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The simple way to grow your email database

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Grow your email database with Rocketseed List Builder

With Rocketseed List Builder captures every email address from the emails you send and adds them to your database, enabling you to target your new contact prospects with an opt-in introductory newsletter.

The value of your email database

As a business, your database is one of your most valuable assets, allowing you to engage with customers, build relationships and, most importantly, generate new business.

Of course, the value of your database is also directly related to the quality of the data it contains. Old, out-of-date contact details will not help you build relationships or generate business if the email addresses no longer exist or the subscriber has lost interest in your product. Equally, if you are purchasing lists through a third party, the likelihood is that you’ll have quantity without the quality.

Building an email list

It’s easy to underestimate the time and effort that goes into building an email list of high-quality contact addresses. Importing and exporting email addresses, duplication, collating and managing spreadsheets can all add up to become a highly cost-intensive process.

At Rocketseed our aim is to ensure you grow your company email list by adding ‘quality’ new sign-ups to your database, not just re-using old data, or scatter-bombing large purchased lists. And with Rocketseed List Builder, all you and your staff need to do is to continue doing what you already do every day – sending email – and watch your email database grow.

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Rocketseed List Builder captures every email address from emails your company sends and adds them to your database – automatically deleting any duplicate email addresses – and, in conjunction with Rocketmailer or other bulkmail platform, enables you to introduce your new contact prospects to promotional campaigns using an opt-in introductory newsletter.

It really is email list building made easy. Automatically build a clean, reputable, up-to-date database of qualified recipients, and all by using a channel you already own – your everyday email.

Experience the most marketing power you can pack in an email

Benefits of List Builder

  • Saves you time by being fully automated
  • Saves you the cost of buying expensive databases
  • Effortlessly and seamlessly integrates everyday email with your newsletter strategy
  • Organically grows your database
  • Removes risk of damaging brand reputation with unsolicited emails
  • Keeps you connected to your customers at all times

How to build an email list

Don’t Waste easy opportunities

Your employees each send out around 15,000 emails a year to customers and potential customers in the course of their normal work. So by adding a newsletter sign-up button to your email signatures you’ll encourage the clients interacting with you to subscribe to your database. And with Rocketseed you can also track the sign-ups that your emails deliver, as well as the conversion rate from clicks to sign-up.

Use organic data to prevent database churn

As list churn for businesses averages 20% -30% per year, with Rocketseed you can use the Receivers List Builder report to pull off a ready-made list of all email recipients that your business has contacted within a particular date range. These are current, engaged customers that your business has started interacting with. Invite these users to ‘Opt in’ and you’ll have a great way to keep your list continually topped up.

Use your social media communities

You’ve probably already got sign-up forms on your website but have you integrated your newsletter sign-ups with your social media channels, each of which presents huge opportunities to see your email database grow.

Incentivise new sign-ups

Run a campaign on your everyday email to encourage new subscribers, providing them with a reason or incentive for joining the list. With the right incentive conversion rates – from clicks to sign-up – can exceed all expectations.

Grow your email list today with Rocketseed List Builder