Analytics & Reporting Features

Measure every click for actionable insights

Dive into a comprehensive suite of email performance analytics and reporting tools, designed to give you a granular view of your email signatures and banner campaigns.

Rocketseed’s email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction with it. Measuring the metrics that matter and reporting results in a variety of formats, our analytics and reporting features give you all the valuable, actionable insights you need.

Real-time Click Alerts

React to your recipients’ engagement in real time by setting a click-through to trigger a live email alert to the sender of the email and/or a designated email address, thereby alerting the manager of that campaign or the sales team to follow-up the warm lead.

This feature enables you to monitor email interaction analytics in real-time, ensuring prompt and informed responses to your email marketing efforts.

An email with a Rocketseed banner at the top, and a template click notification report in the email body.
A screenshot of a dashboard showing Statistics for the past 7 days, with various graphs and tables.

Last 7 Day Key Stats

This consolidated snapshot of the most significant email campaign performance data for the previous 7 days shows your top 5 performing campaigns (with the total number of sends and clicks for each), your top senders and the top receiver domains.

Get a concise summary of your recent email tracking statistics, helping you quickly assess and adjust your email marketing strategies.

Monthly Key Numbers Reporting

Get a comprehensive monthly overview of your email campaign metrics.

See your key email signature marketing performance statistics month-by-month, including number of senders, number of templates used and response rate, making it great for a general overview of campaign effectiveness.

A screenshot of a reporting dashboard labelled Key Numbers.
A chart titled Top Senders, with various bar graphs next to 12 ranked Senders.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

For an in-depth analysis of your email signatures and banner campaigns’ performance, Rocketseed gives you detailed information on all emails sent, which branded templates were used, the number of unique receivers sent to, and the total engagement for each campaign including the date and time of every click-through. All this information can be filtered and presented in a range of report formats.

Use our robust tool for an extensive analysis of email marketing metrics, enabling you to fine-tune your strategies based on detailed reports and analytics.

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Email signature analytics involves tracking and analysing the performance of your email signatures and banner campaigns. It benefits your business by providing insights into engagement levels, and helping you optimise your email marketing strategies for better results.

Rocketseed’s email signature analytics offers detailed information on email interactions, including the use of branded templates, the number of unique recipients, and total engagement metrics like click-through rates for each campaign.

Rocketseed’s reporting feature provides in-depth analysis and actionable insights, allowing you to refine your email marketing strategies. It helps you understand recipient behaviours and preferences, leading to more targeted and effective campaigns.

Yes, with Rocketseed’s email signature analytics, you can track the performance of individual campaigns, including specific details like the date and time of every click-through, helping you assess the effectiveness of each campaign.

Rocketseed’s email analytics and reporting dashboard are designed for user-friendliness, offering intuitive navigation and clear visualisations of data, making it easy for you to understand and interpret your email marketing metrics.

Absolutely! Rocketseed allows you to filter and present information in various report formats, enabling you to customise reports to focus on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business objectives.

Rocketseed’s analytics can be instrumental in A/B testing by providing comparative data on different email signature designs, banners, or content. This helps in determining which variations drive better engagement and conversions.

Yes, Rocketseed offers real-time analytics, giving you immediate insights into how your email signature campaigns are performing. This enables you to make quick adjustments and optimisations to your strategies.

Rocketseed’s analytics and reporting system can be configured to send alerts for specific activities, such as when a recipient clicks a link in your email signature, keeping you informed of important interactions.

With Rocketseed’s email signature software, you can generate a variety of reports. These include campaign performance reports, engagement reports and key number reports.

Rocketseed’s analytics dashboard updates data in real-time, providing you with the most current insights into your email signature campaign’s performance, enabling timely and informed decision-making.

Yes, by analysing engagement metrics and conversion data, Rocketseed’s analytics can help you estimate the return on investment (ROI) of your email signature campaigns, demonstrating their value in your overall marketing efforts.

Yes, Rocketseed allows you to set up automated reports that can be sent to your email at regular intervals, ensuring you stay updated on your campaign’s performance without having to manually check the dashboard.

Yes, Rocketseed’s analytics can differentiate between internal and external email interactions, allowing you to tailor your strategies for internal communication and external marketing separately.