Email Signature Marketing For Hospitality

The Complete Guide

So if you want to:

  • Increase bookings
  • Improve guest experience
  • Maximise revenue
  • Upsell guests
  • Boost your reputation

Let us show you how email signature marketing can achieve all of this and more in this comprehensive guide.

Let’s jump right in

1. Email Signature Marketing for Hospitality

The fundamentals of email signature marketing for the hospitality industry

Think of all the challenges you face every day as a hospitality marketer…

Guests expecting a more personalised experience. New competitors (traditional and non-traditional) springing up. Commission-hungry online travel agents (OTA’s) dominating bookings. Online reviews making (or breaking) your reputation. And staff churn causing service to suffer. Do we need to go on….?

Now think of all the individual emails you and your staff send every day…

To your guests, booking agents and partners. Leaving aside bulk email newsletters, there are literally thousands of other emails sent out by your reservations team, front office staff, sales managers, meetings & events teams, restaurant team, spa consultants, golf pro’s….

The natural solution? Email signature marketing

Start engaging your guests and potential guests on a one-to-one basis simply by adding professional, centrally-controlled, on-brand signatures and targeted, relevant, interactive marketing banner campaigns to each of these ordinary emails.

What are the main applications of email signature marketing for hospitality?

Why email? Because it’s a huge opportunity to engage

Email is your main business communication channel. Email enables you to communicate directly with your guests and potential guests on a one-to-one basis in a space that you control.

Did you know the average employee sends 1,000 emails every month? So a hotel chain with 100 employees would typically send 100,000 emails a month. This equates to an additional 1.2 million email branding interactions annually.

Your opportunity in numbers

Always opened

Unlike traditional email marketing, your everyday business email is almost always opened. Therefore by applying branded signatures and banners to every business email you send, your marketing messages are immediately benefiting from a 99% email open rate.

Impressive click-through

Click-through rates on email branding campaigns in the hospitality industry are generally around 9% but can reach above 20%. So if you have 100 employees sending 1,000 emails per month, you could expect to get around 9,000 additional website visits every month. Typically results are 4x better than traditional email marketing.

Who can use email signature marketing?

From reservations and sales to your restaurant and spa, Rocketseed’s smart rules mean that you can segment senders to ensure they’re sending the most appropriate campaign messaging, and you are always in central control.

Do you have the right messaging?

To get the results you want, your messaging has to be targeted, relevant and timely. Does your current signature have smart targeting rules, tracker tagging and scheduling?

Rocketseed does and ensures your campaigns always reach the right recipient, with the right call-to-action based on their previous engagement – all timed to perfection with automated ‘live’ campaign dates.

Where do your current campaigns take recipients?

Email signature marketing is about engagement 100% – and that means links and clicks. A click on your interactive email signatures and banners should take your target recipients to the following areas;

  • Your branded booking engine
  • A virtual reality tour of your venue
  • Exclusive deals and upgrades
  • Restaurant & bar menus
  • A video room tour on YouTube
  • A recent 5-star guest review
  • Your latest social media posts
  • Local area tourist information
  • The newest venue in your chain
  • A travel influencer’s blog post

In fact, there’s endless linking possibilities across your website, social and content channels.

When’s the best time to use email branding campaigns?

Brand all the emails you send throughout your recipients’ ‘customer journey’, from enquiry replies and booking confirmations to post-stay feedback requests and even staff onboarding. One of the reasons email signature marketing is such an effective marketing tool is because it enables you to market your facilities and services right at the time when guests or potential guests are choosing to engage with them.

2. Take control of your brand on email

Be consistent, compliant and in central control

Every email you send has got to make the right first impression – it must be professional, on-brand and consistent (brand trust is all about consistency!).

Professional design makes all the difference.

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money in creating your brand identity. It looks great everywhere from your signage and website right through to your staff uniforms. So don’t risk your email becoming the weak branding link – speak with Rocketseed’s professional email signature designers who know exactly what changes to your existing signatures will maximise brand impact.

The key to consistency? Central control.

Remove copy & paste and take central control! To keep your employee signatures consistently on brand across your business, it’s essential that individual employees can’t get ‘creative’ with their own signatures. Email signature marketing software gives you centralised control with company-wide updates at the click of a button.

Sarova Hotels Email Signature

Different campaigns for different departments.

A reservations team will want to run different banner campaigns to your restaurant. No problem. With centralised control you can create these differences while maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Protect your brand with an email legal disclaimer.

Concerned about email compliance, confidentiality or copyright? Then it’s time to proactively protect your brand with an email disclaimer. Assign different email disclaimers to different departments to meet their specific compliance requirements.

