Email Signatures

Centrally controlled consistent email signatures across your organisation.

Every Signature      On Every Email      Perfectly Branded      Every Time

Centrally Controlled Email Signatures

Reduce IT administration and ensure branding consistency across the business at the click of a button.
Signatures are controlled centrally and changes can be applied instantly, enabling you to create, design, manage and control professional email signatures across the business in a few clicks.

The system allows for granular control of the signatures so that each department, region or even individual in your business can have a totally different look and feel with custom templates, signatures or disclaimers.

Drive traffic to target areas such as social media, your website or a newsletter sign-up and track engagement levels of your email signature.

Brand Compliance

Ensure that your brand identity in email is secure and consistent across the business down to an individual level.

Match your brand with quality signature designs. Strengthen corporate identity with every email you send. Rocketseed allows you to control and embed your brand image into every email that is sent from your business.

Whether you are looking for something minimal or a design with personality, our experts are there to help you.


All details and links to social media in the email signature are personalised to the individual user.

Our signatures dynamically strip out any unused out field. e.g. if only some employees have a fax number, the number will appear for those users only.

This field stripping mechanism ensures that your beautifully designed signature is not spoiled.

Electronic Business Cards

Share contacts the intelligent way with an electronic business card that can be imported into your contacts with a single click.

Rocketseed supports vCard downloads in its signatures. vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards, and is compatible with most email clients and digital address books.

The vCard is delivered through a link in your email signature, which through a single click by the recipient, can import all of your contact details into the recipients address book or email client.

Trackable Document Links

Rocketseed offers multiple easy to use methods for centralised document delivery and tracking, ensuring that the most up to date documents are delivered to the correct clients.

The platform allows for the embedding of links to centralised documents in banners and signatures, with all of the document links being fully tracked.

The tracking of document downloads (including time, date and recipient) is fully legally admissible as proof that a recipient has received the document.

Cleaner, Lighter Email Signatures

Dynamic Fields

Automatically hide signature fields when data is unavailable.

Many signature products do not support the ability to hide fields in your signature if the data for that field is unavailable. This can lead to messy looking layout, or even broken signatures.

Rocketseed ensures that all fields that do not contain data are automatically hidden, without breaking your carefully crafted signature, ensuring that you have a cleaner design.

Signature Placement on Replies

Cleaner email chains with contact details in an easily visible place.

In order to reduce clutter, maintain consistency of design, and ensure that your details remain top of mind, the Rocketseed platform will always ensure that in any email chain, your details will always be under the most recent response and not pushed to the bottom of the email chain.

A recipient will not need to scroll through long email chains in order to find your contact details.

Social Media Integration

Drive users to your social media platforms, recipients are able to connect directly with your staff or business on social media.

Social links embedded in both your banners and emails, allow people to click directly through to relevant social content. Additionally, social buttons in signatures can be configured to automatically carry links to the company or users social media pages.

Rocketseed offers you a great channel for exposing people to your social media or content marketing effort, adding additional value to your inbound marketing efforts.

Compatible with all Email Clients

We test across 22 major email clients in order to ensure that your email is delivered consistently on the major web and mobile platforms.

Rocketseed allows you to create and manage your employee email signatures from one place. Whether you are using Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Google Apps, Lotus Notes or any other email platform, you can manage signatures with ease.

Signatures can be applied into internal emails as well as external emails using Office 365 or Google Apps.

Mobile Optimised (Responsive)

Responsive design that displays your email signatures consistently across mobile devices and all major platforms.

The Rocketseed platform will automatically adjust the size of signatures and banners to ensure easy readability and consistent design across all major mobile platforms.

Rocketseed constantly tests on new mobile devices and platforms, in order to ensure that the delivery and correct display of your email signatures consistently across mobile devices.

User Data Management

Rocketseed offers a variety of solutions that help you import and managing user signature details.

Active Directory Sync (including images)

Automate the process of adding and updating email signatures with AD sync and automatically update signatures for internal role changes in an organisation.

Synchronise with Microsoft Active Directory to ensure that any changes to your employees’ contact details are automatically updated.

The sync also allows for syncing group structures via Active Directory. This means that people moving from one department to another will automatically get the correct banner and signature associated with the new group.

CSV Import

Save time by bulk uploading your entire companies email details in one go.

Web Interface

Edit individual signatures through our easy to use web interface.

Sender Self Update

Allow employees to update their own signatures in a controlled way with manager approval.

Email Signature Security and Legal Compliance


Ensure complete legal compliance on all emails leaving your business by including dynamic proof of sender, receiver, date and time of the original email sent.

Our unique segmentation capabilities allow you to apply different disclaimers for groups, departments or brands within your business. Segmentation rules give you central control of which emails will have which disclaimer template applied, including visiting individuals’ PCs for application and updates.

Ensure your emails are compliant with legislation and follow best practice for email in business on all devices by automatically apply personalised legal disclaimers to every employee email.

Tamper Proof

Lock down your branding, signature and disclaimers.

Most of our business communication today happens over email, and being secure in the knowledge that your communication cannot be altered is a critical factor in the flow of information through your business.

Rocketseed applies all branding and additional elements to the email after the user clicks send, this means that all elements inside email are 100% Tamper proof, and that neither the sender nor the receiver can alter banners, signatures, or disclaimers.

Talk to Rocketseed about keeping your emails tamper free today!