipients to take action. This is a great example of an email banner to promote your events – from conferences and concerts to product launches and parties. With a clear ‘Book now’ or ‘RSVP’ CTA button they can book their place, or click-through to a floor plan if you’re selling them space.

Good example of an email signature banner to promote an event

17. The Essentials Informer

How long are you closing for over Christmas? What’s your returns policy? Keep your customers informed and save your staff time by using your email signature banners to feature essential information and direct recipients to your FAQ’s.

Good example of an email signature banner promoting essential information

18. The Segmenter/Retargeter

Find out what most interests your recipients (and thereby helps segment them) by featuring multiple calls-to-action on the same email banner (Rocketseed’s image-mapping makes this easy). By ‘tagging’ each option, Rocketseed lets you then automatically re-target these recipients with promotional banners based on their preferences, thereby maximising the chance of conversion.

Good example of a re-targeting email signature banner

19. The A/B Tester

Strictly speaking, this is 2 email banners – each slightly different (perhaps with a different colour CTA button) run in tandem to see which achieves the most engagement. This way, you’ll gain the insights you need to refine future campaigns and maximise engagement.

Learn about enhancing your email marketing strategy with our suite of email signature marketing features, including advanced tools like A/B testing and more.

Good example of an AB split testing email signature banner
Good example of an AB split testing email signature banner

20. The Crisis Manager

Crisis management is a key to any successful digital strategy. Use high-impact email header banners to inform, reassure and engage all your stakeholders. Banners’ rapid reaction speed, immediate impact and urgent engagement make them an ideal crisis management tool.

Good example of a crisis management email signature banner

Email signature banners to drive sales & maximise customer value

Send recipients to your sales platform, upsell & cross-sell

21. The Quote Requester

Make it easy to start the sales process. However sophisticated the product or complicated the customer’s requirements, an eye-catching email banner image provides an impactful way to encourage them to ‘Request a quote’, clicking through to a quote form and a notification to your sales team.

Good example of a 'get a quote' email signature banner

22. The Direct Seller

Send recipients straight to your sales platform… but before you do, make sure your online buying experience is at least as easy as any competitor’s. Like this email banner example, simply add a clear, clickable ‘Buy now’ call-to-action and you’re in business.

Good example of a direct selling email signature banner

23. The Banner Exclusive Deal

Give recipients a strong reason to click with an exclusive discount, only available by clicking through on your email banners to your sales platform. Reinforce this on your website with clear price comparison to reassure customers that they really are getting the best deal.

Good example of an exclusive discount email signature banner

24. The Upseller

Use banners on order confirmation emails to promote potential upsell opportunities, enticing your customers with affordable upgrades and additional services

Good example of an upselling email signature banner

25. The Cross-seller

Does your business offer a wide range of products or services? Then maximise customer value by promoting your most natural ‘cross sell’ opportunities, showing your customer how you can offer them more than they realised!

Good example of a cross-selling email signature banner

Email signature banners to strengthen relationships & reputation

Run satisfaction surveys and ramp up reviews

26. The Satisfaction Survey

How are we doing?’ Find out with a one-click service survey email banner. Recipients can easily click on a rating without having to fill in a lengthy survey form and, with Rocketseed’s real-time click alerts, you can follow up positive responses with a review request or immediately remedy any negative ratings.

Good example of a rate my service email signature banner

27. The Review Request

Want more customer reviews? Why not just ask? Use a clear call-to-action – and add a value-adding incentive – to drive recipients to your own website’s review page or to third-party review sites to boost both your brand’s online reputation and search ranking performance.

Good example of a customer review email signature banner

28. The Loyalty Generator

It’s far more cost-effective to retain existing clients than to acquire new ones, so use an email signature banner to invite customers to sign-up to your loyalty programme. Highlight the rewards, link through to your sign-up page and use future banners to remind them of the points they can redeem.

Good example of a loyalty programme email signature banner

Email signature banners to engage your staff

Inform and motivate with internal email banners

29. The Internal News Announcer

Attention team! Ensure your employees never miss an important announcement. Inform and motivate your staff with an email banner message from the CEO and link through to the details, maybe even record a video message!

Good example of a 'message from the CEO' email signature banner

30. The Company Culture Curator

Want to bring new employees up to speed with your company culture quickly and cost-effectively? Or highlight new policies and practices to all employees? Then simply add engaging banners to internal emails highlighting ‘how things are done around here’ and linking to the new policy documents or company handbook.

Good example of an internal communication email signature banner

31. The Trainer

Promote important team training sessions and internal events to ensure everyone puts the date in their diary and nobody misses out. Or link the email banner straight to the latest training material and track every employee interaction.

Good example of an internal updated training material email signature banner

32. The Recruiter

Apply now! Use internal email banners to let your staff know about vacancies they can either apply for themselves or spread the word to interested applicants. To make it even easier for them, link the CTA button straight to the application form.

Good example of an internal recruitment email signature banner

33. The Staff Survey

How happy are your employees? Get a regular snapshot of staff satisfaction by running interactive one-click survey email banners. Hopefully it’s all positive but any negative responses can trigger an alert and give you a chance to follow-up before they quit!

Good example of a staff survey email signature banner

Can you think of any more? What are the best email banners you’ve seen? Which promotional email banners have achieved the best results for you? Let us know.

Feeling inspired to add eye-catching, engaging banner campaigns to your business email? By using our Office 365 email signature manager or G Suite email signature manager, with Rocketseed it’s easy to create great email banners yourself – there’s no HTML required – or you can simply discuss your email signature marketing requirements with us and our expert designers will do it all for you.

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