Rocketseed Office 365 Email Signature Manager is a powerful solution that lets you centrally manage email signatures in any Office 365 environment, regardless of what mail clients are used.

Brilliant Branding

Give all your employees using Office 365 an on-brand, professional and promotional email footer design on every email they send from any device.

HTML Signature Editor
Design your corporate email signature easily from one of our responsive templates using our custom email signature editor – no html experience required.

Bespoke Design
Brief our professional design services to create a bespoke on-brand email signature design for your business.

Embed Images
Embed images directly in your email signatures, ensuring your design will always display perfectly across all email clients and devices.

Dynamic Fields
Automatically hide any empty signature fields (where data is not available) so every employee signature appears neat and streamlined.

Different Departments
Easily assign different email signature templates to different departments – such as IT, Marketing, HR and Sales – and individuals, to meet their specific requirements.

Mobile Optimised
Rocketseed’s responsive design automatically adjusts your email signature and banner campaign sizes to ensure easy readability and consistent design, whether on laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Legal Compliance
Keep your company email legally compliant by adding dynamic email signature disclaimers under every employee signature.

Dynamic Disclaimer
Rocketseed legal email disclaimers can be dynamically personalised and automatically date-stamped as proof of original sender, intended recipient and time sent.

Maximum Marketing

Transform your employee email into an engaging marketing channel by adding targeted marketing banner campaigns with clickable calls to action.

Banner Campaigns
Add banner campaigns to promote your new products and services, latest offers and company news, generating direct response via clickable calls to action.

Image Mapping
Incorporate multiple clickable calls to action in a single email signature banner – ideal for surveys, ratings, videos and more.

Segment by Sender and Receiver
Advanced segmentation rules let you assign campaigns to specific sender and target recipient groups, so the right message always reaches the right audience.

Campaign Rotation
Run multiple email banner designs in rotation to keep your marketing messages fresh and feature a range of concurrent promotions.

Campaign Scheduling
Automate start and stop dates within our G Suite signature manager for  marketing banner campaigns, ensuring your campaigns are always on time.

Social Media Integration
Drive traffic to your most effective social media channels through interactive icon links automatically inserted by our email signature software.

CRM Integration
Rocketseed’s email signature software for Office 365 integrates with all major CRM systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & Eloqua, also offering customisable integrations through the Rocketseed API.

GDPR Compliance
Rocketseed email signature software is completely compliant with the GDPR .

Internal Marketing
Keep staff aligned, motivated, and invested in your brand promise via banner campaigns – including on-boarding, training and news announcements.

Stand-out Service

Our service sets us apart. With dedicated account managers, additional services, training and 24/7 technical support, we’re always here for you.

Account Managers
Your dedicated Rocketseed account manager helps you every step of the way, from set-up and training through to campaign advice and results reporting.

Additional Services
Rocketseed offers a full range of additional services, from design services and campaign management to reporting and analytics.

24/7 Technical Support
Wherever you are in the world, you can get 24-hour customer support by email or telephone from the Rocketseed support team.

Campaign Rotation
You’ll receive full training on the Rocketseed interface so that you can manage email signatures and banner campaigns with ease, and get the best results from using Rocketseed.

Complete Control

Rocketseed gives you complete control to manage all of your organisation’s Office 365 email signatures and marketing banner campaigns.

Central Control
By putting you in central control, Rocketseed not only removes the need for employee involvement in their email signatures but also ensures company-wide brand consistency.

Totally Tamper-proof
Rocketseed email signature manager applies all branding and additional elements to the email after the user clicks send so all elements inside the email are 100% tamper-proof.

Actionable Insights

Rocketseed captures, analyses and reports every click so you can measure success, refine your campaign to improve your click-through and email marketing conversion rate, and feed your CRM.

Data Insights
Rocketseed email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction with it, measuring the metrics that matter and providing you with actionable insights.

Reporting Options
Rocketseed presents your email marketing analytics in a variety of report formats, ranging from campaign overviews to specific email marketing metrics, for any date range and any campaign.

Google Analytics Integration
Monitor all recipient clicks on your email signatures and banners, and track all conversions which are recorded in Rocketseed and your Google Analytics account.

Live Click Alerts
React to your recipients’ engagement in real time by setting click-through to trigger a live alert, for example, enabling your sales team to follow-up interest in a new product.