Don’t get clicked out of the market

Ever suspected a competitor is trying to ‘click you out of the market’? We have. And here’s what we think about it…

Clicks and ‘Clicks’

We’re no strangers to clicks at Rocketseed. Everything we do is geared to generating click-through engagement for our clients in the noisy worlds in which they operate. By transforming all their one-to-one emails into an engaging marketing channel, our success is measured by our clients’ emails getting clicked by their customers. You could say clicks are our business.

But as we’ve recently discovered there’s a big difference between engaged customer clicks and more sinister competitor ‘clicks’…

As a business where inbound is key, much of our demand gen is through the obvious channels – search, social, scraping, calling-we’re on it. As our partnerships grow so does our experience with them  and the understanding of what our partners are really after and what they need from us in order to make the relations both attractive and financially rewarding.

And It was one of these valued partners that alerted us to the fact that someone has been trying to ‘click us out of the market’ by intentionally and repeatedly (very repeatedly) clicking on our paid search terms.

‘Business is business’

Yes, we get that, so perhaps all’s fair in love, war and online marketing. But is it really as simple as that?

Part and parcel of normal search strategy is competitor bidding. It’s a relatively standard practice, with the key being what happens when you capture the attention of the audience who was actually searching on a competitor’s organic terms or brand. Evan Cummins from WordStream has written about it extensively, take a peak here if you want to see it.

Name and shame?

Do we know who’s been doing it? Yes, although here’s not the place for naming names, because although they’re significantly bigger than us, we like to think we’re ‘bigger’ than them.

Are we surprised? Well yes, we are really. After all, they’re a technology company selling primarily into the IT space who consider themselves to be the dominant market leader. So why focus so much on us and our marketing activities?

As someone closely associated mentioned to me ‘ Surely you’re just a blip on their radar’. Well, it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like their radar is tracking our marketing activity very closely. Perhaps we should be flattered (although it’s fair to say this kind of flattery will get them nowhere).

So what’s our issue? Well, of course there’s the cost. But it’s more than that. It’s the fact that their approach is just so ‘negative’ and, well, desperate. It just feels like they lack any original creativity or any desire to positively build their own brand, products and customer experience (and, in the process, help push the whole industry forward).

Perhaps, they need to ask themselves what their principal investors might say if they were to find out that (a) they’re paying someone a UK salary to spend time maliciously clicking a competitor’s paid search, and (b) if they had a better product would they need to be resorting to this?

I guess they just expect us to sit here and shut down our campaign because they’ve driven our search costs off the scale. Sure, they may be a big budget-wielding Goliath to our David…but we all know how that confrontation finished.

What are we doing about it?

As well as going public about it we’ve provided Google with a detailed IP range locator report which has precisely located the UK office of who’s been doing this. Google are currently investigating and we sense they’ll do the right thing (in fact they’ve already refunded us).  You can learn more on Invalid Clicks from Google here.

A lesson learned

Sure, it’s a lesson learned. But one more about competitive ethics than marketing techniques. We simply don’t have time to be so negative. We’re too busy making our product stronger and sharper, with more creativity and data-driving capability than our competitors, as well as delivering truly-stand-out client service. And looking to the future, we’ve got an incredible product pipeline.

Perhaps that’s what our click-happy competitor should be doing?

We’d be interested to hear your views on malicious clicks. Is it acceptable? Is it ethical? Is it actually effective? Or bound to backfire?

One thing’s for sure. No-one’s going to click Rocketseed out of the market.

Your essential ’10 Cs’ checklist for choosing email signature software

Looking to introduce email signature software across your business? (and if you’re not, you should be!). It can be a complex and confusing decision (and whose decision is it – Marketing? IT? HR? CEO?). When you consider the average employee sends 1,000 emails a month, it’s easy to appreciate that’s a huge engagement opportunity you can’t afford to miss. It’s a decision you need to get right.

So to help you cut through the confusion of competitor comparisons, here’s my 10-point checklist of the key qualities (and some specific special features) that make the best email signature software – and amazingly they all begin with ‘C’!

Contact Details – a signature’s more than a sign-off

I know this is obvious but if your email signature solution doesn’t make inputting, formatting and updating your employee contact details easy then it isn’t fit for purpose. Make sure it integrates with Active Directory so that any changes to employee details will update in your signatures automatically. By including social media icons, you’ll make it easy for recipients to engage with you in conversation! (Discover ‘The signature link to social success’ here).

CHECK – Does your email signature software remove unused fields for a cleaner layout?

