Email Signature Marketing for Pharmaceuticals

From launching new drugs to training up staff, pharmaceutical companies can achieve exceptional engagement with email signature marketing.

Think of all the emails that your employees – from clinical researchers to sales reps – are sending every day to physicians, pharmacists, trial volunteers, academics, investors, analysts and, of course, internally to each other.

Using email signature marketing, each of these everyday emails opens branded engagement opportunities to raise your company profile, launch new drugs, drive direct sales, recruit for clinical trials, promote events, secure investment and even motivate your staff!

Pharmaceutical email signature banner

1. Ensure a professional, consistent corporate brand image on email

Get consistently-branded staff email signatures company-wide

From lab-based clinical researchers to sales reps in the field, it’s essential that all your staff present a professional and consistent corporate brand image. With Rocketseed you can:

  • Easily create and customise email signatures from our templates or brief our professional design team. Rocketseed email signatures are optimised for all email clients and devices.
  • Centrally control all your company email signatures. All employee signatures are 100% tamper-proof and you can make changes company-wide with the click of a button.
  • Segment staff to incorporate constituent company, division and department sub-brands into signatures where required.
  • Add interactive elements including social media icons, newsletter sign-up and appointment calendar booking buttons to drive direct engagement, adapting to meet the needs of different teams.

A clinical researcher’s signature could look like this

Clinical Researcher email signature exmaple

While a sales rep’s signature could look like this

On all staff email signatures brand trust can be built up by featuring individuals’ qualifications as well as the logos of the industry accreditations and awards that the company has.

2. Open a new branded marketing channel to engage all audiences

Run eye-catching, interactive and engaging email banner campaigns

Turn every email into an engaging, cost-effective marketing channel. With Rocketseed you can:

  • Segment by sender and receiver. Target and schedule email banner campaigns at the top of every email, ideal for eye-catching imagery and compelling headline copy.
  • Add clear calls-to-action so recipients click through to your most relevant content, including key website pages, drug launch details, clinical trial studies, investor reports and more. 
  • Track and analyse every recipient engagement. Rocketseed’s retargeting capabilities let you follow-up with the most relevant banner messaging based on recipients’ previous behaviour.

Email banner campaigns offer a wealth of marketing opportunities for pharmaceuticals marketers, enabling you to:

Build your corporate brand profile

Pharmaceutical companies can use email banners to build their brand by featuring a clear brand logo, drug packaging imagery and a clear FIND OUT MORE call-to-action (CTA) button encouraging recipients to click-through to introductory, informative website landing pages.

Build your corporate brand profile

Market current drugs and medical devices

Banners at the top of emails are physicians and pharmacists to an excellent way to keep existing drugs top-of-mind and extend their lifecycle. Recipients can then easily click through to new content about existing drugs or direct to your sales platform to re-order.

Market current drugs and medical devices

Launch new drugs, test kits and medical devices

Targeting healthcare professionals, patient groups and payers, you can use email banners to give impact to new drug brand names and showcase key benefits, including headline trial results. Clicking the LEARN MORE call-to-action (CTA) will take recipients to a detailed description of the new drug on your website, supported by in-depth trial data and patient case studies.

Encourage attendance at educational meetings

Banners on emails from relevant company representatives can promote, and invite medical or patient audiences to meetings where Key Opinion Leaders discuss the treatment paradigm in certain therapeutic areas. Banners can highlight the speaker and a BOOK PLACE CTA button can link through to more details of the meeting and an attendance sign-up form.

Encourage attendance at educational meetings

Recruit for clinical trials

By featuring proposed clinical trials on banners on emails to physicians, recipients can click through to an in-depth description of the proposed trial and be encouraged to assign patients to trial opportunities.

Clinical trial - banner example


Prior to face-to-face sales rep meetings with physicians and pharmacy directors, email banners can be used to highlight key features of the product portfolio so that recipients can request more than just what was originally intended to be presented.

Market current drugs and medical devices

Encourage sample requests

Use marketing banners on emails to physicians to promote free medication samples. A clear REQUEST SAMPLE CTA button makes ordering the samples easy, which in turn has been shown to cause significant increases in new prescriptions for the promoted drug.

Encourage sample requests

Promote clinical trial results

Targeting healthcare professionals, academic communities and, investors and analysts, email banners are an ideal space to showcase clinical trial success.  Headline key results and feature a CTA to click through to in-depth results data and sample patient case studies.

