Rocketseed’s Launch in Southeast Asia:

Elevating One-to-One Email Marketing for Local Businesses

Contrary to the popular belief that Southeast Asia (SEA) relies less on email due to the prevalence of messaging apps, the region shows robust email engagement rates, making it a fertile ground for strategic One-to-one Email Marketing. Despite the dominance of apps like WhatsApp and WeChat for casual conversations, email remains the preferred medium for formal and professional interactions across SEA.

This unique dynamic positions email as a powerful tool for structured and impactful business communications for those brands looking to get a competitive edge. Moreover, our reporting is simple, easily presentable and available in real-time. You can even integrate it into Google Analytics to see how well it performs alongside other marketing channels.

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Rocketseed’s Strategic Entry into SEA

Recognizing the critical role of email in SEA’s business environment, Rocketseed is excited to announce its expansion into this dynamic market. Our global experience, now tailored with a local focus, offers businesses in SEA a unique advantage.

Rocketseed’s solutions, including enhanced email signatures and targeted banner campaigns, boost brand visibility, ensure consistency across all email communication and drive direct engagement with customers, prospects and internally, vital for businesses looking to professionalize their image or those working in international markets. 

Tailored Benefits of Rocketseed for SEA

Mobile Optimised

Enhanced Mobile Experience

With mobile devices accounting for 58% of the email market in SEA, our mobile-optimized One-to-one Email Marketing tools are essential. Rocketseed ensures that your email communications are effective and professional on any device, catering to the region’s high mobile usage.


Digital Compliance & Security

As larger businesses in SEA adhere to rigorous data security and compliance standards, Rocketseed’s tools help ensure that your One-to-one Email Marketing strategies meet these requirements without compromising efficiency.


Support for SME Growth

SMEs are the backbone of SEA’s economy, contributing significantly to employment and GDP. However, their share in export value remains low. Rocketseed’s One-to-one Email Marketing tools empower SMEs to enhance brand consistency, which is crucial for competing on a global scale.

Rocketseed’s Commitment to SEA

Rocketseed is used and trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe, with offices in Europe, Africa, the US and now Asia. Rocketseed’s launch in Southeast Asia is more than just introducing new tools—it is a commitment to enhancing how businesses in SEA engage with their clients and stakeholders. By combining our global expertise with a deep understanding of local business practices and people on the ground in the region, Rocketseed is set to revolutionize One-to-one Email Marketing in SEA. 

“Each email sent using Rocketseed becomes an opportunity for sales growth and marketing engagement, ensuring businesses can make the most of their communications in a region poised for even more rapid digital transformation.”

Rocketseed’s timely market entry and tailored solutions are designed to make every email count, setting us apart as a leader in one-to-one email marketing in one of the world’s most vibrant economic regions.


Case Study: Branded signatures and campaigns drive 40%+ engagement for Buzz

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“The numbers really do speak for themselves, with the highly successful campaigns consistently achieving engagement rates of between 40 and 51%.”

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