Let’s get started!

Rocketseed has a simple 4 step process to collect all the right information to activate your account and get you up and running as soon as possible.

If you have any questions on the implementation process, please contact your Account Manager.

Step 1. Technical

There are 2 forms for you, or your IT/Technical support, to complete. We need your email set up details and we need you to create a new DNS CNAME record for your email domains.

Technical Setup
DNS Change Instructions

If your company has a DKIM policy and would like to include Rocketseed into the DKIM settings, you should contact the support team. They will provide you with the relevant public key and update your Rocketseed settings to include DKIM on your behalf.

Step 2. Marketing

The marketing details cover your branding & design requirements for your email signature and/or banner, disclaimer information and reporting requirements.  Please select the applicable product and complete the form accordingly.

Campaign Enterprise

NB: if you have a file that is too big to upload, kindly email the file to your Account Manager.

Step 3. Senders

We need to know the contact details for your team. Please download and complete the ‘Sender Spreadsheet‘ below with the details as you wish them to appear in your email signatures.  If you are synchronising with Active Directory you do not need to complete this form.

Once your senders’ signature data list is completed please send to supportus@rocketseed.com.

Senders Signature Data

Step 4. Routing & go live

OK, we’re nearly there. IT are busy in the background making some changes to route your emails via our server so we can apply your branding.  Once this is complete, all your emails will be consistently branded. We’ll let everyone know when this is ready to go live and organise a training session with you and your team.