Promote clinical trial results

Promote conferences

There are a number of ways email signature marketing can be used to promote conferences and your presence at them.

Raise awareness of the conference and your presence by featuring the key dates and your stand number on a banner.

Promote conferences

Manage Investor Relations

Banners can be added to all emails to investors. Highlighting the latest results from Investor Calls which will attract attention and a [READ REPORT] CTA makes it easy for investors and analysts to click through to key reports and accounts or the investor portal. Banners can also be used to encourage attendance on investor calls and AGMs.

Manage investor relations

Banners can also promote a specific event/product theatre that you are hosting or speaking at with a call to action for recipients to book a place.

Your sales team’s email banner could feature a call to action to book a meeting during the conference, linking directly through to their appointment calendar.

3. Demonstrate complete compliance

Show how you’re exceeding industry compliance standards

In a highly-regulated industry like pharmaceuticals, email signatures and banners are an ideal way to clearly communicate your brand’s compliance credentials across all your company’s activities. With Rocketseed email signature marketing you can:

  • Feature your products’ regulator-approved status and your business’s accreditations, memberships and awards alongside your email signature branding.
  • Add employee email disclaimers. With Rocketseed these are easily adapted to specific departments’ (eg. research, sales, legal) compliance requirements and can be personalised and timestamped. 

A sample email disclaimer for a pharmaceuticals company could look like this:

Email disclaimer

Run compliance-focused email banner campaigns. Feature key compliance messages and drive recipients to your full compliance details and compliance explainer videos.

4. Support your sales & service teams

Generate leads, drive direct sales and measure satisfaction

In addition to ensuring your sales team present a consistent brand image on their email communications, email signature marketing campaigns can help drive direct pharmaceutical sales, secure sales representative calls, generate leads for your CRM, and measure customer satisfaction.

Apply banner campaigns to all sales team email, offering exclusive pricing and upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Link to your online sales platform or sales representatives’ calendars.

Real-time alerts allow your sales team to respond immediately to all recipient engagement and Rocketseed can integrate with your CRM system (eg. Salesforce) for structured lead management.

Include a clear, clickable [BOOK ME] CTA button on all sales team email signatures, linked directly to the calendar of the sales rep sender.

Run one-click survey banners to measure customer and distributor satisfaction with your sales and customer service. Follow up positive responses with a review request or remedy any negative responses immediately.

How did we do? Rate our service banner

5. Motivate, train and retain your staff

Engage employees via internal email signature marketing

Email signature marketing gives your Human Resources team an invaluable channel to Inform, motivate and train your staff

  • Add eye-catching interactive banner campaigns to your company’s internal email to give you an effective HR channel that your employees – from lab technicians to sales staff – simply can’t ignore…and you can track all their engagement.
  • Keep all your teams informed, motivated and on-brand with internal email banner campaigns promoting the latest company news, policies, product information and industry regulations updates.

Recruit internally with banners advertising vacancies, linked to application forms. Onboard and train staff with banner campaigns linking to company handbook and training content.

We're hiring - email banner

Monitor staff satisfaction with regular one-click survey banners. Follow up with suggestion requests and set negative responses to trigger alerts for immediate management attention.


6. Measure your email signature marketing success

From click-through to conversion, track every interaction

How will you measure success? Website visits? Conference meeting bookings? Samples requested? Or simply revenue generated from orders? With Rocketseed’s analytics dashboard it’s easy to track every recipient interaction, from click-through to conversion, especially when the whole customer journey can be tracked by easily integrating Rocketseed with Google Analytics and your CRM platform (such as Salesforce) to show email signature marketing ROI.

Measure your sucess

7. Save your IT team time, effort and stress

Simple to deploy, 100% secure and with 24/7 support

Whilst we’ve shown how email signatures and banner campaigns are a pharmaceutical marketing solution, much of the set-up, security and managing email signatures at scale will be the responsibility of your IT team. They should therefore be involved in selecting the right email signature software that will not only achieve pharmaceutical marketing results but will also save them time, effort and stress. 

Rocketseed achieves this through centralised set-up, automated employee signature contact detail updates by synching with your Active Directory, total security and the reassurance of 24/7 support. Importantly it brands emails perfectly on all email clients – including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange across all devices.

Start engaging today with Rocketseed email signature management & marketing for pharmaceuticals.

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NB. Pharmaceutical marketing regulations will vary by location