Email Signature Marketing Features

Drive direct engagement with email signature marketing campaigns

With Rocketseed you can run interactive email signature marketing campaigns across both your external and internal emails.

You can embed multiple interactive calls-to-action within a single banner, making your email signatures a dynamic tool for upselling, cross-selling, and engaging your audience. Our advanced targeting and scheduling features ensure that the right email marketing banner message always reaches the right recipient at the right time.

Take your email signature management to the next level, transforming every email you send into a marketing opportunity!

Live Banner Campaigns

Whilst you can choose to have only one banner campaign live, Rocketseed gives you the opportunity to run multiple email banner designs in rotation to keep your marketing messages fresh and showcase a range of concurrent promotions. Looking for banner campaign ideas? Take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

An animated graphic demonstrating changing email banners above a Rocketseed email signature.
Two Rocketseed banners in different colours, one above the other, separated by the letters "VS".

Campaign A/B Testing

Which banner or call-to-action works best? With multiple calls-to-actions and/or designs on your marketing banners, campaigns can run simultaneously. Rocketseed’s marketing analytics show you the exact engagement that each achieves so you can refine future campaigns.

Optimise your email signature marketing effectiveness now!

Custom Date Scheduling

Timing is everything. With Rocketseed you can automate your ‘live’ banner start and stop dates to ensure that your email signature marketing campaigns are always on time, making it ideal for promoting events and seasonal offers.

Time your marketing messages perfectly, aligning them with specific events, product launches, or promotional periods!

A selection window titled Set active dates for the banner to be assigned to Sender Groups Senders.
An animated graphic demonstrating different email banners & signatures appearing when different roles email different stakeholders, with the Rocketseed logo at the centre.

Advanced Segmentation & Targeting

Ensuring each user sends the most appropriate banner campaign to each recipient is simple with Rocketseed’s advanced segmentation and recipient targeting rules. Segmentation rules enable you to assign banner campaigns to specific senders while our advanced recipient targeting rules mean you can reach specified customers, partners or even your own internal colleagues with the most relevant campaign messaging.

Segment your audience based on specific criteria to ensure that your marketing messages reach the most relevant recipients!

Campaign Retargeting

Rocketseed’s retargeting rules mean that you can automatically re-engage with recipients with the most relevant email banner campaigns for them based on their previous banner click-through behaviour, maximising the opportunity for conversion.

An animated graphic demonstrating a mouse clicking on an email banner.

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Email signature marketing turns every email your business sends into a marketing opportunity. By leveraging the high volume of daily email traffic, you can promote your brand, products, or services consistently and creatively.

Rocketseed provides detailed analytics for your email signature campaigns. You can track metrics like click-through rates, engagement levels, and conversion rates, helping you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Yes, Rocketseed allows you to segment your email signature campaigns based on various criteria such as department, location, or role. This enables you to deliver targeted messages to different audiences effectively.

Absolutely! Rocketseed enables recipients to interact with content such as videos, surveys, and social media links in your email signatures, making them more engaging and informative.

With Rocketseed, managing and updating your email signature campaigns is straightforward. The platform offers easy-to-use templates and centralised control, allowing for quick updates and consistent branding across all emails.

Yes, all email signatures created with Rocketseed are optimised for mobile devices (mobile responsive designs), ensuring that your marketing content looks great and functions well on any screen size.

Rocketseed’s email signature marketing platform is designed to maintain strict adherence to your brand guidelines with all email signatures and banner campaigns being tamper-proof.,

Rocketseed offers comprehensive support service, including setup assistance, campaign management guidance, and technical support. We are dedicated to ensuring your email signature marketing campaigns are successful and hassle-free.

Absolutely. Rocketseed’s email signature marketing platform can be integrated with various marketing tools and CRM systems, enhancing your overall marketing strategy and ensuring a cohesive approach across all channels.

Changes to your email signature campaigns can be implemented swiftly and uniformly across your organisation, thanks to Rocketseed’s centralised management system. This ensures that all employees’ email signatures are updated in real-time, maintaining consistency and immediacy in your marketing efforts.

Rocketseed is committed to data security and privacy. Our email signature software adheres to stringent data protection regulations, ensuring that your and your recipients’ information is handled securely and with the utmost respect for privacy.

Yes, Rocketseed’s platform is versatile enough to be used for both internal and external communication. This allows you to leverage email signature marketing to engage with your employees and promote internal initiatives, in addition to external marketing efforts.

Rocketseed provides comprehensive training and resources to ensure users can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. This includes best practices, tips for creating effective campaigns, and ongoing support to maximise the impact of your email signature marketing.