Standardised email signatures & marketing solutions

Maximize the marketing power of company-wide signatures

Standardise company signatures for consistent branding.

Effective marketing demands a strong, consistent brand but keeping staff signatures on-brand has traditionally been a challenge. Rocketseed puts your marketing team in complete central control to create, update and manage tamper-proof  company-wide signatures. So when you standardize email signatures with Rocketseed, company-wide brand consistency is guaranteed.

Create company wide signatures in Office 365

You can create company wide email signatures using Office 365 / Microsoft 365 using native mail-flow rules with conditions and exceptions that will enable you to centrally control all employee email signatures. However, the process has complications and limitations that are easily avoided by using a simpler, specialist solution such as Rocketseed email signature management for Office 365.

Create powerful email signatures that display on every device

Whilst either solution is far better than expecting consistent company wide branding to result from letting each individual employee set up their own email signature to an agreed template (no matter how well supervised), there are clear advantages to using Rockeed for standardized Office 365 email signatures. For example, an intuitive user interface giving your marketing department (or other brand guardian) central control, the inclusion of embedded images that display perfectly on all devices, the placing of signatures under the most recent replies and forwards, the dynamic removal of unused contact detail fields as well as all the additional marketing solution benefits below.

Professional email signature design

It’s easy to create on-brand email signatures by customising all elements – colours, fonts, logos etc – of our email signature templates. However, if you have email signature design requirements that require a bespoke approach, these can easily be achieved by using Rocketseed’s professional email signature design service. Our signature designers will work to your brief and brand guidelines to create the perfect on-brand company-wide signature design.

Run effective, engaging campaigns

Running effective marketing campaigns isn’t random! With Rocketseed email signature you can run real campaigns with the ability to segment by recipient group or sender, target specific audience segments and schedule banner campaign start and stop dates, even re-market to customers based on previous banner engagement.  Remember Rocketseed email banners work with all email clients so

Create endless engagement opportunities

Social media and website links can be included in all your email signatures but when it comes to increasing email engagement for the business it’s all about the banners! Whether under your signatures or at the top of each email, Rocketseed email banners are instantly eye-catching and feature interactive calls to action to get recipients clicking through to your key website content, social media channels and sales platforms. As a marketing solution, Rocketseed opens endless engagement opportunities. For inspiration, check out our 33 great banner ideas.

Email banner examples

Drive marketing results and ROI

Worried that implementing a new marketing solution will take lots of time and money and the results will be risky? Not with Rocketseed. Because Rocketseed signatures and banners are on every business email they achieve a 99% open rate and an impressive average click-through rate of 20%+. Take a look at our customer case studies show the real marketing power of Rocketseed email signatures.

Marketing support at every stage

Service and support is key to ensuring you get the most from Rocketseed’s marketing solution. Interface training is included in your account set-up and you’ll have a dedicated account manager on-hand to help every step of the way.

Measure email signature marketing success

An effective marketing solution generates, and makes full use of performance data. Rocketseed’s reporting dashboard gives you the key data you need, from sender statistics to every recipient engagement, all tracked and analyzed down to the last click. You can even A/B test banner elements to optimise future campaigns.
To strengthen the marketing-sales relationship, Rocketseed’s real-time click alerts mean that your sales team can follow-up immediately on any interest. Also, by integrating with Google Analytics and your CRM systems (such as Salesforce) Rocketseed tracks the whole customer journey from first banner click to sales conversion.

Measure your sucess

Solve your marketing challenges with company-wide email signatures and banner campaigns