Integrations & CRM Features

Integrate with Google Analytics, Salesforce & third-party systems

Rocketseed supports a host of third-party integrations and integrates fully with Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Google Analytics Integration

Rocketseed gives you the option to auto populate the Google Analytics UTM code on each URL or link used. This way you can monitor all recipient click-through and track the resulting conversions on your website, giving you a complete picture of recipient behaviour and email signature marketing success.

A screenshot of a reporting dashboard showing various charts, graphs and tables.
A screenshot of a Salesforce dashboard, with the Template and Tracker functions labelled.

Salesforce Integration

Rocketseed’s integrates seamlessly so that any email signature and banner campaign click-through engagement automatically converts to leads in Salesforce. Emails sent direct from Salesforce can also carry Rocketseed branded banners and signatures.

Third-Party Integrations

Rocketseed can integrate with third-party systems, allowing you to easily feed click-data into your other web applications and marketing tools.

The Rocketseed logo on the right side, with lines radiating out to the Trello logo, the Microsoft Dynamics logo, the GSuite logo, and the logo.
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