Creativity – better by design

The best email signatures make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression, so design matters (it’s no surprise that our Email Design Guidelines are our most popular download). It’s a balancing act – you’ve got big design ideas but only a small space. Don’t let a template constrain your creativity – a specialist signature designer can make your signatures really stand out.

CHECK – Can you get the exact bespoke design you want or are you tied to a template?

Clarity display as desired

They’re designed, but do they display? What if your signatures display on a desktop but get twisted on tablets or mangled on mobiles? 60% of emails are opened on smartphones so choose email signature software that automatically configures to different screen sizes and a provider who continually tests on all devices. And make sure your images appear as intended. Embedded images display as soon as the email is opened. Referenced images must be downloaded separately. Easy choice, huh? (embedded vs. referenced blog)

CHECK – Are signature images automatically embedded so they display immediately?

Control – take charge for complete consistency

Who’s going to be in control of your signatures? IT? Marketing? HR? Whoever it is, what really matters is your email signature software puts them in complete central control. If you want on-brand consistency across your company you need control. And with centralised control you can update employee signatures at the click of a button, whether it’s one, a hundred, or ten thousand, secure in the knowledge that individual employees can’t ‘creatively’ add their own off-brand signature ‘personalisation’.

CHECK – Are signatures employee tamper-proof? Can only central administrators update them?

Compatibility easy to integrate

One for the IT crowd. If you can’t trust your email signature tech then you’re in trouble. Complete compatibility with your mail server (cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid) and email platform (Office 365, G Suite, Exchange etc.) is essential. And you’ve also got to consider integrations. Does it sync with Active Directory, CRM platforms and the wide range of apps available through integration with Zapier?

CHECK – Can you integrate easily to create all the marketing, admin and other workflows you need?  

Compliance be covered, be confident

I’ve had a lot of email signature compliance enquiries lately. Why? Because thanks to GDPR and recent high-profile data scandals, compliance is big news. And nothing says compliance like an on-brand email signature disclaimer, sitting under your signature and protecting your brand. From confidentiality and copyright to contracts and codes of conduct, a few clear lines can keep you covered (check out our special 10-point checklist just for email disclaimers here).

CHECK – Does your email signature solution automatically move your disclaimer neatly to the bottom of any email chain? 

Campaignability maximise signature marketing

The big one for marketers as it transforms your signature into so much more. Suddenly every email’s a marketing channel (we like to think of it as the ‘hero channel’!) and, unlike bulkmail, this is one-to-one with all the open-rate (99%) and engagement benefits that brings. Add compelling, clickable calls-to-action to signature marketing banners (what makes us click?) to engage recipients. And to maximise this marketing potential, you’ll need smart segmentation and targeting rules so the right signature banner message reaches the right recipient(s) at the right time. Basically, you need to start thinking of signatures as a vital part of your marketing plan. To see a full range of creative banner campaign possibilities, take a look at our 33 great email signature banner examples.

CHECK – Can you automate your signature campaign schedule so pre-planned banners run right on time? 

Click Data insights to act on

Data is your most powerful marketing asset. You need to know how recipients are engaging with your email signature so you can measure performance and gain actionable insights. Your key performance metrics are therefore recipient click-through and email marketing conversion rates and you need to be able to attribute these to specific senders, recipients and campaign formats. Make sure you sure you choose email signature software that reports all this data quickly, clearly and concisely.

CHECK – Do you receive real-time click alerts, so your sales team can react to every click?  

Cost-Effective real ROI results

Not to be confused with‘cheap’, although I fully appreciate cost is always going to be a factor. The best email signatures bring businesses closer to their customers, encourage interaction, engage leads and help move customers along their buyer journey. So a marketing-savvy email signature can create more customers, clicking their way to more purchases. There’s your ROI right there.

CHECK – Which signature solution will give you the biggest ROI (not simply the cheapest cost)? 

Client Service on-hand to help

I’m not talking about a bit of trouble-shooting tech support here (although obviously that’s important). I’m talking about the kind of client service that’s like having another expert on your team – an expert who knows what works and what doesn’t, who’ll take away your tech headaches, who’ll make your email signature campaign ultra-engaging (and really cares about the results you achieve) and has an eye for constant improvement.

CHECK – Do you get a dedicated email signature account manager? Here’s 7 reasons why you need one

So there you have it – the 10C’s checklist for choosing email signature software. Sure, some will be more important to you than others, but I hope it will help you cut through some of the confusion, direct your decision-making or help you review your current email signature provider (how many C’s do they tick?).

Remember, the right email signature software can drive hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors to your website, landing pages and social accounts for very little investment.

