Email Signature Solutions for Marketing

Maximise the marketing power of every email

Why do marketers love our email signatures? Because Rocketseed email signature marketing transforms your most used business communication tool – everyday one-to-one employee email – into a creative, cost-effective marketing channel that delivers ROI.

Rocketseed email signature software puts marketers in control. Achieve consistent branding, run targeted campaigns, drive website, promote content, and track every click to measure success. All through email signature marketing.

Centrally control campaigns

Take company-wide control of email signature marketing management with our browser-based intuitive interface.

Guarantee that your email signature marketing is perfectly on-brand and integrated with your wider marketing strategy.

Example of email banners in branded email

Automate - schedule, trigger & rotate

Automatically launch email banner campaigns based on specific dates or events. Set campaign start and stop dates and re-target recipients with relevant messages based on their previous interactions. Run multiple email banner campaigns on rotation, prioritising key campaigns when required.

Smart segmentation & targeting

Maximise engagement by ensuring the right recipients get the right campaign messages, at the right time. Apply specific banner campaigns to specific sender and receiver groups to ensure your recipients are always served the most relevant, engaging email signature marketing messages.
Branded email example - Rocketseed

Consistent, on-brand creative

Create eye-catching, on-brand email signatures and banner campaigns with clear, clickable calls-to-action and mobile-optimised to display perfectly on every device.

Promote content

Get your email recipients engaging with your content – ebooks, white papers and videos – via email signature marketing campaigns. Every day email is the the perfect channel for content marketing, by prompting the recipient to simply click to read or download the most relevant content for their customer journey.

Drive traffic

With interactive links and clear calls-to-action, email signature marketing is a cost-effective way to drive visitors to your website, landing pages and social media channels. All click data is tracked and reported.

Reporting & analyics

See every ‘click’ of your email signature marketing success. Automatically track, analyse and report every recipient interaction. Compare campaign performance, identify trends and get actionable insights through our easy-to-use reporting dashboard. And with real-time click alerts, your sales team can immediately follow-up any engagement.

CRM integration

All recipient clicks are all tracked and can be viewed in our reporting system, or captured automatically into your CRM. Rocketseed is an accredited Salesforce partner and integrates automatically vis the Salesforce App for Rocketseed.

A/B Test Campaigns

Test campaigns to find which concepts work best. Run two campaign concepts at the same time and A/B test performance before you run them on other platforms.

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