Solutions for Sales

Drive conversion with the right message at the right moment.

Email is a critical part of the sales process. It’s where customers start to ask the probing questions about your products, and actively look for purchase decision validation. This part of the sales journey falls outside of normal above-the-line, digital marketing, and CRM channels; and it really is where you need to have your very best sales processes representing your business.

Rocketseed fills this gap with its tailored sales solutions. Some of these include:

Lead Generation

Rocketseed drives leads by ensuring that every one-to-one email your business sends out carries a promotion or call-to-action through its email banners. The messages can be automated and targeted to ensure that every potential lead receives the right message at the right moment. You can also ensure that new leads are pushed into the correct sales funnels, and that existing leads are exposed to cross-sell and up-sell tailored to their unique needs.

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A graphic showing a customer service lifecycle, with arrows starting from a browser window, to a second browser window, to a third browser window, to a final browser window displaying a tick.

Lifecycle campaigns

Rocketseed email banners have the unique ability to carry multiple links. A call-to-action that results in a click can trigger a life-cycle campaign to either drive the customer to a web presence or introduce them into a tailored email funnel which builds their propensity to purchase. To see how email banners can guide recipient through the customer journey, take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

CRM Integration

Rocketseed integrates fully with Salesforce, and for other CRM platforms we offer bespoke or manual integration. All of the rich data derived from customer interactions with email can be pulled into your CRM, ensuring that you have a complete picture of the leads potential and needs.

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Track Downloads

Document delivery and submission is a critical part of most sales processes, Rocketseed offers multiple easy-to-use methods for centralised document delivery and tracking. We ensure that the correct document is always delivered, with full legally-compliant tracking on all document downloads.

Silent Read Alerts

Ever wonder if a lead ever saw the offer you sent them? Rocketseed offers silent read alerts on emails, so that you know if a lead has seen your offer, or if you need to follow up with them.

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Sales Training

Rocketseed banners can be targeted internally to keep salespeople up to date with the latest sales training, processes, legislation and operations.


Need to hit a target? Motivate and inspire your sales team with instant incentive announcements using Rocketseed internal banners.

Reporting & Analytics

We capture every open, read, click and send – a goldmine of data that can be harvested for insights into how to optimise your sales process and sales team’s performance.

We can bring unique sales enhancements to your business!