Rocketseed Features

Explore Rocketseed’s key features

From tamper-proof signature templates and dynamic disclaimers to advanced analytics and 24/7 tech support, here are the features that make Rocketseed the most effective email signature management and marketing solution.

Email Signature Management

Rocketseed’s email signature management features put you in complete central control of your brand on email and ensure creative, consistently-branded, compliant email signatures across your organisation – all managed via Rocketseed’s intuitive user interface.

Email Signature Marketing

With Rocketseed you can run interactive email signature marketing campaigns across both your external and internal emails. Our advanced marketing features ensure that the right marketing banner message always reaches the right recipient at the right time.

Analytics & Reporting

Rocketseed’s email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction. Measuring the metrics that matter and reporting results in a variety of formats, our analytics and reporting features give you all the valuable, actionable insights you need.

Integrations & CRM

Rocketseed integrates fully with Google Analytics and Salesforce, as well as maximising the use of recipient click-data via third-party integrations.

Rocketseed 24.7 technical support

Support & Service

Our service sets us apart. With dedicated account managers, user interface training and 24/7 technical support, we’re always here to help you.

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