Why Rocketseed?

7 reasons why Rocketseed email signature management is ‘Loved by Marketing. Trusted by IT’

Rocketseed pioneered email signatures and continues to be the most dynamic and innovative email signature solution in the market today.

1. You’ll get brilliantly branded email signatures

It’s that simple. With Rocketseed you can be sure that your email signatures will look professional, on-brand and display perfectly every time, on every email platform and on every device. Create your signature using our custom email signature editor or brief our specialist designers for a bespoke email signature design for your brand.

FACT: By default, Rocketseed embeds any images within your signature so that they display as soon as the email is opened, removing the need for recipients to download them separately.

2. You’ll maximise your signatures’ marketing power

Rocketseed adds marketing power to every email. Drive engagement by adding eye-catching, interactive banners to every email your employees send and run timely, targeted email signature marketing campaigns. Assign banners to specific senders and link to your website, social media and latest content – with clear calls-to-action to get recipients clicking!

FACT: Rocketseed’s smart segmentation, targeting and scheduling rules means the right marketing message always reaches the right recipient at the right time.

3. You can rely on our technology

Rocketseed is simple to set-up, stress-free to manage and completely secure. Integrating securely with your mail server – on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid – Rocketseed is optimised for all major email platforms and devices. See how it works for Office365, G Suite and Exchange and how our security features meet the highest infosecurity standards.

FACT: All email traffic is TLS-encrypted and authenticated from source to destination and Rocketseed is configured to comply with CIS (Center for Internet Security) Benchmarks – a world leader in internet security standards.

Rocketseed 24.7 technical support

4. You’ll always receive stand-out service

Rocketseed’s service sets us apart. As a Rocketseed client you’ll be given a dedicated account manager who will guide you through set-up and support you at every stage. You’ll also be able to access 24/7 emergency technical support should any issues arise. Of course, there’s also the option to let Rocketseed simply manage everything for you!

FACT: With Rocketseed account management and tech support you can always talk to a ‘real person’ about your email signatures.

5. You’ll be in complete control

Rocketseed puts you in centralised control to ensure consistent email branding across your business. Our browser-based interface gives you the ability to centrally assign different email signatures to different brands, departments and individuals and make company-wide updates in an instant.

FACT: Rocketseed email signatures are 100% tamper-proof so you have complete control of your brand on email.

6. You’ll get engagement insights no one else can offer

Rocketseed’s analytics and reporting give you all the data insights you need to make the right email signature marketing decisions. Rocketseed lets you track every recipient interaction with your email signatures and marketing banner campaigns so you can measure success, refine your campaigns and feed your CRM. Rocketseed also integrates with Google Analytics so you can track on-site conversion as well as click-through.

FACT: With Rocketseed’s real-time click alerts, your sales and customer service teams can respond immediately to recipient engagement.

7. You’ll see real results

Rocketseed is about making sure email signatures really work for your business. We work with you to ensure your email signatures are designed to meet your business and branding objectives – from building your brand image and online reputation, through to driving direct sales and maximising customer value. Also, by being infinitely scalable, Rocketseed grows with your business.

FACT: Businesses worldwide – large and small – achieve higher click-through, conversion and ROI with Rocketseed.

And you’ll be in good company

Because Rocketseed brands over 1.2 billion emails a year for over 100,000 users and is used and trusted by major brands and businesses – large and small – across all industries. From financial services, technology and logistics to the hospitality, charity and education sectors, Rocketseed sets the standard for email signature management.

You can see how in our industry guides and client case studies. In fact, many of the world’s most high-profile brands trust Rocketseed with their email signature management.

Check out our product plans to see which Rocketseed email signature product best suits your business.