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    Manage company signatures centrally. Simple to deploy, 100% secure and display on every device, including mobile.

    Get consistent, compliant signatures that are compatible with all email clients including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange.

    World-leading email signature software. Used and trusted by businesses across the globe

    Email signature creator: How it works

    Design and deploy your new HTML email signature for your entire enterprise in 6 simple steps.
    Our email signature creator is straightforward and intuitive with no HTML or coding skills required.

    1. Create or choose your email signature template

    Choose an HTML email signature template from our ready-to-use selection for your entire team or company. Or we can create a bespoke on-brand signature template for you as part of your set-up.

    Email signature template
    An email signature banner for Sarah Thomas, Sales Manager with a profile picture, contact details, and various social media icons along the bottom.

    2. Brand your signature

    Start branding your chosen email signature template by adding your company logo and allocating space for employee headshot pictures.

    3. Customise every element

    Customising email signature templates to be on brand is easy with our WYSIWYG email signature editor: select font styles, sizes and colours to match your brand guidelines. See your changes as you make them. Alternatively, let our email signature designers take care of everything for you.

    A colour picker tool showing a turquoise blue selected.
    Branded Social Media Icons

    4. Add interactive links

    Add interactive links so recipients can click through to your content. Include interactive social media icons for your actively managed profiles. Also drive traffic to your website, landing pages, blog, and sales platforms with clickable links.

    5. Save & Test

    Happy with your new HTML email signature? Then simply click ‘Save’. Send a live test from the signature creator to your inbox to see exactly how it displays.

    A screenshot of a window titled "4. Test Email" with "From" and "To" fields and a "Send" button.
    A laptop screen showing the Rocketseed email banner and signature.

    6. Assign & Deploy

    Assign the new signature across your business. Easily adapt for your different departments, from Sales and Customer Service to HR and Accounting, and drive company consistency across the board. You can automatically populate employee contact information by syncing with Active Directory.

    See Rocketseed email signatures in action

    Create powerful email signatures that display on every device

    Rocketseed HTML email signatures display perfectly every time on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, easily integrating securely with your mail server – on premise, cloud-based, or hybrid.

    Email signatures that display on every device

    Email signature generator: Key benefits

    Boost your business and build your brand with our 100% secure email signature generator software

    Icon showing three parallel lines broken up by circles.

    Central control

    Create and manage all your company email signatures centrally. Update all email signatures and email banner campaigns instantly via our secure, browser-based interface. You don’t need any HTML experience. Rocketseed puts you in central control so you can save time and effort and ensure consistent email signature branding across your business.

    Icon showing a tick inside a three-quarters closed circle.

    Consistent branding

    With Rocketseed, ensure brand consistency across your business emails with absolute centralised control, thanks to simple email signature management. Add your brand logo, customise font colours, styles, and more, and easily assign and update tamper-proof employee email signatures to guarantee consistent email branding company-wide.

    Icon showing a shield.

    Legal compliance

    Add email legal disclaimers to ensure legal compliance across your business emails and to protect your brand reputation. Email disclaimers can cover contracts, copyright, codes of conduct, and confidentiality. Rocketseed personalises and time-stamps disclaimers for additional protection and as proof of original sender, recipient, and time sent.

    Icon showing a closed padlock.

    100% Secure

    Your email signature security is our top priority. Our email signature software meets the highest industry security standards, including ISO27001-certified data centres and TLS-encrypted mail flow. We continually update, monitor and test Rocketseed to ensure you have the most secure email signature software available.

    Icon showing two arrows depicting a circular movement.

    Automatic updates

    Reduce IT administration, time and effort and manage company email signatures the right way. By synchronising your Active Directory with Rocketseed, you can update all your employee contact details in their email signatures automatically. Never waste time or get stressed over manually updating email signatures ever again.

    Sand-out service

    Support and service

    We’re here to help you at every step – managing set-up, offering full interface training, assigning a dedicated Account Manager and providing 24/7 technical support. If required, we can even offer a fully managed service and admin package where our expert team manages all your email signature updates and banner loading, assigning and tracking.

    Icon showing three dots connected by two lines inside a circle.

    Social engagement

    Email signatures are a great way to drive social traffic so be sure to include them in your signature design. Get recipients clicking through to your social media profiles via interactive social icons in your business email signature. Feature your main actively-managed social channels and be sure to keep them updated with engaging content.

    Icon showing a funnel.

    Lead generation

    Open a new marketing channel with impactful, interactive email signature banners. Drive leads directly from your signatures with clickable calls-to-action linked to your most relevant website content, sign-up pages and sales platform. Target, schedule, and automate banner campaigns and reach your audience at the right time.


    Data insights

    Measure the signature and banner performance metrics that matter. Rocketseed tracks, analyses and reports every recipient engagement. Receive alerts in real-time so you can respond immediately to potential leads. Our advanced analytics give you all the actionable insights you need to refine your campaigns and see your email signature marketing success.

    So much more than an email signature maker

    Rocketseed gives you full email signature management, marketing and analytics.

    Email signature management

    • Multiple user access across the account at different access levels.
    • Login anywhere with browser-based interface.
    • Make company-wide signature updates in one click.
    • Adapt signature templates for different departments.
    • Full email signature management support.
    A screenshot of the Rocketseed dashboard, with the page title "Start by choosing your own layout".

    Email signature marketing

    • Add impactful, interactive email signature banners.
    • Drive click-through to your content via clear calls-to-action.
    • Increase brand awareness, interest, sales leads and reviews.
    • Segment, schedule and target email banner campaigns.
    • Full email signature marketing support.
    An email mockup showing a signature for John Smith with his contact details, and a banner for PacketFusion.

