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Rocketmailer is packed with feature functionality to give you the complete email marketing platform

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Email Marketing

Create eye-catching bulk emails and newsletters with our drag-and-drop builder and run engaging, targeted campaigns.

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Subscription Forms

Easily create custom, compliant subscription forms to capture user information and grow your database.

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SMS Marketing

Run personalised and engaging SMS campaigns that deliver relevant messaging at exactly the right time.

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Transactional Messages

Deliver high volumes of personalised, system-generated transactional emails and SMSs automatically.

Exceptional engagement

Voice Broadcasting

Send a clear, consistent recorded message to your subscribers as a direct phone call at the click of a button.

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Landing Pages

Customise engaging, on-brand landing pages with content designed to drive online conversion.

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Marketing Automation

Use workflows and automatic response messages to nurture leads via personalised customer journeys.

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Data Privacy Compliance

Rocketmailer is POPIA compliant, ensuring your direct digital marketing meets local data privacy legislation.

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Content Personalisation

Create highly personalised, targeted marketing messages that speak directly to each of your contacts.

Analytics insights

Detailed Reporting

Track every recipient interaction, measure campaign performance and continually improve based on analytics insights.

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Database Management

Easily import, segment and update contacts with Rocketmailer’s smart subscriber-list management tools.


Software Integrations

Use our CRM and ERP integrations and pre-built APIs to keep your database accurate and messaging on target.

Rocketmailer is POPIA compliant, ensuring you are always compliant

Bulk email campaigns that engage and convert

Create, manage and monitor professional, branded email newsletter campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Email Newsletter examples

From drag-and-drop design and dynamic content to precision targeting, data management and reporting, Rocketmailer gives you a complete bulk email marketing solution geared to delivering exceptional results and ROI.

With Rocketmailer you manage all your email marketing campaigns with our easy-to-use platform or instruct us to create and manage your campaigns and newsletters for you.

So, to ensure your latest news, upcoming events and promotional offers really engage your audience, manage your key marketing messages through a Rocketmailer email newsletter campaign and convert contacts into customers.

Intuitive drag-and-drop builder

Create professional, impactful mailers quickly and effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Suitable for all skill levels, with no HTML or CSS knowledge required, you can create eye-catching, responsive emails quickly and easily, especially as the builder optimises images and formats your content automatically.

Rocketmailer offers 5 different composition tools. Over and above the Builder section, you still have the option of Classic building (WYSIWYG) or Coder.

Rocketmailer drag & drop feature
Rocketmailer Dynamic statements andpersonalisation

Send dynamic content

Once you’ve segmented your contacts into groups according to properties, preferences, and requirements, our dynamic content feature helps you to refine the most relevant email content for each of these groups to receive, saving your team time on creating various versions of that email.

Personalise your emails

Rocketmailer allows for many levels of personalisation. Nothing says “you’re important to us” more than addressing your contact by their first name. Let your contacts know they are important to you by customising your bulk emails to match their interests and behaviours.


Design makes all the difference. Unleash your creativity with Rocketmailer’s easy-to-use design templates or brief us to develop your design as part of our email marketing services.

We understand how important it is for your brand that your email marketing campaigns are designed and delivered pixel-perfect. Our drag-and-drop builder email composer is automatically responsive; from desktop to mobile so your email will look great on every device and email client.

Email Newsletter examples on multiple devices

Design and deliver email newsletters that display on every device

Subscription forms

The key to any email marketing strategy is securing subscriptions and gathering information on them.

Rocketmailer offers both classic subscription forms and lightbox forms to build up your subscriber database from both your emails and your website.

You can create and incorporate as many subscription forms as you like and when recipients sign up they can be automatically fed into specific target audience groups depending on the topic of the form and their responses.

With lightbox forms you can also launch pop-ups on your website landing pages to encourage feedback and subscriptions.


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Campaign segmentation & targeting

Precision target your email marketing campaigns with Rocketmailer’s advanced audience segmentation capabilities. By adding more detail based on individual contacts’ characteristics, behaviour and history you can define and create multiple segments or groups within the same database list. This way the most relevant content is delivered to the most receptive target audience.

Reputation management

Rocketmailer uses IP addresses to deliver your emails. These IP’s are monitored by a dedicated reputation manager in order to reduce any chance of your address being blacklisted. Rocketmailer also follows best practice steps to ensure the best delivery of your emails, by asking you to update your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) & DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Rocketmailer automatically manages unsubscribes, bounces and any complaints

Open API

Rocketmailer’s powerful API integrates with your system as you see fit and enables:


Platform integrations

Rocketmailer integrations allow you to sync contacts between platforms and target contacts automatically with relevant, responsive communication journeys.

