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Drive engagement with impactful, interactive email banner campaigns.

Rocketseed email banners make every employee email an engaging marketing channel. Build your brand, drive traffic and sales… even motivate your staff, all with creative email banner designs.

Target, schedule and automate campaigns to always reach the right audience at the right time. Track every recipient engagement to measure email banner campaign results. Rocketseed puts you in control of email banner campaigns company-wide.

What are email banners?

Email banners are a prime promotional space that you can apply to every employee email. The best email marketing banners are impactful and interactive, with clear call-to-action buttons for recipients to click, linking directly to your most relevant landing pages, marketing content, social media channels and/or sales platform. Email banners are key to successful email signature marketing.

What can you do with email banners?

Email marketing banners can engage recipients at every stage of the customer journey. Use them to build brand awareness, promote your products and services, drive sales and strengthen your customer relationships and online reputation. Everything from product launches and seasonal promotions to direct sales and service surveys can be achieved with promotional email banners. Our 33 email banner examples explain how in more detail.

What makes a great email banner design?

The best email banners make immediate impact and enable direct engagement. Design banners with consistent branding and your best imagery. Keep copy clear and concise. Most importantly, always feature a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button for recipients to click through to your most relevant content. Rocketseed image-mapping enables multiple CTA buttons on a single banner. Design great email banners yourself or let our expert designers do it all for you. Rocketseed banners display perfectly on every device. Need email banner design ideas? See our 33 great email banner examples.

Where is the best email banner position?

With Rocketseed you can place banners at the top or bottom of your email. Top email banners are impactful and immediate. However, sometimes email signature banners at the base of your email are more appropriate. You can always test which work best. You also have the option of only applying banners to the first email in a chain if preferred.

How do I manage an email banner campaign?

Using Rocketseed’s advanced segmentation, targeting and scheduling rules, you can easily ensure the right email marketing banner reaches the right recipient at the right time. Assign banners to specific senders, different departments and specific target recipients. Run multiple banners on rotation and manage start and stop dates. Manage your email banner campaigns yourself or let Rocketseed take care of everything for you. For more detail, see email signature marketing.

How can I use banners on internal emails?

Adding email marketing banners to your internal emails gives you an HR channel that your staff can’t ignore. Inform and motivate your employees with impactful email banner news messages from the CEO. Link banners to new policy documents or your company handbook to onboard new staff and strengthen company culture. Banners can also link to training content or feature satisfaction surveys, and you can track every engagement. Explore internal marketing banner ideas in our 33 great email banner examples.

How do I measure email banner performance?

Rocketseed tracks, analyses and reports every recipient click in real-time. Compare different email banner campaigns and A/B test specific email banner designs. Real-time click-alerts enable your sales and customer service teams to follow up any recipient engagement immediately. Banner engagement can also be fed directly into your CRM system. Find out more at Rocketseed’s Analytics & Reporting and Integrations & CRM.

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