Marketing Automation Integration

Achieve perfect synchronisation between Rocketseed and your existing marketing automation platform

Marketing Automation Integration - Campaign Automation

With Rocketseed every email can become a key part of an effective, lead nurturing automated marketing campaign.

How Does Rocketseed Fit In?

Rocketseed adds value at every step in the marketing automation process. Our email marketing tools gather a complete picture of outbound email correspondence between your employees and their customers and prospects. Rocketseed tracks email recipients’ engagement with the banners we add to each email. This can add valuable information to your marketing campaign.

What tools does Rocketseed support?

Rocketseed customers have performed integrations with Salesforce, Eloqua, HubSpot and other platforms. The general techniques and APIs we provide make it possible to integrate with campaign automation platforms of your choice. Our expert team can help customise any required solution.

For example:

Rocketseed captures a complete list of every person who has received email from your employees, enabling you to expand the audience for your marketing automation campaign.

Clicks are recorded every time an email recipient engages with a Rocketseed banner and the recipient is directed to a landing page on your web site. Each visit to a landing page clearly identifies the email address of the visitor and the marketing message that brought them to your site. The clicks can be tagged to categorise the content and further qualify the leads that are created. It’s easy to feed this information into your marketing automation system to add more insights into customer interests.

It’s also possible to use the information gathered by marketing automation tools to control the banners added to Rocketseed emails. This is useful for campaign automation. If your system can discern that a segment of your audience is interested in a specific product or service, this information can be imported into Rocketseed to tailor the branding that is applied to the emails that the target audience segment receives.

This can be accomplished in several ways. Any list of email addresses for a group of individuals interested in a specific campaign can be imported into a Rocketseed receiver group, to whom particular branding is applied.

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