If you’d like to know more about any aspect then email me at or call 020 7706 9520. I’m always happy to talk email signatures!

Want more Rocketseed tips? 

Email disclaimers. Are you protected?

We’ve had a big surprise – the number of recent Rocketseed website visitors searching for email disclaimers!

It seems that suddenly the short (and sometimes not so short) small-print statements lurking at the bottom of your business emails are making a bid for stardom.

Why this sudden surge in email disclaimer demand?

Because compliance is big news. And nothing says compliance like an on-brand email legal disclaimer. GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and recent high-profile data misuse scandals have put compliance centre-stage and the world has woken up to the fact that brand protection is just as important as brand promotion.

And when you think that your employees are each sending up to 1,000 emails a month there’s plenty of opportunity for brand damage, from the accidental and unauthorised through to the mischievous and (criminally) malicious.

You (literally) can’t afford this damage. You need some proactive protection. From contracts and confidentiality to codes of conduct and copyright, the best email disclaimers cut through the compliance confusion.

So while it might be difficult to get excited about disclaimers for email (and if you do get excited by them you are going to love our website) it’s a good time to review yours with our 10-point email disclaimer checklist.

1.Does your business need one?

Wherever you are in the world, check the legal email disclaimer requirements. At the very least, it’s likely your business email is required to show your company name, registration number and place of registration.

2. Is it enforceable?

Do you really want to risk it? Whilst we can’t promise that your email disclaimer would be a watertight defence in court, it’s safe to say that it would help your case and is certainly enough to dissuade any litigation-minded recipient from any action.

3. Don’t over complicate or let it dominate

Keep your email disclaimer simple whilst keeping your business covered. And keep it easy to understand too – go easy on the legalese!

4. Need to keep it confidential?

If your email is for a certain recipient’s eyes only it makes sense to include a confidentiality statement. And if your email is sent to the wrong person by mistake, this statement should tell them to contact you (the sender), delete the message and not to copy, forward or store it.

5. Are you copyright-covered?

Is it clear that the rights to your email content are yours? Make it crystal clear with a copyright clause.

6. Are you creating contractual confusion?

Could your email content be read as a legally binding contract? An email disclaimer can make clear if it is or isn’t and avoid any costly confusion.

7. Reminder – run a virus check

Even though you’re taking every precaution to ensure there’s no malicious software in your message (especially attachments), your email disclaimer should recommend that the recipient runs their own virus check.

8. Don’t start a chain distraction

Don’t clog up your email chain with a disclaimer on every reply. Make sure your email signature software drops your disclaimer to the bottom of any email chain.

9. Do you need different disclaimers?

Accounts need confidentiality. Legals need codes of conduct. Sales need contracts.  Basically, different departments may need different disclaimers. So make sure your email signature software can deliver this while keeping you in central control.

10. Don’t forget Internal emails

Whilst everyone in your business is on the same side (in theory!) make sure you’ve got disclaimers on all internal email too and an email policy to back them up, eliminating any inappropriate and offensive inter-staff email.

So, what makes a Rocketseed disclaimer different?

Well, with Rocketseed it’s personal. As well as helping you solve all the issues covered above, Rocketseed lets you automatically insert the email addresses of the sender and recipient into every disclaimer, as well as timestamping them as proof of sending and allowing you to make any company-wide disclaimer changes centrally and instantly. In other words, we add a whole extra level of cover, confidence and control.

And Rocketseed disclaimers display perfectly on all email platforms, so whether you require email disclaimer Office 365 or email disclaimer GSuite, Rocketseed is right for you.

Watch how a Rocketseed email disclaimer works in our new video here.

We can help review your existing email disclaimer, advise on a new one and put everything in place to ensure your disclaimer is delivered on every employee email and displays perfectly on every device.

For the perfect email disclaimer you know who you need. Contact us today to protect your brand…

Jennifer Bassett |  Account Manager

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Rocketseed to the rescue – how we saved Easter from Drupalgeddon2!

It seems to happen this way – Easter weekend (or any other long weekend break) – some of us plan activities, some plan to move home and some…well, you know, relax?? But any of these were the last things on our minds all thanks to a dangerous bug aptly named on social media, DRUPALGEDDON2. In Drupal’s own words “This potentially allows attackers to exploit multiple attack vectors on a Drupal site, which could result in the site being completely compromised,” the group noted in a blog post.

The bug’s official identifier is CVE-2018-7600 and it is one of the biggest patch releases from the organisation since 2014. Having a web interface that is Drupal-based meant that we picked up on this and started preparing for the release from Thursday 29th of March to Friday when the patch was issued. We have 100’s of servers around the world (some dedicated) and thousands of customers. To pull this together was going to take some organisation.