    Email signature analytics

    • Track all recipient engagement and measure campaign performance.
    • See who clicks and converts.
    • Respond immediately via real-time alerts.
    • Integrate with Google Analytics.
    • Gather data insights for future campaigns
    Email signature reporting2.fw

    Why choose Rocketseed?

    Join over 100,000 users worldwide, trusting our email signature generator software to build their brand, grow their business, and drive real results. We are all about making our signatures really work for your business, and it is what sets our service apart from the rest.

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    When it comes to your brand image and business success, you need an email signature tool you can trust. Rocketseed pioneered email signature generator software and continues to innovate email signature technology to drive ROI for customers. When you become a Rocketseed client, enjoy full user interface training, 24/7 technical support, and a dedicated account manager.

    It’s why Rocketseed is used and trusted by SME and enterprise businesses across the globe, including world-famous brands.

    Manage company email signatures simpy, securely and at scale

    Product & pricing plans

    Choose the Rocketseed product plan that best meets your business email signature needs.


    The leading essential email signature solution. Central email signature creation and control. One banner campaign across all users at any one time and key number reporting.


    The complete email signature marketing solution. Multiple banners across multiple users. Audience segmentation, recipient targeting and campaign scheduling. Advanced tracking and reporting.

    NOTE: minimum number of senders on any plan: 15

    NOTE: minimum spend for any plan is £75/month

    NOTE: minimum spend for any plan is $75/month


    Rocketseed email signature generator is compatible with all email clients.
    Create HTML email signatures for Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail and iOS.

    Microsoft 365 logo.

    Create on-brand email signatures with our Office 365 Email Signature Manager for Outlook. Working within the same Azure Cloud environment as your Office 365, it’s packed with feature functionality to deliver effective email signature management.


    Centrally control your business Gmail signatures with our Email Signature Manager for G Suite. Create and manage professional signatures for all employees, run targeted email banner campaigns and track every recipient engagement.


    Create and manage consistently-branded signatures company-wide with Rocketseed’s Email Signature Manager for Exchange. Rocketseed is ideally suited to Exchange installations and is fully compatible with hybrid Exchange/Office 365 environments.

    See what our customers say

    Galliard Homes
    galliard homes bgnew rocketseed 1

    “Email branding has proved to be an invaluable marketing channel - the engagement rates speak for themselves"

    Amy Selcott
    Head of Digital Marketing – Galliard Homes
    Morrison Industrial
    morrison industrial rocketseed testimonial

    "I recommend Rocketseed to any company that wants to improve their professional email communication and branding."

    Laura Fox
    Digital Marketing & Sales Support – Morrison Industrial Equipment
    Keith Prowse
    keith prowse rocketseed

    "Rocketseed email branding is now a vital part of the Keith Prowse marketing mix."

    Sam Coates
    Head of Marketing – Keith Prowse
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    Rocketseed Email Signature Generator: FAQ’s

    What is an email signature?

    An email signature is the personalised block of text automatically appended to an email as a ‘sign off’. It provides recipients with the sender’s contact information such as full name, job title, telephone number and email address. It can also include a headshot, a brand logo and links to social media profiles and website pages, such as a homepage or blog.

    Why is an email signature important?

    A business email signature is important for ensuring all employee emails look professional and for increasing brand recognition amongst recipients. Email signatures also enable recipients to engage with your brand, using clickable links to drive traffic to your website and social media profiles. The addition of disclaimers also ensures that your signatures keep all your business email legally compliant.

    Who needs to use an email signature?

    Anyone with an email address can use an email signature. In a business context, email signatures should be used by everyone from the single entrepreneur to all email-using employees of multinational enterprises to present a clear brand image on email. Whether your business has 10 employees in a single office or 10,000 spread across the globe, Rocketseed ensures complete email signature brand consistency via centralised control.

    What size should an email signature be?

    We recommend an email signature size of a maximum width of 650 pixels, and a maximum height of between 90 and 150 pixels. Rocketseed email signature generator facilitates this via its optimised email signature template size.

    What should a business email signature include?

    Keep your email signature on-brand, clean and simple, including all the most relevant information. Try limiting contact information to just three or four lines of text, alongside branded and interactive design elements. Your signature can include:

    • Your full name and job title
    • Contact details including office address, office and mobile telephone numbers
    • Company logo
    • Headshot
    • Social media links
    • Website links to your homepage, landing pages, newsletter sign-up or blog
    • Industry accreditations if appropriate
    • Legal disclaimer

    How do I add a logo to my email signature?

    Adding your brand logo to your email signature is simple with Rocketseed email signature creator. If your business logo is changed then you can centrally update all employee signatures with the new logo simultaneously using Rocketseed.

    How do I add a photo to my email signature?

    It’s simple to add a headshot photo to your signature using Rocketseed’s email signature maker.

    Which is the best font to use for an email signature?

    For a professional email signature, you need to use one of the ‘web safe’ fonts that are supported by all browsers and will always display correctly. Choose the ‘web safe’ signature font that best meets your business brand guidelines. You should also ensure that you use font sizes and colours that are clear and easy to read.

    These are all web safe fonts: Arial; Verdana; Georgia; Tahoma; Courier; Times New Roman; Trebuchet; Palatino; Lucida.

    Email Signature Generator: Case studies

    See the successes our clients have achieved with their email signatures

    Email Signature Generator: Blog

    See Rocketseed email signatures in action