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Refer and Earn Program - Rocketseed

Everyone’s a winner with our ‘refer & earn’ program

Know a business that needs email signature software? Refer them to Rocketseed and start reaping the rewards with our ‘refer & earn’ program.
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Seasonal email banner campaign tips

6 Tips for running an engaging seasonal email banner campaign

Discover 6 tips for using email banner marketing to run a simple, successful seasonal promotion. Let's get started.
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How to use gender pronouns in email signatures

Find out more about gender pronouns in signatures and how to add them using a central email signature management solution.
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Email Signature Contact Info Best Practice

Best practices for adding contact information on an email signature

Contact details are the most essential part of email signatures and it's vital you get this part of your email signature right. These best practices show you how it's done.
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Rocketseed female tech leaders

Celebrating female tech leaders in Rocketseed

Rocketseed is extremely proud of the talented and inspiring women that make up 55% of our workforce and leadership team.
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New Rocketseed website

A new look and feel for the Rocketseed website

We’re pleased and excited to reveal the new look and feel for the Rocketseed website. We hope you like it!
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How to update your signature in 2022

How to Update Your Email Signature for 2022

Is your business email signature dressed for success and looking its best? See our guide on how to update your email signature in 2022 for a more professional look.
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2022 digital marketing trends

10 ways to meet 2022 digital marketing trends using your email signature

Discover which digital marketing trends you can easily – and cost-effectively – take advantage of simply by using your business email signature to ensure audience engagement and brand success in 2022.
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Rocketseed 2021 Review & 2022 Focus

As we come to the end of 2021, we want to thank you for being a Rocketseed customer or partner. We couldn’t be any more proud of the overall business achievements this year and we wanted to provide you with a summary of what to look forward to in 2022.
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Email etiquette tips

7 Etiquette tips to help you write more professional emails

If you find yourself slipping into slang when you type out an email, or you think your email tone could do with a little polishing, then these etiquette tips will help you transform your emails from sloppy to sleek.
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Mobile email signature

How to make your email signature mobile-friendly

When you consider that up to 81% of your business emails are opened on mobile devices, it’s clear that a professional mobile email signature isn’t just a sign-off - it’s a business branding essential.
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RS - Why your email signature needs a smart banner

Why your email signature needs a smart banner

If you want to stand out from the crowd you need a smart banner in your business email signature. Here's what you need to know about email signatures banners and how to create a smart email signature.
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Email Signature Solutions

5 email signature solutions for terrifying business challenges

Discover the supernatural power of email signature software and how it can solve various business challenges. From IT, Sales and Marketing to Human Resources, and not forgetting...
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Email Signature benefits

Top 10 benefits of using email signatures

There are many benefits of the email signature, some of which are obvious and others that may surprise you. Keep reading to find out the benefits of an email signature and how you can use one to your advantage.
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Best email signature fonts - Rocketseed

What are the best email signature fonts?

It’s vitally important that you choose the best signature font for your business email if you want the right recipient response. Here's everything you need to know about email signatures fonts...
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