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Professional email signature generator for your organisation

Rocketseed is the leading email signature software provider for businesses looking for centrally-controlled email signature solutions that meet the needs for both IT and Marketing.  Setting up Rocketseed email signature software is quick, simple and transparent with no changes required in the user’s normal email habits.

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Company email signature management made easy

Rocketseed Email Signature Manager for Office 365, G Suite & Exchange is a powerful solution that enables you to centrally manage email signatures.

Central control

Reduce IT administration and ensure brand consistency across your business at the click of a button.  Rocketseed gives you complete centralised control.


With Rocketseed you can design your signature from one of our templates – no html experience required – or let our design service take care of everything.

Mobile optimised

Rocketseed’s responsive design automatically adjusts the size of signatures and banners to ensure readability and consistent design across all major mobile devices.

Intuitive interface

The Rocketseed signature manager interface is user-friendly so email signature management need no longer be the preserve of your IT administrators.


Protect your brand and ensure legal compliance across all emails by including disclaimers with dynamic proof of sender, receiver, date and time of the original email sent.


All contact details and links to social media channels in the email signature are personalised to the individual user, stripping out any unused field.

Active Directory sync

Synchronise with Microsoft Active Directory to ensure that any changes to your employees’ contact details are automatically updated in their business email signatures.

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