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Rocketseed’s email signature software enables organisations to deliver a centralised email signature solution across the enterprise.

Rocketseed email signature manager software is optimised for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Exchange and more, giving you complete email compatibility. This enables IT or Marketing to securely and consistently deploy an email signature solution across your organisation. Rocketseed is the leading email signature software provider for businesses looking for centrally-controlled email signature solutions.

Microsoft 365 Email Signature Managment - How it works - Rocketseed

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    Rocketseed Email Signature Software Features…

    • Cloud-based Rocketseed is fully compatible with Outlook, Office 365G Suite and Exchange, branding outbound email for SME and enterprise clients and offering ‘work from anywhere’ flexibility and security without the need to purchase any additional hardware.
    • Setting up Rocketseed’s email signature software for the end-user is quick, simple and transparent with no changes required in the user’s normal email habits.
    • The Rocketseed signature manager interface is intuitive and user-friendly so email signature management need no longer be the preserve of your IT administrators and can become a valuable branded marketing channel.
    • Rocketseed integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, syncing with all user information and group structures in the database.
    • Rocketseed email branding is performed on hardware situated downstream of the customer’s usual mail server enabling centralised and complete control of email branding for individuals, groups, or entire corporations.
    • A sophisticated rules engine makes it possible to assign specific branding to individual senders and receivers, or to groups of senders and receivers.
    • Rocketseed email signature software integrates with all major CRM systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua and also offers customisable integrations through Rocketseed API.
    • Rocketseed offers premium email security and content management service, encompassing content filtering, anti-SPAM, recipient validation, anti-phishing and three layers of anti-virus.

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