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M7 Group: Professional Email Signatures and Promotional Banner Campaigns for Dealership Network

M7 Group: Professional Email Signatures and Promotional Banner Campaigns for Dealership Network

Automotive investment group M7 chose Rocketseed to help create and manage correct and consistent team email signatures across all its locally-managed dealerships and increase engagement with their marques, models, services and special promotions.

An example of a vehicle dealership's branded email; featuring a professional email signature of M7 Group and a promotional email marketing banner


M7 Group is an established automotive investment group based in Gauteng, South Africa. Comprising 8 locally-managed operations in the motor vehicle sector, the company focuses primarily on new and pre-owned vehicle retail and rental through its franchised dealership network.

These dealerships represent marques including Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, as well as used car dealership S4 Auto and the flagship Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. The group boasts an impressive nationwide footprint with service partners across the country, established over its 30 years of automotive business.


Prior to using Rocketseed, M7 faced challenges with:

  • Achieving consistent staff signatures across the group.
  • Maintaining high-quality email signature designs.
  • Ensuring accurate contact information and brand representation.
  • Missing marketing opportunities due to lack of engaging, interactive content in email signatures.


M7 chose Rocketseed’s Campaign email signature solution for their 160 users.

  • Centralized signature management: streamlined email signature creation and management, ensures consistency and professionalism across all users.
  • Active Directory integration: ensures accurate contact details in each employee’s email signature, saving time and maintaining up-to-date information.
  • Email legal disclaimers: help ensure confidentiality and compliance.
  • Marketing banner campaigns: open marketing opportunities with every email sent, with multiple banners running on rotation to promote the dealerships’ marques, models, services, special offer deals and events.
  • Sender and recipient targeting rules: marketing banners are tailored with advanced targeting rules for optimal relevance, ensuring targeted messages reach the right audience.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: track every one-to-one email marketing engagement, from real-time click alerts to a comprehensive overview of performance statistics with in-depth analysis.


M7 are eager to show how “Rocketseed has proven to be a valuable tool for improving our email communications in several ways”…

  • Professional email signatures: crucial for creating and communicating a polished, unified brand image for M7.
  • Correct contact information on all signatures: thanks to Rocketseed’s centralized management system and Active Directory synchronization which M7 describe as ‘stand-out features’, automatically keeping all employee signatures up-to-date and accurate.
  • Promotional banners boost engagement: incorporating banners directly into emails significantly enhanced engagement and awareness. M7’s marketing team love this feature and call it a ‘game-changer’!
  • Customized banners for individual dealerships: whilst the generic M7 Group banner features a model from each of its dealership marques, individual dealerships have their own banners assigned to promote their specific marques, models and deals.
  • Impressive email banner engagement: in the last quarter of 2023, M7 branded 132,301 emails, with specific campaigns achieving over 10% engagement.
  • Valuable insights through advanced tracking: Rocketseed’s advanced tracking, analytics, and reporting tools provided invaluable insights into recipient engagement, allowing for the fine-tuning of email banners to improve results.
  • Seamless CRM integration for relevant banners: Integration with M7’s CRM system ensured the application of the most relevant banners, effectively guiding recipients through their customer journey.
  • Reliable support and account management: M7 valued Rocketseed’s reliable account management and IT support, always available whenever assistance was needed.
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Gauteng, South Africa

Automotive Investment / Vehicle Retail & Rental

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“In a lot of ways Rocketseed has helped us, from making our communication with the outside world look professional and letting clients know of current promos. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance your email signatures, marketing efforts, and overall email communication, I wholeheartedly recommend Rocketseed as a top choice. It has made a positive impact on our organization, and I believe it can do the same for others.”

Faheem Seedat
Marketing and IT
M7 Group

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