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If so, you could earn rewards by referring them to us. Simply fill out the form and we’ll follow it up.

The best part? You’ll be rewarded with 10% of their first year’s contract license value when they sign up to Rocketseed!

Feeling charitable? We can alternatively donate your payment directly to a charity we work with or you can donate directly once you receive payment.

Minimum spend applies.

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    How it works


    Refer a business

    To refer a business, simply fill out the referral form above and our sales team will follow it up immediately.

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    Receive your reward

    For every business you refer that signs up to Rocketseed, you’ll be rewarded with 10% of the license value of their first year’s contract.

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    They’ll be rewarded too

    As a successful sign up, the company you referred will also receive a 10% discount on licenses for the first 12 months.

    Ready to earn Rocketseed referral rewards?

    Rocketseed Refer and Earn: FAQ’s

    What is Rocketseed Refer & Earn?

    Rocketseed Refer & Earn is an easy opportunity for you to earn cash by referring Rocketseed to your audience. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to Rocketseed.

    How does the referral process work?

    Every time you want to refer a business, simply complete and submit the form above. You will immediately receive a confirmation email. Our sales team will take it from there and will notify you when the referral sign-up. Your reward will be paid in quarterly installments, subject to the settlement of referral invoices.

    What rewards can I earn?

    For every referral you make that successfully signs up to Rocketseed you will receive 10% of their first year contract license value.

    Who can I refer to earn rewards?

    To earn rewards, the referral must be a company that signs up to Rocketseed for a minimum of one year. You can refer companies in any sector or geographic location in the US and EMEA. The only companies ineligible for referral are existing and former customers of Rocketseed and those companies with which Rocketseed is currently in negotiation.

    What conditions must be met for me to earn the reward?

    To earn rewards, you must have signed and returned a referral contract to Rocketseed. The company which you referred must then sign up to Rocketseed for a minimum of one year.

    Can I refer any size company?

    Yes, you may refer any size company (subject to a minimum spend) to earn rewards.

    How can I tell if I have earned a reward?

    We will notify you by email as soon as the company that you referred signs up to Rocketseed and your reward is calculated.

    When will I receive my reward?

    You will receive your reward in four quarterly instalments after the referral has signed up to Rocketseed (subject to settlement of invoices by referred client).

    How will I receive my reward?

    You will receive your reward by direct bank transfer either in US dollars ($), pounds (£) or rands (R), as per the currency paid by the end client contract. Alternatively, your payment can be donated to a charity we work with or you can donate directly once you receive payment.

    Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer and/or the rewards I can earn?

    No there is no limit. You can you refer as many companies as you like.

    Do I have to be a Rocketseed client to make a referral?

    No, anyone is eligible to make a referral.

    What happens if I refer someone that the Rocketseed Sales team is already communicating with?

    In such circumstances, we will notify you immediately and the referral will be voided.

    Where can I reach out if my question wasn't answered here?

    For any questions regarding our referral program, please contact

    Start referring today to earn your rewards