Email Newsletters

Create newsletters, campaigns, and individual emails that engage and convert.

Segmentation with Targeted Campaigns

Add more detail on a customer allowing you to create multiple segments or groups with the same database list to deliver the right content to the right people.

For instance users can specify an area of interest, and only receive offers for that interest or closely related to that interest.

Over time your segmentation will become more targeted, and more targeted segmentation ultimately results in higher conversion and lower opt-out.


Rapidly deploy surveys for research and feedback on products and services.

Rocketseed understands how critical it is in business to have intelligence on the environment you are operating in, and to understand how your assets are working for you.

Rocketmailer offers you is a mechanism to gather this intelligence in a way that is cost effective, and more importantly in real time.

Document Upload

Removes the complexity of requesting and receiving documents, by allowing the user to complete surveys and forms, and uploading the relevant documents to those elements.

For instance you could request a proof of payment or proof of signed document from users. The email or newsletter with the request would contain a specific link that the user would click on to upload the document.

The click data will still appear in all reports, and is still extremely useful in establishing trends and marketing effectiveness of your email media.

Dynamic Content

Dynamically customise user details, subject line, and email content that is delivered to each user, meaning every bulk mail can be completely targeted to that individual recipient.

Create a template that has several placeholders, the content in those placeholders can be dynamically changed depending on variables you specify for each customer. For instance the value of a special offer can be changed depending on the customer’s purchase history.

Sign Up Forms

Reduce the workload or stress on your company by creating, uploading and scheduling campaigns in advance. e.g. Holidays Campaigns, Seasonal Campaigns, etc.

Lightbox Forms

Launch pop-ups on your landing pages in your website in order to get user feedback or subscription.

Spam Score Checker

An embedded feature that diagnoses mail content for any threats of it being perceived as spam. The system verifies subject line, html, and content.

Reputation Management

Your IP address is managed by a dedicated reputation manager in order to reduce the chances that your will be blacklisted.

Open API

Sync contact and subscriber information between CRM or Bulk Mail or Listbuilder, ensuring that contact data is always up to date.

Email Marketing Automation


Schedule Campaigns

Reduce the workload or stress on your company by creating, uploading and scheduling campaigns in advance. e.g. Holidays Campaigns, Seasonal Campaigns, etc.

Trigger Campaigns

Upload and create triggers for campaigns to automate communication for the customer life cycle based on the customer activity.


Responsive Design

Every email built and sent via RocketMailer is automatically coded to be a responsive design. Emails and newsletters will render accurately on all email clients, devices and browsers.

Drag & Drop Editor

Create stylish mailings using our ‘drag & drop’ editor, with no HTML experience required, making it easy to share news, latest offers and promote up and coming events in a timely way.

Build and design the layout you want by dragging text boxes and image placeholders to your campaign layout. Email templates can be saved, so the next time you want to send a newsletter you just replace the content.

Data Management


User Preference Center

To help you deliver more customised content allow your recipients to edit their own profiles.

Customers editing and creating their own preferences will help you create segments and groups that you can then target with more focused content and offers.

The preference center also helps customers choose content that interests them; if the email content is now more focused on their interests, it is less likely that they will opt out.

Manage Your Own Data

Rocketmailer automatically manages unsubscribes, bounces, and continuously cleans your database.

Analytics and Reporting

Best-of-breed reporting, with list reporting, contact reporting, campaign reporting and scheduled reports.

A B Testing

The platform includes integrated A/B testing, in order to assess which message is the right one for the audience in order to get the best conversion.

Geo-location Reporting

A visual map report to where people are reading your email, that can drive down to suburb, helping you target campaigns on a regional level.