If you are a Rocketseed customer you will know that there are two things we hold critical:

  1. The integrity of your data and its security
  2. Unbeatable customer service and support

And being a company with a global presence that reaches from Australia through EMEA and onto the USA, there are multiple time zones to coordinate and manage and it takes time to prepare for the level of patching that had to be done. To say all hands on deck, would be somewhat of an understatement.

And just in case you’re thinking to yourself ‘SIMPLE contact the IT admins or heads and let them know that patches were being applied’ – Whoa there pony! You forget some crucial elements…

First and foremost, timing. We found out the severity first thing Thursday morning. Yes, we were aware that there ‘may’ be a patch coming but not at this scale. To ready hundreds of servers and apply patch of this magnitude was going to take a lot of work for an engineering team, support, comms and account management. Believe it or not, these amazing Rocketseeders have families and plan holidays, bolt-on days before or after breaks etc!

Secondly, there are logistics – getting the VPN access and the Change Control coordination requirements, setting up support teams (this is email technology, things can and do go wrong), getting the infrastructure right and finally making sure that the teams worldwide were able to access elements of the servers globally while customers could be away or otherwise engaged over the break. Ultimately, keeping it as smooth as possible.

Thirdly, communication. How do we update on this? (We are and remain completely transparent with our customers), how do we get a front foot on this without creating panic? Is the vulnerability as severe as they are saying? Thankfully we’re able to ensure communications with touch points globally using centralised distribution lists.

Finally, execution – test the patch, apply the patch, monitor the patch and ensure mail delivery.


Did things go absolutely perfectly? No. Could we have done better? Yes. But the fact is that perfection is a rarity, particularly where humans are involved! That being said, plans and protocol will help you get there.

Ultimately Rocketseed as a business was tested to the absolute max this last weekend and from it lessons have been learned…tweak this, tighten that, we could have done that better, why didn’t ansible work as it should etc. As our chairman said, ‘When you’re close to the fire, you don’t see the positives that emerge down the line’. As it turns out he was right. Customer feedback so far has centred around gratefulness;  grateful that Rocketseeders pulled together to protect their customers’ interests and security.

Email signatures and branding involve very nuanced technology that requires a big stack to make them work. That being said, what really makes it work is the people behind it – developers, engineers, sys ads, client services, account management and support. As the CEO of this business, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I learnt from this experience. Why? I simply couldn’t be more proud of the way that teams from across the globe pulled together (over the break), put in place protocol and delivered for thousands of customers out there. Not one complaint, simply absolute focus on keeping the integrity of customers’ security intact before DrupalGeddon2 could run arbitrary code on the CMS core component.

Ultimately, we took a front foot approach and chose transparency with our customers and we believe that is always the right approach to take. Thanks to all of the customers who came back to us. We value your feedback and apply it constructively in every instance. A huge thank you to the Rocketseed staff around the globe who pulled together without fail, it was exemplary and epitomises what makes Rocketseed the company it is today.

Damian Hamp-Adams |  CEO

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3 things we learned about POPI & email marketing

Rocketseed South Africa recently hosted POPI & Email Marketing: a match made in a database at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways. The seminar featured experts from the legal, risk and marketing sectors. The objective was to educate delegates on the effects of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, with a direct focus around the world of Email Marketing.

So, what did we learn?

POPI is lurking around the corner

“Why the rush to become POPI compliant now, it’s not compulsory as yet’? That seems to be a common question.

Despite the fact that no official deadline has been set for POPI to take effect, the commencement date might be closer than you think.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) commencing on 25 May 2018 in the European Union (EU), pressure may very well fall onto South Africa to follow suit and enforce the POPI Act.

Various reports have indicated that the commencement could come into effect towards the latter part of 2018 or early 2019. Once a deadline has been set, you will only be given a one-year grace period in which to become POPI compliant.

This may be a strict timeline for organisations which are infringing the Act.

“Non-compliance with the POPI Act could result in reputational damage,
hefty fines up to R10 million or 10 years in jail.”

Warren Cornelius, Rocketseed SA

POPI is not the enemy

This might come as a surprise to you, but POPI is actually going to benefit the Email Marketing industry. Especially if you are already in possession of an explicitly opted-in marketing list.

What about consumers?

Well, they will be at the forefront when the Act is implemented. We are all consumers in our own personal capacity at the end of the day. No longer will your inbox be flooded with unwelcome email from establishments you haven’t given consent to.

In fact, POPI is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Marketers will see an improvement in their engagement rate, as they will only be communicating with consumers who are genuinely interested in their product or service.