3. Get ahead of the competition

Put your brand top-of-mind

Competition – both traditional and non-traditional – in the hospitality industry is fiercer than ever. Hotels, AirBnB’s, cruises and more are fighting for your potential guests’ attention and bookings so your brand simply has to stand out.

Powerful first impressions for your brand are key. Email signature campaigns are immediate, impactful and ideal for showcasing the parts of your guest experience customers value most, with interactive opportunities to explore and find out more.

Make your brand image a reason to stay.

We all know hospitality marketing is a visual business and potential guests expect picture perfection! Don’t compromise on your campaign imagery. By using the most atmospheric, enticing imagery of your property and facilities your email signature campaigns will bring your hotel to life and give potential customers the reassurance they need to book.

Boost your special facilities for a competitive edge.

What’s your USP? Your suites? Your service? Your sparkling pool? Give pride of place in your email branding to those facilities your customers tell you they value most and that make the biggest difference when deciding whether to book.

Drive clicks to your ultimate branded content.

Have you heavily invested in branded content? Brochures, videos, virtual tours? Drive more clicks to it. Take potential guests straight to the most relevant content with direct links from your email branding coupled with a compelling call-to-action.

4. Personalise the Experience

Increase conversion with relevant content

Your guests expect a personalised experience. As email signature marketing works via your everyday 1-to-1 business email, it’s a personal marketing channel. With Rocketseed you can ensure that your campaigns are right on target and direct recipients to the most relevant content to increase conversion.

A/B test. Which campaign works best?

With Rocketseed analytics you can A/B test every element of your campaign to see what engages your recipients best. An image of a room interior or the view from the room? A brochure download or video tour invite? Even different copy options or the colour of your CTA buttons. When you know what works best, you’re all set to make your future campaigns extra engaging.

Keep campaigns relevant with ‘retargeting’.

What do potential guests click when given call-to-action options on a single banner? For example, booking spa treatments or a round of golf? By ‘tagging’ each option, Rocketseed lets you ‘re-target’ these recipients so that future campaigns are assigned based on their previous engagement – in this case, featuring spa or golf content as appropriate to maximise conversion.

5. Drive direct bookings

Increase booking engine traffic and cut down OTA commission

When it comes to hospitality success, the bottom line is bookings. Which increasingly means being reliant on the increasingly-consolidated, dominant online travel agents (OTA’s) – and paying their commission!

Email signature marketing drives potential guests directly to your own branded booking engine. Build value and showcase your best deals so when recipients click, they’re ready to convert (and save you from OTA commission).

Make it easy to click and convert.

Make sure your website booking experience is at least as easy for the prospect as any OTA before creating your banner campaign. Add a clear, clickable ‘book now online’ call-to-action and you’re in business.

Feature exclusive email banner deals.

Give recipients a strong reason to click with an exclusive email branding rate, only available by click-through on the banners themselves to your booking engine. Reinforce this on your website with clear price comparison to reassure customers that they are getting the best deal.

Communicate the value of your offer.

Want to drive direct bookings without being reliant on discounts? Use your banner campaigns to add value. Feature the facilities that guests have given the most positive feedback on and showcase ‘value added’ offers, perhaps a free dinner for a weekend stay. Make your offer clear and they’ll be clicking ‘book now’!

6. Maximise Guest Revenue

Upsell, cross-sell and generate loyalty

Email signature marketing campaigns are ideally suited to maximise guest value. They give you the perfect opportunity to offer upsells and upgrades, cross-sell your facilities or even other properties within your group, and generate guest loyalty.


Feature the most relevant upsell opportunities for the department emailing. For example, if your recipient has already booked a room, on the confirmation email, add a banner to encourage them to click to “add a relaxing spa treatment” or “secure your dinner reservation” to improve their stay and generate additional spend in the hotel.


Want business guests to add a spa session or round of golf to their stay? Or possibly book an excursion to local landmarks? It’s easy to run different cross-selling banner campaigns or even run multiple calls-to-action on the same banner, A/B testing to see which cross-selling version achieves the greatest return.

Promote other venues in your group.

A branded email banner campaign is the perfect place to launch new venues in your chain or promote existing sister properties that might appeal to your guests for future trips.

7. Boost business all year round

Meetings, events and seasonal promotions

From conferences and weddings to Christmas celebrations and off-season savings, use email signature marketing to support your events and promotions calendar, giving new reasons to click all year round.

Focus on the right event customers via real-time alerts.

When you email an event proposal to a customer add a banner campaign to “click to request site inspection” or “click preferred set-up style”. You’ll be alerted when they click so you know they are a hot prospect and can focus on converting them, rather than more disengaged prospects who may just be looking for price comparisons.

Run several promotions in the same month.

Remember, each time an email is sent, a different campaign banner can be applied so you can easily promote an Easter weekend deal, a wedding fair, and an advance purchase offer in the same month.