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CRM & other data sources integrations

Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Dynamics 365, Zendesk Sell, Pipedrive and Salesforce, as well as Google Docs.


Retail or eCommerce store integrations

Sync your retail and ecommerce store with Rocketmailer to automatically update shoppers on order progress via email, SMS, or voice broadcasts.

Analytics and reporting

Track every interaction. Measure campaign success. Optimise marketing performance.

Rocketmailer Reporting

Measure campaign effectiveness and optimise marketing performance with Rocketmailer’s real-time tracking, advanced analytics and in-depth reporting.

You’ll spend less time crunching numbers and more time planning powerful campaigns that boost your ROI.

Geo-location reporting

Receive a visual map report showing where people are reading your emails – right down to specific suburbs – to help you target campaigns on a regional level.

A/B testing

Use our A/B split testing functionality to easily compare the engagement success of different subject lines and adapt future campaigns to increase conversion.

Email Newsletters in action

Using Rocketmailer, AFGRI took their internal comms to the next level and achieved it’s goals by:

  • Designing eye-catching, engaging email newsletters in-house
  • Reaching all their staff at once, ensuring that everyone is up-to date with key communications
  • Making each newsletter extra engaging by incorporating photos, video links and interactive banners
  • Tracking every email newsletter open and interaction, giving them far more insight than ever before into internal staff engagement

“Rocketmailer empowered us to take Internal Communication to the next level in our business. What we appreciate most is the aftercare service we constantly receive from Rocketmailer themselves. They are there to assist and help you to reach excellence in what you do.”

Christa de Wet, AFGRI Group Holdings

Internal Comms Newsletter Examples

Flexible package options to suit your sending needs

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Galliard Homes
email newsletter example

"We have used Rocketmailer’s services since early 2018, and found the team to be responsive, professional and supportive"

Liezl Rees
Senior Manager - Johannesburg Business School
Morrison Industrial
waltons email signature

“The Rocketmailer team have been our valued partners for many years, they are willing to go far beyond the extra mile to help us achieve our goals"

David Marshall
National Sales and Marketing Manager - Waltons
Keith Prowse
sa home loans email signature

"We’re so pleased that we’ve managed to find a system that gives us reliable communication, excellent database management, real time reporting"

Lynnette Moodley
Digital Brand Manager - SA Home Loans
Keith Prowse
er email newsletter

"Rocketmailer is an integral part of our business marketing to reach potential clients"

Werner Vermaak
Corporate Communications Manager - ER24 Mediclinic Southern Africa

Keith Prowse
Top watch RocketMailer testimonial

"Rocketmailer is a core business essential and technology that drives cutting edge market penetration"

Johan Dreyer
Global CEO - Topwatch
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    Rocketmailer Email Marketing Software: FAQ’s

    Is Rocketmailer POPI compliant?

    Yes, here is a link to our POPI compliance document.

    Are any unsubscribes deleted or removed by Rocketmailer?

    No, the system keeps a record to ensure that clients can prove an unsubscribe via the Activity Log and remain compliant.

    If someone unsubscribes, do they unsubscribe from all lists?

    Not necessarily. When a contact unsubscribes, they unsubscribe from the list they are in.

    However, you can request a Global Account rule that when a contact unsubscribes that they are unsubscribed from all lists.

    What does it mean when a contact complains or is turned off?

    In the footer of the email, there is a “report it here” option. If the contact feels that the email they received is unsolicited, they can report it. Rocketmailer receives and monitors these complaints. A contact that complains will automatically be switched off from all lists.

    Should I delete my unsubscribed and turned-off contacts?

    No. Rocketmailer keeps a record for you in the contacts activity log. It will tell you when a contact unsubscribed or when they were turned off. This log also shows that no other communications were sent after the contact unsubscribed or was turned off. If you delete the contact, you delete the record and activity log. Should you need to prove that the contact did indeed unsubscribe, and you did not send further communications, you will no longer have this proof.

    Can a contact that has unsubscribed or complained be switched on again?

    Only if you have explicit consent from the contact. You can contact the Rocketmailer team with the consent and request that the contact be reactivated based on the consent given.

    Who is responsible for the database?

    The client is the responsible party for their database. Rocketmailer is a fully POPI compliant tool, but if a contact complains that they have not given permission/did not sign up, the client must be able to prove how they received consent from the contact.

    What is an explicit opt-in?

    • Written consent
    • Digital form submission
    • Verbal – must be legally recorded

    How can I use Rocketmailer to obtain an “explicit opt-in”?

    Subscription forms. These forms can be embedded in your website or you can use the hosted URL to link calls-to-action (CTA) on your standard business one to one email, social media platforms or any other digital entry point.

    Does Rocketmailer have an Anti-Spam policy?

    Yes and this section is completed and signed by all clients in their Rocketmailer agreement.

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