Buying email lists is a big no-no!

So, if you bought that data, it’s time to clean up that list and ensure you have adequate proof of each and every opt-in or face the dire consequences of the law later on.

“No, POPI is not the end of direct marketing. Just operate within
the confinements of the law

Adv Jan Augustyn

Don’t fear the POPI act

At first glance, POPI may seem very daunting and difficult.

However, there are many simple practices and procedures that can be implemented by organisations now, to resolve any teething issues before POPI commences.

Updating contracts with clients, policies or terms and conditions to align with POPI’s values, is a good start.

Some positive feedback…

“Just a thank you for a fun and informative session. The whole event was organised
in a professional manner, very informative and 
clear guidelines on how we should equip ourselves to comply to the POPIA.”

Lilla Campbell – CCS Mining & Industrial (Pty) Ltd

“I thoroughly enjoyed the POPI Conference, it was entertaining as
well as very insightful.

Meghan Kelly – Norcros SA

“The seminar was very insightful – you think you know all there
is to know, but there is so much more.

Lisa Flanders – ADCORP

I most certainly enjoyed the Rocketseed Team and the interactiveness of the attendees.
Looking forward to the next one.

Marina Short – Consumer Profile Bureau

The seminar was extremely well-received by both the speakers and delegates, where the mutual agreement was that everyone enjoyed the vast interaction. Seminars based around law can be quite tedious and uninteresting, where most questions remain hidden in everyone’s minds. The extensive interaction helped everyone understand the law in a realistic and real-life, day to day manner.

The above sentiment was based on a quick survey we ran after the event, which included an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Leonie van Aswegen |  Marketing Coordinator

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GDPR: Your data’s safe with Rocketseed

GDPR is nearly here. And Rocketseed is ready.

GDPR is everywhere. Personal data protection has become the hot topic amongst one-to-one marketers and far beyond. Why? Because it’s by far the most dramatic change seen in data protection, security and privacy…which can seem daunting.

You’ll find endless information on the details of GDPR (from 1-minute YouTube videos to 150-page paperbacks!) so here I’ll just outline the GDPR basics – the what, when, why and where – and highlight what Rocketseed are doing and what it means for you, our customers.

You’ll find our full GDPR policy here.

What is GDPR?

These 4 letters on every marketer’s lips stand for General Data Protection Regulation. It’s the new EU regulation designed to strengthen the digital rights of all EU citizens by creating a safer digital environment through simplifying, unifying and updating the protection of personal data. In addition, ensuring safe management of that data through its lifecycle.

When does it come into force?

Soon. Very soon. GDPR will be enforceable from 25 May this year, having been originally approved by the European Parliament in April 2016. So the compliance clock is ticking!

Why is it needed?

Because everything’s changed. The digital economy, global data flows and the ever-increasing risk of (ever more dangerous) cyber-attacks. The data security stakes are getting higher and that needs stronger regulation of how data is gathered, processed, shared and stored.

Who is affected?

Nearly everyone…and this is where GDPR jargon kicks in. Basically, GDPR imposes higher data protection requirements on organisations responsible for owning (“Data Controllers”) and processing (“Data Processors”), and the penalties for any security breaches are high – very high – up to  €20M or up to 4% of total global revenue!

Then there are “Data Subjects” – the individuals whose personal data is being handled – who will benefit from extended rights, especially of access to their personal data and information on how it’s processed, stored (and for how long) and who receives it, as well as the right to have it erased (“the right to be forgotten”).

If your organization relies on consent as the lawful reason for processing personal data, you must make sure that the data you hold is GDPR-compliant in order to continue using it.

Where does it apply?

GDPR doesn’t just affect companies based in Europe but all companies that handle the personal data (and GDPR widens the definition of ‘personal data’) of EU citizens. For the UK, ‘Brexit’ will not affect the adoption of GDPR into UK law. GDPR is here to stay.

How ‘Sensitive’ are Email Signatures?

In truth, they’re not – the information is usually easy to obtain from publicly available sources – but nonetheless they are ‘personal data’ and Rocketseed processes them with the highest security

A Question of Responsibility

Rocketseed, as the provider of email branding, signature, disclaimer and bulkmail software is a “Data Processor” (in GDPR-speak) processing personal data on behalf of our customers, who are “Data Controllers”. GDPR places obligations on both to ensure legality, transparency and security in data handling.

So, What is Rocketseed Doing?

Rocketseed’s strapline is ‘email signatures designed to do business’ and we’re committed to ensure that we and our customers “do business” in a completely GDPR-compliant way.

