Email Signature Marketing for Pharmaceuticals

From launching new drugs to training up staff, pharmaceutical companies can achieve exceptional engagement with email signature marketing.


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    Think of all the emails that your employees – from clinical researchers to sales reps – are sending every day to physicians, trial volunteers, investors and, of course, internally to each other.

    Using email signature marketing, each of these everyday emails opens branded engagement opportunities to raise your company profile, launch new drugs, recruit for clinical trials and secure investment.

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    This guide will show you how to transform every email into a branded, targeted and trackable marketing channel, so you can:

    1. Ensure a professional and consistent corporate brand image in email
    2. Open a new branded marketing channel to engage all audiences
    3. Demonstrate complete compliance accross all employee emails
    4. Drive direct sales and support your service team
    5. Motivate, train and retain your staff
    6. Measure your email signature marketing success
    7. Save your IT team effort, time and stress

    See what our customers say

    Galliard Homes

    “Email branding has proved to be an invaluable marketing channel - the engagement rates speak for themselves"

    Amy Selcott
    Head of Digital Marketing – Galliard Homes
    Morrison Industrial
    morrison industrial rocketseed testimonial

    "I recommend Rocketseed to any company that wants to improve their professional email communication and branding."

    Laura Fox
    Digital Marketing & Sales Support – Morrison Industrial Equipment
    Keith Prowse

    "Rocketseed email branding is now a vital part of the Keith Prowse marketing mix."

    Sam Coates
    Head of Marketing – Keith Prowse
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