Industry Guides to Email Signature Marketing

Meeting today’s unique industry marketing challenges

Email may be universal but each industry presents its own unique marketing challenges. That’s why we’ve created our industry-specific complete guides to email signature marketing. Featuring industry-specific marketing banner examples, each complete guide shows you how to use email signature marketing to:

  • Build your brand and stand out from your competitors
  • Drive direct sales and maximise customer value
  • Boost your service ratings, online reputation and site ranking
  • Meet specific industry compliance challenges
  • Engage, motivate and train your employees

All by adding branded email signatures and interactive marketing banner campaigns to every business email your employees send.

Email Signature Marketing for Hospitality

The Complete Guide

See how email signature marketing can help you meet the challenges of increased guest expectations, new and non-traditional competition, the power of online travel agents and the ‘make or break’ importance of online reviews. We’ll show you how you can drive direct bookings, build your brand’s reputation and maximise guest value all year round.

Email Signature Marketing for Transportation & Logistics

The Complete Guide

Think how many emails your logistics business sends to your customers, prospects, supply chain partners and staff. See how email signature marketing can help you meet the challenges of increased customer service expectations, compliance and technological innovation, so you can drive a truckload of engagement and revenue all year round.

Email Signature Marketing for Insurers

The Complete Guide

Take control of your insurance business brand on email. See how, with email signature marketing, you can meet the challenges of increased customer service expectations, strict industry compliance regulations, nimble competitors and digital disruption so you can drive policy product sales, showcase your services and strengthen customer loyalty.

Email Signature Marketing for Pharmaceutical

The Complete Guide

Present consistent, compliant branding across every employee email – from clinical researchers to your sales and service teams – with professional email signature management. Impactful, interactive email banners also open a cost-effective marketing channel to engage all key stakeholders – including pharmacists, healthcare professionals, industry regulators and the media – and drive brand profile, promotions and sales.

Email Signature Marketing for Crisis Management

The Complete Guide

Make every email an effective crisis management communication. Centrally control email signatures and impactful banner campaigns to present a united brand front, rapidly update messaging company-wide and cut through the noise so you can inform, reassure and urgently engage all your stakeholders – including your staff – and stay on top of the crisis.

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