Solutions for Legal & Compliance

Achieve on-brand, legally compliant email signatures that meet email best practice.

You really can’t risk your employees’ emails undermining your brand – or worse, leaving your business open to legal action. Compliant email signatures are essential.

With Rocketseed email signature solutions for legal and compliance you can easily protect your business and your brand by adding on-brand, tamper-proof signatures and email legal disclaimers to every email.

Compliant email signature design

Whether you design your email signature with Rocketseed’s email signature editor templates or brief our professional design services to work to your brand guidelines, you are assured of a fully brand-compliant email signature.

Central control for compliance

The key to achieving on-brand email signature compliance is control. By adding all branding at the server level, Rocketseed gives you complete centralised control to ensure company-wide compliant email signatures.

Email legal compliance disclaimers

Email disclaimers are key to email signature compliance. They can cover all email compliance aspects from codes of conduct and confidentiality to copyright. By adding a disclaimer statement to every email your employees send you’re proactively protecting your brand, minimising the risk of legal action, demonstrating regulatory compliance and achieving email best practice.

Dynamic email disclaimers

Add a further level of email legal compliance with Rocketseed’s dynamic email disclaimers – dynamically personalised to feature important information including sender and receiver email addresses to provide proof of intended recipients, and time-stamped to provide proof of date and time sent.

Disclaimers by department

To meet each department’s specific email legal compliance issues, Rocketseed lets you apply different email disclaimers to different departments. For example, your technical department might want to caveat its advice, whilst your finance department might wish to emphasise confidentiality.


Confidentiality can be a key email compliance issue. Your email disclaimer can warn a recipient that your email’s content is confidential so, if they breach this confidentiality, they could be liable. Similarly, if a confidential email is accidentally sent to an unintended unauthorised recipient then a disclaimer will bind them to confidentiality and can request that they delete the email.

Codes of conduct

An effective email disclaimer can show your compliance with professional codes of conduct, and that your organisation is fully email compliant with the regulatory framework of the sectors and locations within which it operates.


A further element of email compliance can make reference to copyright law to protect emails from being reproduced. A simple email disclaimer can state that the rights to copy the email are reserved by the original author.

Email compliance best practice

Email compliance best practice is simply to apply the disclaimer that gives your organisation the most protection. Make sure it’s tailored to your organisation and location, in accordance with legal advice, and is updated to meet appropriate email laws and enforced as part of your organisation’s email policy.

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