Email signature banners

Drive engagement with impactful, interactive email signature banner campaigns

Rocketseed email signature banners make every employee email an engaging marketing channel. Build your brand, drive traffic and sales… even motivate your staff, all with creative email signature banner designs.

Target, schedule and automate email signature banner campaigns and track every recipient engagement to measure success.

Used and trusted by businesses across the globe.

What are email signature banners?

Email signature banners are a prime promotional space that you can apply to every employee email. The best email marketing banners are impactful and interactive, with clear call-to-action buttons for recipients to click, linking directly to your most relevant landing pages, marketing content, social media channels and/or sales platform.

A banner in your email signature opens endless promotional opportunities and is the key to successful email signature marketing.


What can you do with email signature banners?

Email signature banners can engage recipients at every stage of the customer journey. Use them to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Promote your products and services
  • Drive sales
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Boost your online reputation

Everything from product launches and seasonal promotions to direct sales and service surveys can be achieved with promotional email banners. Our 33 email banner examples explain how in more detail.


Open a new marketing channel with email signature banners

What makes a great email banner design?

The best email signature banner designs make immediate impact and enable direct engagement. Use consistent branding and your best imagery. Keep copy clear and concise. Most importantly, always feature a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button for recipients to click through to your most relevant content.

Rocketseed image-mapping enables multiple CTA buttons on a single banner.

Email signature banner maker: How it works

With Rocketseed you can be your own email signature banner maker, by designing your own banners with tools such as Photoshop. Or let our expert design team be your email signature banner generator and do it for you. Whichever way you choose, Rocketseed banners display perfectly on every device.

Assign email banners centrally using the Rocketseed interface. With Rocketseed Campaign and Campaign Enterprise you can run email banner campaigns with multiple banners and advanced segmentation, targeting and scheduling functionality so your email banners reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time.


Email signature on multiple devices
Advance-segmentation-rocketseed-email-signature-management (1)

Email signature banner software features

  • Create, assign and manage email campaigns centrally
  • Run multiple banner campaigns on rotation and select priority levels
  • Feature multiple, clickable links within banners using image maps
  • Add animated gifs to increase banner impact and content
  • Segment and target banner campaigns
  • Schedule banner campaign start and stop dates
  • Track every recipient engagement using our analytics & reporting

Rocketseed makes marketing banner and email signature management simple, secure and stress-free.

Add an eye-catching banner for email signature marketing success

Where is the best email banner position?

With Rocketseed you can place banners at the top or bottom of your email. Top email banners are impactful and immediate. However, sometimes email signature banners at the base of your email are more appropriate. You can always test which works best. You also have the option of only applying banners to the first email in a chain if preferred.

Banner size

What is the best email signature banner size?

We recommend that email banners are designed to be 650 pixels wide x 90 pixels high. This is the email signature banner size that renders best on different devices, displaying clearly on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.

Email signature banner pricing

Rocketseed’s range of product plans – Signature, Campaign and Campaign Enterprise – offer different levels of email signature banner functionality. Signature enables a single banner to be run simultaneously across employee emails, whilst Campaign and Campaign Enterprise give you advanced multiple banner campaign capabilities.

See what our customers say

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“Email branding has proved to be an invaluable marketing channel - the engagement rates speak for themselves"

Amy Selcott | Head of Digital Marketing
Galliard Homes
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"I recommend Rocketseed to any company that wants to improve their professional email communication and branding."

Laura Fox | Digital Marketing & Sales Support
Morrison Industrial Equipment
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"Rocketseed email branding is now a vital part of the Keith Prowse marketing mix."

Sam Coates – Head of Marketing
Keith Prowse
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