Microsoft 365 email signature manager

Create and control Office 365 signatures across your business

  • Create on-brand, professional email signatures for Outlook that display on every device.
  • Manage all your business’s Outlook 365 email signatures centrally for total brand consistency.
  • Run targeted email banner marketing campaigns and track every recipient engagement.

Used and trusted by businesses across the globe.


Rocketseed Email Signature Software for Office 365 is packed with feature functionality:


Create a custom email signature for Outlook using our Signature creator & editor templates or simply brief our professional email signature design team.


Centrally control all employee Office 365 email signatures through our interface and automatically update all user information by syncing with Active Directory.

Legal Disclaimers

Keep every employee Office 365 signature legally compliant and protect your brand by adding personalised, time-stamped, dynamic email disclaimers.


Add interactive social icons to your business Outlook 365 signatures to boost engagement for your business’s actively-managed social media profiles.


Add marketing banner campaigns with clickable calls-to-action. Use Rocketseed’s segmentation, targeting and scheduling features to drive engagement, traffic and sales.


Track all recipient engagement using our advanced analytics and reporting. With real-time click alerts your sales and service teams can respond immediately.


Rocketseed email signature software for Office 365 integrates with Google Analytics and your CRM to attribute website traffic, conversions and sales leads.



Office 365 signature management is stress-free with our stand-out customer service, including 24/7 technical support and a dedicated Account Manager to help you.

Mobile Optimised

Creating email signatures for Office 365 using Rocketseed ensures they will display correctly on every device – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Get the most effective Microsoft 365 email signature management and marketing for your business

What our customers say

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“Email branding has proved to be an invaluable marketing channel - the engagement rates speak for themselves"

Amy Selcott | Head of Digital Marketing
Galliard Homes
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"I recommend Rocketseed to any company that wants to improve their professional email communication and branding."

Laura Fox | Digital Marketing & Sales Support
Morrison Industrial Equipment
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"Rocketseed email branding is now a vital part of the Keith Prowse marketing mix."

Sam Coates – Head of Marketing
Keith Prowse
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Giving you the most secure Outlook email signature management software solution is our top priority.
Rocketseed Email Signature Manager meets the highest industry compliance and security standards.

100% tamper-proof employee Outlook 365 signatures that you control centrally.

TLS-encrypted mailflow, firewall-protected servers and ISO27001 certified datacentres.

Regular routine penetration testing and continual monitoring and software updates.

Email signature creator & editor

Create professional, custom email signatures for Outlook with your brand logo,
contact information, interactive social media icons and website links using
our email signature creator & editor for Microsoft 365.

  • Select a Rocketseed Outlook email signature template to customise to your brand.
  • Step-by-step easily add your business logo and select on-brand font styles, sizes and colours.
  • Include interactive social media icons and website links to drive click-through traffic to your content.
Branded Social Media Icons
  • Save and test your new Office email signature before deploying across your company.
  • Automatically populate all employee contact information.

Take control with centralized email signature management for Office 365

How it works

  • Rocketseed Microsoft Office 365 Email Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface.
  • Compose your email as normal and when you click ‘send’, connectors and transport rules in Microsoft Office 365 route your email to the Rocketseed server which applies your branded signature.
  • The fully-branded email is then securely resubmitted to Office 365 via a closed SMTP loop for sending. You are in complete control via our browser-based interface with admin rights.

You’ll find detailed instructions and screenshots in our Office 365 email signature compatibility guide.

Products & pricing

It’s important to choose the right Microsoft 365 email signature software to best meet your business needs. That’s why Rocketseed offers 3 product plans – Signature, Campaign and Campaign Enterprise.

Whether you are looking simply for centrally-controlled professional email signatures or want to open a sophisticated – and cost-effective – new marketing channel, Rocketseed has a product to suit. We even offer a fully-managed Microsoft 365 email signature management service where we take care of everything for you!

Why choose Rocketseed?

With 15 years experience, global offices and proven technology, Rocketseed email signature manager for Office 365 is used by enterprise and SME clients worldwide, including multi-national brands.

Ready to start managing your business’s Office 365 signatures with Rocketseed?

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    Create and manage professional Office 365 email signatures for your business with Rocketseed’s email signature software for Outlook


    How do I set up an email signature in Outlook?

    To create an Outlook 365 email signature for an individual, see our step-by-step guide on How to Create a Professional Email Signature for Outlook. However, to set up Office 365 email signatures across your business, we recommend using the Outlook email signature templates in Rocketseed’s email signature creator and editor or briefing our professional design team. Using Rocketseed email signature software Office 365 puts you in central control, ensuring all employees’ Office email signatures are consistently branded, compliant and tamper-proof.

    How to add social media icons to an Office365 signature?

    You can easily add social media icons linking directly to your social media channels using Rocketseed’s email signature creator & editor for Office365. Icons can be customised to your brand colours. We recommend only linking to social channels that are actively managed and regularly updated.

    How do I change my Office 365 email signature?

    To change an individual signature using Office 365, you can use our guide on How to edit an email signature for Microsoft 365. You can centrally change signatures across your business using Rocketseed’s email signature creator and editor. By syncing Rocketseed email signature management Office 365 with your Active Directory, any changes to employee contact information in the directory will automatically update on their Office 365 signatures.