We’re proactively working to ensure the continuation of the very best personal data protection, that goes well beyond just GDPR compliance. We’ve invested in consultants and lawyers, and created partnerships with specialists in order to give you comfort in both our position as a “Data Processor” with regards to our primary tools (Signature, Signature +, and Campaign). We’re also committed to ensuring that you, as a “Data Controller” understand your position and will give you all the support that we can.

We’ve audited all our technical, legal and organisational processes and, with full senior management support, are implementing all the procedures, documentation and controls required by GDPR, namely:

  • Updating our licence agreements, data processing agreements and employment contracts.
  • Ensuring our sub-processors digitally and physically protect personal data from external attack or accidental destruction
  • Ensuring data security by encrypting and pseudonymising data files and physically locking and fireproofing server facilities
  • Ensuring proper policies for transfer of data
  • Ongoing data protection / GDPR training for our staff globally
  • Complying with all reporting GDPR requirements

We will also forward any “right of access” requests to you and will cease processing any data where consent is retracted.

All this will be evident in the new contractual arrangements including a data processing agreement.

What does GDPR mean for you as a Rocketseed customer?

As a Rocketseed customer, you are a “Data Controller” (in GDPR-speak) and as such you must:

  • Comply with GDPR and demonstrate compliance
  • Carry out due diligence on your Data Processors
  • Enter into a written Data Processing Agreement detailing roles and responsibilities

You can find our full GDPR policy document here.

For any questions, please reach out, we’re happy to help in any way we can.  And remember, whilst the detail might seem complex, the result is reassuringly simple…

Your data is completely safe with Rocketseed.

Eszter Nagy PhD |  Group Business Development

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Get ready to fall in love with email (all over again)

Email was and always will be marketers’ first (digital) love, and it’s turning more heads today than ever before. It has revolutionised the way in which marketing communications are executed.

But what about communicating with clients and employees on a more personal level?

Here’s a few suggestions you might find useful if you are serious about using email to its full potential; ensuring optimised customer service performance and consistent employee satisfaction.

A labour of love

What’s your business relationship online status? Would clients call it a little “complicated”?

Gain some clarity by including one-click surveys in the form of a “Rate my Service” banner on all your employee emails. This will give your client the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they just received, and in return produce valuable insights on how your employees are really representing your business.

Real-time click alerts put you in the position to quickly work out how to put right any problems flagged up by unfavourable responses, so you can save the relationship But there’s more…

What did the rating reveal about your employee? Did they measure up to the level you’ve come to expect from them or did they fall short of expectation? This invaluable information will help you to give praise (boosting employee confidence and leaving them with a feeling of appreciation) or maybe open your eyes to the need for some tough love and additional training.

I bet you never knew that one email could provide you with insights on both your clients and employees at the same time. Now isn’t that great news!

Finding (and keeping) the perfect match

Email is the perfect solution for HR departments when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees.

When looking to fill new available positions, why not turn to existing employees first? Internal positions can be advertised in email banners to specific departments in order to target ideal candidates who fit the necessary criteria.

But this is just the beginning.  After having found the perfect candidate (whether internally or externally), your entire on boarding process can be automated. Do you remember your first day at a new company? Did you feel slightly overwhelmed, and a little unloved?

Make the candidate feel welcome and simplify the admin process with an on boarding campaign. Include valuable information and documentation in each mailer, such as policies and procedures, training schedules and more.

Every click is recorded, keeping you informed on the candidate’s engagement.

For the love of your employees

What if I told you that losing an employee could cost as much as 213% of their annual salary? I’ll give you a moment to let that one sink in.

And no, it’s not always “all about the Benjamin’s” for employees.
They want to feel valued. They want to be involved. They want to feel empowered. They want to be challenged. They want to feel appreciated and loved.

Do any of these feelings resonate with you? Yes, we’ve all been there. And we have the perfect email solution for you.

Enter Internal Marketing.  You can inject specific, targeted internal marketing messages on email banners to different departments within your organisation. Distribute an important message from the CEO or convey a simple staff survey. Raise internal brand awareness to ensure employees are aligned with the organisation’s mission and vision. Notify them of upcoming events and don’t forget about wellness and safety messages.

The options really are endless and the key is to keep the communication alive. It’s all about engaging and involving them in the process.

An employee who is engaged, inspired, motivated and loved is not thinking about dumping you for another competitor anytime soon.

Have a look at these 6 Benefits of Email Branding for Internal Communications.

How does your communication skills measure up?

Our world is email, and well, we just LOVE email and all its endless possibilities.