Automate your seasonal campaign programme.

Confirmed your season campaign calendar? Take the stress out of meeting campaign deadlines by automating your email branding campaigns. With Rocketseed software simply create your seasonal banner campaigns, schedule your campaign ‘live’ dates, then sit back and relax, knowing your campaigns are current, fresh and relevant.

8. Optimise your online reputation

Measure guest satisfaction, increase reviews and boost your search rankings

How do your guests rate their stay? Highly enough to post a glowing review? Because guest reviews can make or break your brand reputation and your website’s search ranking.

You need an easy way to not only measure guest satisfaction but also encourage happy guests to post positive reviews online and the chance to put right any negative responses before any less-than-glowing reviews get posted. Email signature marketing does it all…

Measure guest satisfaction in a single click.

Simply add an interactive one-click survey banner to your post-stay emails. Your guests can then quickly rate their experience – ‘excellent’, ‘good’ ‘average’ or ‘poor’. You can then follow up positive responses with a more detailed survey, a review request and a promotional offer for their next stay.

Put any negatives right with real-time alerts.

In the unlikely event that a survey respondent clicks ‘poor’, Rocketseed offers a real-time alert feature so your guest services team can follow up immediately and resolve any issues personally. This way you remedy the issue, –avoiding any poor reviews and prove your reputation for excellent customer service!

Run a reviews request campaign.

Want more reviews? Why not just ask? With a clear call-to-action – and perhaps the added encouragement of an incentive – drive recipients to your own website’s reviews page or a third-party review sites such as Tripadvisor, or Google, to boost both your brand’s online reputation and search rankings.

9. Bonus: Improve staff engagement

Inform, motivate and retain your staff.

Your staff are key to your success. They’re brand ambassadors who go the extra mile for your guests. And you’ve invested in them so you want them to stay. But keeping them informed, motivated and engaged with your brand can be a major challenge and critical to reducing employee churn. The solution? Internal email signature marketing.

Add eye-catching interactive banner campaigns to your hotel’s internal email and suddenly you’ve got an effective HR channel that your staff simply can’t ignore…and you can track all their engagement.

Keep your staff up to speed.

What’s happening in your hotel this week? New out-of-season deals to sell? VIP wedding event at the weekend? New staff uniform policy? Make sure your staff are up to speed by adding an interactive banner on your internal email, linking to the relevant deal, events calendar and policy documents.

Recruit, onboard and train.

Use email signature banners to advertise vacancies and link to application forms. Automate a series of on-boarding banners so new employees familiarise themselves quickly with your brand culture. And serve your latest training content via banners and track staff engagement.

Monitor staff satisfaction.

How happy are your staff? Get a regular snapshot of staff satisfaction by running interactive one-click survey signature campaigns. Positive responses can link through to a more detailed survey or ask for suggestions, while any negatives can trigger an alert and give you a chance to follow-up before they quit!

10. Case Study: The Ritz, London

Using Rocketseed to launch new suites

The Ritz London is one of the most famous and iconic hotels in the world. Opened by Swiss hotelier César Ritz in 1906, it has become synonymous with luxury and elegance, and has hosted royalty, aristocracy and stars of stage and screen throughout its distinguished history.

Given the nature of its clientele, The Ritz’s brand is key to its business and prestigious reputation. So to ensure professional branding and marketing opportunities across every email the hotel staff send, The Ritz uses Rocketseed.

New Suites Campaign

To launch its new suites, The Ritz chose Rocketseed as its preferred email signature management tool, to drive its email signature marketing campaign.


  • To raise awareness and generate bookings for the hotel’s new suites.


  • To launch the hotel’s new suites, a custom-designed marketing banner was applied to staff email signatures featuring impactful images of the suites alongside the world-famous Ritz brand identity.
  • Each campaign banner carried a clear, interactive call-to-action button, driving click-through to launch PR information, suite details and, most importantly, direct bookings.
  • Using recipient segmentation rules, the New Suites banner campaign was applied to emails targeted at partners, corporate and incentive travel agents and, importantly, VIP guests.
  • By featuring interactive icons, the campaign also increased recipient interaction with The Ritz’s social media channels.
  • The campaign was applied using Rocketseed’s ‘go live’ and expiry date functionality that allowed the marketing team to keep the campaign automated while making sure no opportunities were missed. This also drove growth in their active audience.


  • The New Suites email signature marketing campaign achieved 15% engagement on launch.
  • 177k brand impressions were delivered in a 6 month period with an average click through rate of 12%
Email Banner for New Suite Promotion at The Ritz London

“Implementing Rocketseed achieved fantastic results. Our priority was aligning our email with our brand to showcase the hotel’s new offers. Rocketseed has achieved that for us and more.”

Joi Izilein, Marketing Manager

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