Analytics & Reporting Features

Measure every click for actionable insights

Rocketseed’s email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction with it. Measuring the metrics that matter and reporting results in a variety of formats, our analytics and reporting features give you all the valuable, actionable insights you need.

Real-time Click Alerts

React to your recipients’ engagement in real time by setting a click-through to trigger a live email alert to the sender of the email and/or a designated email address, thereby alerting the manager of that campaign or the sales team to follow-up the warm lead.

Last 7 Day Key Stats

This consolidated snapshot of the most significant performance data for the previous 7 days shows your top 5 performing campaigns (with the total number of sends and clicks for each), your top senders and the top receiver domains.

Monthly Key Numbers Reporting

See your key email signature marketing performance statistics month-by-month, including number of senders, number of templates used and response rate, making it great for a general overview of campaign effectiveness.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

For an in-depth analysis of your email signatures and banner campaigns’ performance, Rocketseed gives you detailed information on all emails sent, which branded templates were used, the number of unique receivers sent to, and the total engagement for each campaign including the date and time of every click-through. All this information can be filtered and presented in a range of report formats.

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