It’s interactive. It’s personalised. It’s targeted. And the analytics speak for themselves.

So, if you feel that your business communication skills might be lacking and you’re serious about building stronger, more meaningful relationships with your clients and employees alike, we would love to hear from you. Maximize the potential of your email for improved, all-round communication.

Leonie van Aswegen | Marketing Coordinator

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How are you doing? Find out with every email

Everyone knows great customer service goes a long way. And there’s really only one way to measure your service quality – and that’s to ask, and listen to, your customers.

But how can you stop surveys being a hassle, encourage more glowing reviews and gain the insights you need to keep ahead of the competition with your customer service?

You need a survey that ticks all these boxes without the need to…er… tick too many boxes.

So what if you could run a surprisingly sophisticated customer service survey on every email your business sends – as a banner header or as part of your email signature? And the only response it needs is a single click.

Here’s a few pointers for the perfect one-click email banner survey…

Make it quick

‘If you’d like to answer our short survey, it’ll only take 10 minutes’ – 10 minutes!!  I don’t think so. The shorter the survey the more chance of response. Responding to an email banner survey takes just one click. One click. Done.

Be clearly creative

Surveys are a serious business. The problem is they look it too. Rows of black and white questions and boxes to tick. But with an email banner survey you can keep your campaign creative to add to the impact – especially if it’s at the top of your email.

Make it the start of something

While the survey can give you a simple snapshot of your service, that single click can also trigger a range of follow-ups.

If it’s positive… Now’s your chance to dig deeper. A click on ‘good’ or ‘very good’ can direct the respondent to an online survey or ask them to write a Google review/comment on a specific website (for example, Feefo or Tripadvisor). It’s a great way to turn your customers into brand advocates.

If it’s negative…

Let’s hope it never is. But if it is, then you’ve got a chance to put things right. You need a banner survey that will alert you to any service problems in real time so you can immediately contact the respondent, not wait for a report.

Reward the right people

A big advantage of an email banner survey is that it can be personalised for the sender (for example, individual members of your sales team) and the service they’re providing. So when the results are reported it’s clear who is rated highest by your customers and you can reward them accordingly.

Testing, Testing

As with all email branding elements, you should A/B test to see which survey format gets the most responses. Test the survey question, the images, or see if surveys added to everyday business emails get a better response than emails dedicated to the survey.

Check your tech

A one-click survey needs the tech to support it. Let’s say your satisfaction scale has 5 images (say, from a big frown to a big smile), each of these must be separately clickable and linked to trigger the correct follow-up. Make sure your email software has the image-mapping technology to achieve this.

Real Returns

Email banner surveys are yet another way that email branding can boost your ROI, especially if the surveys are run regularly over time so you can really see the resulting service improvements.  After all it’s helping you to keep customers, increase referrals and beat the competition on service. It’s win, win, win.

It might take just one click but it’s clear that a banner survey is surprisingly sophisticated.

You get feedback insights. You get more reviews. You resolve any issues.  You reward the right people. And you get all the returns of great customer service.

Talk to us today about setting up your own email banner survey and using the results to make your customer service stand out.

Tracey Adams |  Account Director

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Email branding alchemy for agencies: 5 golden rules

Why Email Branding ‘Alchemy’?

In their ceaseless search for shiny new marketing channels to promote their clients, many marketing agencies are overlooking a truly ‘golden’ oldie – their clients’ everyday employee email.

Because when it comes to achieving effective engagement, email branding can transform dull everyday employee emails – through the power of professional email signatures and interactive banner campaigns – into 24-carat marketing gold.

After all, every email your clients’ employees send is a personal communication that represents a golden opportunity for brand-building, up-selling, cross-selling and more – converting email contacts into customers.

Here’s our 5 golden rules. Let the email branding alchemy begin…

1. Brand all emails

Well-designed email signatures and interactive banners with clickable links are brilliant ways to combine creative, consistent branding and marketing campaign messaging into a trusted mode of communication – to a captive and willing audience.

And design makes all the difference. So to get the perfectly polished professional look that your clients expect, keep your campaign creative in line with our best email signature and banner design guidelines and your design will shine!

2. Personalise all emails

It’s difficult to craft truly personalised messages in ‘batch & blast’ email marketing campaigns for the simple reason that they aren’t personal. That’s why employee emails are so valuable – they’re written one at a time to a single person.

Over 95% of these emails are opened, compared with a low proportion of direct marketing emails. Branded communication in personalised emails consistently results in click-through rates 5-7 times higher than traditional digital marketing campaigns.

