ISO 27001 Information Security Management

As information technology advances, threats to security grow alongside it. Therefore, regulations must evolve and expand with additional requirements and assurances, which need to be addressed to allay concerns of safety. By implementing ISO 27001, standardized methodologies are put into place to ensure the safeguarding of data, and a company culture anchored in security awareness, and procedures that minimize the risk of breach, loss and compromise.

Rocketseed implements ISO 27001 framework to establish, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve an ISMS, which provides the following benefits not only to our organization as a whole, but also to all clients, suppliers and collaborators.

ISO 27001 Benefits

The benefits of ISO 27001 are the following:

  • Protecting data and all forms of information, whether digital, hard copy or in the Cloud.
  • Increase resilience to cyber attacks.
  • Continually adapt to threats and evolve alongside changes both in the environment and inside the organization.
  • Meet contractual obligations and demonstrate commitment to data security, where certification testifies of the stringent security structure in place.
  • Protect reputational and financial losses.
  • Improve operational structure and focus.

Rocketseed meets all key Security and Compliance standards