3. Target all emails

Maximise the marketing power of employee emails by creating a range of messages and links that can be used depending on the target recipient’s previous inquiries, purchases and demographic profile.

Segment your clients’ email contacts and precision-target every segment or individual – alert them to new products and promotional offers, invite them to events and keep them up to date with all your clients’ news. And also be sure to link to social media channels to encourage customers to engage with your clients’ brands on their own social networks.

4. Make all emails clickable

Beware! Your email alchemy will never work if you ignore this nugget of wisdom: Always include a clear call-to-action! A clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) is the golden key to click-through and conversion.

But – as with all alchemy – there’s room for experiment. We’ve experimented with shapes, sizes, colours and copy in a quest for the CTA that captures the most clicks. Click here to find out more.

5. Look and learn

Use employee emails to test advertising, branding and messaging on a small engaged sample before rolling out a mass marketing campaign for your clients.

Of course, to get this precious information you need an email branding solution with excellent reporting and analytics capabilities. And with real-time click alerts you can immediately see exactly which messages engage recipients and make them respond. It’s a great way to understand exactly what your clients’ customers want.

Expert email branding – from professional email signature software to full campaign services – can fully leverage the power of employee emails for your clients.

So to turn your clients’ emails into marketing gold, talk to the expert email branding alchemists. Find out how Rocketseed can help your agency generate more leads and drive mores sales for your clients. Download the eBook “Extend the Life of Your Marketing Campaigns” here

Robyn Woods-Child |  Managing Director

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7 signs your email signature needs a New Year service

We’d be very surprised – and slightly worried if sorting out your email signature was at the top of your New Year resolutions list.

But once you’ve started your new fad diet, joined the gym (and maybe even gone there), and booked the Italian language lessons, spare a thought for your email signature.

Is it getting a bit stale, a bit ‘same old same old’? After all, it’s probably seen you through thousands of ‘send’s’ and now deserves a service – part mechanical MOT, part magical make over to look its best, run smoothly, and deliver some real results for your business in the busy year ahead.

Here’s how to spot the signs…

Looking a bit out of shape?

Is your email signature carrying a bit of extra weight? Maybe cramming in too many contact details (when was the last time you got a fax?) or bloated by the blank fields from a tired template. Customise your email signature design to keep your contact details clean and your layout lean. By removing any unused fields, we ensure your signatures are perfectly personalised and meet best-practice email signature design guidelines.

Feeling tired?

How long has that promotion been on your signature marketing banner? Too long. Anyone who was interested would have signed up by now. Time for some creative marketing – and not a one-off promo this time but make it a campaign. What you need is an email signature provider who tailors your banner messages to your target recipients, makes updates easy and offers proactive marketing planning as part of their service.

Seeming a bit off colour?

Is your signature enhancing your email? If it’s going to build your brand it needs to make an immediate impact. After all, your email message is there in black and white so shouldn’t your signature contain some colour if it’s going to stand out? Simply updating your email signature with some colour from your brand palette is the perfect quick fix but make sure your designer understands your brand (that’s why we work so closely with our clients) – and doesn’t go colourway crazy!

Displaying antisocial behaviour?

Is your signature scared of starting conversations? Then it’s time to sort out your social icons. Your email signature can be a key part of your social media marketing (SMM) strategy and the most cost effective way to kick-off a conversation. Make sure your signature’s not missing any icons from your actively-managed social platforms and see which are attracting the most traffic via your signature – Rocketseed analytics will give you all the answers.

Not getting any action?

Email signature not been clicked for months? An eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) is the marketing ‘must-have’. Clear, concise and compelling, the perfect call to action combines colour, copy and clickability. It’s the key to click through and conversion, especially when Rocketseed’s real time click alerts are sent straight to your sales team.

Having mobility issues?

Has anyone pointed out to you that your signature doesn’t always travel well? That when your emails are opened on a smartphone, your email signature doesn’t look quite so, well, smart? With 60% of all emails now opened on smartphones you need to check that your carefully-designed branding doesn’t get mangled on mobiles, so you need a provider who continually tests on all devices – just like we do.

Getting out of control?

From the mildly mischievous to the downright malicious, are you aware that your employees might be meddling with their business email signatures? You need to proactively protect your brand and your business. As Rocketseed applies email signatures at server level they’re totally tamper-proof and put you – the guardian of the company’s email signatures – in complete centralised control!

Is your email signature showing some (or all) of these signs? Then speak to Rocketseed about our email signature service.

We’re real people you can have a real conversation with,  contact us to see how our service can make your email signature the best it can be. It’s what we do!

Jennifer Bassett |  Account Manager

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